15 “Like White on Rice” Alternatives

Have you ever heard this phrase from anyone? It is not a hard one to understand. You probably don’t even need an explanation to get what it means. If you don’t know what it means, this article is here for you.

We are here to give you the true meaning of the phrase ‘Like white on rice’ and show you how it should be used.

You will also be learning 15 similar phrases and idioms and how they are correctly used. We can’t know all of English but 15 more idioms will definitely matter.

Meaning of “Like White On Rice”

As mentioned earlier, the usage of this phrase can help you guess what this idiom means and there is a high chance you will be right.

Usage; ‘I will be with him like white on rice,’ ‘they follow each other like white on rice’, etc.

White is the color of rice. No one can take that color from rice. It follows rice everywhere and no amount of scraping can lead to a different color on rice.

We probably have contrary ideas but let’s put them aside for the moment since this is the logic of the idiom.

Even if the logic is not entirely correct in the literal sense, the meaning it is given is what we are meant to focus on.

When two things are like white on rice, they are either together or very close to each other.

Like White on Rice Alternatives

15 Similar Phrases to “Like White On Rice”

  1. Very Nearly.
  2. I’ll be on it.
  3. Like Stink on Shit.
  4. Like Asian on Rice.
  5. I’ll stick with it.
  6. Cockroach in my cupboard
  7. Sugar in my tea
  8. Music in the party.
  9. Tailgating
  10. Under the same roof.
  11. Within Spitting distance
  12. As close as possible
  13. Like bees to honey
  14. Through thick and thin
  15. Keep a close eye.

Very Nearly

This is the same phrase in simple English. While saying ‘Like white on rice’ may be very easy to understand, it may not be as easy for some people.

Just so you don’t have to repeat yourself or have to explain what you meant, you may just use simple English.

This short simple phrase is a perfect synonym for ‘Like white on rice’ in two ways. You can simply say this if you are talking about following a person or staying around a person. You can say you will follow the person very nearly.

You can also talk about two places that are close to each other. For example, you can say the mosque and the church are like white on rice’.

This means the two buildings are very near. You can also say I and my wife were always like white on rice. This implies that we know each other dearly

I’ll be on it

This is more like a promise to do something. ‘Like white on rice’ is often used in this sense. A person can promise to be on or after a person like white on rice’.

This implies that he or she will take on the task of following the other person very closely. You can also say ‘Like white on rice’ if you are promising to keep your eyes on something or someone. You are promising to take on the task of watching something or someone.

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Instead of confusing your listener with ‘Like white on rice’, this short and simple English phrase will do the job perfectly.

Since you are already discussing the subject matter, when you say you will be on it, It means you will do just what you both had been talking about.

You will keep your eyes on the task. You can even use both phrases together (i.e. ‘I will be on it- like white on rice’) and you will be correct.

Like Stink on Shit

Like White on Rice Alternatives

This is probably the most accurate synonym mentioned so far. If you are looking for something similarly metaphoric, this is the option you want.

As mentioned earlier, no one can take the white color away from rice. This is the idea behind the idiom so whatever you are using this idiom for has to mean the same thing.

This idiom similarly refers to two things that are very close, two things that follow each other, or two things that cannot be taken from each other.

You can’t take stink from shit. In every sentence you find ‘Like white on rice’, you can easily replace it with ‘Like stink on shit’.

Both phrases are equally understandable. Whoever won’t understand one may also not understand the other.

Like Asian on Rice

This is the second synonym on this list that is similarly metaphoric. Just like white is on rice, there is stink on shit, and there is Asian on rice.

However, this one may not be as understandable as saying ‘White on rice’. This is because many people may not know the relationship between rice and Asians. I am one of the people who didn’t know about this relationship.

However, Asians cannot leave rice. No one can take rice from Asians either so it definitely fits in.

I’ll stick with it

This is another simple way to promise to do a job or stay in a place or with a person. You can hold onto something like white on rice.

Rice definitely holds onto the white color. No one can take white from rice. That is exactly what you mean when you use the phrase. Simply saying you will stick to something can also pass the message.

When you say you will stick to a person or to a thing, you are promising to stay or hold onto the person or thing.

You will either keep the person following you or you will be following the person as closely as possible.

Cockroach in my cupboard

This is a proper synonym if you use ‘Like white on rice’ as an endearment term. You can claim to be like ‘white on rice’ with your spouse

This implies that you both are inseparable. You cannot be taken from him or her and neither can your spouse be taken from you.

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‘Cockroach in my cupboard’ is a popularly used endearment term so you will be passing the same message easily without having to explain so much.

Asides from being an endearment term, it is also very funny. It will be even funnier if your spouse doesn’t know what you mean by this phrase. No one wants to be compared to a cockroach.

Literally, no one knows the idea behind this phrase but we all use it for our soulmates.

Sugar in my tea

This is very similar to calling a person the cockroach in your cupboard. It is an endearment term and you may wonder how similar in meaning it is to ‘Like white on rice’.

While rice holds onto the color white, your tea needs the sugar to be sweet. The tea goes together with the sugar.

By comparing your spouse or lover to the sugar in your tea, you are saying the person is an important sweetener in your life. You like the person’s presence.

You may want to use this instead of calling him or her the cockroach in your cupboard. People kill cockroaches.

Music at the party

Here is another endearment term for the road. You can jot these in case you fall in love any time soon. Also, remember to add ‘Like white on rice’ as part of your endearment terms.

When you and your spouse are like white on rice, you follow each other closely and you are inseparable.

The music is a great part of the party. Who throws a party without music? If people have to dance, then there has to be music. Without music and dancing, there is no party.

The purpose of the party will be gone. When you compare your lover to the music at a party, you are saying your partner is an important addition to your life.

Without the music, the party would be meaningless. This is a very sweet thing to say to someone you love if you truly are like white on rice.


We are drifting from the endearment terms and back to the idea of following something or someone close.

This is one English word that covers the idea of following a person nearly. When you follow a person like white on rice, you are sticking so close to the person, as though you don’t want to miss him or her.

When you are tailgating a person or a thing, you are following. The person is not following you. You will move immediately after the person moves, stop when he or she stops, and run if he or she runs.

Your purpose is to stay close and go with the person wherever he or she goes to.

Under the same roof

When you say ‘Like white on rice’, you may be referring to two things that are together. Unlike rice and the white color, they may not be forced to live together but those two things are with each other.

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You can use this phrase as a replacement if you are referring to someone with whom you share a roof.

You can say something like ‘My brother and I live like white on rice’. You can also say you both live under that same roof, even though this does not mean you follow each other everywhere or you are forced to stick together.

Within Spitting distance

Here is another one referring to closeness and tailgating. Instead of saying you will follow a person like white on rice, you can say you will be within Spitting distance of the person.

You already know what the phrase means. No matter how good you are at aiming and shooting, you can’t get your spit so far from your mouth.

By saying you will be within spitting distance from a person, you are saying you will stay near the person and maintain the proximity.

You can also use this to imply that you will follow a person or something and you will keep the closeness.

As close as possible

Here is a synonym in simple English but in a similarly metaphoric format. You can easily replace ‘like white on rice’ with this in many statements as long as the two have been used to mean the same thing.

This phrase only means one thing and it will be understood by anyone who understands simple English.

By saying you will be as close as possible to a person, you may be exaggerating but you are simply emphasizing that you will stay close to the person or a place. You can also say this if you will be following the person.

Like bees to honey

You can separate bees from honey. While the idea behind this idiom may not be perfectly accurate, the meaning is all we have to focus on. When you hear a person say ‘like bees to honey’, it refers to closeness or inseparability

You can say you will follow a person or a thing like bees to honey. You can say you and a person or a thing are like bees to honey.

This means you both are sticking together or they will always find both of you close to each other.

Through thick and thin

You can say you will be with your spouse like white on rice. The saying may imply that you will hold onto one another in every situation.

A more understandable way of passing this message is by saying you will be with your spouse through thick and thin. This means you will stay with each other in good and bad situations. 

Keep a close eye

This is the simple version of saying you will be watching a person or a thing. You can say you will watch a person like white on rice, it means your eyes will stay on the person.

You can also say you will keep a close eye on the person. This passes the same message and is also simpler to understand.

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