20 Proper Responses to “Get A Room”

So, you are outside with your special one doing what lovers do when someone walks up to you and straight to your face tells you two to get a room, how do you react to this statement?

Before going all out to giving a response, it would be highly suggested to know in what state the statement is said and how the statement is expressed

The phrase “Get a room” is often used to express disapproval or annoyance towards public displays of affection. It can also be used humorously or playfully among friends. 

However, the phrase can also be perceived as rude or offensive, depending on the context and tone of the speaker.

In the article today, we will explore 20 possible responses to the statement “Get a room,” along with explanations for each response. Stay tuned:

20 Best Responses to “Get a Room”

The best response to the statement above depends on the tone of the speaker and how it is said, nonetheless, we have compiled 20 best responses to this phrase, they include:

When is PDA a Crime?

Use this response when you notice that someone is trying to be snarky and not ready to mind their business, this response can immediately deflate their taunts and bravado.

Sometimes when strangers pry into the private life of two couples having their moments in public, they do this as a result of their not having a love interest and so would want to spoil the fun of others.

This response also acknowledges the statement while asserting the couple’s right to express their affection in public.

Thanks for the suggestion, but we’ll pass.

To sound less direct, the response above admits to the display and would out of respect for the person speaking do you appreciate their suggestion and not take it out on them.

This response is light-hearted and acknowledges the statement without taking it too seriously.

It is also used to show respect especially if the statement comes from an elderly.

Do you want to watch it?

This response goes two ways: first as humor and as something serious. Regardless of the style of the expression, the answer below should give you the best way to react.

When used as humor, it makes light of the statement and is overlooked as banter. On the other hand, when taken seriously, it could be an indirect way to tell the person to back off and mind their business.

“We’re not hurting anyone.”

Use this response to challenge an intrusion, especially to those who find public display offensive.

Say you are having a good time with your love interest and someone says the statement while displaying an exaggerated disgust, the response above would do well to make them know that their statement was unnecessary.

“Sorry, we forgot to book a room at the PDA hotel.”

In this response, humor is used to brush the statement: “get a room” without sounding too harsh or annoyed. Though there is a condition to its usage.

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If the speaker of the statement exhibits a friendly disposition to your action without sounding too judgemental, then this response can be used, but if the intent is geared towards a malicious intent, a deep and strong expression of this answer is advisable.

This response uses humor to acknowledge the statement while deflecting any potential criticism.

“No need to fret, it is not our intention to make you jealous.”

Hmm, this response sounds sarcastic and like a taunt to the speaker. Well, if only they had minded their business. Lol

This response contains sarcasm underneath and is confrontational, in this case not suitable for every situation.

If the intent of the statement “get a room” is humor-like and bears no sign of resentment, then replying with this answer may not be nice and vice versa.

“We’ll get a room when we’re ready

Responses to Get A Room

Throw back their statement in a grand style while still maintaining your independence, here is how it works:

The speaker may have been very uncomfortable watching you and your special one and not being able to help it exclaimed with a ” go get a room” by responding with the point above, you make them know that their suggestion is noted yet your autonomy counts more.

“We’re just celebrating our love for each other, is that a problem?”

While some people with a notion that public displays are inappropriate, the response highlighted In this section does two things to the psyche of this person.

One, it makes them know that the love you are expressing in public has come a long way, and whether or not they approve of it, you are not conforming to their antic.

Secondly, the response challenges the idea that public displays of affection are inappropriate or disrespectful and if done right can be a way to rekindle one’s dead interest in love.

“Is this a private park for non-couples only?”

If the statement: “get a room” sounds silly to you, then replying in this light makes your speaker even sillier.

Maybe the intention is to make fun of your emotional display and has others laugh at their prank, you can contradict this move by letting them know that you are way smarter and they are only clowns trying to get attention.

This response uses sarcasm to highlight the absurdity of the statement.

“We’re not doing anything that people haven’t been doing for centuries.”

Letting that intruder know that Public displays have long been in existence while signaling them to back off is the goal of this response and so be used as such.

By replying with this response, the intruder is left with no option but to move on and stick to their business.

This response does well to challenge the idea that public displays of affection are a modern phenomenon or somehow inherently negative.

“Why the stress?”

When you feel your privacy with your love interest has been invaded with the statement: “get a room”, respond in the manner highlighted above and watch your intruder vanish into thin air.

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You call out their small-minded mindset to the public, indirectly boomerang their statement, in shame and for lack of words, they leave you to your activity.

This reply opposes the idea that public displays of affection are inherently negative or outright inappropriate.

“We’ll stop when you stop staring.”

A perfect answer for the intruder, like if they weren’t looking, they wouldn’t see what was going on, I know right?

Your stance by replying to the statement tells the intruder that they had no business whatsoever to pry into the moment you share with your loved one and had they minded their own business, they would not have the time to chip in the statement.

The response confronts and may escalate the situation unless you are ready for a showdown, it is advisable to use a different response.

“Mind your own business!”

If the same person keeps pestering you or your loved one and you can’t seem to take it anymore, directly scolding them with “mind your business” is a perfect response to the statement “get a room”.

Heavily laden with warning only one who is outright obstinate or deranged will ignore, if delivered right, you are sure to have this person avoid you for life.

“We’re just enjoying the moment.”

Maybe your intruder is unaware of the fact that you and your loved one just had a swell time laughing over a joke or a memory that led to a public display of affection, it will be better to respond that you’re only enjoying the moment.

It is unnecessary to go into details as regards the incident that has led to your display but by letting them know, that you meant no harm and only basking in the joy of memory, they will let you be in whatever it is you were unto before the interruption.

 “Why does it bother you?”

Seeking to know why this stranger will make the statement: “go get a room” the moment you and your loved one are attached could be the most diplomatic response in this regard.

First, by seeking to know their point of view, you are likely to come up with a better suggestion for them whenever they see a different couple doing such a thing somewhere.

Secondly, you make them know that you are an understanding person and instead of reprisal, they got an understanding person that approaches their statement diplomatically.

Also, replying in this manner, debunk the myth that PDAs are a modern concept and should not be practiced.

 “Do we need permission from you to show one another love?”

Talk about the absurdity of the question and a good answer for this mediocre, then the response above serves as a good one.

Again if the motive behind the person making the statement is to ridicule, then make them feel silly by asking them the question above in response.

You put them in check by the question and they have realized their folly will do well to back down.

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“We’re  just in love.”

Sprinkle a bit of maturity over the stranger demanding that you should get a room all because you displayed emotion with the response: “we’re just in love”.

Harmless and not intended to discomfort anyone, the response puts that into consideration, and explaining this to your uninvited guest will make them leave in a short while.

This response also acknowledges the potential discomfort caused by public displays of affection while solidifying the couple’s right to express their affection in public.

“We’ll stop when we’re ready”

It takes a bout of courage to say this as a response to a “get a room statement” if you feel it is worth telling that way, who am I to stop you?

By asserting your point and making it known that you wouldn’t balk at any pressure to not display your emotions in public with your love interest, you warn anyone else who tries to confront you with the same scenario, and that you are willing to go physical if need be.

Do note that this reply is confrontational and may escalate the situation, so it may not be appropriate for all situations.

“Sorry, we’re not interested in taking relationship advice”.

This response acknowledges the statement “go get a room” while deflecting any potential criticism and also making your critic know that poke-nosing into the affairs of others is a demeaning thing to do.

Use this response when you discover that your critic isn’t civil in their approach towards your PDA, and is looking for a way to spoil your good time.

“We’ll get a room when we’re good and ready, thank you.”

Call it a death-blow response and you will be right in your assertion. At the same time if you choose to regard this response as a polite way to shove someone off, you are still correct.

This response is the former when go get a room was said in an unkind way, and in turn will be met with the most contemptuous remark as an answer, the same way it is when stated in a manner depicting a tease.

Either way, the response strikes a balance between a good and bad way of saying ” go get a room”

This response is assertive and may help defuse any tension or discomfort caused by the public display of affection.

Final Words

Except if you live in a country where it is prohibited to engage in any form of public display of affection, then this article isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if no law binds you to practice PDAs and someone tells you to get a room, then this article is for you.

The best responses to the “get a room” statement heavily hinge on the manner the statement was made.

In other words, the replies covered in this article take into consideration this fact and have presented appropriate answers in this regard. Until next time, Adios!

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