20 Best Responses to “How Did You Do That?”

Do you know how this question awaits awe from spectators or the person who witnessed the superhuman feat that played out before them?

How do you respond to this question if it was you who undertook the action sparking bewilderment? That answer is the basis for our article today.

Responding to a “how did you do that” shouldn’t be difficult to do, perhaps you’ve taught it complexly, read on to get the best response that abounds to a “how did you do that question?”

20 Best Responses to a “How Did You Do That?”

Responses to How Did You Do That

Depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the question, various responses are suitable for the condition stated. Below are the 20 best answers to the question “how did you do that”?

It was nothing just applying some basic principles.

When a certain aspect of a thing is overlooked and someone who painstakingly takes their time understanding the process executes an action, such is seen as a demigod.

By saying that “It was nothing, just applying some basic principles”, you have removed any mystery around the task thereby encouraging someone else to try the task too.

Oh, It was me being courageous

One with enough boldness is likely to do things that will make bystanders wonder how they carried out such actions, by replying with this answer, you teach them to be courageous.

It could be a mountain climbing expedition where not many are willing to risk climbing a steep rock, yet you dared the odd and climbed it, your success after surmounting the hurdle is enough to have many ask you the question: “how did you do that?”

Well, I learned a lot from observing others

A wise person once said history is repeated when lessons from the past are learned.

While many are quick to whine over a task that requires in-depth observation from others, one who does the opposite by observing will do well at the given task, making many wonder how they did it.

Replying that you learn from observing others brings to the mind of your audience that like them you’re just a normal human who could learn from others, making them probably ready to observe and affect.

I used a combination of skills, tools, and strategies to achieve my goal

Telling those who care to ask you how you did a particular thing that you used a combination of skill set, tools and strategy to achieve the result they marvel at is a sure way to spur them up.

Many times people reach a dead end when they ignore certain criteria for achieving a task, it also becomes astonishing that someone among them does accomplish the same task they can’t, making them ask how they did it.

The answer above should be used when the doer of the action notices that the team is at a low ebb yet willing to learn the skills needed to undertake the task subsequently.

I have a talent for this

One with a knack for a certain skill is likely to do better than the rest without when it comes to the skill, and it is no surprise when many ask how they did that, here’s the best reply to give if you turn out to be that person.

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“I have a talent for this” not only supports the fact that you are doing something akin to your personality but when said right, can be the catalyst to make those who admire you find themselves.

Your gift for communication could make many see you as a mercurial being, but when you respond that it is something you have a knack for, you could cause your audience to go back and do a double take on their special gift.

I had a clear plan in place

It’s interesting how many want to start exercising, take a course, learn a language, etc yet find sticking to a plan a pain in the arse.

When they find one who has followed through with the plan they set out in achieving the very thing they desire, they marvel and ask “ask did you do it?”

The best response as one who is being asked is to let them know that you had a clear plan in place while also encouraging them to learn to stick to their plan will have these people meet you for support as to have their plan met.

I learn to improve and take feedback

Sadly, only a few people take criticism positively, and there it is an affront to their personality. One who converts this criticism begins to do well, they begin to be quizzed on how they did what they are doing.

Interestingly, replying with an “I learn to improve and take feedback” could make or mar your audience’s decision-making, as many who still feel insulted by criticism are likely not to heed correction and those who are willing to learn may turn a new leaf.

I sought help when I needed it

No man is an island, and when one starts to think they are, they become baffled when a person who heeds to correction begins to do something they think is impossible.

We’ve got the best response for that:

Whether that help was from a mentor, a coach, or a supportive friend, making others know you sought help cleared in the mind of your listeners the doubts of seeking assistance. It teaches them to be open to learning from a superior.

I put in the time and effort and did not give up

Imagine walking down the road and catching up with an old friend, who you’ve to know looks unfit and not without a good physique but suddenly looks drop-dead gorgeous and with abs to make you yell: “how did you do that”!

An honest response to that will be that the dude put in the work where necessary and dedicated their time and effort to achieving what you’ve seen to make you ask them what you have asked.

This response can also be used in replying to many who lack the zeal to take on a seemingly tough project, task, or duty but finds out that someone else has done exactly what they think is impossible, to get them off their indolence.

I kept an open mind, stayed curious, and learned as much as possible

Maybe curiosity doesn’t kill the cat anymore. Just kidding!

A curious mindset is likely to take on duties many will find daunting and eventually come out victorious. When asked how they are, here is a brilliant answer to give to those doubting Thomases.

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“I kept an open mind, stayed curious, and learned as much as possible” is the best reply to give when many wrongly assume you to be dubious or cutting corners in a task. It makes it more interesting if evidence of your effort is tendered.

To the ones ready to upscale their lives, they will find this response as encouraging and would do anything to be like you, however not many will find this reply one to work with, in any case, you just respond and let them be.

I stayed organized and held myself accountable

The disorganized nature of some people can make achieving meaningful success hard to do, it is a brainer when they find someone who’s achieved what they can’t ask how they did that.

The best response to the question would be to let them know that being organized and holding themselves accountable for their action is one way to make headway, hopefully, if they take on this advice will find themselves doing it exploits.

I established healthy habits and routines that supported my goals

While working at a neck-breaking speed is often thought of as smart and efficient, sometimes it just takes step-by-step tips and healthy habits to achieve that big goal one seeks.

When asked “how you did do that”, reply by making it obvious that healthy habits such as regularly exercising, finding sleep, and even taking breaks could be way better than trying to fix a task here and now. This may help your listener see the need to take things slow.

I broke the task down into manageable steps

Similar to the point above, learning to take each process step by step into chunks and working till the last can be the difference between you and one who seeks to execute the whole task at a goal.

Your success could make many ask how you did accomplish the task before you and by responding appropriately, you could be the helping hand they need.

You could go on to explain how breaking the task into bits could go a long way in improving their mental health and overall job performance.

I do a lot of Visualization

Everything doable starts in the mind, and how you see whatever you want to undertake in your mind will determine the outcome of it when executed.

Perhaps you are among the few who use the power of their mind in achieving great results and each time you achieve this feat, you are often quizzed: “how did you do that?” Now may be the time to let the cat out of the bag.

Your response to a question like that should be made not to invoke a sense of haughtiness but should be one that will serve as a boost to your listeners doing better, and if less in you, going on to explain how to visualize to them could make the difference between them doing better and remaining stagnant.

I sought a community of like-minded people

By being in a community of like minds, many things one is unaware of become plain and when actions are carried out based on this knowledge, one is likely to be hit with the question: “how did you do that?”

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Make the best out of this question by pulling your audience in on the need to join a community where like-minded people are to help improve themselves. These communities could soon be across the world of sports, design, technology, etc.

I  persevered

By pushing on in the face of difficulty, one becomes tenacious that many are left to wonder about your superhuman strength, is it superhuman?

When those around you realize the answer to their question is how much you sacrificed in getting better and being where you are, there’s a renewed sense of hope for one who’s thought of even giving up.

I practiced, rehearsed, and refined my technique

It doesn’t have to be the way you’ve known it to be, refining your skills is the reason many will want to know the magic of you being that dexterous.

As an artist, or instrumentalist, whatever the profession you hold, when you constantly refine, rehearse,d and practice on your field, you become the center of attraction as many flocks around you just to know “how you did that”.

Here’s what you should tell them.

Let them know that by developing their skill, they could do way better than you and join in making the world and their profession exciting.

I stayed flexible and adaptable

Being overly bullheaded when it comes to developing a skill or gift isn’t a welcome idea, this is why many who are barely last in the profession choose for themselves.

However, when you exhibit some degree of flexibility, your chances of getting better at that skill you possess are sure and this will account for why many keep asking you the question: “how did you do that”?

Your response at this time should depict that only through being malleable can excellence be achieved and that you will like that they imbibe the flexible nature.

I learn to stay motivated

It is tough to stay motivated after many setbacks, however, those who do make it to the top eventually have people wondering how they did what they do.

The answer to this question should be advisory as well as motivating when giving out as this will make your audience know that despite a challenge staying motivated makes you stand out.

I learned from my mistakes

Mistakes should be a push to do better, and only when you see this as that, the need to respond to a “how did you do that”would be unnecessary.

Those who learn from their mistake find success and can respond appropriately when they are questioned about how they did what was somewhat herculean.

Through their response, many draw help and strength to move on in their chase for success.

Final Words

The key point to keep in mind is that success often comes through a combination of hard work, determination, focus, and grit.

Without these qualities, even the most talented individual can fall flat. Just remember that your journey will be unique and personal to you, and no one answer will fit all.

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