20 Best Replies to “Eat Me”

If someone says “Eat me” to you, they are meant to be rude on most occasions. It’s often a way to dare you into doing or acting out.

When this happens, the right reply will get you out, or into any situation you desire. This post has 20 of the best replies you can find that suit you best.

20 Best Replies to “Eat Me”

1. That’s Not A Very Nice Thing To Say

One best reply to eating me is saying that’s not a very nice thing to say. This reply acknowledges the statement of the speaker while informing them you don’t like the comment from them.

If someone talks rudely to you, this reply is the best way to pass your message across.

It shows them you find their behavior and comments improper. This will teach them to not use such words in your presence.

The best part of this reply is that it will pass a message to the speaker that they should never speak to you this way.

2. I Don’t Think That An Appropriate Comment

When someone uses a comment that you dislike, it’s important to inform them you will not condone such improper language with them.

This reply is one of the best suited for this because it’s a direct way of telling the speaker to quit talking in such a manner with you.

It shows the speaker they have stepped out of line with their comment. This will preserve your respect and prevent future use of such inappropriate comments.

Those you speak with must be informed of your vocabulary and values.

3. I Don’t Appreciate That Kind Of Language

If someone has used a language that you don’t approve of, tell them immediately.

Comments such as Eat me can get your blood boiling and the best reply is one that properly relates to your disapproval. This reply shows you are not happy with such language.

It will show them you have principles and that kind of language cannot be allowed in your presence.

This will enable you to have a proper conversation with the person. It tells them they have to behave appropriately when they are with you.

4. Let’s Try To Keep Things Civil, Okay

Sometimes you may be in a heated argument with an individual and words can become increasingly violent or rude.

One best reply to eating me is saying let’s try to keep things civil. This reply is suitable when you want to achieve a constructive and productive conversation without anger or malice.

It shows the speaker they have gone off the handle with their comment and would need to rectify it. By keeping things civil, there will be no escalation of the situation.

Things will remain the same and even progress positively. This reply is a reminder to the speaker that no fighting is allowed.

5. I’d Rather Not Engage With That Kind Of Attitude

One good reply when someone says eat me is saying I’d rather not engage with that kind of attitude. It is important to inform them of the attitude you will deal with.

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We all have our principles, and when this is crossed we have to stand our ground.

This reply informs the speaker you will not engage in any conversation with them if they continue such language or attitude.

The way this works is to calmly show them the language they have used with you will not sit well with you.

6. That’s Not A Constructive Or Respectful Response

Pointing out the flaws of the speaker is important in fostering a healthy and trusting relationship.

When someone says eat me, tell them you do not want to listen to any constructive or respectful response. It means you have an interest in having a conversation where there is respect and constructive reasoning.

This reply shows the speaker they have been disrespectful with their comment. They will know how to act right when they are with you.

Learn to inform others of your boundaries, it saves you from unwanted disrespect. It teaches the speaker how to have a constructive conversation with you.

7. Can We Please Have A More Productive Conversation

If you are looking to have a more productive conversation when someone says eat, reply by saying can we please have a more productive conversation.

This is a sign that they have been engaging in unproductive conversation. The speaker will have to apologize for their improper language.

It shows them to change their conversation points and switch to productive ones. This will change the dynamic of how you both interact. It is more profitable to have conversations that will benefit you always.

8. I’M Not Sure What You’re Hopping To Achieve With That Comment

The way you reply to people who call you out matters. This reply is best suited when someone says eat me. Say this here.

It questions the speaker about the motive of their comment. Doing this will seriously get them thinking about their choices.

When using this reply, ensure you keep a firm gesture to transmit your disdain for their actions.

This reply tells the speaker they have used the wrong choice of word. It shows them you are not comfortable with the way they have spoken to you.

This will cause a change of character from them, hoping to be on your good side. A subtle warning like this can clearly explain your displeasure at something.

9. Let’s Focus On The Topic At Hand, Rather Than Resorting To Insults

When someone says eat me, it’s often because they want to call you out. Sometimes you want to squash this behavior so that you can have a meaningful conversation.

This reply is what you need. It addresses the problem directly by telling the speaker to switch to better topics.

It shows the speaker that quarreling or fighting isn’t on your agenda and would be better to focus on what’s important. They will see the error of their ways and let you be.

This reply presents the profitability of directly addressing a situation. The results are immediate and effective.

10. That’s Not A Mature Or Respectful Way To Communicate

Say that’s not a mature or respectable way to communicate when someone says eat me. This reply is perfect when you feel disrespected by the other person.

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Also, when the speaker has crossed your boundaries, this reply communicates the dissatisfaction you feel. You are demanding a mature conversation from the speaker when you reply this way.

It shows the speaker you aren’t willing to communicate unless they change and apologize for speaking that way.

This will get them to behave remorsefully because you have called them out for their improper behavior. If you let disrespect continue, it doesn’t create a healthy relationship.

11. I’m Sorry, But I Don’t Think That An Appropriate Thing To Say

When someone says eat me, say I’m sorry, but that is not an appropriate thing to say. This means that you heard their comment and have pointed it out as wrong or inappropriate.

Replying this way is important because you are facing the speaker’s comment head-on. It shows you are aware of your boundaries.

This reply shows the speaker that you are a better individual and expect them to behave in the same manner. This includes how they converse with you.

12. Let’s Have A Constructive Conversation Without Resorting To Insults

This reply tells the speaker to have a change in tone in the conversation with you. It’s useful when you notice the conversation wants to escalate into a brawl or fight.

It informs the speaker that you aren’t ready to have a scuffle with them. The reply shows the speaker you want to trade insults.

Heated conversations need to be calmed with soothing words. It is wise to direct the situation to a more controllable pace with replies like this.

It presents you as a more mature person. Constructive conversations yield the best results.

13. Let’s Try To Be Civil And Respectful Towards Each Other

When someone says eat me, the best reply is saying let’s be civil and respectful towards each other.

Words like this mean you want to have a respectable conversation with the other person. Civility is important in conversations especially when you want to be heard.

For a good conversation to happen, there must be mutual respect.

This reply shows the speaker you will not engage with them unless they sound respectful. By doing this, you are commanding respect and civility from them. Doing this teaches others how to interact with you.

14. I Don’t Think That Kind Of Language Is Necessary Or Productive

A useful reply that explains your point of view is saying this here. It is a way to inform the speaker of your opinions.

When you do this, you rid yourself of the burden of dealing with a conversation that you dislike.

Anyone using the wrong language should be reminded of their unacceptable nature.

It shows the speaker that they are in the state of real people that matters. The speaker will understand how much they have erred and will be contrite for it.

15. Can We Please Avoid Using That Kind Of Language?

Eat me is a rude remark, and it’s not acceptable or polite. When someone uses this in your direction, a reply that serves as a reprimand is here.

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This way you have addressed their comment while instilling some discipline of your own.

It teaches the speaker to behave and watch their tongue around them.

When this happens, they will carefully pick their words in future conversations with you. Doing this is beneficial to you because you can have a productive conversation.

16. I’m Not Sure How To Respond To That Kind Of Comment

When someone says Eat me, it’s common to feel confused about the meaning or intentions of the speaker.

You can address this by replying this way here. It shows the speaker their comments make little sense to you and they should explain more.

It tells them their comment was unnecessary and impolite. This reply will put them in check because they will feel silly for throwing jabs at you.

By using this reply you have convinced the person to change their choice of words.

17. I’d Appreciate It If You Could Express Yourself In A More Respectful Way

Telling anyone who says eat me, this reply here is a direct way to inform them of your displeasure at their choice of words.

This is the proper way to inform anyone who talks rudely to you. It lets you set the tone for any kind of conversation you want to have. It’s important to firmly convey this message to the speaker.

It shows them you do not tolerate vulgar choice of words. They will become conscious of how they speak when conversing with you.

18. Can We Please Keep The Conversation Professional And Courteous?

If the direction of your conversation goes awry, you can use this reply to rein it in.

This reply is perfect when someone says eat me.

It shows them you have no desire to play or have a casual conversation.

By keeping it professional, you can achieve your goals.

This reply tells the speaker, you do not joke with your time and have a goal-oriented mindset. Do this with a firm gaze so your point is conveyed.

19. I’d Prefer It If We Could Communicate In A More Respectful Manner

The tone of a conversation between you and a person should tell you how much respect they have for you.

When you feel disrespect, a good reply is telling them this is mentioned here. It’s a way to inform them you will not allow them to talk rudely to you.

20. That Kind Of Language Is Not Conducive To A Productive Conversation

This reply informs the speaker they are using unacceptable language with you.

It’s a way to show them how you will prefer to be addressed. With a reply like this, you are telling the speaker to look out for the benefits of a good conversation.

All these replies are the best you can use when someone says eat me.

They are suitable for many scenarios. Every one of them is carefully explained to give you more insight into their usage.

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