20 Funny Responses to “What Do You Know?”

When someone says what you know, they want to test your skills and ability. They are challenging your intellect to know if you are up to par with them.

It could also mean they are just questioning you to get some information from you. How you respond could decide the relationship that will exist between the both of you.

So, we have written 20 of the best funny replies you can find anywhere.

How to Respond to “What Do You Know?”

1. I Know More Than I Let On, But Less Than I Want To Know

Knowledge is power and having and applying this knowledge helps in everyday life.

One funny response when someone says what do you know is saying this here.

It tells you the individual you are is very well advanced than them.

This response shows them you have not yet retired on your quest for knowledge and will continue to strive for more.

When you reply this way, you have jokingly shown what kind of person you are without bragging about it.

It’s important to remember that you have to inform others about your knowledge when you know your capabilities.

This funny response implies to the speaker that you have a sense of humor about their knowledge level.

2. I Know Enough To Get By, But I Am Not Here To Impress Anyone

You may defend your intelligence when anyone challenges you anywhere.

A funny response when someone says what do you know is saying I know enough to get by. This response best informs the speaker you have the knowledge you need.

It shows them you are responsible enough to get by on your own without help from them. It also tells them you don’t have time to impress anyone.

A such funny response that recognizes your knowledge level while also being self-deprecating.

3. I Know That If I Told You, I’d Have To Do You In

One silly response when someone says what do you know is saying this here. This response is funny because it informs the speaker that telling them what you know will cause their incarceration or demise.

When you reply this way, you are informing the speaker you cannot tell them anything because it’s confidential.

This will show the speaker that they shouldn’t go about asking for the wrong things. The information you have is meant for you only.

This response plays on the idea of keeping secrets and their dangers.

4. I Know Everything And Nothing At The Same Time

When you want to play humble to the speaker, say you know everything and nothing. This humorous response will earn the admiration of the speaker.

It’s a witty response that asserts your superior knowledge meekly. The speaker will know that you have a more intelligent mindset than them.

Knowing everything can be instrumental in life, but humility in it will get you far.

This response dabbles on the idea of knowledge being relative.

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5. I Know Enough To Be Dangerous

When someone says what do you know. One thing response is saying enough to be dangerous. This response will make the speaker wary of you.

They will wonder what kind of information you have gained to become dangerous. It will let them know you are not to be trifled with.

A funny response like this will keep jesters or jokers off your path.

This response suggests to the speaker that your knowledge has the potential to make you dangerous.

6. I Know Enough To Know That I Am Enough

If someone says what do you know, a funny response is saying I know enough to know that I am enough.

This response tells the speaker that you have gained a vast amount of knowledge that makes you confident in yourself.

With the right knowledge, anyone can be transformed into a new person.

This response tells the speaker that you are a self-aware individual who knows what you are doing. If you are enough, you will always walk into any room with your head held high.

7. I Know I Don’t Give Two Cents About You

A funny response to What do you know is saying I don’t give two cents about you. Replying this way means you acknowledge the speaker’s question while dishing them a reply too.

The response informs the speaker that you do not think about them and they mean nothing to you.

This response will let the speaker know they don’t matter to you. They will take their lesson and let you be. Such responses will ensure the speaker never talk to you in that manner.

8. You Couldn’t Process What I Know If You Tried

This response is funny because it throws some shade at the speaker while acknowledging their question.

If you ever want to throw a response, that’s also a jab, say this here. It means that the speaker doesn’t have the mental capacity to process the knowledge you have.

It tells the speaker they are nowhere near your level of intellect. This response will put the speaker to shame humorously.

9. I Know It’s Time For Your Bedtime

One funny response to What do you know is saying I know it’s time for your bedtime. This response means the speaker is not supposed to be up talking to you.

It is a reply that jokes at the maturity of the speaker. It tells them it’s way past their bedtime.

When you respond this way, you are making a joke out of what the speaker has asked you. This will inform them about your choices and what kind of comment is allowed with you.

10. That You know nothing

If you are looking for a funny response that will make the speaker lose their nerve, respond by saying they know nothing.

This response is a boastful way to outshine the speaker with a few words. It’s an effective response that’s both funny and witty.

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It tells the speaker they have no knowledge or intelligence that matches yours. They will instantly regret throwing such comments your way.

This response is used to put people who have become a nuisance to you. What’s important is knowing when to use such a reply.

11. I Know You Are Way Out Of Your League

Sometimes you have to face down a challenger, at work, sports competition, or even on a normal day. The way you respond to comments determines how you come out of such a situation.

When someone says what do you know, a funny response is saying I know you are way out of your league.

This response tells the speaker that you outmatch them on every level and skill. They will return to their shell in a hurry after a reply like this.

Do not give anyone a chance to downplay your effort. With a response like this you.

12. That It’s Time For You To Shut Up

When you are not in the mood for some noise or jokes, this funny response lets you to have some peace.

This reply tells the speaker that it’s time for you to shut up. They will understand they have crossed some boundaries with their comment. And your reply is the memo they need.

It shows the speaker you are not in the mood for jokes or play right now. Responding this way will bring a measure of decorum to your conversation.

13. I Know Enough To Be A King

A funny reply that gives you some bragging rights is saying I know enough to be a king. It’s important to be boastful and brag about yourself.

When you respond this way, you are proclaiming your dominance between the two of you.

It tells the speaker of your assertiveness and confidence in your authority. While this response is brief, it carries the weight to stop anyone who slanders you.

This improves your confidence while establishing your boundaries with those around you. When this happens, such encounters become far from your premises.

14. I Can Tell You Who You Are

One funny reply when someone says what do you know is saying I can tell you who they are. When you respond this way, you are telling the speaker you are aware of their personality and behaviors.

It’s a way to show them you have their thought process written.

It shows the speaker that you are a keen and observant person who knows the psyche of other people.

With this reply, no one can easily challenge you. If you know the content of people’s hearts, you will always be ahead of them.

15. I Know A Lot Of New Things Everyday

Respond this way when you want to show them how smart and intelligent you are. This response speaks about your routine and how successful it has made you.

When you respond this way, the speaker will treat you with more respect.

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Acquiring knowledge every day will make you smarter and wittier. This response tells the speaker you are way above their level and person.

They will learn to behave properly around you. Such a response also increases the quality of friends you have because you have proved yourself as wise.

16. My Intelligence Is More Than You Can Imagine

When someone tells you what you know, a funny response is saying my intelligence is more than you can imagine.

This response is a proud way to show the speaker you have more advanced knowledge than them. They will find it silly and surprising that you have responded this way.

An intellectual person speaks less and listens more. So when you respond to the speaker, keep your reply brief.

17. You Don’t Know When To Quit

If you are in the mood for some funny jabs directed at the speaker, say this here. This is a direct way to inform them they are intrusive. It is a reminder for them to stay in their lane at all times.

Responding this way will keep them from interfering with you. Use this reply when you want to be left alone.

This response tells the speaker you are not ready for a conversation.

They will see this as a sign to move to other places. The right response will get you the right reputation among your peers.

18. I Know I Am A Winner

I know I am a winner is a funny response when asking you what you know.

This important response makes you larger than life. You are showing how much prowess and achievement you have gained in your life.

The proper response will also get the speaker to look elsewhere in defeat.

This response gives you confidence that radiates around you as you go. It will pass a message to the speaker that you don’t shudder for anyone.

19. My Knowledge Is Infinite

When someone asks you what you know, it’s tricky to remember a befitting response. Think of something quick and short with a lot of meaning behind it in situations like this.

One funny response is saying my knowledge is infinite. It means you have so much knowledge in your head you cannot exhaust them.

The speaker will be short of words because this reply will take them by surprise. Your claim puts you as an alpha figure.

20. I Know You Don’t Know What I Know

A funny reply when someone says what do you know is saying I know you don’t know what I know. This response is funny because you have taken a shot at the speaker.

You are telling them you know more than them.

This response shows the speaker you have a wide knowledge of things they do not have.

What you know should be yours only. No one else should challenge what you have upstairs. These responses are guaranteed to be funny, and smart enough to impress any person or group.

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