20 Funny Responses to “Cat Got Your Tongue”

Do you always wonder the best way to respond to remarks like a cat got your tongue? It helps when you have something funny to reply to these kinds of comments.

Every response that can tickle the funny bone of the speaker and other people around makes conversation or awkward encounters less awkward. It gives you something to say instead of responding immediately to any form of inquiry.

What we have done in this article is curate a list of 20 funny responses that are suitable for different contexts or scenarios. This means you have before you the best hilarious replies that are the perfect comeback.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says Cat Got Your Tongue

When someone says cat got your tongue, it often happens in a conversation where the other person wants to get a response from you and doesn’t have the patience for it. 

Meaning of Cat Got Your Tongue

“Cat got your tongue?” is a common English medium that is used when someone goes silent especially after being asked a question. 

In modern days it no longer is used in the literal sense but, used playfully to coax and encourage someone to speak up.

It can be used to express surprise when someone doesn’t get the expected response from a conversation or something similar.

What Is An Example Of The “Cat Got Your Tongue” Statement

Funny Responses to Cat Got Your Tongue

We have helped you with an example of a scenario that gives you an idea of how a funny reply would play out and the phrase used.

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Speaker 1: This is the second time I have asked you about your whereabouts yesterday. Why the silence, cat got your tongue.

Answer 1:  No, But I Am waiting for my brain to catch up with me

Speaker 2: You promised you were going to give me the juicy details of your new job. What’s the hold-up, cat got your tongue?

Answer 2: Yes, she’s got it along with my guts too.

20 Funny Responses to “Cat Got Your Tongue”

  1. No, But It is Certain My Brain Did A Runner
  2. Yes, My Cat Is A Good Conversationalist
  3. No, But I’m Afraid To Speak And Reveal How Awesome I Am
  4. No, I Just Thought I”d Give You A Chance To Say Something For A Change
  5. Yeah, Its On Vacation In Ibiza With My Cat
  6. Negative, My Brain Is Currently Buffering
  7. No, I Have Taken The Vow OF Silence Not To Engage in Silly Talks
  8. Why Do You Ask? Do you Want To Have Yours Held Too
  9. Yeah, My Cat Has My Phone and Has Me On House Arrest too
  10. No, I Am Still Loading. 70 Percent There
  11. No, I’m Currently Practicing My Ventriloquist Skills
  12. Yeah, Maybe We TaLk When It has Returned My Tongue
  13. No, I’m Taking Part In A Staring Contest At The Wall
  14. If It Did, Then it is Saving Me From A Conversation I’d Rather Not Have
  15. No, I’m Trying Hard To Communicate Telepathically
  16. No, But I’m Waiting For Someone To Say Something Worthy
  17. Yeah, She Needs It Too But Unfortunately For You
  18. No, I’m Currently Deciding If I Should Respond Or Not
  19. I Have A Subscription Plan For My Words Per Day
  20. No, I’m Experiencing A Temporary Shut Down Procedure

1. No, But It is Certain My Brain Did A Runner

“No, but I’m pretty sure my brain did a runner,” tells the speaker you are well aware that your brain left, ran away, or stopped functioning at the moment the question was asked.

Your silence shows that you do not know what to say at the point the question was thrown at you.

2. Yes My Cat Is A Good Conversationalist

When the reply to a person who asks you if you have a cat but your tongue, says, “Yes my cat is a good conversationalist,” they know that you are trying to be sarcastic or funny.

This is because they are fully aware that your cat has no conversations with you as cats do not talk with humans.

3. No, But I Am Afraid To Speak And Reveal How Awesome I Am

Such a reply tells the speaker that you are aware of your worth and the knowledge you possess, intellectuals think and analyze before the talk.

So it is okay to tell anyone who asks you if a cat has bitten your tongue saying, no but I am afraid to speak and reveal how awesome I am

4. No, I Just Taught I Give You A Chance To Say Something For A Change

The speaker now recognizes that you just delayed seeing if they would have a change of mind or be in a new dimension to the conversation or question asked.

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This reply creates some air of mystery around your silence. The reply no I just taught I give you a chance to say something for a change

5. Yeah, It’s On Vacation In Ibiza With My Cat

Using a reply lets the speaker see that you are just having fun with his question, rather than responding to the question asked which is the reason for the muteness.

Yeah, it’s on vacation in Ibiza with my cat is a sarcastic reply to a cat got your tongue.  This is so because no cat has got your tongue as no cats go around stealing tongues or boarding trips to Ibiza with a tongue lol.

6. Negative, My Brain Is Currently Buffering

One reply to the answer cat got your tongue is to say, “Negative, my brain is currently buffering.”

The meaning of buffering is loading, which means that your brain is currently loading and you do not yet have what to say.

You should use this when you do at have what to say or you are in a thought process.

7. No, I Have Taken The Vow Of Silence Not To Engage Silly Talks

Another hilarious reply to a cat got your tongue should be, “no, I have taken the vow of silence not to engage in silly talks.”

A response like this is very funny. This is because no one knows when or where you took the oath to keep to yourself and not engage in silly jokes.

8. Why do you ask, you want to have yours held too

Your reply means that they should not question you or expect any response from you, you also inquired from your response about the reason they ask.

The implications of your statement made “You want to have yours held too shows that you possess the power to have their tongues held also.

9. Yea, My Cat Has My Phone And Has Me On House Arrest Too

When you reply like this it just shows you are trying to make a fun instance of the situation. This reply shows that you don’t take things too seriously.

This is because cats don’t operate phones and even the idea or thought of a cat operating a phone and having you on house arrest sounds very funny.

10. No I Am Still Loading, Seventy Percent There.

No, I am still loading, seventy there, replying like this insinuates that you do not yet have a reply to give to such a question asked.

Just as the response implies seventy percent there, this means that you cannot give them a reply until your thought process becomes a hundred percent instead seventy.

11. I Am Practicing My Ventriloquist Skills

Am practicing my ventriloquist skills is a funny response to Cat got your tongue. A ventriloquist is one who puppets or mines without moving their mouth.

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The speaker knows that you just want to make a joke out of his question, which is miming a reply without moving your mouth or tongue.

12. Yeah Maybe We Can Talk When It Has Returned 

A fun response to a cat getting your tongue can be responded to by saying, Yeah, maybe we can talk when it has returned.

A reply like this implies that your tongue has traveled or gone out, what a funny response right? it means that you don’t want to talk about anything intentionally.

13. No I Am Taking Part In A Staring Contest At The Wall

This statement is funny and sarcastic at the same time, you can also use the statement no I am taking part in a staring contest at the wall.

The speaker knows that there is no wall contest going on at the moment and this is a lie as it is obvious you just want to be funny.

14. If It Did Then It Would Be Saving Me From A Conversation I’d Rather Not Have.

Another response to cat got your tongue can be said in this manner, if it didn’t then it would be saving me from a conversation I’d rather not have.

When you reply like this, the speaker knows that the reason you are not is because you do not want to engage in the conversation or answer the question thrown at you.

15. I Am Trying Hard To Communicate Telepathically

This is a funny reply to give to someone who asks if a cat got your tongue. You can reply by saying to them that you are trying to communicate telepathically.

A reply like this suggests to the speaker that you have no intention of replying to the question as no one is telepathic enough to read another person’s mind.

16. No I’m Waiting For Someone To Say Something Worthy

Be careful when you sound like this so that you don’t look rude or braggy especially when In public, this is because you would not look good to a crowd of people who admire you.

Bear in mind that actions do speak louder than words.

17. Yeah She Needs It But Unfortunately For You

This response is outrageously funny. When someone goes on to throw a question at you that leaves you quiet, it is okay to say this statement.

Yeah, a cat got my tongue and she needs it unfortunately for you. This means that you would rather let the cat have your tongue than respond to it.

18. No I’m Currently Deciding If I Should Respond Or Not

No, I am currently deciding if I should respond or not. This reply can also be used as a subtle funny response to a cat getting your tongue.

Saying this to the speaker shows that you are deciding if you should make up your mind to respond or not.

19. I Have A Subscription Plan For My Words Per Day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a subscription plan for your words?

This funny response is one of a kind because it’s hilarious and realistic.

Having a subscription plan for words would mean you don’t waste words and only talk when necessary.

We recommend using this response when you want to downplay the situation.

20. No I’m Experiencing A Temporary Shut Down Procedure

This funny response means you have a brain freeze and have gone into shutdown mode.

It’s hilarious because you are not a computer and can’t go into such mode.

Use this sarcastically to show them you are not going to respond to coercion of any kind.

These responses are the best you can find with the right humor to suit any situation.

The question “Cat got your tongue” has its history from early English sailors who were rumored to lose their tongue after being cat whipped.

Nevertheless, it’s used today either in mockery or encouragement. And in both situations, your silence on a matter is questioned.

What this means for you is up to you, and we have provided you with funny responses that aid your objectives.

Each of these responses has been tailored to meet different types of situations and you will find them helpful.

We recommend you use them alternatively to increase your vocabulary and skill level.

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