20 of the Best Responses to “How Was Work Today?”

There are several possible responses you can expect to hear from a person when he or she returns from work. It could have gone wrong… or maybe too right to be true.

When a person asks you about work, you are expected to answer honestly and say what went on at work or how you feel about the day’s work. If you are one of those who find it hard to express themselves, this article has found its way to you.

 Here, you will find 20 different responses that may express how you feel about the day’s work.

20 Great Responses To ‘How Was Work Today?’

  1. Work was fine.
  2. Better than I expected.
  3. It was extremely stressful.
  4. It was like every other day.
  5. I exceeded the target
  6. Nothing special about today’s work
  7. Guess what happened at work today.
  8. Work was much fun today.
  9. I just want to rest now.
  10. You won’t believe what happened at work today
  11. It was hectic
  12. What do you expect?
  13. It was slow.
  14. Just as usual. Boring.
  15. Work was meh!
  16. Not as stressful as usual.
  17. It didn’t even feel like I went to work
  18. It was just okay
  19. I can’t wait to find a better job.
  20. I didn’t meet the target today.

Responses To ‘How was work today'

Work was fine.

This is one of the mostly used responses to the question. ‘Fine’ is probably used for every question that asks about people and their welfare. ‘Fine’ is meant to be used when something is doing great or ‘okay and untouched’.

 ‘Fine’ in these contexts often mean nothing. It is often just said impulsively as a response to all the questions without conveying any emotions.

However, when a person says ‘Work is fine’, it often means nothing special happened at work. Work wasn’t extraordinarily boring and neither was it interesting enough to acknowledge.

 However, people often just say ‘fine’ because they don’t want to talk about the questions topic of they didn’t even give the question a thought.

Better than I expected.

You will get a person excited by saying this. Your partner or whoever asked this question will want to know all that happened at work or, at least, the part that made you enjoy work.

 You can say this if you are just starting work at the office. Since it’s your first day at work, it should be expected of you to have mixed feelings on how the workplace would feel.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your first day at work. You could have expected a horrible day for one reason or the other. This is what your response will suggest to whoever is asking the question.

It was extremely stressful.

This is your honest response if work stressed you out. Your partner will want to hear your work process unless it’s too complicated to describe to him or her.

After a hectic day at work, we are often tempted to ignore questions that require excessive explanations and we often result to saying just ‘fine’.

Expressing how stressed out you are may just be your best option, just in case you will be needing the person’s help. You will be earning his or her compassion for that short moment and you won’t have to strain yourself if there is ever the need to get something done.

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Also, acting all tired after claiming work was fine may not feel very good, especially to your partner. It would seem like you are intentionally ignoring or you are just refusing to open up.

It was like every other day.

This is probably a common answer. If you were to get asked this question everyday, you may be giving this answer more than 5 times in a week. That is what ‘every other day’ means.

In other words, if you were to say your day at work was boring or interesting, then that day must have been special; at least, different from ‘every other day’.

This response implies that nothing special happened at work. When you say this, you are telling your partner that there are no stories to tell about how the day went.

You are not interested in talking about the normal work process and your partner won’t find it interesting to listen to the same story of yesterday.

Responses To ‘How was work today'

I exceeded the target.

There has to be a ‘target’ before you say this. This is a clause you will most likely hear from someone who works in a factory. In a factory, workers often earn different salaries and this is because the amount they are paid is calculated based on how productive they are.

The factory gives every worker a daily target (i.e. a certain amount of goods to produce) which must be reached to earn the set salary. Not all workers are often able to reach the target so they get paid based on how many goods they have produced at the end of the month.

While some of these target numbers are usually difficult to reach, some people reach and exceed the target. This guarantees them extra incentives on the set salary.

Nothing special about today’s work.

 You can say this if work was boring. You are directly telling your partner that nothing special happened so you won’t be having special stories to tell. You are also showing your lack of interest in talking about what happened at work.

Work went on as usual and you performed your duty as you should. Nothing else happened so there would barely be anything to say than the usual boring part where you just do your job like everyone else.

Guess what happened at work today.

This puts your partner in suspense. The moment you ask him or her to guess, about a thousand possible happenings will begin to roam in her head as she wonders what may have happened. Depending on your expression, he or she may guess whether it’s good or bad news. It could also be mere gossip which would be quite hard to tell.

You can say this if you have good news to share. You can also say this if something painful happened to you at work. It could also be just gossips which may even be appreciated by your partner. People often love when their partners share stories with them.

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Work was much fun today.

 While this answers the question and tells your partner what to expect in your story, it still puts your partner in some suspense. He or she will start wondering all sorts of positive things that may have happened at your workplace.

Your partner may not have any connection to your office so one may wonder why he or she is so interested.

You don’t need to have had a spectacular day at the office. You can cook up a story as a joke. However, simply having this untrue conversation with your partner can make him or her happy for that moment. It is all about having hearty conversations with you. You can tell him or her it’s a joke later.

I just want to rest now.

While this is not so fair as a response, this will give him or her a hint on how you feel about work. However, it doesn’t give all the details. This response suggests that you may have had a stressful day at work and you are tired.

This does not have to be how you feel, however. You may simply want to rest but not necessarily because work was hectic. So you don’t sound unfair and dismissive, you can say this response with a smile and promise to talk about everything later.

You won’t believe what happened at work today

This is very similar to asking your partner to guess what happened at your workplace. Till you say exactly what happened, you will put him or her in suspense and for the next few seconds, he or she will have about a thousand possibilities in mind.

When you say this, you will be expected to give an interesting story about whatever happened in your workplace. You may also say this as a joke to get your partner anxious before breaking his or her heart with no story.

It was hectic

This directly implies that your day at work was very stressful. You will get your partner’s compassion and you will probably be allowed to rest.

You can make the moment sweeter by saying stories about your office while you rest. This is usually what your partner wants when he or she asks about your day at work. While he or she should not be concerned, the conversation can help you both feel closer.

What do you expect?

This is not a response you can give in all situations. You can say this to a fellow worker with whom you share a daily routine at work.

Your workplace may be extremely breathtaking or unfair to the employees. Your response to this question suggests that the person already knows the answer to the question that he or she has asked you.

It was slow.

You are directly saying that work was slow or the day just felt. There has to be a reason for the slowness at work. When you say this, you may have to explain to your wife why you thought work was slow. The day can feel slow when there is very little to do and the place feels boring.

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You may also complain about slow production if you work at a factory.

Just as usual. Boring.

You can say this to your partner if you don’t want to bother about saying everything that happened at work. This could be exactly how you feel about the day’s work. It also could just be a way of avoiding a situation where you have to say everything that took place at your office.

When you say this, your partner will get the hint that there is no special story to tell.

Work was meh!

When you say ‘meh’, you are showing your lack of enthusiasm for something. When you say something is ‘meh’, you are saying the thing is boring or doesn’t attract you in any way.

When you say this about your work, you are saying your work was boring. This may sound a little funny. You can describe your boring workplace in more funny ways.

Not as stressful as usual.

This response shows that you feel better about the day’s work than you feel on many other days. You may have complained to your partner about how stressful your work often is. 

While this response does not imply that the day was not stressful, you are saying that your day at work wasn’t as stressful as it used to be. You can further day how your day went.

It didn’t even feel like I went to work 

While this response may seem unclear, it may imply that you didn’t do anything at work. It may also imply that you did not feel the usual stress you usually feel at your workplace.

 You will still have to explain this response to your partner and day why you feel so. Your day at work may have been uneventful. You may have had very little work to do and nothing else.

It was just okay.

400;”>This is another way to say your work was boring. It may not exactly be boring but you have no special story to tell for that day about your work.

 By saying your day at work was just okay, you are saying nothing great happened that day.

I can’t wait to find a better job.

 If you are saying this to your partner, you must have discussed getting another job with him or her. This response suggests that you are inconvenient in your workplace and you have felt the inconvenience again which makes you want to leave the place as soon as possible.

Your partner will want you to tell him or her more about what happened at your workplace.

I didn’t meet the target today.

You can just say this if this is your true answer to the question. A factory worker may not always meet the target. You can talk to your partner about why you didn’t meet the target and how you feel about not meeting the target for the day.

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