Similar Phrases Like “Feed the Geese”

Ooh! This is not a topic people often discuss. If you are yet to know the meaning of ‘Feed the geese’, you are about to learn what I mean. You have come to the right place to learn the meaning of this idiom.

This article will also explain 20 other phrases and idioms similar to ‘Feed the geese’.

Meaning of feed the geese

‘Feed the geese’ is a pretty complex one to analyze. You could probably sit down with these three words for hours and days and still be unable to guess what it means.

‘Feed the geese’ refers to masturbation. When a person feeds the geese, he masturbates. It is often used as ‘feeding the geese’ which means a person is masturbating. It is only used for men.

Below are 20 other phrases with minor similarities.

20 Similar Phrases To Feed The Geese

  1. Rub one out
  2. Jerk off
  3. Relieving stress
  4. Punching the clown
  5. Jacking it
  6. Your goose is cooked
  7. Flogging the dolphin
  8. A wild goose never lays a tame egg
  9. A wigwam for a goose’s bridle
  10. A wild goose chase
  11. Get goosebumps
  12. Silly goose
  13. Biting the hand that feeds you
  14. Cook your own goose
  15. Kill the goose that lays/laid the golden egg.
  16. What is good for the goose- is also good for the gander.
  17. To not say boo to a goose
  18. Like noodles through a goose
  19. A goose has wandered to one’s midsection.
  20. Choke the goose.

Rub one out

Similar Phrases Like Feed the Geese

Rub one out is a synonym for ‘feed the geese’. When a person rubs one out, he or she masturbates.

The only difference between the two phrases is that ‘Feed the geese’ is for men alone, while ‘rub one out’ is used equally by both genders.

It even sounds more suitable for women than men.

Jerk off

 You would wonder why we have phrases and idioms for masturbation but here we are. ‘Jerk off’ is the most common phrase that means ‘masturbation’.

You have probably used it in your conversations, or you even do it.

Jerk-off is used for men. It should be for men alone but it can also be used to refer to a woman’s masturbation. It is not a very important topic so no one really cares about the gender it’s suitable for.

Relieving stress

This is my best so far, due to its multiple meanings. It also refers to masturbation. However, hen a person tells you that he or she is relieving stress, there is a high chance that he or she is jerking off.

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If you have ever masturbated, you probably already understand how this phrase was coined. The act actually relieves stress and is believed to make people sleep better.

This phrase is a nice one because anyone who doesn’t know the hidden meaning of this phrase will never think it refers to masturbation.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily refer to masturbation. You may be relieving stress without masturbating. There are several ways a person can relieve stress.

Punching the clown

This does not only sound as weird as ‘feed the geese’. It is equally weird to think of how this idiom was coined.

You would wonder how punching clowns can have anything to do with a person giving sensual pleasures to himself or herself.

Also, isn’t it funny how many idioms on this list refer to the act of masturbation? Not only is it weird that there is any idiom that refers to the act. There are even so many idioms created out of this idea.

Jacking it

 Here is another idiom that refers to masturbation. Like ‘feed the geese’ and ‘jerk off’, this is meant for men alone. If you are a man and you actually do this, you can probably guess how this phrase was coined.

When you’re doing it, it definitely looks like you are jacking something.

Your goose is cooked

We are looking away from masturbation now. Here is another idiom you may be interested in. While feeding the geese may relieve a person’s stress, this particular idiom is meant to put more stress on a person.

We can say this is the exact opposite of ‘Feed the geese’ but there is no antonym for masturbation, is there? When you say a person’s goose is cooked, you are implying that the person is doomed.

It means that all hope is lost. There is no way forward. The person is doomed.

Flogging the dolphin

Similar Phrases Like Feed the Geese

Apologies to the dolphin. It turns out that our young men prefer to feed the goose and flog the dolphin while doing the same thing; masturbation.

You heard that right. Here is another phrase that refers to masturbation. Of course, this is not all. Now, you can wonder how many idioms about masturbation are out there.

This idiom is only used for men. It seems that men are more into the act than women so English scholars must have created a dictionary of masturbation, especially for men.

A wild goose never lays a tame egg

There are several ideas one can get from reading this idiom but you can’t be sure of exactly what it means until you are told.

This saying implies that most things are inherited. A wild goose will lay a wild egg. The offspring is only wild because the goose is wild. Also, the tame egg must be from a tame goose.

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This idea is not always true but that is the idea behind this particular idiom.

A wigwam for a goose’s bridle

A similarity between this idiom and ‘feed the geese’ is not just the existence of ‘goose’ in its grammatical composition.

This idiom refers to ‘rubbish’ or something absurd or stupid. To some people, masturbation is ‘rubbish’ but that is a story for another day.

When you compare something to a wigwam for a goose’s bridle, you are implying that the thing makes no sense.

You can say ‘the young man’s presentation is a wigwam for a goose’s bridle’. This statement implies that the old man’s presentation is nonsensical.

A wild goose chase

Here is another idiom with little to no similarity with ‘feed the geese’ asides from the fact that it also has ‘goose’.

A wild goose chase refers to the pursuit of something that cannot be met. It refers to constant reaching for a height that can never be touched.

It refers to the act of searching for something that cannot be found. That is the meaning of a wild goose chase.

When you say a person is going on a wild goose chase, you are implying that he or she is wasting time over a goal that cannot be achieved.

Get goosebumps

This is one phrase virtually everyone is familiar with. ‘Goosebumps’ is something we all get when we get cold, scared, excited, or impressed.

It refers to a rough look on the screen that is caused by a sudden feeling of excitement or fear.

When you say you get goosebumps from something, you are implying that the thing excites you. You can get goosebumps from watching a person.

It means you are unexpectedly impressed by what or whom you are watching.

Silly goose

This is a very simple idiom to understand, maybe because it shouldn’t even be considered an idiom. You can already guess what this means since its meaning is sitting right there.

You can remove goose from the statement and it will retain its meaning.

When you say a person is a silly goose, you are simply saying the person is silly or stupid.

Biting the hand that feeds you

Biting the hand that feeds you is a pretty bad idea – maybe not so pretty. You can probably guess what this idiom means by just looking at it and thinking about it for a few seconds.

You can tell what will happen if you bite the hand that feeds you. There will be reluctance.

When a person says ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, he or she is telling you not to betray a person who helps you.

Biting the hand that feeds you implies that you are betraying or fighting against a person who is helping you.

Cook your own goose

You won’t want to cook your own goose. A similar phrase has been mentioned earlier. They have the same meaning so you can guess what this means.

When a person’s goose is cooked, it means the person has failed and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of rising again.

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When a person cooks his or her own goose, it means that the person is leading himself or herself to downfall. You can also ‘cook someone’s goose’.

When you plan to cook a person’s goose, you are planning to make the person fail massively in a way that will ensure doom for the person.

To kill the goose that lays/laid the golden egg.

This idiom is fairly easy to interpret but it shouldn’t be a task now since it is a very popular phrase. You may have heard ‘the goose that lays/laid the golden egg’.

‘The goose that lays the golden egg’ refers to something or someone that yields profit. It refers to a possession of yours that keeps generating passive income for you.

In fact, it refers to the one possession of yours that generates the highest income for you. Now, you can tell what it means to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

It means a person has gotten rid of his or her greatest source of income

What is good for the goose- is also good for the gander

You should have heard this saying once or more times before. Asides from its popularity, this idiom is very easy to understand.

You should be able to tell what it means even if you have never heard it anywhere before.

It was coined from the idea of equality. A similar idiom is ‘respect is reciprocal’ which means respect should be given and equally received.

No man is bigger or greater than another. This is the same idea behind ‘what is good for the goose- is also good for the gander’.

It implies that whatever can be given to the goose can also be given to the gander. Whatever can be given to the freeborn can also be given to the slave.

To not say boo to a goose

We can’t measure how popular this saying is but it is definitely popular in some places. You may be able to guess what this idiom means, though it is not very clear.

When you say a person can’t say boo to a goose, you are simply saying the person is shy.

Like noodles through a goose

This idiom has its origin but it still sounds weird. You may sit with this idiom for weeks and think endlessly about what it may mean but you still won’t be able to deduce its meaning from its literal words.

This idiom means that something is fast. When you say that something is done like noodles through a goose, you are talking about the speed at which the thing was done.

You can say ‘Daniel’s hose filled up all the buckets like noodles through a goose’s. This means Daniel’s hose filled the buckets quickly. The process was fast.

A goose has wandered to one’s midsection

You can never tell what this idiom means by simply thinking about it. When you say that a goose has wandered to your midsection, you are implying that you feel happy and content.

This refers to an actual warm and fuzzy feeling inside a person’s chest indicating satisfaction.

Choke the goose

This is the last idiom on this list and it looks like it might be the opposite of ‘Feed the geese’. However, you can’t guess its meaning from just reading the words.

It means almost the same as feeding the goose. However, ‘choke the goose’ refers to the act of masturbation in a sitting position. Who could have guessed that?

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