10 Phrases Like “Be There or Be Square”

The phrase “be there or be square” means you will miss out on some fun and exciting happenings if you do not attend an event. 

It’s used to invite someone to a social event that they can’t afford to miss. We have all been there when we feel sad about being left out of a social event or ceremony.

So, this means it’s important to give the proper invitation out to those you would want to invite.

Depending on the medium, send a text, call, or simply use a traditional card for the invite. Short phrases like this mean you intend to keep it cool or throw some swagger into it.

The phrase points out that there is a lot to gain when you attend this gathering, and you will be considered a square person if you do not. With this in mind, you have them eager to attend your event.

Saying “be there or be square” is a playful way to encourage someone to attend a function and should not be taken literally.

Sometimes you need an alternative phrase to spice things up or be dynamic and we have you covered.

Our list contains phrases that are similar and convey the same meaning and more.

We have written 10 phrases that are like “be there or be square.”

10 Phrases Like “Be There Or Be Square”

We are going to show you an alternative that is best suited for “be there or be square.”

  1. Don’t miss out on the fun
  2. You snooze, you lose
  3. Come join the party
  4. Don’t be stuck in the mud
  5. Life is short. Live a little 
  6. Carpe diem
  7. Let’s paint the town red
  8. Don’t be a party popper
  9. Let’s have a blast
  10. Life is a party so let’s dance

1. Don’t Miss Out On The Fun 

Phrases Like Be There or Be Square

An alternative phrase to be there or be square is saying don’t miss out on the fun. This phrase is a perfect replacement because it carries the immediacy of the former phrase.

Telling them not to miss out on the fun will get them curious enough to want to attend the party.

This is because you just told them there is going to be fun at the event. It’s a straightforward invitation to join in on an event or activity that’s expected to be enjoyable, and this phrase will do the work for you.

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Speaker: I want to remind you about Friday night, don’t miss out on the fun.

2. You Snooze, You Lose 

Phrases Like Be There or Be Square

It will be useful to sound exciting when inviting friends to an event or gathering. With the right invitation, you can have the guest excited to attend the actual event.

When you say you snooze, you lose you are telling them they will lose out on something if they don’t show up.

We recommend using this phrase with those friends you know will benefit from going there. It informs them they have to shoot, they might miss out on an opportunity that will be beneficial to them.


Speaker: There’s going to be an event at noon, you snooze you lose. Be there.

3. Come Join The Party

It helps to keep things simple when inviting people to a social gathering or party, especially if you are the host.

Saying come join the party is an alternative way of saying be there or be square. It is a more subtle invitation that is polite and welcoming. It shows them; they are welcome to the event.

We recommend using this when inviting close friends to personal celebrations; anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.


Speaker: Come join the party, we are waiting for you.

4. Don’t Be Stuck in the Mud 

Say don’t be a stick in the mud when you want to guilt trip them into attending a party or social event with you.

This phrase works best when you need someone to be your plus one at any event. It means they should not be unwilling to try out new things.

This shows them you want them to be adventurous, spontaneous, and happy to go with you. A’s a way to show them you appreciate them being there with you or deciding to show up. Anyone this phrase is directed towards will cheer up and try to be more interested.


Speaker: We are all set for the dinner at 9, Don’t be a stick in the mud

5. Life Is Short, Live A Little

One alternative phrase to be there or be square is saying life is short, live a little. This phrase tells them to live a little and have some fun.

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It’s a popular phrase that acknowledges the fickle nature of life while reminding us to enjoy the moment.

We recommend you use this with people you want to unwind with. Pick something such as reunions, Friday parties, or weekend getaways. This phrase will tick the adventurous side of them.


Speaker: We are hanging out with our mates by the beach. You know life is short, live a little.

6. Carpe Diem

In Latin, this means seize the day. Though a weird alternative phrase to be there or be square, in the right context it suits perfectly.

If you have an invitation for them or are already prepared to attend a social gathering together, this phrase gets them in the right mood.

If you say seize the day, you are telling them to make the most of the present moment and live life to the fullest.


Speaker: It’s the holidays, carpe diem.

7. Let’s Paint The Town Red

A phrase that is an alternative to be there or be square is saying let us paint the town red. This phrase is synonymous with having a wild and entertaining time. It tells them you are ready to have fun, and they should get ready to enjoy.

We recommend using this phrase when you want to go out with a bunch of friends. It’s a good way to get everyone amped up and excited to hang out. Painting the town red means the night is going to be fun for everyone taking part.


Speaker: Tonight is going to be a blast, let’s paint the town red.

8. Don’t Be A Party Pooper

Some situations with friends will require some persistence and convincing before agreeing to an invitation.

This phrase is a suitable way to tell them there will be no killjoys or those who ruin the fun. Use this when you want to invite someone who is usually reluctant to attend social gatherings.

When you this phrase you will indict them to be of good character and be fun too. This is a good alternative to be there or be square. It shows them you won’t tolerate any mood killers.

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Speaker: The Johnsons are coming tonight, don’t be a party popper.

9. Let’s Have A Blast 

If you ever want a phrase that sounds fun and is a perfect alternative to be there or be square, use this here.

Let’s have a blast has a nice ring to it don’t you agree? It’s a direct invitation to them to have a swell time. They can imagine how fun it will be to be there with a phrase like this.

We recommend using this when inviting friends to an informal social gathering or party. It is a situation where fun things such as games, food, and drinks would be made available. It tells them to bring their fun shoes out.


Speaker: Today is the day, we going to have a blast.

10. Life’s A Party, So Let Dance

When life is a party, it’s only right to bring your dancing shoes to the table. This phrase is a fun and exhilarating alternative to be there or be square.

It is a clear sign of what they can expect when they attend your invitation. It shows them, there will be dance and merriment at the social gathering.

We recommend using this when you want people to get loose and have a good time. This phrase is also an encouragement to them to enjoy life and take every moment special.

Parties or social gatherings are supposed to be fun, and the right invitation helps to differentiate the worthy ones.


Speaker: See you at the dance floor tonight. Life’s a party and we going to dance to its tune.

Wrapping Up

When using these alternatives, ensure you deliver on your end by ensuring the social gathering is fun and eventful. This will ensure you are respected for keeping your end of the bargain.

The phrase be there or be square has been alternatively written in ten different ways. Each has been well explained with examples to follow. This will give you a fairly good idea of how to use them.

Don’t forget to show some enthusiasm as you are giving out invitations. This is also important because how they perceive you will determine if they will be interested in honoring your invitation or not.

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