20 Similar Phrases to “The Best of Both Worlds” 

‘Best of both worlds’ is an idiomatic expression that means someone gets the advantages of two different things and none of the disadvantages. 

When you are in a conversation with someone, you may choose to not use this idiom exactly how it is, you can choose to use something similar but still pass the same message. 

 In this article, I explained well-researched phrases to ‘the best of both worlds.’ 

Take a look:

20 Similar Phrases to “The Best of Both Worlds”

A perfect combo

Similar Phrases To The Best Of Both Worlds 

‘A perfect combo’ is a good substitute for ‘Best of both worlds.’

When something is a perfect combo, it means it is complete in every way and it does not lack anything. You can use this as an alternative when you want to say “best of both worlds.” 

If something is complete in every way, it means it has no disadvantages. This is a good substitute you can use.

Example sentence:

  • I was able to meet up with Mike and submit my assignment as well, a perfect combo.

Ideal union

Similar Phrases To The Best Of Both Worlds 

‘Ideal union’ is another good way to say ‘best of both worlds’. 

A union is the joining of things to achieve a common goal. When two people unite to achieve a positive goal, you can comfortably say it is an ideal union. 

The same situation is applicable when two good things happen at the same time, you can comfortably say it was an ideal union. 

Example sentence:

  • Don’t you think it’s an ideal union that my daughter and yours graduated the same day?

Excellent fusion

‘Excellent fusion’ is another fine way to respond to ‘What have you been up to?’

When there is an excellent fusion, there is a merging of two different events. Imagine two friends celebrating two different things on the same day, one could be a wedding while the other is celebrating a birthday. 

When both events happen at the same time and day, it is an excellent fusion. 

Example sentence: 

  • I was surprised when I saw Joy’s wedding and Matthew celebrating his birthday on the same day, it was an excellent fusion. 

Unique synchronicity

A more interesting way to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘unique synchronicity.’ 

When there is synchronicity, two things that have no connection tend to happen at the same time. The coming together of those events is a unique synchronicity. 

 Have you ever had a situation where you were thinking of someone and just out of the blue the person called you? 

Example sentence: 

  • Oh my! I was just thinking of James and suddenly his call came in, what a unique synchronicity

Splendid union

One better way to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘splendid union.’ 

A splendid union is the joining of two things together which brings about a good outcome. 

You can buy a laptop and a camera at the same time and both events will end up being a good Union because while working with your camera you will need your laptop to further process or edit what you did on your camera. 

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Such an event can be regarded as a splendid union. 

Example sentence: 

You won’t believe my camera and laptop arrived the same day, what a splendid union. 

An ideal blend

An ideal way to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘ideal blend.’

When something is an ideal blend, you can say that it is complete without faults. If two events happen and those events have happened at the same time while you enjoyed the advantages of both events that happened, you can simply say it was an ideal blend. 

Example sentence:

I can’t believe I got the same gifts from two different people today, it was an ideal blend.  

Splendid combination

Another good way to say ‘Best of both worlds’ is ‘splendid combination.’

The sun shining immediately after the rain falls can be said to be a splendid combination because right after it rains, everywhere becomes wet and when the sun comes out, it gradually dries everywhere. 

Not many people like it when the whole surrounding is wet, the sun does a good job when it gradually dries everywhere immediately after it rains.

Example sentence:

  • I patiently waited for the rain to stop so I could go out, luckily for me, the sun came out immediately after it rained, what a splendid combination.

An ideal convergence

One of the best ways to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘an ideal convergence.’ 

An ideal convergence is when two things meet to form something new and tangible. You may meet two different people on the same day who helped you achieve something good. 

You can refer to meeting these different people as an ideal convergence because you never planned to meet them, but by meeting them you achieved something good.


  • Today I met Sam and Grace at different events, and they both gave me ideas on how to structure my new business, it was an ideal convergence.

A unique merger

You can refer to the ‘best of both worlds’ as a ‘unique merger.’

When one enjoys the advantages of two events that happen, you can say it is a unique merger, especially if those events happened at the same time. 


  • I went to the beach to have fun, but I ended up riding a horse too, what a unique merger.

The benefits of two

A similar way to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘benefits of two.’

When you get the benefits of two things, you can say you got the benefits of two things at once. This can be used especially if you do not get any disadvantage of any kind. 

Getting the benefit of two things is a nice thing to experience because sometimes you do not see it coming. 

Example sentence:

  • I enjoyed my trip to the island, I also got to meet old friends along the way, and I enjoyed the benefits of two. 
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Similar occurrence

‘Similar occurrence’ sounds like a nice way to say ‘best of both worlds.

Imagine if two of your friends in different locations bought their cars the same day you had the opportunity to drive both the same day, that is a similar occurrence. 

You had the opportunity to drive both new cars even though they were bought by different people on the same day, the two events occurred simultaneously on different occasions.

Example sentence:

  • Luckily for me, I was able to drive Mark’s and Duke’s car the same day they bought it, that’s a similar occurrence. 

Excellent blending

You can use ‘excellent blending’ in place of ‘best of both worlds.’

When you enjoy the advantages of two events at the same time, you can say it is an excellent blend. In this context, it is a blend of two different occurrences. 


I enjoyed myself, it was an excellent blending earlier today, I had both old friends come around the same day 

Seamless integration

‘Seamless integration’ sounds like a good similar phrase to ‘best of both worlds.’

When an event is seamless, it works with ease. There are people you meet for the first time and you seamlessly connect, it almost looks like you both have known each other for a while. 

If you happen to enjoy the benefits of two events, you can call that a seamless integration, especially if it went so smoothly without any interruption.

Example sentence: 

  • Funny how Juliet just met Duke, but they connected like they have known each other for a while. I enjoyed their company, it was a seamless integration

Smooth intermingling

A better way to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘smooth intermingling.’ 

Intermingling is when two things mingle or happen at the same time. It becomes a smooth intermingling if both things happen at the same time and bring about something good.

Example sentence:

  • I call it a smooth intermingling because I met two of my friends at an event and I had a nice time with them.

A great amalgamation

A great amalgamation’ is one of the best ways to say ‘best of both worlds.’

A great amalgamation is the union of two bodies. If two countries unite to achieve a common goal and you had the privilege of being a citizen of both countries, you would enjoy the benefit of the amalgamation between the two countries. 

In this situation, you can say it was a great amalgamation. 

Example sentence: 

  • France and Italy United to make it easy for international students to study in both countries while spending little, it was a great amalgamation. 

A nice mash-up

A nice mash-up’ is a better way to say ‘best of both worlds.’

Have you ever listened to music from your favorite artists that makes you feel good? 

That feeling when you listen to one of your favorite songs from your favorite artist and immediately after that, another one plays, you would enjoy both songs. 

Example sentence:

  • Wow! That was a nice mas-hup from my favorite artist. 
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Exceptional bond

‘Exceptional bond’ is another way to say ‘best of both worlds.’

A situation where you love watching a particular TV series because of two people, probably a couple who are the main characters in the series. 

You can say both of them had an exceptional bond because you and many other people enjoyed watching them.


  • Have you seen the new TV series shown on Netflix? You will see the exceptional bond between the couple, I enjoyed watching both of them.

Significant balance

Instead of saying ‘best of both worlds’ you can say ‘significant balance.’

 There is a significant balance when you experience the benefits of two things without the disadvantages. 

Two different events may occur on the same day, and because you were opportune to experience both, you had a significant balance in terms of your experience. 


  • I can boldly say I enjoyed myself at both events, it was a significant balance. 

Simple evenness

‘Best of both worlds’ can be replaced with ‘simple evenness.’

When there is evenness, there is oneness. Two things may occur at the same time to create oneness. 

When two events occur that create oneness, you can say it was a simple evenness, especially if you benefited from both events. 

Example sentence: 

  • Good thing the events happened on the same day, I was able to attend both of them, what a simple evenness.

Optimal equilibrium

One of the best ways to say ‘best of both worlds’ is ‘optimal equilibrium.’

When there is equilibrium, you can simply say that there is balance. Imagine traveling across countries and you were able to buy a lot of items because both countries had good economies at the time you traveled. 

It is safe to say that the economies of both countries were in optimal equilibrium. Because of how balanced the economy was in both countries, you simultaneously benefited from them. It is possible you take someone along with you while you have a nice time. 

Example sentence: 

  • I traveled from France to Tokyo and I was able to get a lot of items from both countries. I am glad because their economy was in optimal equilibrium. 

Final Words

There are different ways to say the same thing. Sometimes, the context may be different and you might want to say it in a particular way without sounding so cliche and still passing the same message. 

While speaking, it is good you have a catalog of words you can choose from, it shows how vast and how good you are with words. When you have a catalog of words to choose from, people will pay attention to whatever you say because you sound intelligent. 

This article explained the different ways you can say “best of both worlds” without sounding cliche. After going through this article you will be able to know the right alternatives to use in place of “best of both worlds.”


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