No Printer Meaning | Explained

“No printer” is a slang that is used to express the authenticity of a statement. People often use it to let people know that what they are saying is true and there is no need for further explanation. 

These days, you can barely tell if someone means what they say or if they are telling the truth. It is hard to determine if what the person is saying is true unless the person tells you directly. 

Even though some people do not care if someone is telling the truth, it is still good to find out. Pay attention when someone is talking, if you notice the person uses slags like “No printer” while communicating, it is a sign that he is telling the truth. 

Now that you know what it means to say “No printer” you can go ahead to use the term in future conversations. In a situation where someone says that no one cares if you are telling the truth, this phrase can make it clear to the person that you are telling the truth. 

In case you want to know the best ways to use this term in a sentence, I will do justice to that later in this article, ensure you do not skip this article, keep reading. 

What Is the origin of Fax, no Printer meaning? 

No Printer Meaning 

Fax, no printer originated and became a TikTok trend in early 2021. In 2021, a TikToker with the username @briaalanaa made a statement in her video, in that video she said “Hey yo, the person that sent you this wants you to know I want you to spend February 14th with me, ya dig”. 

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To end her statement, she said “No cap, facts, no printer, copy, no translate, period.” This means that what she is saying is true and it needs no further explanation. 

In the real sense, facts and fax sound alike, and because of that people on the internet often use it interchangeably. 

The moment Briaalanaa’s video went viral, she was compelled to make more videos using the same statement, this also contributed to the popularity of the slang. 

Not only did she make more videos using the exact words, but also influenced other TikTokers to make their version of the video. 

Usually, when a video goes viral on TikTok, people create their versions which contributes to how viral the video goes. 

The moment the slang became a viral sensation it became popular among young people. A lot of young people started using slang when they wanted to express the authenticity of their statements. 

It is safe to say that TikTok made the slang popular among internet users. These days, people are often influenced by social media trends, once something trends on social media you notice that it influences many people to start saying that particular thing. Because the slang went viral people now prefer to use the slang when they want to express how genuine their words are.   

How To Use “No Printer” In Sentences 

When you learn about the meaning of a term or slang, it is also wise to know the different ways you can use it in sentences. I will explain the various ways you can use “no printer” in a sentence, you should keep reading to find out. 

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Different Ways to Use “No Printer” in Sentences

There are different scenarios where you can use “No Printer” in sentences, take a look at the different scenarios:

  1. When talking to a friend at school
  2. When talking to someone you love
  3. When chatting with friends in the neighborhood
  4. While talking to a colleague at work

When talking to a friend at school

When talking to a friend at school, you must let the person know how sincere you are when you talk. 

Probably you are telling your friend at school how your dad got you a new laptop that seems to be the best among your peers, you can say something like :

  •  “No printer! Duke is an amazing teacher”

You can also say : 

  • “It is cool to work with Mr. Michael in school, no printer!”

When talking to someone you love

When talking to someone you love, you may need to express how much you love the person while you both are talking. 

Sometimes, the person may not believe you when you say you love them, in such a situation, you can say something like:

  • “Dad loves me unconditionally, no printer!”

You can also say :

  • “Despite how annoying I can be, you still make time for me, I love you for that, no printer.”

When chatting with friends in the neighborhood

Oftentimes, when chatting with your friends in the neighborhood, you may want to express how pleased or upset you are with how things go on in the neighborhood, you can go ahead to say:

  • Am I the only one who thinks this neighborhood is too noisy? I can’t even get a good night’s sleep, no printer!
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You can say this alternatively :

  • Trust me, staying up late at night to work in this neighborhood will do you no good. It is best to work during the day when everyone has gone to work and the kids are in school, no printer!

While talking to a colleague at work

When you are at work it is best to not talk about other concerns with your colleagues, especially if you are not so close, when you both are saying something work-related, you can say :

  • I think Mark needs to work harder when it comes to meeting deadlines, no printer!

An alternative example:

  • Don’t you think the traffic is one thing that prevents you from coming early to work, that is the major issue I have, no printer!

Parting Words

As the days go by, new trends come and go. However, this trend is here to stay because It grew from just being a regular trend on TikTok to a phrase that people now say in real life. 

In this article, I gave an in-depth explanation of the meaning of “No printer” and how it originated. If you feel like you want to use it in sentences, I gave scenarios and different ways it can be used. 


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