20 Best Responses to “Whatever You Say”

When someone says ‘whatever you say’ during a conversation, particularly an argument, it signifies that he or she is out of ideas.

While this may be true, the same people who utter this statement try to defend it by insinuating that they’re not out of words, rather the statement is their well-thought response to your assertion.

Knowing what to say in response to the person in this regard is important because it shapes how knowledgeable you can be.

In the course of this post, I’ll be taking you through the 20 best responses to ‘whatever you say’. To know more, keep reading on!

Best 20 Responses to Whatever You Say

We already established that it is unintelligent for someone to say ‘whatever you say’, especially during an argument with you. Their statement shows that they’re out of words, so you can bank on that to serve them a good response.

Similarly, you can imbibe the person to be free with airing their view, and you can even appreciate their effort in hearing you out on your view about the subject matter.

Some of the best responses to ‘whatever you say’ include: ‘Sounds like you’re done with this conversation’, ‘You still haven’t made a point, say your mind’, ‘Thanks for hearing me out’, and ‘Is that all your mind could come up with?’. Let’s get into the details of these responses, including other ones.

  1. I appreciate how open-minded you can be
  2. Sounds like you’re done with this conversation
  3. Thanks for hearing me out
  4. Although you have a different view, I still respect it
  5. Don’t say that to cover up
  6. That sounded like you just yielded
  7. I’m glad we can have a healthy deliberation
  8. Let’s not end this conversation with bitterness, I know we can still find a common ground to agree on
  9. Don’t disregard my input by acting indifferent
  10. No! You’re free to counter me but bring proofs along with you
  11. You still haven’t made a point, say your mind
  12. Are you saying my assertion stands supreme over yours?
  13. Is that all your wits could come up with?
  14. Seems you have nothing enhanced to say
  15. You’re clearly short of vocabulary, no doubts
  16. You sound so empty, and clueless
  17. I must admit, you’ve run out of ideas
  18. From your last statement, I won!
  19. Agreeing with my assertion doesn’t make you smart
  20. That’s a well-thought-out reply, with no defined bearing

1. I Appreciate How Open Minded You Can Be

Showing appreciation when someone listens as you talk about your views concerning a particular subject matter.

So, when someone replies with ‘whatever you say’ when you’ve made your point, you can show gratefulness to them for being an audience to your talk.

This is a psychological way of showing the person that you have an upper hand when it comes to intellectual conversations. I’m sure they’ll understand the joke in this line of response, no matter how sublime it appears.

2. Sounds like You’re Done with This Conversation

Usually, when someone is tired of an argument, they yield but do that without making it obvious that they’re quitting. In that regard, one of the best ways they do this is by saying ‘whatever you say’.

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So, if in an argument, someone ends up telling you ‘whatever you say’, you can reply to them using this line of response.

With this line, you’re letting the person know that you sound as if they’re done with the conversation with you.

They may try to object, but they can’t because they’re already tied to the fact that they succumbed to your version of view.

3. Thanks for Hearing Me Out

Sometimes, when someone says to you ‘whatever you say’, they do so concerning what you have to say. This means that they are attentive to what you said and probably see it as the right thing, hence, their choice of words.

Therefore, you can reply to them by appreciating them for playing the audience while you say your mind. An example where you can use this response is:

John: Do you believe what they said?

You: Of course, I do. They sounded convincing, and besides, they even offered evidence as proof.

John: Whatever you say.

You: Thanks for hearing me out.

4. Although You Have a Different View, I Still Respect It

In some cases, when someone wants to disagree with you on a case, they do so loosely. This could be the same situation when someone says to you ‘Whatever you say’, just minutes after you made a strong assertion about a particular subject matter.

Their statement reeks of disapproval, but with no details to back up their claims. In that regard, you can serve them this line of response and let them know you do not detest their view, no matter how alien it looks from yours.

5. Don’t Say That to Cover Up

You have the prerogative to call out any act of mediocrity, especially when you have the upper hand and authority.

So, when someone whom you exercise an upper power over tries to downplay your opinion by saying ‘whatever you say’, you can bank on this particular line of response to serve them a befitting reply.

I’m sure they’ll be perturbed by how greatly you’re bent on calling them out for their mediocre attitude toward arguments and counter-statements.

6. That Sounded Like You Just Yielded

Without being told, you should know that anyone who says to you ‘whatever you say’ in the middle of an argument did so as a way of surrendering. They’re simply either fed up or too weak intellectually to counter your point.

However, this remains a speculation until you prove it. And one way of doing that is by throwing this response to the person. Telling them that they sound like they just yielded puts them in the position of confirming your speculations.

7. I’m Glad We Can Have a Healthy Deliberation

We already established there are cases where ‘whatever you say’ signifies the demise or decline of a conversation, especially an argument or deliberation. This is the same factor present in this line of response.

Here, you’re telling the person that you’re glad you two can have a healthy deliberation. This conversation tends to be healthy in the sense that there was no exchange of foul language.

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Similarly, you guys were able to reach a consensus which is agreeing on your terms or point of view.

8. Let’s Not End This Conversation with Bitterness, I Know We Can Still Find a Common Ground to Agree On

If the person who told you ‘whatever you say’ did so with a tone that reeks of bitterness or disapproval, then you can use this line of response.

With this line, you’re appealing to the person to try and come to an understanding with you rather than exiting the conversation with bitterness.

This paints you in the light of being considerate and accommodating to the person too.

9. Don’t Disregard My Input by Acting Indifferent

We’ve already established that a person who is out of the lead on what to say in an argument can try to exit by saying ‘Whatever you say’.

However, there are cases where the statement is used when someone wants to act indifferent concerning your opinion on a particular issue.

how to respond to whatever you say

Well, you can serve the person a solid response using this line of response. Here, you’re playing the part of being the authoritative person.

Because with this response, you’re telling the person not to disregard your opinion about the conversation by just exiting the conversation with ‘whatever you say’.

10. No! You’re Free to Counter Me but Bring Proofs Along With You

This response comes as a way of indulging the person to bring forth with them pieces of evidence or proof to show that they’re countering your point.

This is so because it is not enough for someone to counter your opinion by saying ‘whatever you say’.

So, if they’re going to make such a statement, they should be ready to buttress their point. With this line, you’re disagreeing with their choice of response, citing the need for them to bring proof to the table.

11. You Still Haven’t Made a Point, Say Your Mind

When someone says ‘whatever you say’ in the course of an argument, you can bear with me that the person hasn’t made any points yet.

This is so because their response is a mere reaction which often goes for just an indifferent attitude towards your opinion on the subject being discussed.

Consequently, this response is geared towards letting them know that they’re yet to make a point. With it, you’re urging the person to speak from the wealth of their mind.

12. Are You Saying My Assertion Stands Supreme Over Yours?

It is safe to assume that when someone says to you ‘whatever you say’, they’re doing so because they indirectly see your opinion as having a better standing than theirs. This may counter if you call them out directly.

Therefore, you can make use of this question-like response to reply to the person when they say ‘whatever you say’. Here, you’re asking the person if their response means your assertion reigns over theirs.

13. Is That All Your Wits Could Come Up With?

This is yet another line of response on this list that comes as a question. The point of this response is to stimulate the mind of the speaker in the direction of knowing the proper response to give you.

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The person will perceive this response as derogatory, but that’s the main thing about this response. It is meant to trigger the person but in the right regard.

Whatever it is the person thinks is their baggage and not yours.

14. Seems You Have Nothing Enhanced to Say

Anyone who has nothing to say during an argument will likely end up saying ‘Whatever you say’. This statement of theirs shows how low they are intellectually, because if they were not then they should’ve come up with a better response.

You can paint the picture of their plight clearer by using this line of response.

15. You’re Clearly Short of Vocabulary, No Doubt

If the person that said ‘whatever you say’ did so after muttering inaudible words, you can deduce that he or she is short of vocabulary. It is no doubt that they are out of words to utter, hence, their loose reaction to your opinion concerning a particular issue.

16. You Sound So Empty, and Clueless

Do you want to drag the person who says ‘whatever you say’ for a bit? If that’s the plan, this line offers you a great opportunity to make the person feel uneasy in their skin.

Here, you’re telling the person that they sound so empty and clueless which is evident from how they replied to your assertion.

17. I Must Admit, You’ve Run out of Ideas

When it’s clear that someone has run out of ideas, to the extent of saying ‘whatever you say’, you can use this line to know that you realize their unfortunate plight of lack.

18. From Your Last Statement, I Won!

how to respond to whatever you say

Someone who would end up saying ‘whatever you say’ in an argument has yielded. And as such, you’re left to be the winner of whatever argument it was all about. This is because they failed to present susceptible proof to counter yours.

19. Agreeing to My Assertion Doesn’t Make You Smart

It is not smart for someone to agree to your argument without showing a bit of intelligence on their part. When this plays out in your case, you can use this line to rebuke the person for playing on their intelligence.

This response also doubles as a sarcastic response to the person, since you’re indirectly mocking them.

20. That’s a Well-Thought Reply, with No Defined Bearing

This is another plausible sarcastic response to the person who says ‘whatever you say’ in an argument. This is because their response is not intelligent, so saying it is ‘well-thought-out’ becomes a subtle mockery.


Here we are after this post, which exposits on the best responses to ‘whatever you say’. The statement itself is an unintelligent way of cutting corners during an argument.

So, when you’re faced with the circumstance, you can always refer to the replies enlisted in this article to serve the person a palatable response.

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