20 Best Answers to “Why Me?”

Being human comes with the responsibility of going all out for yourself in the most unbecoming of times. The travails that ensue can lead someone to ask ‘Why me?’

Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, especially the ones that relate to one’s life. However, the question in view comes from a place of pessimism and lack of hope.

Usually, I’ve seen and heard people ask the question when they lose something or are plagued with a pressing need, and even an unexpected goodness comes their way.

Therefore, if you were to give a response in this scenario, it would be with compassion and resolve to put the person at ease and hope. In this article, I’ll be discussing the 20 best answers to ‘Why me’.

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20 Best Answers to “Why Me?”

When you’re faced with a situation where you need to reply to someone who’s asking themselves, you have to be discreet and somewhat positive if you want to affect the person’s life in the right way.

To do this, you have to be cautious not to plunge the person further down in their self-pity with your words.

However, some of the best answers to ‘why me’ include: ‘because you’re so special and sweet’, ‘pity gets you nothing but low self-esteem and heartache’, and ‘it’s not always going to be smooth, as you learn better with the rough days’.

Without further hesitation, let’s get right into the main course of this post. Below is a highlight of the 20 best answers to ‘Why me’.

  1. Don’t let yourself drown in the sea of pity
  2. Be grateful, that is the only way to not regret your choices
  3. We really can’t choose what happens in our lives, but with our reactions, we can control the outcome
  4. The travails of life are what make it an interesting journey. Therefore, enjoy the ride while it lasts
  5. You reek of regrets, just get rid of them
  6. It would be better if you reflect on your strengths other than your weakness
  7. I get how you’re feeling and, I won’t hold you back from letting it all out
  8. Learn to see little lessons from bad occurrences
  9. Pity gets you nothing more than low self-esteem and heartache
  10. Life does not give you more than you can handle
  11. It’s not always going to be smooth, as you can learn better with the rough days
  12. The ‘why’ question breeds more skepticism, hence, not a good question
  13. Take some time to reflect on the positivity in life
  14. Don’t only question life, but also read your actions
  15. That’s because you take action and make choices
  16. It was a random pick; therefore, the was nothing personal
  17. It’s because you’re so special and sweet
  18. Solely because luck shone on you this time
  19. Why not you?
  20. Because you deserve it!

1. Don’t Let Yourself Drown in the Sea of Pity

One of the major reasons why people ask the question ‘Why me’ is because of pity. This bad feeling has a way of making a person look down on themself, primarily because they failed in their occasion.

This pushes them to stay inquisitive about what or how they go to where they are, especially if the present condition is unfavorable.

Hence, if you’re going to answer to someone who asked the question then you should make use of this line of response.

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This is because it will help the person realize that staying with the feeling of pity is harmful. You’ll also be energizing them to stay with a better view of life.

2. Be Grateful, That Is the Only Way to Not Regret Your Choices

Gratefulness is another good virtue that will help someone who is questioning life to have a quick rethink. The plan is to make the person see how gratefulness works in their life and learn to see their experiences and choices as lessons and nothing more.

To get this done, you should subscribe to using this line of response as your answer when you meet someone who said ‘Why me’. This will go a long way to reposition them in the right lane.

3. We Really Can’t Choose What Happens in Our Life, but With Our Reactions, We Can Control the Outcome

Life is initially a predestined experience full of turns and flips. However, as time goes on, free will becomes a prerogative for our experiences and their effect on us. This as well as can lead to regrets, hence, the question of ‘why me’ most of the time.

To this end, what matters goes from being the cause of the bad experience, to how we react to them. This is because our reaction forms the basis of the last resort which is its effect on us.

So, when you come in contact with someone who’s asking the same question, you can redirect them by using this line as your answer.

4. The Travails of Life Is What Makes It an Interesting Journey. Therefore, Enjoy the Ride While It Lasts

Perhaps, you’ve just gone through a rough experience with someone and they’re having a hard time trying to digest why they had to go through that experience.

In this case, you’re in the position to reshape their view of life. This is because I believe my readers should be channels of love and peace, equally understanding.

In that regard, you can answer the person by using this line. They may find it hard to put together the pieces of the whole scheme but a trial won’t be harmful.

The best part of this answer is that it lets you speak to your soul as you’re answering another’s question.

5. You Reek of Regrets, Just Get Rid of Them

Sometimes, you’re not allowed to entertain bad energy around you because it could stick with you. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for ways to block off such energies.

It could come out bad for the person you’re directing it to, but the truth they say, is always bitter.

This also applies when someone around you dwells so much on a regret to the extent they had to ask ‘Why me’. When you hear this, you are at liberty to repel them from what they’ve just said. You’re just telling them to strip themselves d

6. It Would Be Better if You Reflect on Your Strengths Other Than your Weakness

This will be another brilliant answer to ‘why me’ when you use it. It does nothing more than to make the questioner realize that they too have strengths, and they shouldn’t rest on their failures due to certain shortcomings.

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By using this line as your response, you make them realize that they can be so much more without asking you questions that are not necessary.

7. I Get How You’re Feeling, And I Won’t Hold You Back From Letting It All Out

Perhaps, you broke up with your partner whom you’ve been together with for quite some time, and they’re asking you ‘Why me’. You can answer them using this line of response.

With this line, you’re letting them understand that you can relate to how they’re feeling, and you won’t hold them back from letting it out.

This response portrays you as considerate even in that tight corner. You come off as intentional and picky. Maybe, you have a very plausible reason for letting them go and they’re still finding it hard to come to terms with your decision.

8. Learn to See Little Lessons from Bad Occurrences

I was once consoling someone who just lost their job and the person asked me ‘why me’. I wasn’t sure what to say at the time, but I just spoke what came to my mind first.

I told the person that maybe this is an opportunity for them to explore other chances of making money.

She was eventually bought to calmness and she realized how crucial my answer was. If you find yourself with a similar subject even in a different situation, you can employ this line as your answer to the person.

9. Pity Gets You Nothing More Than Low Self-Esteem and Heartache

Here, you’re telling the person the dangers of pitying themself, citing low self-esteem and heartache. The person will have no choice but to refrain from dwelling in pity, which is a plausible reason for their choice of question.

Best Answers to Why Me

10. Life Does Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

I had this experience where I was unsure of what to do with a project my former boss gave me. It was so huge and needed thorough intellectual oversight. I asked him ‘why me’, and he simply used this line as his answer to me.

I didn’t understand fully what he meant until I finished the project and found out that I can do and be anything I set my mind to do. Therefore, this line makes for a good answer to use when you’re faced with a similar question.

11. It’s Not Always Going to Be Smooth, as You Can Learn Better With the Rough Days

Every day is not always going to be Christmas as seasons always come and go, the good and the bad days but one thing is certain for a determined mind, Always keep going.

he good days bring blessings while the bad days bring lessons all in one accord to better the individual. So, rather than asking “Why me” I recommend you ask ‘what’s the lesson?’.

12. The ‘Why’ Question Breeds More Skepticism, Hence, Not a Good Question

The one-word “why” could pop up a thousand more questions and doubts than the subject matter itself can treat. Thus, it will be a good practice to keep it out of life’s situations on bad days. Everything happens in turns, ups and downs so you better get up and get going than ask why.

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13. Take Some Time to Reflect on the Positivity in Life

Life alone is a beautiful thing all by itself. Do you know how pearls come about? If you don’t know, then let me tell you something. Pearls as we know them come from marine oysters when their shells are broken.

The aragonite material that forms pearls is secreted as a natural defense mechanism by the oysters to resist irritants from entering their shell.

If such a beautiful thing could come from a broken oyster, then why not you?

14. Don’t Only Question Life, but Also Read Your Actions

Most real-life situations are a result of our attitudes toward important cases that affect us in the long run. How you make your bed is how you sleep on it.

With that said, I’ll advise you to first take a record of your lifestyle before you question whether things are the way they are.

15. That’s Because You Take Action and Make Choices

Just like I said earlier, your actions determine most of your day-to-day occurrences. The actions you take go a long way in determining how things go.

Maybe it’s “You” because you did something that make you deserve it.

Best Answers to Why Me

16.  It Was a Random Pick; Therefore, there was Nothing Personal

Yes, it was just a random occurrence. You weren’t chosen specially or had in mind in some sort.  Life happens and sometimes it’s beyond our reasoning.

You can get it all right but still be unable to make it. For this reason, you can do a lot better looking past the current situation and working for better times than sitting back and asking ‘Why me’.

17.  It’s Because You’re So Special and Sweet

Hard things happen to hard people. Read that again if you have to but get it into your head and script it to the back of your mind.

You’re special and of high value so losing what you have now is to get you ready for a higher calling standing right at the door.

18. Solely Because Luck Shone on You This Time

Rather than focusing all on the bad part, let’s talk about when good things happen. Luck is real it happens on daily bases.

The “why me” question can also come up in times of overwhelming joy and I want you to know that it’s because of luck standing by you.

19. Why Not You?

If not you, then who?  You know, when grief or certain emotional imbalances hit us we tend to wish for an easy pass but the big question here should be “Who should it be if not you?”

20. Because You Deserve It!

You deserve good things.  Have this in mind at all times. Learn to embrace good things when they come because you deserve them. Don’t spend too much questioning the reason why.

In summary

Life is full of fluctuations, ups and downs, and uneven seasons. So, next time when something unexpected happens, don’t spend so much time asking yourself ‘Why me’, rather, try and get going.

I hope the tips listed above come in handy when life hits. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

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