25 “Why Are You Nice to Me” Responses

Have you been showing acts of goodwill to someone lately, and they eventually ask you ‘Why are you nice to me’? I’m sure you’ll be a bit out of place at the sound of the question because most of us are not ready to get out an instant response that would cover wholesomely our motive.

And as such, you may find yourself puzzled for some time before giving a response, which in view may not be sound enough.

However, the questioner is just curious to know why you are nice and choose them to be the benefactor. In the course of this post, I’ll be discussing a couple of head-on responses to ‘Why are you nice to me’. To know more, keep reading on!

25 Best “Why Are You Nice to Me” Responses

It is natural for you to be taken aback when someone asks you ‘Why are you nice to me’. Nevertheless, it becomes eerie if you stay on that for too long, as you’re meant to give a plausible response.

This is why knowing what to say in the event of this question becomes a great asset in hand.

For better understanding, some great responses to ‘Why are you nice to me’ include: ‘Compassion and love are virtues I hold dear to my heart’, ‘Simple! I like you’, ‘I am just a nice guy, see it that way’, and ‘I want to be a positive influence in your life’.

Let’s get into the details properly!

  1. Simple! I like you
  2. I’m just a nice guy, see it that way
  3. Nothing serious, I just like your company
  4. I just figured you’re easy to follow up and I’m attracted to that
  5. It is because I owe my life to your parents
  6. We share an unspeakable bond, and I’m just doing my part of the deed
  7. Don’t read too much meaning into it; I just want to get laid
  8. I love the energy you bring anytime you come on
  9. You just remind me of my younger self
  10. I’m effortlessly a gentleman, that’s why
  11. You just have a way of getting to people and that caught my attention
  12. Because you bring out the best in me
  13. What do you think?
  14. What have you been told by people?
  15. Compassion and love are virtues I hold dear to my heart
  16. Being nice to people is one of my religious obligations
  17. It is because I like treating people how I want to be treated
  18. I love your personality, it reminds me of my mom
  19. I feel better when I show kindness to others
  20. You sound repellant of my actions
  21. I want to be a positive influence in your life
  22. It is a natural inclination for me to be nice to people I care about
  23. Isn’t it obvious that I care about you?
  24. Being nice to you is my way of telling you how important you are to me
  25. Do you have a problem with that?

1. Simple! I Like You

This is one of the most concise replies you can give someone who’s asking you ‘Why are you nice to me’. With this line of response, there are no cutting corners.

You are directly telling the person who asked the question that the only reason you’re being nice to them is because you like them.

You can use this line of response to trip off anyone who would’ve made you clueless about what to say with their question. On the other hand, if you feel anything for the person in question, then you can use this line to confess to them about your feelings.

This response goes both ways for guys and girls, so you don’t have to be afraid of any sort of gender role specification on the use of this line as your response to the aforementioned question.

2. I’m Just a Nice Guy, See It That Way

As a guy, if a girl asks you why you’re being nice to her and you don’t want to complicate things with her you can use this line of response.

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This line sets you aside from other guys because it shows you’re not a pervert, and neither are you trying to force any form of feeling you have down her throat.

By telling her to see you that way, it creates an effect in her mind, one that works on the basis that you don’t want anything other than being just friends with her or even just relaxing with her without any labels.

You can use this response if you’re unsure of what you feel for this girl in question.

3. Nothing Serious, I Just Like Your Company

Some people give you energy, so much that you start to think and rethink the essence of their goodness in your life.

This set of people can make you create untrue or loosely truth-based realities in your mind. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I’m well sure that I fell for the same irrational trick.

However, when you become too nice to someone, they may be confused about what is your motive in their life.

In this case, you can clear the air by telling them that there’s nothing serious or emotional about your actions towards them. You’re further letting them know that you’re just being nice because you love their company…that’s all.

With this, they’ll have no other choice than to reshape their already conceived idea of what you want and what you’re doing.

4. I just figured you’re Easy to follow up and I’m attracted to that

Attraction happens in different ways, in climes, and under diverse circumstances. Perhaps, you’re being nice to someone based on how they come alive in conversations and how they are to follow up.

If this goodwill attitude of yours persists, the person may be pressed to ask you certain questions regarding your choice of words and attitude towards them.

If they eventually throw the question at you, you can use this line of response to let them know you’re attracted to their style of life and that accounts for why you’re being all nice and easy with them.

With this explanation, the person should be clear on why you’re acting the way you are toward them.

5. It Is Because I Owe My Life to Your Parents

Perhaps, the parents of the person you’re being nice to did a great deal of favor to you and you now feel indebted to them.

If that’s the case, then you can capitalize on that to serve the person a good line of response when they eventually get inquisitive about your ‘niceness’ to them.

When you finally tell the person why you’re being good to them, they’ll realize that your actions are merely a way of giving back to the family that saw you through a hard time and didn’t ask anything in return.

Even if they asked you for anything, your actions prove that you kept to their promises of looking after their kids or merely ‘looking out for them’.

6. We Share an Unspeakable Bond, and I’m Just Doing My Part of the Deed

Life is a manifestation of chains of bonds. It’s a network of emotions, actions, reactions, counter-reactions, and even destiny.

For what it’s worth, you may feel an unexplainable affinity to someone to the extent that you become unapologetically nice to them. If this show of kindness persists, at some point, it will raise eyebrows both theirs and that of any other observer around.

When this happens, you’ll be expected to come up with a response that will make up for your actions. Your response should be solid enough to validate your actions.

In light of this, you can make use of this line of response to clear the air and let them understand your niceness towards them has a higher purpose, one that they may not be able to comprehend its workings.

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7. Don’t Read Too Much Meaning into It; I Just Want to Get Laid

In all of the simple responses, this reply comes up as straightforward. One that you can direct toward the person who’s asking why you choose to be nice to them.

Although this response may come off as rude and too forward, this is you being truthful as you can be.

However, this response can also be a sarcastic response to ‘Why are you being nice to me’ in the sense that you can use it to piss off anyone who asks you such a question.

With this response, you’re telling the person to not read too much meaning into the whole act because you just want to be intimate with them.

8. I Love the Energy You Bring Anytime You Come On

Here, you’re telling the person that the reason you’re being nice to him or she is because of the kind of energy they bring to the table each time they come around. Perhaps, they have a very nice aura which affects your life positively.

If that’s the case, then your case that they bring on good energy whenever they come on becomes a valid point. This response is precise to the core; hence, you don’t need to further explain it to the person.

9. You Just Remind Me of My Younger Self

Why Are You Nice to Me Responses

With this response, your point or reason for being nice is tied to the fact that the person in question reminds you of your younger self.

I’ve had similar experiences in the past, and I had elder citizens treat me well due to my intellectual capabilities which they say some points that remind them of their younger years.

10. I’m Effortlessly a Gentleman, That’s Why

One of the best qualities of a gentleman is niceness. It is one code of conduct for gentlemen that make them a unique set of people.

The point here is that you’ll have to be nice to people without flaws, but also know when to rebuke them when they cross the line.

Here, you’re telling the person that your actions are made possible because you’re an effortless gentleman.

11. You Just Have a Way of Getting to People and That Caught My Attention

If the person you’re being nice to is easygoing, then you have a viable response to give them when they ask you why you’re being nice to them.

The point here is that you’re being nice to them because they were also nice to not only you but generally to other people around you guys.

12. Because You Bring Out the Best in Me

Most times, we tend to act in favor of people who have had a positive effect on our lives. This is a reflexive but rational action, and could also be the underlying reason why you’re being nice to the person.

Perhaps, they helped you get over an addiction or fight procrastination and all you think of is how to repay them for their kind gesture towards you.

13. What Do You Think?

Throwing back a question as your response when someone asks you why you’re being nice to them is not entirely a bad idea. It becomes a super line when you want to use the opportunity to hear from the questioner.

This is because by asking them this question, they can say for certain what they think you are doing or why you’re being nice to them. From their testament, you can go on and know what to say as yours.

14. What Have You Been Told by People?

Sometimes, those we’re being unquestionably nice to may not think in the direction of ‘Why are you being nice to me’. In most cases, they’re usually blinded by goodwill and niceness.

However, they may be introduced to the thought by onlookers who may be either jealous or overcautious. When this happens, they’ll ask you the question, and you can use this question as your response.

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15. Compassion and Love Are Virtues I Hold Dear to My Heart

If the main motive of your actions towards the person is orchestrated by the fact that you’re humane, then you can use this line to reply when someone asks you why you’re being nice to them.

To do that, you can bank on this line of response to get that done.

16. Being Nice to People Is One of My Religious Obligations

Why Are You Nice to Me Responses

Just like the line states, you’re being nice to the person because it is a religious obligation that you have to maintain.

On this note, you’re saying that outside the tenets of religion, there’s a possibility you won’t stick to being that nice to them.

17. It Is Because I Like Treating People How I Want to Be Treated

The dictum ‘what does around, comes around’ is not a vain statement. It is one of the mundane things that support the reality of karma.

With this response, you’re saying that you’re being nice to the person because that is also how you want to be treated.

18. I Love Your Personality, It Reminds Me of My Mom

Here, feeling nostalgic about a deceased loved one plays the role of the motivator for your nice actions towards the person who asked you why you’re being nice to them.

19. I Feel Better When I Show Kindness to Others

Do you relieve when you show kindness to someone? If so, then you can make use of this line of response when someone asks you why you’re being nice to them.

20. You Sound Repellant of My Actions

Sometimes, when people ask sensitive questions like ‘Why are you being nice to me’, it comes out giving repulsion. This is heavier if their tone wasn’t anything close to being mild. In that case, you can use this line to reply.

21. I Want to Be a Positive Influence in Your Life

Straight up! Not much explanation for such a sound reason.

22. It Is a Natural Inclination for Me to Be Nice to People I Care About

Yes, it is quite natural to be nice to people you love and care about, especially if they reciprocate the same energy to you. So, if you feel that much about the questioner, you can use this response for them.

23. Isn’t It Obvious That I Care About You?

Perhaps, the questioner is unsure of how you feel about them so they have to ask why you’re being nice to them. You can end the suspicion and get intentional by serving this question-like response to the person.

24. Being Nice to You Is My Way of Telling You How Important You Are to Me

When you love someone and they have a strong importance in your life, you’ll naturally be nice to them. Even if they don’t know about this which is a possible reason for their question, you can still use this line to reply to them.

25. Do You Have a Problem with That?

If you notice that the person who asked you why you’re being nice to them sounds repulsive, you can use this line of response to query them.

By asking them this question, you’re putting them in a tight position where they have to answer your question before you answer theirs, giving you more time to ruminate on yours.

We’ve come to the end of this piece of article, which informed you on the best lines of response which you can serve as your response when someone asks you why you’re being nice to them.

This post featured 25 responses to ‘Why are you being nice to me’, and I’m optimistic that these lines will prove helpful whenever you use them.

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