20 Best Responses to “I Want You in My Arms”

When someone wants to get intimate with you, he or she may say ‘I want you in my arms’. This is a clear indication that they wish to cross the boundaries of just friendship to include getting physically connected to you.

Your reaction to this statement is dependent on what you feel for the person or the kind of relationship you have with them. You’re at liberty to either oblige or refute this gesture of intimacy.

However, in this article, I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to ‘I want you in my arms’. Keep reading to know more!

20 Best Responses to “I Want You in My Arms”

It will be in your best interest to treat your response in this circumstance with caution and high discretion because you could be jeopardizing or hurting the feelings of the person who remarked.

To this end, you should be polite with your rejection and less dramatic with your affirmation.

Some of my best picks for responses to ‘I want you in my arms’ include; ‘I’m not against that, but I need to know you more first’, ‘I must admit that I’m flattered, but I still don’t think you’ll get that’, ‘don’t rush things, we’ll surely get to that’, and ‘reserve that for some other time’.

Without wasting more time, let’s get right into the main course of this article. Starting with a highlight of the various responses, followed by details about each of them.

  1. Isn’t that a bit too forward for you to say right now?
  2. I must admit that I’m flattered, but I still don’t think you’ll get that
  3. I’m clearly not cut out for physical contact with you
  4. Do you mind giving me some space to figure things out?
  5. I’m not against that, but I need to know you more first
  6. Why do you want that?
  7. Your offer sounds tempting, but not enough to gain my affirmation
  8. I feel comfortable knowing your true intentions toward me
  9. Don’t rush things, we’ll surely get to that
  10. Ewww, don’t overstep the boundaries I have
  11. I knew you want something intimate, but your approach is too forward to start with
  12. Yes, please, honey. I’ve been waiting for you to say something
  13. I always knew you are romantic, just didn’t see this coming
  14. Reserve that for some other time
  15. This is strictly business, stop overstepping
  16. Then do the necessary things to get what you want
  17. What makes you think I’ll buy into that?
  18. Tell me what you feel about me
  19. Thanks for the offer, however, I’m not interested
  20. I don’t mind, just be prepared to handle what comes with it
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1. Isn’t That a Bit Too Forward for You to Say Right Now?

This is one of the best responses on this list and it is so because it represents your notion that the remark ‘I want you in my arms’ comes at a bad time. That is to say, that is not time for the person who said it to make such a statement.

The main reason for this could be because of the type of relationship you share with this person. Given that you are just starting to know this individual, it becomes too forward for them to just say that they want you in their arms.

Therefore, in defense, you can use this line of response to get things straight with them and make them understand that it is absolutely bad timing for them to utter such an intimately-spicy remark.

2. I Must Admit That I’m Flattered, but I Still Don’t Think you’ll Get That

As a girl, it is normal for you to feel flattered when a guy tries to talk dirty or even sensitively arouse you. The whole idea of flattery is to induce an unusual feeling of ‘I am wanted’ in the mind of the person it is directed to.

Therefore, a guy can tell you that he wants you in his arms with flattery as his motive. In this case, you are expected to acknowledge his remark but it’s left for you to decide whether or not to give him a passage to make his fantasy come alive.

3. I’m Not Cut Out for Physical Contacts With You

If you think you’re in the mood or right frame of mind to get physical with someone, then you can make use of this line of response to let them understand that.

Here, you’re politely declining the person’s advances on you and the reason for this is to stay cordial with him or her even though you guys have different notions about what you feel for each other.

4. Do You Mind Giving Me Some Space to Figure Things Out?

Do you need some more time to arrange your thoughts and make the best out of it? If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t hold back from letting the person know that you want to consider their request, but you’ll be needing more time to put into shape the pieces of your thoughts.

With this particular question-like response, you will succeed in getting them to allow you to ruminate with your thoughts and serve them a well-thought-out response.

5. I’m not against That, but I Need to Know You More First

Intimacy between individuals is fostered by familiarity. The more you get to know about someone, the more likely it is for you to get to hook up with them on the level of intimacy.

Although there are exceptions in the case of ‘one night stands’ and ‘hookups’, this grand rule still reigns supreme.

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On that note, you can capitalize on this initiative to serve a befitting response to the person who says to you ‘I want you in my arms’.

On the other hand, they’ll try to bend to your standards because they’re the ones asking for the favor and not you.

6. Why Do You Want That?

A lot of people are not comfortable with answering the “why” question. And that is because it goes to lengths to reveal their true intentions, or should I say, a closely related reason for their request or course of action.

Hence, this line of the question becomes a viable response in which you can serve the person who says to you ‘I want you in my arms’. The idea is to know what their intentions are before you think of considering them for anything at all.

They’ll most likely open up and give in to answering your question, which will help you have a clearer view of what’s at stake.

7. Your Offer Sounds Tempting, but Not Enough to Gain My Affirmation

For what it’s worth, it is tempting for someone to say to you ‘I want you in my arms’, especially if you’re caught up in the mood to entangle with someone.

However, being in the mood is not reason enough to oblige them because you may not be acting based on rationality.

Because of that, it will be wise for you to decline the request, but by doing it subtly to avoid alienating the person at the receiving end.

8. I Feel Comfortable Knowing Your True Intentions toward Me

Some people rather be fed lies than told the truth. Well, I’m not such a person and I believe you’re also cut out from the same clothes as me.

To that end, when someone says they want you in their arms even after acting ‘just friends’ with you, you should realize what their true intentions are.

With this realization, you’re well-informed and should feel comfortable with them. It would be a worst-case scenario where you don’t even know their true intentions because they can do anything at any time.

9. Don’t Rush Things, We’ll surely Get to That

I like being in charge of my life and whatever it is that may affect it, positively or negatively. And I’m pretty sure you want the same thing for yourself.

You can be that and more if you learn to see circumstances as opportunities to exercise your power or manipulate your way through.

In the case study, you can use this line of response to exercise this idea of ‘being in charge’. Here, you’re telling the person that you don’t want to rush things with them, as you guys will surely get to the part of physical touch and attraction.

10. Ewww, Don’t Overstep the Boundaries I Have

If you’re a girl, then this line of response is the most suitable for you. It is a clear-cut reminder to the person who says they want you in their arms, not to cross the boundaries you’ve set in your relationship with them.

how to respond to I want you in my arms

While saying this, you should be bold and reserved; enough for the person to realize that you’re not joking with your words and that you mean every bit of it.

They’ll respect your decision and perhaps, back down from their preconceived motive.

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11. I Knew You Want Something Intimate, but Your Approach Is Too Forward to Start With

If you already perceived that the person who says they want you in their arms, would say something of that nature then you have an advantage over them in regards to knowing how best to reply to them.

On that note, you can bank on this line of response to let them know they’re too forward and blunt to start with.

12. Yes, Please, Honey. I’ve Been Waiting for Your Call to Action

Sometimes, we expect people to give us go-ahead orders for us to act, especially if it involves matters of the heart which need the consent of two people to take place.

‘I want you in my arms’ is a call to action, supposedly used when someone beckons on another to fill in into their boredom and take it away.

If you feel the same way about the speaker, you can use this line of response to let them know you’ve been waiting for them to say something in that regard.

13. I Always Knew You Are Romantic, but Just Didn’t See This Coming

Just as change is constant, surprises are bound to happen. The person who wants you in their arms may have given you the notion that they’re intimately inducing, but their words may come off as a shock to you if you haven’t convinced yourself that he or she will say something like that.

If this is the case, then you surely need to reply to the person with a response just like this one.

14. Reserve That for Some Other Time

It is bad timing for you when someone asserts that they want you in their arms, and you’re more concentrated on smashing the scoreboard, meeting deadlines, and making money at the moment.

So, when the request comes up, you can counter them by throwing in a line of responses such as this one right here.

You’re insinuating that they adjourn their intimacy request to some other time, possibly when you are less occupied with business-related activities.

15. This Is Strictly Business, Stop Overstepping

Just like the previous line of response, it is inconvenient for you to mix business and pleasure at the same time. Hence, distinguishing between them and acting accordingly shows how intentional you can be.

In light of that, when someone says they want you in their arms in the middle of a business talk, you can shove it down their throat that you’re not interested in using this line of response.

16. Then Do the Necessary Things to Get What You Want

As I mentioned earlier on, intimacy and familiarity are intertwined. The former needs the latter to function effectively.

Doing the necessary things in this response could mean getting to know the person, organizing dates, and seeing movies together.

17. What Makes You Think I’ll Buy Into That?

This is another question-like response to the person who says they want you in their arms. Here, you’re enquiring what made them believe you’ll like to be in their arms because their statement shows that they’ve given thought to that.

18. Tell Me What You Feel for Me?

Before you give in to the person who wants you to be in their arms, you need to verify what they feel for you. It’ll be a dangerous situation if all they want is intimacy without commitment because it can be hurtful.

Nevertheless, asking questions brings about clarity so don’t dull on that.

19. Thanks for the Offer, but I’m Not Interested

Saying no to an unfavorable request has never been easier but you’ll be crushing that using this line of response.

20. I Don’t Mind, Just Be Prepared to Handle What Comes With It

Having the prerogative to negotiate and make rules sets you aside from other people. It makes you feel powerful enough to direct and control.

With this, you’re not confined to a standard, one that is propagated by someone else just like the person who says they want you in their arms.

Parting Words

Knowing what to say as a response in challenging times is an untold superpower. It shows emotional intelligence at its peak and allows you to understand you can be more than you already are.

Intimacy is the featured message when someone says they want you in their arms. How you react or respond stems from what you share with this person and how it’ll affect you if you give in.

However, this article provides you with the 20 best responses to ‘I want you in my arms’ and all of them are intelligently curated to meet with different case scenarios and still serve their purpose.


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