22 of the Best Replies When Someone Says “Be Safe”

The phrase “be safe” was very popular during the covid year. We used it to make sure that everyone was doing okay and even after that year people still used it daily.

It will be weird to not have the perfect funny reply or at least something decent to say back so I have put a number of replies together in this article that you can use.

These replies range from casual to hilarious to scary so pick whichever one you want.

22 Appropriate Replies When Someone Says “Be Safe”

  1. You too
  2. Thank you
  3. You do the same
  4. Thanks for coming. See you soon
  5. I appreciate your care
  6. Says the guy who ate a cookie of the floor
  7. Nah, I like to leave on the edge
  8. There’s no fun in safety
  9. Or be wild. YOLO
  10. Sure. We will talk later
  11. Best to be brave
  12. I will keep my eyes and ears open
  13. Take care
  14. I will. Don’t worry about me
  15. Being safe is boring
  16. You don’t have to tell me twice
  17. I will keep that in mind
  18. If you say so
  19. Anything for you
  20. Safe? What’s going to hurt me?
  21. I will be fine
  22. We will all die one day

You too

There is nothing like returning a wish or a compliment with simple easy words.

It tells them you wish the same for them and although some people think you should smile and say nothing, a response like “you too” is just fine. Add a smile if you want but don’t remain silent.

Thank you

Appreciation never gets old. A small thank you tells them that you know they care about you and you are grateful for that care.

You can say thanks with a nod or add their name or a term of endearment. You can also use thank you with any other similar reply on this list.

You do the same

You tell them to be safe too. Some people won’t take their advice unless you give it to them.

Besides, saying it back removes the awkwardness that there would be if you didn’t say anything but just looked straight at them. It also means you don’t have to worry about a perfect reply.

Thanks for coming. See you soon

Most times you use phrases like “take care” and “be safe” when you are saying goodbye to someone, whether in person or over the phone.

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If they say this to you, you can use this reply to appreciate them not for the kind reminder but also for taking out time to see you.

I appreciate your care

Replies When Someone Says Be Safe

People use phrases like this to remind you of the happenings and get you to be cautious. It’s the same way if there was a storm, you would be told to “stay warm” or “stay indoors”.

They say this because they care and they want anything wrong happening to you so you can use this reply to tell them thank you.

Of course, you can just say “thank you” or “thank you for your care” but this reply is just more touching and sounds more sincere. They will be moved by it.

Says the guy who ate a cookie off the floor

Or whatever hideous thing they did. The thing is, sometimes, reminders like “be safe” can come from the most irresponsible of people. You can use this to joke with them.

It doesn’t mean they don’t mean it or you won’t take them seriously but it’s just a more fun reply.

It will make them blush and remind them that sometimes they don’t try to “be safe” as well, so this will teach them to take their own advice.

Still, prepare yourself for a scowl, feigned anger, or a friendly punch.

Nah, I like to leave on the edge

This reply gives off vibes of nonchalance. If you are the type of person to call people’s bluff even in the most serious situations then you can use this reply.

You believe in fun and in your opinion, safety is fun so you would like to scrape that. Your motto is probably “extreme” in all capital letters.

It would sound like you don’t take their warning seriously because you have many things to do that are way more fun than being safe.

You might leave people seriously worried so know how you use this.

Or be wild. YOLO

This reply makes it sound like you are finishing their sentence. The “or” makes it an option that you can choose from and you chose the latter because of YOLO.

The meaning of YOLO is “You Only Live Once”. It tells people to have fun and not be so uptight and rigid because, after this life, there ain’t another.

It makes the other option of being “wild” sound attractive. It also sounds like that is the option you would take and might convince others to take.

Sure we will talk later

Replies When Someone Says Be Safe

It’s a nice way to end, say, a phone call. You acknowledge their reminder of being safe with a “sure”.

You can use any other affirmation of your choice like yes, yeah, aye, or another thing that sounds right to you. You can also use other things like:

  • Catch you later
  • Speak to you soon
  • See you tomorrow
  • Send my regards

Best to be brave

You can choose to be safe. Stay indoors, hide, just keep away. It will be 2020 all over again (you know the covid/quarantine year).

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Or you can decide to be brave, be smart and try to scale through. No one will tell you to be safe if there isn’t something to watch out for, something to be careful about, or something to avoid.

In this case, use this response to tell them that it’s better to be brave and brace through it than just hide.

I will keep my eyes and ears open

It is a sort of assurance to who you are talking to. You are telling them that you know how to fare and as long as you keep your eyes and ears open, nothing will take you by surprise or shock you, and then harm you.

It’s the same as “I will be on alert” or “I will be really careful/ cautious”.

Take care

This reply and “be safe” sound the same and have the same meaning. They are just in different tones. “Take care” means I care about you so be safe.

“Be safe” means it’s dangerous out there and I was telling you to be careful because I care about you. This reply is good for people that are close to you.

In a time when everyone is agitated, this reply is a good one to calm them down.

I will. Don’t worry about me

If you are speaking to someone who is saying this out of worry and concern, more than out of love, say an older relative, your parents, your best friend then this reply is okay.

It tells them not to worry because that is what they are doing. This reply also addresses how they feel so they will know you understand and that you would try to be safe.

There’s no fun in safety

And it’s true. Some of the fun things we do are reckless. Really reckless, and you feel alive and free even though it might be at your expense in the long run and all that. If you say this reply like a fact, it will sound wistful.

Like something you have thought about a lot. People would even agree and see you as wise and will still stick to being safe. If you say it offhandedly, then you will sound like a daredevil. Choose your tone.

Being safe is boring

Replies When Someone Says Be Safe

This is another way to put the reply above. It reminds me of this story on how not taking risks is the biggest risk of all. In this case, being safe is not a risk.

You protect yourself from whatever danger that is out there or they are warning about but you miss all the fun.

It’s like dating away from parties because you are afraid of germs that you miss the fun parties have.

If you are trying to convince someone to go outside or do something and throw you this to get you to stay out, this should convince them a bit.

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You don’t have to tell me twice

On really bad days you won’t joke with your safety no matter how tough or how God you are.

This reply means that you understand how bad things are and that even for a daredevil you can’t take risks.

It can also mean that you are tired of them constantly reminding you so you use this as a polite way to say “no need to remind me or say it for the hundredth time”.

I will keep that in mind

You can use this to tease someone. Let’s say, they are reading the news and getting overly worried about the slightest things, you can use this reply to sound like you don’t really care.

Sometimes when we say I will keep that in mind, we forget what we’re supposed to remember.

This will make them worry even more and you can have a laugh and calm them down by convincing them you will be fine.

If you say so

If you seek a reply to put worried minds to rest despite the fact that you don’t care and you couldn’t be bothered then use this.

This is a good reply to use if you are not on really good terms with someone. Weird right? If you have.

Beef with someone and they are trying to makeup but you don’t want to make up with them, when they throw the caring “be safe” line, use this to tell them you will be safe because they said so not because you care.

It tells them you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that they care about you.

Anything for you

This reply means that you will do anything that they say you should do.

You might not see the need to be safe, or you might think that they are overreacting and they are worried for nothing but for their sake, you would keep safe.

You would also walk into fire if they asked you to. That’s how much you care about them.

Safe? What’s going to hurt me?

Feeling bold and invincible? Use this reply. You might not feel that way but for the sake of others, you want to sound tough so they all stop worrying.

If you say this to someone who is older than you, they might think you are proud and disrespectful. To see this with people who will understand it’s a joke and share a good laugh with you.

I will be fine

Most people say “I will” to mean “I will stay safe just as you have told me” but you can say “I will be fine” to mean “even though the roads are not safe, I will go to work and I will drive carefully to avoid anything dangerous”.

You won’t hide but you won’t throw yourself into danger either. It’s a great reply.

We will all die one day

This is very grim but if you are trying to tease someone, go right ahead. The thing about this reply is that you sound like you ARE going to die and you have accepted this fate.

Be a good sport and tell them it was a joke later so they don’t cry their hearts out or develop high blood pressure.


When people say to be safe, they want you to protect yourself from any harm. That said, make sure that any reply you choose appreciates that care.

Did you like the replies? Do you have any other ideas for replies? Drop them in the comments below and I will be waiting to reply. Thanks!

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