15 of the Best Responses to “Been A While”

This phrase “been a while” springs up time and again, especially when you run into someone you haven’t seen for a long time.

No matter how long it’s been they say it’s been a while and depending on who they are and the relationship you share or once shared, there will be different replies to different people.

If you don’t want to go for the boring “yeah”, I have some creative replies that you would love.

Check out the 15 best ways to respond to “Been a While”

  1. Long time no see
  2. It has, hasn’t it/ it sure has
  3. You got that right
  4. I would say ages
  5. Yeah, what have you been up to?
  6. I am not sure we have met
  7. Do I know you?
  8. There must be a mistake. Please introduce yourself.
  9. I suppose so
  10. I know and you have changed so much
  11. I never thought I would see you here. What are you doing here?
  12. Hello there. I am surprised you still remember me
  13. It’s so nice to see you again
  14. Life throws you about doesn’t it
  15. I didn’t realize it was this long. I have missed you

Long time no see

This reply can be used as a greeting to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You don’t have to use the common salutations like good morning/ afternoon/ night.

It’s very popular and it shows that you remember that it has been such a long time since you saw or spoke to each other

It has, hasn’t it?

The great question tag. It does make you sound less excited to see them or nervous and a bit awkward but if you are confident and say it well, it should sound fine.

This response can also be alternated with “it sure has”. It is more casual and informal than the question tag reply.

You might want to keep away from the first one because it might be difficult for who you are speaking to reply.

It might affect the conversation and things won’t go as smoothly with them struggling to think up an awesome reply.

You got that right

Best Responses to Been A While

This affirmative reply exudes confidence. When it’s been so long since you spoke to someone you used to be so close to, you might find it awkward to even exchange pleasantries.

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Starting with this reply will set your tone and make you bolder. You will be taken more seriously and it should go well from there.

I would say ages

For some people, it is easier to calculate the time apart. It could be six months, two years, or maybe five. For others, even though there are shorter spans, it seems like forever. Or ages.

Telling this is a great way to say that, the time seemed longer without them or simply that you missed them. It’s subtle so if you are not the touchy type this is good to use.

Also, if you don’t remember the time frame, you can use this as a cover-up. It’s not every time people ask.

Yeah, what have you been up to?

When we meet old friends, we want to reconnect. With this reply, you can jump right to that in a friendly way. It’s a great way to start the conversation and get it going.

They might be vague because of the time apart and not wanting to venture much but don’t let this dissuade you. You can keep it going with a few things about you and let them continue.

I am not sure we have met

Best Responses to Been A While

This reply is a polite way to inform them that they are speaking to the wrong person. Saying “I don’t know you” is rude even if they are wrong.

Besides, it might turn out that you know that person but you have forgotten. That’s how long it might have been.

If you have met them then they will just remind you who they are. If you haven’t met them before, you can quickly wrap up everything and

Do I know you?

This question can sound rude but placing it in a benign tone can tell the person you are speaking to that you don’t know them.

This reply is very similar to the one above except in question form. The question gives them room to answer and prove that they really know you and they aren’t just strangers disturbing you.

There must be a mistake. Please introduce yourself

This reply will make you sound mannered. Of all the replies in this category, this is the most polite and you will sound posh.

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Sometimes all we need is a small snip of information that will jiggle things and help us recognize them. If you are at a party, this is a good reply to use.

If asking to introduce themselves doesn’t appeal to you, you can say: “There must be a mistake. I am not sure I am acquainted with you”.

I suppose so

If you didn’t end on good terms with them this is a way to say you haven’t let the sleeping dogs lie.

Your stiff tone and your reply should pass the message. Some people might not remember that they have wronged you in the past so it’s best to get it over with so there will be no issues or resentments in the future.

I know and you have changed so much

Time brings change. People move, have glow-ups, and discover themselves. No matter how much they try to stick to being themselves, they will change, no matter how small.

This reply will even be better if it was a positive change like a higher level, a glow-up, things that they will be proud of.

If it’s not really something positive, you say this and ask them about this so you catch up and see what led them up to this point.

I never thought I would see you here. What are you doing here?

You know that friend who always wanted to be a lawyer but then twenty years later they are in the navy?

Or maybe you just stumble on old classmates in the most unlikely places: a pet store, on the bus, or on your vacation in Spain?

Well, this reply tells them how unexpected it is for you to run into them, and then they will launch right into what they are doing there and you can build that for a wonderful conversation.

Hello there. I am surprised you still remember me

Best Responses to Been A While

Getting recognized by people you were not close to in the past can be surprising.

You won’t expect them to remember you because you were not friends, nor did you have anything that made you more than mere acquaintances, or people who know each other.

It’s so nice to see you again

This is a very simple reply and if it is nice to see them again, you should let them know by saying this reply sincerely.

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Try to give them a hug, smile at them, and let the fact that you have missed the show.

You might not have any plans to get to know each other better or catch up or have a coffee but you tell them how you feel and leave it.

If they throw an invitation, you can decide whether or not you want to.

Life throws you about doesn’t it?

This reply is a wise reply to say that with time things change in terms of position, location, level, status quo, and so many other things.

These things can lead to us not being able to live like we used to. Like seeing our best friends every day. So it doesn’t mean that life hasn’t been the best for you.

It just means that so much happened that makes you lose contact with the people you were once so close to. It goes for both of you and they will reply in affirmation.

It’s a good reply if neither of you wants to take the blame for not contacting the other and all that.

I didn’t realize it was this long. I have missed you

From time to time we have memories flash in our minds, or things remind us of things we have experienced or have been through.

If a particular person pops up regularly and then you run into them, it might surprise you how much time you two have been apart because you have them in mind.

If you are not proud or ashamed, tell them how you feel. If you have missed them, say so. If you want to catch up and have fun like old times, say so.

This reply will help you to reconnect that spark you are willing to.


With these replies, you must have found one or two that help you respond to your “long time no see” friends.

Aside from these replies, if you have any other thing you want to say to them, be open and polite about it.

They would never know your thoughts if you keep them to yourself. Thank you for reading.

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