18 of the Best Replies to “Stay Blessed”

People try to wish people well with small wishes and prayers. Amongst all the common ones, “stay blessed” is not very popular.

If you have struggled to reply to this, it may be because you didn’t expect it and are used to the likes of “God bless you” and “peace be unto you”.

No worries though, I have some replies for you that will go very well.

God bless you

Saying God bless is a great reply to “stay blessed”. If it is said by someone who is very religious then they mean God bless you so you can respond right back with it.

Sometimes, people in a different religion other than Christianity or Judaism will just say “God bless”. It is a way of showing appreciation for an act of kindness.

If they say “stay blessed” instead, then God bless you is a good reply.

Thank you

Replies to Stay Blessed

If you are not the churchy type, you might want to acknowledge the good wish without bringing religion into it. A simple thank you should suffice.

You can say thanks for short or “thank you very much” if you are touched. Blessings are good things. It’s just the same as someone doing you a favor. Thank you works well so don’t be worried about using it.

And you too

This is also saying the same to you. As in, you stay blessed too. Returning wishes portray care and an understanding of what was said.

Besides, if it was an elderly person it may not be very ideal but it’s better than walking away without responding like you didn’t hear them.

They will feel you don’t think much of their prayers and will be seen as rude and arrogant.


This phrase can be seen as a prayer to which you can reply amen. Amen means let it be so. It’s very common everywhere, especially among Christians.

If you don’t want to use amen, you can affirm it according to your religious beliefs.

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For example, the Muslims will say Amin. If you are meeting them for the first time, you can use this reply to tell them your religion.

Peace be unto you/ peace be with you

This reply is becoming very popular. It is something that Catholics say to wish you well-bein

, tranquility and wholeness.

It’s now more of a religious thing and it is a good reply to “stay blessed”. It’s like trading a wish for another. Beautiful, simple, and wholesome.

God be with you

When God blesses you He will be with you right? It is a good reply because it seems higher than the “prayer” that they just prayed for you.

It’s like when you say “I wish you good health or riches”, and someone says “may God grant all your heart desires”. It’s a top-up. A really good one.

You can say “God see you through” as an alternative if the person you are speaking to has some prospect he or she wants to embark on.

As they pray you are blessed, you can pray for their success, or at least God’s guidance.

Bless your heart

This is a very popular phrase that old people use. Maybe it’s not just old people, but you don’t just hear it everywhere. It is said to show sympathy and fondness for someone.

This shows you appreciate the kind wish or prayers, and you were really not expecting it. It was like a shock to you but all the same, you like it and appreciate it.

I appreciate your kindness

Calling it kindness is a way of ignoring the religious part of the wish. It is saying that you believe they are kind because they said such a nice thing to you.

It is very polite and proper and it will make you sound very well-mannered or like a gentleman. You can also say, “I appreciate your care”.

Thank you for your good wishes

You can also call for good wishes. Blessings are good things, especially from gracious deities.

If you are not in the mood to get into religious talks or serious prayers with your overzealous religious friend or parent, a thank you will send a subtle message that you are not interested.

It’s a good way to change the direction of a conversation. Usually, something like this should end a conversation but it can prolong it if you respond with an amen. A thank you should do the opposite.

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That doesn’t change me

Replies to Stay Blessed

This reply might not make sense to whoever you are saying this too or others even listening.

Usually, believe that by praying for others and being nice to them, you can easily convert them to your religion.

If you have a friend who has this in mind and is striving to convert you, you can use this reply to say that they are not getting anywhere with your beliefs.

You can add an amen before this and let them know. If others around me understood the situation and the reply you gave, they would be laughing too.

Say this with a smirk. It will have an optimum impact.

I’m blessed already

This reply has two meanings. First, it can be that you have accepted the blessings that are praying for you and you are grateful for it.

You believe God has heard them so you are blessed. It can also mean that you don’t care if they say it a million times, you are already blessed in the ways you believe.

Maybe by God a long time ago, or with your hard work and all you have or with a lovely family and so much more.

No matter the meaning you have in mind, it’s the same sentence and it’s your tone that will let them know the meaning you have in mind.

From your lips to His ears

This is said when someone is hoping or praying for something and someone else echoes your prayer.

It is believed that since God hears everything we say if he hears our prayers they will answer so people will say this with a hope of a quick answer to their prayers.

I love this reply because it is modest and even though it is asking for a speedy answer, it sounds very patient.

May we all be blessed

Generalizing a prayer is another way to return a good wish. It’s like when someone says a happy new year and you say the same to you.

Since you can not say the same to yourself, you can generalize by saying “may God bless us all”. If you two are the only ones there, you can say “may God bless your family”.

By Jove, someone’s changed

Before you worry, Jove is not a fictional God or some mythological character. It’s an exclamation just like “Egads!”

If you use this reply, it means that the person who said this to use is nothing someone you expected the phrase “stay blessed” from.

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By telling them that they have changed means that you are very shocked they said this and you in fact need an explanation for their action.

Using someone instead of saying that they have changed is giving it an air of mystery like you don’t know how it has changed.

If you are teasing, they will brush. Others must feel slightly offended but it is something they will get over.

Nah, I don’t think so

There are several reasons you will have to use this reply. It might be that you don’t believe in God and they are saying “God will bless you”.

It can also be because you don’t believe God will bless you, maybe because of your sins or you feel you aren’t worthy.

If you use this reply to someone who is Christian, they might try to preach to you. If you won’t listen, be careful who you say this around.

If you have this in mind but are very opposed to anyone trying to preach to you, you can just shake your head and walk away with a sad smile.

That helps

If you are going through a lot, this reply is a subtle way to tell others.

This will be like a prayer to you and if you don’t want to say amen, you can also say this to tell them that you appreciate it because it makes you feel better and it will go a long way.

You can also say “Thank you. This makes me feel better”.

In God we trust

This is another alternative for amen. It is something someone who doesn’t want to seem rude and at the same time doesn’t want to encourage you will say.

This reply means, you believe the prayer and the fact that God will answer you. In fact, you have a great belief in Him and you know he will answer the prayer.

Stay safe

This reply is very similar to what was said because of the “stay” and it is hilarious. It is the perfect reply that ignores the prayer but it gives them a reply.

Because of how dangerous times are getting, you can use this reply to say “I have better advice. Instead of praying to be blessed, how about you try to keep sage so you are alive to even enjoy those blessings?”

They will not be happy about the response but if you relate with them like this or at least on this matter, they won’t be as angry.


Based on your beliefs, you will have different replies to the phrase. Whatever reply you choose, make sure it sits well with you and whoever you are saying it to don’t get into trouble. Thank you for reading.

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