34 Best Ways to Respond to “Nice to Meet You” on Tinder

The Tinder dating app features a chat box and you can converse with people you meet here. ‘Nice to meet you’ is a common line used by people who just met, and its use on Tinder runs into large numbers.

This line which has rather become a cliché hasn’t phased out from being uttered during a meet-up dialogue with a potential partner.

I discovered a couple of persons are not in the know of how to reply to this line when someone uses it on Tinder, or rather, they are tired of the regular ‘and you too’.

In that regard, I will be discussing the best ways to respond to nice to meet you on Tinder.

10 Flirty Responses to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

  1. Same here. Trust I would love to have you around regularly
  2. Nice meeting you too. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a long while
  3. I did too. I think we should do this again sometime
  4. That was great. I believe I love your energy
  5. You too, you’ve pushed some butterflies in my stomach
  6. It was lovely meeting you. I’m liking the idea already
  7. You didn’t wait for minutes before sweeping me off my feet
  8. Yes, I’m happy to have you around. Haven’t felt this whole in a long time
  9. Yes, and I’d like to see your beautiful/handsome face regularly
  10. You were incredible all through the time. So sweet of you

Same Here. Trust I Would Love to Have You Around Regularly

You might want to get dirty with your response to the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ to you on Tinder. If that’s the plan, then you should jump onto this line of response.

With this line, you tend to establish your desire to have the person around you. What a way to declare your love interest!

Nice Meeting You Too. It was one of the Best Experiences I’ve ever had in a Long While

You can flirt with the person by recounting how beautiful the experience you had with them was.

Perhaps, you guys had a dialogue already before he or she said the line, and the aftermath was mind-blowing. You can use this response to recount the experience, thereby hinting at more meet-ups.

I Did Too. I Think We Should Do This Again Sometime

Now, you’re suggesting a possible meet-up just after getting to know the person who has just said to you ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder.

You can take the dialogue out of your phone and tablet to a fancy resort using this line.

That Was Great. I Believe I Love Your Energy

Ways to Respond to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

You can switch to commending the person who said it’s nice to meet you on Tinder. You could focus on their energy and proclaiming you love it also means you love them too.

You Too, You’ve pushed Some Butterflies into My Stomach

It is safe to tell the person that you’ve caught feelings for them just while discussing with them. While this may sound unrealistic, it is super possible because I can testify to that.

It Was Lovely Meeting You. I’m Liking the Idea Already

Flirting involves bringing your best game to the test, and while men mostly do this, the ladies are not exempted.

As a lady or guy, you can use this line of response to posit that you like the idea of being on talking terms with the person on Tinder.

You Didn’t Wait for Minutes before Sweeping Me off My Feet

When someone ‘sweeps you off your feet’, it means they have impressed you enormously. Well, that could be the case between you and the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ to you on Tinder.

With this line, you’re making it clear that you were impressed, and to top it all, it didn’t waste time to happen.

Yes, I’m happy to have you around. Haven’t Felt This Whole in a Long Time

Have you been missing out on the nice people on Tinder? And when you finally find one, they say something about how nice it was for them to meet you.

You can express how you feel at the moment with this line of response.

Yes, and I’d like to See Your Beautiful/Handsome Face Regularly

There’s a part of flirting that involves sweet-talking the intending partner of hookup.

And you might want to incorporate that with this line of response which completely adores the good looks of the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder.

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You Were Incredible All Through the Time. So Sweet of You

This line of response is another reply that seeks to sweet talk the person you’re texting on Tinder after he or she said it’s ‘nice to meet you’.

Mentioning that they were super incredible during the first conversation you guys had is a good reference to make at a time when it is most needed.

5 Funny Responses to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

  1. Nice meeting you too, at least I didn’t get crushed by your beauty
  2. I can’t say the same for you now. I can’t count the moments that I wasn’t laughing
  3. Me too, you have been hilarious with your poker nose
  4. Look who’s talking
  5. I’ll let you know when I feel the same way

Nice Meeting You Too, at Least I Didn’t Get Crushed by Your beauty

It is funny to think that a person’s beauty, especially a lady’s, can crush a healthy human.

Well, the hilarity in that thought is what you are going to convey using this line of response because it posits that you deem it nice meeting the person but are grateful their beauty didn’t crush you.

I’m sure the girl to whom you’re directing this response on Tinder will laugh so loudly after reading the message. This is also a flirtatious line but is better off as a funny one.

I Can’t Say the Same for You Now. I Can’t Count the Moments That I Wasn’t Laughing

In case it was super fun talking with the person who just said it’s ‘nice meeting you’, you can use this line to denote that you’re not sure because you’ve only been laughing all through.

Me Too, You Have Been Hilarious With Your Poker Nose

In your bid to sound funny while replying to the person, you can make a jest of any part of their body which you probably noticed from seeing their pictures.

However, this line talks about the person’s nose, so you can choose to reinvent this line of response.

Look who’s talking

While you try so hard to sound funny to the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder, you can use this line to reply to them.

Making people laugh is a pretty hard job so I guess this line does fairly well in that regard.

I’ll let you Know When I Feel the Same Way

Ways to Respond to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

This has got to be one of the funniest lines on this list, because how would you expect someone to subscribe to waiting for you to conclude before you can tell if it was nice meeting them?

I’m sure if there is anyone around to read that message, he or she will have to battle fiercely with laughter.

8 Sarcastic Replies to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

  1. Snap out if it already
  2. It doesn’t mean we can do this again
  3. Meeting you isn’t a trophy
  4. And what about that?
  5. Peace be unto you
  6. I don’t mean to be rude, but this is a freaking funeral wake my dear
  7. I just realized that meeting you came with no emotions
  8. Compliment noticed and acknowledged

Snap Out of It Already

In a lot of cases, guys say ‘nice to meet you’, first on Tinder. I can’t give a detailed analysis of this, but I know that they do because they’re the ones who would want to impress a girl.

If you’re a lady and you want to stop the guy you’re talking to on Tinder from playing that card, you can use this line of response.

Telling him to snap out of it already means you’re not entertaining the move on you.

It Doesn’t Mean We Can Do This Again

How about we become blunt and direct to the person who says ‘nice to meet you’ to us on Tinder? You can take that angle of response and do that, you need a line like this one.

This line is a plain statement which means that you won’t be entertaining any further conversation with the guy.

Meeting You Isn’t a Trophy

Ways to Respond to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

It is pure sarcasm to tell someone that meeting them is not a trophy. It means that even if you don’t condemn it, you don’t see it as a big deal either.

When you say this as your response to someone who texts you ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder, he or she will have an idea that you’re not easily pleased.

Just so you know, this line of response is most suitable for the ladies who would try to act hard-to-get on Tinder, so that the guy will put more effort into wooing her.

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If you’re a lady, you might want to make this line of response handy.

And What about That?

I mixed a bit of rudeness and sarcasm in this line of response. It is a rhetorical question that questions the goodness in the statement of the person that they feel it’s ‘nice to meet you’.

This line is another way of saying…’what good is that to me?’

Peace Be Unto You

If I get this response from somebody on Tinder, I’m so done with the conversation. This reply doesn’t read good riddance from you to the person, rather it shows a lackadaisical attitude towards them.

If you’re not interested to push forward with the convo, you can cut it short using this line.

I Don’t Mean to Be Rude, but This Is a Freaking Funeral Wake My Dear

Sarcasm is a good tool if you want to put off someone who’s trying to sound nice to you.

And that would be what the person who says ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder is trying to do…get nice to you.

However, you can cut down on their expectations by using this line of response. It shows that you’re feeling the ‘nice’ environment he or she is trying to propose, probably because you might be at a funeral wake.

People barely smile during such events, let alone feel good about meeting someone on a dating site.

I Just Realized That Meeting You Came With No Emotions

When someone says ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder; I’m sure they’re expecting you to feel the same way and reciprocate the gesture.

However, if you don’t feel in the same way, you shouldn’t shy away from speaking up about it using this line of response.

By saying this line, you’re positing that you just discovered that you didn’t feel anything while meeting them. As a lady, you can use this line to put off a pervert-sounding guy immediately.

Compliment Noticed and Acknowledged

Are you looking for a lame response to put off the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder? If so, you can employ this line of response to drive your message.

When you say ‘compliment noticed and acknowledged’, you’re asserting that you’ve seen the gesture and the person should go on with their life. There’s no sign of reciprocation or anything here in this reply.

9 Sweet Responses to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

  1. Same here, as always has been
  2. Nice to meet you on a good note
  3. You sound so smooth and accommodating
  4. You don’t look bad after all
  5. Stop it before I fall deeply in love with you
  6. Glad I can put a smile on your face
  7. I didn’t imagine you this beautiful/handsome
  8. Same here, as always has been
  9. I’m also happy to meet you. I know I’ll be having a great time with you

Same Here, as Always Has Been

My first rule of being nice with your response on this post is acknowledging and reciprocating the gesture from the person.

Another step is to stress the importance of the gesture to you. Fortunately, this line of response meets all of these criteria.

With it, you’ll not only acknowledge and reciprocate the gesture, but you also try to stress the need for it by saying ‘as always has been’.

Nice to Meet You on a Good Note

Ways to Respond to Nice to Meet You on Tinder

Meeting a new person on Tinder is a very easy thing, especially if you have a paid account. The problem now lies in what happens next after successfully starting a conversation with the person.

Only a few dialogues hit off right from the onset, while most end because of either overzealousness from the guys or overvaluing from the ladies.

Therefore, it is worth commending when you meet someone on a good note. And that’s exactly what you would be doing with this line of response.

You Sound So Smooth and Accommodating

After the person said the kind gesture to you, you can feed them their drug by also telling them how accommodating and smooth they sound.

This would go a long way in boosting their confidence.

You Don’t Look Bad After All

Now, instead of the regular replies like ‘me too’, you can dive right into commending the looks on the person you’re talking to on Tinder after he or she said ‘nice to meet you’.

The statement gives room for further dialogues, starting a process of getting acquainted.

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Stop It Before I Fall Deeply in Love with You

You can be a tad nicer and sweet with your words while replying when someone says ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder. To do that, you need a line of response like this.

Since the kind gesture usually comes from the guys, I presume this line will fit best if it were uttered by a lady.

Hence, you can employ it as your go-to response when a guy says ‘nice to meet you’ to you on Tinder.

Glad I Can Put a Smile on Your Face

This does not only show responsiveness, but it also means that you had a good time with the person, and you’d say this than saying ‘nice to meet you too’.

I Didn’t Imagine You This Beautiful/Handsome

You can get a bit nicer with your words if you chose this line of response. It is a reply that seeks to extol the person’s physical endowment.

This way, the person at the receiving end will know that you acknowledged their gesture and that you also appreciate the time spent talking to them on the dating app.

If not, you wouldn’t commend their looks when they say ‘nice to meet you’.

Same Here, as Always Has Been

This line of response is one of those lines that depict how accommodating you are just after having a short conversation with someone on Tinder.

Since the person is expecting you to be positive with your response, you can live up to their expectations using this line.

With this reply, you make it known that you’ve always felt it’s also nice to meet the person. Perhaps, the person has a way with words and you like their conversational skills from the start of the conversation with them.

I’m also happy to meet you. I Know I’ll Be Having a Great Time with You

I tried to infuse a sense of optimism in this response to when someone says ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder. This optimistic vibe alone says a lot about how sweet your response is.

The line starts by professing how elated you are for meeting such a person on the dating app, which is a good sign that you appreciate their presence.

It goes on to drop the statement of faith, which is your expectation that you’ll be having a great time with the person.

I’d recommend this line if you intend to hold onto your dialogue with the person for a long time.

This is because of the positive energy which you convey through it, and I’m sure the recipient will understand the message behind the response.

2 Sassy Responses to Nice to Meet You

  1. I don’t see anything nice about it
  2. Move along with your lame flirts

I Don’t See Anything Nice About It

Sassy replies are supposed to make the recipient cringe and wish they never spoke to you in the first place.

In that regard, this line of response does that job with ease, while still being as civil as possible.

If you noticed, I didn’t make use of any vulgar words to avoid inciting any type of verbal battle between you and the person who said ‘nice to meet you’ on tinder.

Move Along With Your Lame Flirts

If you think saying ‘nice to meet you’ from a guy on Tinder is a lame way of flattering you; you can shove their agenda aside without sounding too provocative.

To do that, you’ll need a line of response like this one. I crafted this response in plain words and that would mean you asking the person that you don’t fancy their gesture, which sounds rather flirty to you.


Many people say ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder after they’ve spent a considerable time talking to someone.

It denotes that they’re pleased with having a chat with you, and it is left for you to give feedback about the conversation as they’ve done.

Since keeping mute doesn’t put you in a good light, you have the only option of replying.

In this article, I achieved the feat of providing you with the best replies to ‘nice to meet you’ on Tinder, while focusing on 4 major temperamental circumstances, which include flirtatious, funny, sarcastic, and sweet responses.

I’m convinced these replies meets you’re your standards and also provides you with the right answers to your question.

Thoughtfully, let us know what you think about these lines in the comment box below, and don’t forget to ask your questions if you have any.

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