20 Best Responses to Happy Father’s Day

The Father’s Day celebration which is observed every year on every third Sunday of June across all the states of the US is an opportunity set aside to acknowledge the Father figures in society for their contribution to building a strong society.

Well, the celebration goes beyond that as it also includes workshops and seminars across different platforms where fathers are sensitized on their duties to family and society.

During this time, wishes and goodwill messages fly everywhere in large sums. As a father, you’re sure to get one from your spouse, kids, or even colleagues at work.

The regular response to the wish has always been “Thanks”. This time, we’ll like to explore other cool replies and I know you’re in for the ride. Join me as I discuss the 20 best responses to Happy Father’s Day.

20 Cool Responses to Happy Father’s Day

Who wants to be a cool dad? I know you do… and that’s why you’re tired of repeating “thanks kids” or “thanks love”, each time your children or spouse wish you a happy father’s day.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of this post and spice up the fun of celebrating father’s day.

  1. Thank you, you’re kind
  2. Oh really, I thought you forgot
  3. I’m glad you remembered
  4. I appreciate your concern, it is not unnoticed
  5. I’m indeed lucky to have you in my life
  6. Thanks for all your effort, it means a lot to me
  7. Your words are so soothing, I feel so loved
  8. I’m blessed to have a son/daughter like you
  9. I’ve never known love like you showed me. Thank you
  10. I knew you wouldn’t miss that for anything
  11. I feel so elated, I appreciate
  12. Your selflessness is so lovely. Big thanks
  13. I’ve always known you’re the most supportive wife
  14. Thanks for acknowledging me, even though I am not yet one
  15. You never cease to amaze me with your fine memory
  16. Even if you don’t feel obligated, you still came up for me. Much thanks.
  17. I’m so emotional right now
  18. What more can I say?
  19. I’m at a loss for words to express how happy I feel
  20. Can I make a wish now?

Thank You, You’re Kind

It is only wise for you to respond with gratitude when someone wished you a Happy Father’s Day to you, and this line here would be a perfect fit for you to use.

This would supposedly be my first response line if I were to be in the wished Happy Father’s day and I believe you could employ it as well in the same scenario.

It is also worthy that I note…this line of response goes beyond just an appreciation line but is also a line that infuses commendation to the person who had wished you a happy father’s day.

This makes it not only a fine line but also one which sets you aside as a person who acknowledges people for their good gestures.

And this one right here commends the person who wished you well for being a father.

Oh Really, I Thought You Forgot

I absolutely love it when someone throws a surprise package for me. It often weeps me off my feet because it is quite an act to try to amaze someone.

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In the same vein, you could be surprised that the person who wished happy father’s day actually did that.

To that effect, you can use this line of response to reply to anyone who wished you a Happy Father’s day even though you didn’t expect it from them.

If you have an estranged wife or a bitter child, and they decided to wish you well during this auspicious day, you can express your shock by using this line to reply to them.

I’m Glad You Remembered

This line of response is a favorable piece if you wish to show how elated you are for getting a wish from the person who just did.

Perhaps, the person is a long-forgotten friend or a close foe that just turns up for you during Father’s day to celebrate you too.

Or it could come from your female boss at work, whom you’d assume under normal circumstances wouldn’t care about such events.

So when she eventually does, you can use this line to express the gladness that she remembered.

I Appreciate Your Concern, It Is Not Unnoticed

Using this line of response, you can give hope of reward to your employees or kids who just pulled off a great plan just to wish you a happy father’s day.

By appreciating their efforts at showing concern, you prove that you accept it with your full chest.

I’m indeed lucky to have you in my life

Responses to Happy Father’s Day

It is a very nice show of love and concern when someone wishes you a happy father’s day.

Even if they did so out of sheer celebration, and without true intentions, it doesn’t really count as all you perceive at the moment is love and care.

To buttress how happy you feel, you can use this line of response to express how you feel about their kind gesture.

By proclaiming that you’re lucky, it goes a long way in placing the tag of importance on the person who has wished you well on Father’s day.

The bottom line of this line is the commendation that you accord to the person, and that remains a gem-like way of responding to him or her.

Perhaps, the person in question could be your wife or mistress. Whichever way it is, you should choose this line if the person is someone very dear to your heart.

Thanks for All Your Effort, It Means a Lot to Me

Just like wishes, appreciations are always in order during auspicious events such as the Father’s day celebration.

Therefore, you might want to ensure you stay on that lane and mood when someone says “happy father’s day” to you. How then do you join the grateful band of fathers?

Well, I guess that would be by saying this line of response to the person who had wished you well.

The further emphasis which comes towards the end of this line shows how delighted you are for being celebrated alongside other fathers.

It also sends a message of how important it is for you to be celebrated and how emotional it gets for you.

If the person who had wished you well is observant, he or she would have to make an effort to make sure you get celebrated every year, whether in grand style or not.

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Your Words Are So Soothing, I Feel So Loved

Saying “I love you” to your spouse while walking her down the aisle, has the same effect when you wish a father figure a “happy father’s day” on the day set aside for the celebration.

It is all in the bid to confess love and concern to the person of interest.

With this line of response, I’m sure the person you’re directing it to will be most happy to hear from you. It shows that you accept their goodwill wish, and you did so in good faith.

I’m blessed to have a Son/Daughter Like You

If it were either your son or daughter who wished you a happy father’s day, you can employ this line of response while replying.

It shows you acknowledge their existence as your offspring and you’re also compelled to proclaim that you’re blessed for having them in your life.

You might want to put on the brightest of smiles and a happy tone while addressing them using this line of response.

Additionally, if you’re not on good terms with either your son or daughter, then this line could be your way of reigniting the fire of family when they eventually wish you well on father’s day.

I’ve never known Love as You Showed Me. Thank You

I didn’t make any rules that forbade you from being flirtatious with your response to anyone who wishes you well on father’s day.

Perhaps, it was your wife who said those fine goodwill words to you and you’re looking for the best way to flatter her for her kind gesture.

If that’s the case, then you should end it with your search already. And this is because I designed this particular line of response to do that work of flirting with her a little.

I’m sure that she’ll fall head over heels for you when you do…at least it will relive both of you of the type of love which you shared from the onset.

I Knew You Wouldn’t Miss That for Anything

This line of response is a probable one if the person who wished you a happy father’s day is a regular face that wished you well during such celebrations.

Using this line, you reassure the person that you’ve always known they would through for you.

I Feel So Elated, I Appreciate

Responses to Happy Father’s Day

Just as you show your gratitude to the person who wished you well with other gratitude-based lines; you might as reinvent your approach to that by using this line of response.

Your Selflessness Is So Lovely. Big Thanks

I love to give accolades to who is deem it, and that is no bad move if you do same when someone wishes you a happy father’s day.

It is just you being considerate and also respectable enough to recognize such a person as an important spice of your life.

Mentioning that the person is so lovely is such a blissful word to decorate someone with, and the appreciative phrase that follows suit crowns everything.

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I’ve always known you’re the Most Supportive Wife

I specially dedicated this line of response to your wife, so you don’t have to draw back from replying to her with it each time she wishes you a happy father’s day.

However, the virtue which I highlighted in this line is that of being a “supportive wife”.

This is because there’s no better wife than one who supports your dreams, and ambitions and even works towards realizing them.

Thanks for Acknowledging Me, Even Though I Am Not yet One

It can be very emotional if someone wished you a happy father’s day when in the real sense, you’re no father.

I get it…the surge of feelings and thoughts running up your mind all at once.

You can easily deny it if you’re still a young guy, unmarried, and still very active in the dating pool.

You Never Cease to Amaze Me with Your Fine Memory

Were you flattered at how sound the memory of the person who had just wished you a happy father’s day is? If that’s so, you can use this line to mention it to them as a response.

Even if You Don’t Feel Obligated, You still came up for me. Much Thanks

This line of response brings us to the realm of those who feel obligated to wish you a happy father’s day and those who don’t have to.

If the person who did wish you so doesn’t fall in the former group, you can use this line to thank them for still coming through for you.

I’m So Emotional Right Now

I know it’s hard to admit, but it won’t hurt you to feel a bit vulnerable or emotional as a man.

Therefore, when you find yourself in such a situation where you can help your eyes from emptying their tank of tears, you can use this line to express them in words instead.

What More Can I Say?

Responses to Happy Father’s Day

This is the perfect rhetorical question for this list, and it sort of sums up everything which led to you being wished a happy father’s day.

I’m At A Loss for Words to Express How Happy I Feel

Just like the previous line of response, this particular one shows you’re dumbfounded on how best to reply when someone wishes you a happy father’s day.

Well, it happens, so don’t beat yourself up for not saying the perfect line.

Can I Make a Wish Now?

When I see cake at celebrations, I most definitely look forward to cutting and eating that piece of sweet.

So, if you’re someone who shares in my sentiment about cakes during celebrations, you can use this line to bypass the frivolous talks and get to making a wish…blowing the candles off and finally cutting the cake to get munched.


Fathers are symbols of order and strength in most societies and for someone who has been holding up his end regarding duties…you need to be celebrated.

When that happens and someone says “happy father’s day” to you, you can employ any of these replies which I’ve collected and designed in this article to pose a perfect response.

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