20 Best Responses to “Let’s Catch Up”

There is the thrill that comes with meeting old friends again. However, there is that disappointment when our friends do not share the same thrill of wanting to meet again.

Asides from that, there are differences in the schedules of people. You never know how free a person is.

You are probably idle at the moment but the person you want to spend time with is extremely busy. That is another hindrance when you want to meet up with your old friends.

When a friend says “Let’s catch up”, you can reply with “Great. I’ve been thinking about that.” This should show your eagerness to catch up with an old friend. If you don’t think there is a time, you can also say so.

You can respond by first asking ‘When should we meet?’ With the answer to the question, you can check if you will have the chance or not.

20 Best Replies to “Let’s Catch Up”

  1. Why not?
  2. Oh yes! I’ve been thinking about it.
  3. Excellent! When are you chanced?
  4. I wonder when that can happen.
  5. When do you propose we meet?
  6. Where are you?
  7. I would love to but…
  8. That would be great.
  9. I don’t know when I’ll be free.
  10. When do you suggest we meet?
  11. Let’s invite…
  12. I am not nearby yet
  13. When will you be free?
  14. Oh great idea. I’ve been idle.
  15. Let me check my schedule.
  16. I was thinking the same but…
  17. Let me know when you’re available
  18. I have been very busy lately.
  19. I said the same to…
  20. Not now though.

Sure. Why not?

When you say this, you are agreeing that you both should meet up and reconnect with each other.

This response will show your willingness to reconnect but it still doesn’t show eagerness. That is not necessary, however.

When you say this, the person will be happy to know you want the same thing. It could be someone of the same s*x and you are not g@y.

You are just friends but there is still a similarity with romantic love. If you like a person and he or she doesn’t like you back, you can break down for it.

The same applies when you want a person’s friendship and he or she doesn’t want the same with you.

Best Responses to Let's Catch Up

Oh yes! I’ve been thinking about it.

This is basically the same as the first response suggested but there is a slight difference between the two. This response also agrees that you should meet up with your friend.

It shows your willingness but it shows even more eagerness.

While the other response can make the person angry’, this one can make the person even more excited. It will pass the message that you will be just as happy to reconnect with him or her.

Excellent! When are you chanced?

Here is another eager response, though it is not as eager as the response mentioned earlier. This also takes the conversation a step further.

It is one thing to want to do something and it is another thing to take a step closer to doing it.

By asking when the person will be free, you are already coming closer to picking a date for a meetup.

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This question does not guarantee that you will have a date for a meetup, considering the possible hindrances of time and business.

I wonder when that can happen.

This is one way to give an honest response to the request. This is basically another question. You should probably wear a smile so it doesn’t seem like you are disposing of the idea of meeting up with your old friends.

You can give this response to imply that there isn’t enough time to catch up with anyone. The person may not get the idea so it is better to just explain yourself immediately.

Immediately after saying this, you can mention how busy you have been and may continue to be. You may also mention some tight leisure time you have for yourself.

However, you should not sound like you are condemning the idea of meeting with your old friends.

Good. When do you propose we meet?

This doesn’t sound eager but you are agreeing to the idea of catching up with your friends so you are definitely showing your willingness.

Not only are you agreeing to meet up with the person but also asking when he or she may want you both to meet up.

Asking the question this way doesn’t mean you will be free at the same time. However, to make sure you are free at the same time, you can just state your free periods so he or she can also think of what time will be favorable to both of you.

Where are you?

There are several reasons you may want to ask this question. Of course, there are several reasons why both of you have been apart and lost connection for a while. It may just be the distance.

If you think the person is far from you or you are far away, you can ask where the person is to confirm your suspicion.

With knowledge of where the person is and the distance, you will be able to set up a date that is comfortable for both of you.

You can’t just plan to meet in a place without knowing where you both will be coming from.

When there is a great distance, you will have to calculate the stress and time of travel when picking the date and time for your meetup.

Best Responses to Let's Catch Up

I would love to but…

Here is a good way to give your excuses or reasons for not being able to catch up with your friend. You don’t just simply say it can’t work out even though you have great reasons.

It is advisable to show that it doesn’t mean nothing to you.

Your reaction to this suggestion will show how much your old friendship means to you. React like you truly want to meet. Say how much you love the idea before you add your ‘but’.

When you are giving your reasons, make sure they are reasonable so you don’t sound like you are just not interested. It could be about how greatly busy you are. It may be about your distance. It may be about upcoming travel or constant travels that you embark on.

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That would be great

 Here is another response to agree with the idea of meeting up. You should say this first to show that you are eager to live the idea also.

After this, you can proceed to talk about your leisure time and your friend’s free time. Then you can decide when you both can meet up.

I don’t know when I’ll be free.

Here is one good excuse to not like the idea. You may sound dismissive so it’s good to say something that shows you like the idea first.

You can use the one suggested earlier; ‘That would be great’. It shows that you actually like the idea.

However, when you say this, you are telling the person that you are currently busy and you may be very busy for a long time… maybe too busy to have time for a meetup.

When do you suggest we meet?

You can ask this question before talking about your free period. Sometimes, it is usually unclear when a person will actually be free.

Sometimes, we just need to keep a date in mind and we can easily make time for the date. If you can do this, you can let the person make the suggestion of when you both can meet up.

Do not respond with this question first. This question does not show any eagerness. Of course, you are not saying no to the idea.

You are seemingly taking it normally but there is an expected thrill to see someone you have missed for a long time.

If you are not showing this thrill, you may just break the heart of your dear old friend.

Yes. Let’s invite…

Here is another great idea. Probably the friendship is not between the both of you alone. You must have known your friend from somewhere. It could be from school. It could be church. It could be virtually anywhere.

If you are talking to a classmate, you may want to invite other classmates for a get-together. That would be a great idea.

This response will show some eagerness. The quick suggestion of whom to invite will make you sound eager to actually catch up with your old friends.

You can say this if you can contact other old friends that the person equally cares about.

I am not nearby yet

As mentioned earlier, there are several hindrances to catching up with old friends but we have only discussed the clash of time and business.

People are often busy and you may find yourself free only when your friends are too busy to have your time. Another hindrance is the distance between the both of you.

One of the responses suggested earlier is ‘Where are you’. You don’t have to ask where the person is if you already know where he or she is. You can simply say you are not nearby.

The addition of ‘yet’ is a great idea since it means you will still be nearby. At that moment, you are just far away from your friend. It also shows that you are not rejecting the idea of catching up.

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When will you be free?

You can ask this question if the person talks about being busy. You may also just choose to ask before considering when you will be free.

When you get the time your friend is usually free, and you can also be able to find some free time to make the meetup happen.

Oh, great idea. I’ve been idle

This is a beautiful response as it shows you are eager and will be eager to meet with the person. You are directly claiming that you have no other thing to do.

With this, the person will automatically think of a time for the both of you to meet up.

There is a high chance that you both will be meeting very soon because the suggestion is most likely coming at a time when your friend is free.

Let me check my schedule

This may sound too formal in a conversation with your old friend. To avoid sounding that way, you can react to the suggestion first. Show that you are actually happy to hear the suggestion and you are interested in it.

After your reaction, you can say this to hint that you are busy and will not always be free.

I was thinking the same but…

Give your excuses for this. Say why you stopped thinking about it or why you did not raise the suggestion earlier.

You may have hesitated because you were too busy to meet up. You may have hesitated because of the distance between you. Whatever the case is, make it known so you don’t appear dismissive m

Let me know when you’re available

This doesn’t sound too eager but you are implying that you will be free when the other person is free. Don’t say this if you often have busy periods. You may want to mention your busy periods instead.

If you turn out to be busy when he or she is free, you may seem uninterested in meeting with the person.

I have been very busy lately

You can talk about your busy schedule. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will say no or yes.

However, this should help him or her understand when you have excuses for not meeting up at a certain time. This doesn’t mean you can go around disappointing people.

I said the same to…

This shows that you have already made the same suggestion to someone else and you three may just meet up at the same time.

Note that it has to be someone that the other person knows. It would be weird to bring up a stranger in that conversation.

Not now though

You may not be chanced to set up a meeting so you can make that clear. First, state that you like the idea. Then you can give this statement and say why you both can’t meet up at the moment.

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