20 Best Responses to “Oh Stop It You”

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this from a person. It’s always a girl and this statement doesn’t come for anything.

First, you have to note that there is a difference between this statement and ‘stop’. Your girl may say this to you but she doesn’t exactly mean it.

This could come up in different kinds of conversations, ranging from compliments to sensual plays.

If you wonder how best to respond to this statement from your girlfriend, this article is here to do justice. Read on.

20 Best Responses to ‘Oh stop it, you’

  1. Stop what?
  2. Do you think I’m joking?
  3. You don’t want me to.
  4. Alright
  5. I wasn’t doing anything.
  6. If you say so.
  7. Not while you sound like that
  8. Stop me if you can
  9. I mean it, really.
  10. I don’t think you want me to stop.
  11. Are you sure?
  12. I am not joking.
  13. I don’t want to.
  14. You’re still smiling.
  15. On one condition.
  16. I am quite stubborn
  17. And if I don’t?
  18. Your eyes don’t tell me to.
  19. Stop wasting time? Of course.
  20. I can tell you want more of me.

Responses to Oh Stop It You

Stop what?

The tone of her voice doesn’t sound serious. That is the first indication that she is not irritated. In fact, there is a high chance she is just blushing.

You may have been saying compliments about her. If she responds by saying stop in this way, then you know she’s blushing and only trying to be modest.

At that moment, you can tell that you have successfully put a smile on her face and made her happy. While her smile may be mild on her face, she is genuinely happy to hear you say all of those sweet things.

It may also not be about compliments. You may simply be staring at her or doing something that makes her feel awkward. If she says stop in this way, she probably thinks you are joking with her.

If you have been teasing her, the best way to respond is to feign ignorance. By asking this weird question, you act like you don’t know what she’s talking about and you can continue.

Do you think I’m joking?

A girl can say stop in this manner if she thinks you are teasing her. You may be talking about her in special ways.

You may be saying a ton of compliments that may seem like an exaggeration to her. While she may actually think you are exaggerating, she will still see it as a show of love and she will be genuinely happy, even if she doesn’t show it to you.

One of the best ways to maximize the flattery is to make it clear that you are not joking. If you continue to make it sound like a joke, you won’t be making any more impact.

She will just keep listening to your joke. However, if you wear a serious look and say those compliments again as you mean them, she will feel the happiness in multiple folds and she will blush further.

This will show that you appreciate her.

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You don’t want me to

This is just the truth and you may point it out. When girls say stop in this manner, they may not truly want you to stop.

It is just a sign that they are feeling the impact of your presence and whatever you are doing.

You may not be saying a compliment. You may be touching her or teasing her somehow. If she reacts by saying stop in this manner, you can point out that she doesn’t actually want you to stop, then you can continue with it.


You can utilize this short response and act deaf to the plea afterward. You may be doing something with her. It could be something that she should enjoy.

When she says stop in this manner, you know she’s only being reluctant while she truly enjoys it. You can just say ‘Alright’ to her and continue immediately.

It would seem so funny to her. She would probably tell you to stop again. Then, you can say the same thing and just continue immediately. This little childish plays will create lasting memories with your partner.

I wasn’t doing anything

Here is another way of acting ignorant of what she’s talking about, even though you are actively doing what she’s talking about.

You may be rubbing her somewhere or giving a massage. You could be saying sweet words to her or just giving sweet stares.

When she says stop in this particular manner, she’s enjoying it. If she actually needs you to stop, she will insist. However, you must not give in to her initial plea since it is not often how she truly feels.

If you say so

Responses to Oh Stop It You

If you want to give in to her desire, you can simply say this. However, you should only give in to her plea if she truly needs you to stop.

She could be tired or busy with other things. Even though you are being sweet, you won’t want to be a pain in the ass at the same time.

If you are sure you are not actually disturbing her and she truly enjoys what you are doing, you can respond with this, wait for a maximum of three seconds, and continue from where you stopped.

It will look so dramatic and amusing, and she will probably not tell you to stop any more.

Not while you sound like that

This enables a sweet conversation. It’s you who hears her so you know how she sounds. From her voice, you can tell if she seriously needs you to stop whatever you are doing.

However, when she says stop in this manner, it is often with a sweet voice reacting to your flattery.

You can talk about how her voice suggests that she’s enjoying you. She will definitely ask how her voice suggests that to you. You can mimic her and you both can joke about it.

Then you can cut the joke halfway and continue with whatever you were doing with her. She’s enjoying it. She doesn’t want you to stop anyway.

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Stop me if you can

You can say this if you are giving your girl a massage or touching her. While her voice may show that she’s flattered and enjoying it, she may truly not want it at the moment.

When you say ‘stop me if you can’, there are two things she may do in response. She may give in to you and just enjoy the moment or she may get physical with you and that’s just fun. Pillow fight is fun.

I mean it, really

This is a good and sweet response if she’s rejecting the compliment you are saying to her. You should know that she is not rejecting the compliment.

While it may seem like modesty, most girls just take it as an exaggeration. The smile on her face shows that she appreciates the compliment but she’s holding back her full reaction since you may just be exaggerating what you think about her.

She may even think you are joking about the compliments. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the nice words.

When you respond by saying you mean it, you should wear a serious look to show that you’re not joking about it.

By doing this, you will be intensifying the flattery you already put in her. You will be maximizing it. You will be making her truly believe all of the sweet and nice words you have said earlier.

She will appreciate your words, herself, and the fact that you truly appreciate her.

I don’t think you want me to stop

Of course, she doesn’t. if she wants you to stop, she will probably be saying just ‘stop’. If you think she actually needs you to stop, you probably should.

However, if you see it as mere comments of flattery towards your teasing remarks, you definitely should continue with it.

Are you sure?

If you feel like you really have to stop touching her, you can ask this question and start teasing her with it.

You’ll just look into her eyes, wear a serious look of concern and ask this question slowly over and over again.

While you should stop disturbing her, you will but you’ll be ending the conversation in a funny manner.

I am not joking

Let her know you are not joking when you say she is beautiful. Let her know you are not joking when you say she is the best woman in the world.

Let her know you are not joking when you say you want to hold her in your arms for as long as forever.

When she hears all of these sweet compliments, she will be flattered but she may not believe all of them.

She may consider some of them as exaggerations, even though she will still be very happy that you are saying all these things.

If you can prove this feeling of love and everything you’ve said, she will be more flattered than ever.

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I don’t want to

You can say this if you’ve been teasing her or playing roughly with her. You can wear an innocent look while saying this. If she doesn’t respond, you can continue with it immediately.

That is one indication that she doesn’t want you to stop.

You’re still smiling

This one will be very funny to her if she doesn’t truly want you to stop what you are doing. She may actually want you to stop but not necessarily.

If she doesn’t need you to stop, you can still convince her to give in and enjoy the moment with you.

When she tells you to stop and you tell her she’s still smiling, she will crack up while trying to keep the smile from her face. She may manage to wear a straight face.

In response, make funny faces at her till she bursts out in laughter, then you can continue with your play.

On one condition

Since she doesn’t need you to stop, she can’t go so far to fulfill conditions. However, she can fulfill conditions that seem easy at that moment. You can tell her that you will only stop if she gives you three kisses.

Once she gives you three kisses, you can continue with it immediately. While doing this, keep a close watch to know if she still wants you to stop. If she still does, you can give her a break for the moment.

I am quite stubborn

When she tells you to stop, you can tell her how stubborn you are before proceeding to show her.

By continuing the teasing and saying jokes, you will be able to tell if she actually wants you to stop teasing her or if she’s enjoying it. If she’s enjoying it, you can continue. If she still wants you to stop, you shouldn’t go further.

And if I don’t?

This is a nice response unless she is busy and actually needs you to stop. When you ask this question, she will be too stunned to say anything in response.

Immediately you ask, you can respond for her by saying ‘nothing’. Then you can move closer and stop her lips with a kiss.

Your eyes don’t tell me to

When she tells you to stop teasing or touching her, you can stare into her eyes while wearing a serious look on your face. Then you can say her eyes don’t tell you to stop.

You can tease her about the fact that she’s enjoying the moment.

Stop wasting time? Of course

‘Stop’ is one of the sensual and insincere words you can hear from your girlfriend when you are trying to seduce her.

Immediately she tells you to stop, retort with this statement and grab her again. 

I can tell you want more of me

You can just shake your head when she tells you to stop. You know she doesn’t want you to stop and she can’t deny it for so long.

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