10 Other Ways to Say “I’m Glad You Appreciate It”

There are several ways to show appreciation. There are also several ways to react to appreciation. One of the things you can say when responding to a person’s appreciation is ‘It’s good to know you like it’.

You have to admit the special feeling you get when you realize you have been of great help to a person.

That is one of the biggest reasons why it’s important to show appreciation and let a person know how much you have been helped.

You can imagine going an extreme length to help a person and just failing. The motivation blows away like a thin wisp of smoke.

When you want to show that you are happy about a person’s appreciation, there are things you can say in response to the person’s gratitude. You can also keep a smile on your face to show you are happy.

10 ways to say “glad you appreciate it”

  1. Good to know you liked it.
  2. It’s so soothing to hear that
  3. I made it myself.
  4. Really? I’m proud of myself now.
  5. It’s good to know you had a nice time.
  6. Thanks for appreciating. That makes me glad.
  7. You think so? Wow. Thanks.
  8. Coming from you, that means a lot.
  9. I’m happy to know you enjoyed it.
  10. It’s great to see you having fun.

Good to know you liked it

One of the ways a person can show appreciation for what you have done is simply by reacting to it. To some people, what really matters is the knowledge of how helpful they have been.

When you say your appreciation, you are showing the person that you recognize the gesture that has been made and you appreciate it.

Showing your reaction can also let the person know that you truly enjoy what has been done for you. If you are one of these people, a person can simply say ‘I like it’ and you’ll count that as enough appreciation.

‘Hey, Bella. I got you some shoes. Come check them out!’
‘Oh my goodness! They are beautiful’

By saying ‘They are beautiful’, the gesture you have made has been clearly appreciated. Therefore, you can respond by showing how glad to know he or she appreciates the gift or gesture you have made.

Instead of saying you are glad, you can also say ‘It is good to know’. It means you feel good to know you have done something that is appreciated.

‘Oh my goodness. These are beautiful. I love them’
‘It’s good to know you like them. I got them on my way back’

Ways to Say I'm Glad You Appreciate It

It’s so soothing to hear that

You can also give this response to a person’s comments. It can be any comment at all; just anyone that shows that your gesture is appreciated.

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It may also not necessarily be a gesture that has been made by you but we won’t be looking into other contexts.

A person can speak of his or her thrilling experience at your home. He or she may speak of how much joy you give.

The person may also be speaking about loving something that you gave to him or her. That is one way to show appreciation. The person may also say ‘Thank you’ directly to you.

‘Hi. Did you use the tickets I bought for you? How was the movie?’
‘Oh my goodness! It was lovely. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. Thank you’
‘It’s so soothing to hear that. I was worried about what I could do to get you back up’

Thanks. I made it myself.

 Does it sound weird to say ‘thanks’ back to someone who has just said ‘thanks’ to you? Maybe it sounds a bit weird.

However, it is already common to say ‘thanks’ in response to a person’s appreciation. Remember, there are other ways to show appreciation without actually saying ‘thanks’.

As discussed earlier, simply having a genuinely happy reaction can show a person that a gift or a gesture is appreciated.

If you have given something to a person and he or she appreciates it, you can give this response. Of course, you don’t have to lie if this is not the case.

Saying that you made the gift yourself will show that you appreciate the person’s comments on the gift.

‘Hi. How was the cookie I gave to you?’
‘Where did you get it from? It’s the best thing I’ve ever had. I loved it so much’.
‘Thanks. I actually made it myself’

This shows that you needed feedback on your work and that is what you got. Obviously, you appreciate what the person has said to you.

Even though it is a simple appreciation of what you have done, it is also a compliment on you handwork. You can also use this in another way.

It doesn’t have to be something you made. You just have to make a comment that shows you appreciate the review you got.

‘Hi. Did you enjoy the park, yesterday?’
‘Oh my goodness. How did you find out about that place? I loved it. Thank you’
‘Thanks. I have marked this place since I was a kid. It always fascinated me.’

Ways to Say I'm Glad You Appreciate It

Really? I’m proud of myself now.

You can say this and actually give a proud smile. People don’t just say ‘I’m proud’. It is a statement borne out of happiness.

When a person says he or she is proud of you, it means he or she can boast about you. It means the person is happy about what you have done or what you have achieved.

There is always happiness when you say this. It means the same even when you are saying this about yourself.

People don’t often claim to be proud of themselves so it may sound like a joke. However, it will still show that you are happy about what has just happened or what you have just heard.

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This is only a correct response and reaction to a gift you have made with your hands. That is not necessary but it is more suitable to say this when what you are being appreciated for shows your dexterity.

‘Hi. How were the brownies I made for you? Were they manageable?’
‘Manageable? What in the heavens does that mean? These are the best I’ve ever tasted.’
‘Really? Wow. I’m proud of myself now’

The cited scenario above shows off a person’s dexterity in making a brownie. The other person has shown appreciation towards the gift and also indirectly given a compliment.

The person’s response shows that he or she appreciates the appreciation and indirect compliment coming from the other person.

It is also not necessarily about food or things made with hands. It may have to do with other things. This may also be a great response if a person says a compliment to you.

‘Hello, John. The movie was beautiful. You have great taste, man!’
‘Really? I’m proud of myself now.’

It’s good to know you had a nice time

Obviously, this response is necessarily referring to time spent together with the person showing appreciation.

You can’t always use this as a response to a person’s appreciation but you can say this if the person is appreciating the time spent with you or an outing set up by you.

The person can directly say thanks to you or may just talk about what a nice time he or she had. It is also possible to say both. For example, a person can say ‘I had a nice time, thank you’. Then you can give this response.

“Thank you so much, John. I really enjoyed the ride. It was beautiful.”
“It’s nothing. It’s good to know you had a nice time”

Thanks for appreciating. That makes me glad.

There are ways to show your appreciation without putting in so much passion. The option stated earlier is one of them.

It is a statement you can make with little to no smile on your face. However, this one seems and sounds intense.

Even if you don’t wear a smile on your face, the words already express that you appreciate the comments.

Here is a response you can give if the comment is about what you have done with your hands or something you have prepared.

It may also just be something that you really worked hard to get. We often go the extra mile to please the people we love so we definitely all understand what it means to be appreciated and how it feels to have the extra efforts invalidated.

Here is a scenario about a person’s handwork.

‘Hi. What do you think of the cloth I made for you?’
‘I forgot to thank you. It fits me perfectly… now I feel like I’ll wear it too often. Thank you’
‘Thanks for appreciating. That makes me glad. I’m not great at it yet’.

The scenario above shows how this response works for a comment on your handwork. However, it doesn’t work for that alone. You can also say this to refer to your effort in getting something done.

‘Hey, John. I saw the extra work on your file. It’s neat. I appreciate it’
‘Thank you, boss. I’m glad to hear that. It really took some money so get that done’

You think so? Wow. Thanks.

Here is another way to show that you appreciate a person’s gratitude but it will sound weird if you use it wrongly. It has to fit into the conversation.

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This particular response only works fine enough when the appreciation that has been said to you is also a compliment.

For example, it may be an appreciation comment on something you made with your hands.

While the person is saying thanks to you, there may also be some slight exaggerations on how great the gift is to him or her.

You can give this response to show that you may not think so much about your own kind gestures but you truly appreciate the comment.

‘I saw the cloth you made for me. Thank you. It’s so beautiful!’
‘You think so? Wow. Thanks’

Coming from you, that means a lot.

Here is one of the best and most common ways to show that you appreciate something and it means a lot to you.

It is not necessarily used in response to appreciation but you can say this if the appreciation also mentions compliments about you.

You may have made a gesture which you think may not be noticed or you may have given a gift to someone whom you think may not show so much appreciation.

This response shows that you not only value the compliment that has been said but also value the fact that it is coming from that particular person.

‘Thank you for this, Beloved. I love your work’
‘Thank you. Coming from you, that means a lot.’

I’m happy to know you enjoyed it.

This statement can respond to virtually all forms of appreciation but not all appreciations are usually enjoyed.

You may have helped in saving a person’s life. Instead of showing appreciation for a person’s gratitude, you can just show that you are happy to be of help by saying ‘I’m glad I could help’.

You can say this when a person is showing appreciation for an outing you set up. You can say this if the person is showing appreciation for something edible.

It could be about the quality time you spent with each other. It may also be about a movie or just anything you consider ‘enjoyable’.

‘This is a beautiful piece, Joseph. I can’t believe you wrote this’
‘I’m happy to know you enjoyed it’

It’s great to see you having fun.

This response is more correct as a response to a reaction that you consider appreciative.

The person may not say ‘thanks’ to you directly but you can see that you have helped out in making him or her smile. You may even say this before you hear him or her say ‘thank you’.

Also, before you say this, it has to do with fun. This has nothing to do with food or your handwork. Below is an example.

‘Thank you for the console, bro. I have really missed this’
‘It’s okay. It’s great to see you having fun’.

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