30 Funny Responses to “Man Up”

Being a man has never been an easy task. I know some men who would rather take a break from being a “man” than go to their workplace now and then.

The experience could be merry for a selected few who are well-off but the greater number of men seem not to be enjoying the ride.

When faced with a circumstance that pushes you to a breaking point as a man, it is common to hear people tell you ‘man up’.

While this could be a motivational phrase to pump you up, it could also come out as condescending.

Most times when a guy gets this clap back from a person, he or she tends to feel dejected but you won’t be doing that. I’ll be walking you through 30 funny responses to “man up”. Happy reading!

30 Funny Responses to Man Up

Sounding funny while trying to respond to someone who tells you to “man up” doesn’t come off as easy. However, there’s a hack.

Yes, you can reply to the person using comebacks which sound ridiculous, and still get that hilarious reaction from either them or people who will be around when you served your response.

Trust me, this works well enough and it is on this basis I curated my list of the best 30 responses to man up which include ‘nice try, but I’ll pass’, ‘what would be cool would be you shutting up’, ‘no one said I had to be emotionless to be a man’, and ‘define manning up?’.

  1. Lol…I’m trans now big guy
  2. Now, stop trying to convince yourself that you’re a better person
  3. Sorry, I left that brand of juice at home
  4. If you were referring to my inability to grow beards, well I can’t, due to genetics
  5. I’d prefer being a human being; thanks
  6. I’ll surely “man up” when you stop acting like a child
  7. Coming from someone who can’t ‘woman up’
  8. I guess you meant to say ‘get mature’. Stop disgracing your English teachers
  9. Nice try, but I’ll pass
  10. Please pay for my gym sessions!
  11. I’m knowledgeable enough to know that being toxic isn’t cool
  12. What would be cool will be you shutting up
  13. I wasn’t looking uncomfortable, though. Thanks for being concerned even if nobody needed your opinion
  14. It’s not my fault that I don’t have a baritone voice
  15. Well, I prefer being this cool
  16. No one told me I had to be emotionless to be a man
  17. It’s sad you don’t look man enough to lecture me
  18. It’s funny to think I owe you proof to show my masculinity
  19. Let’s face facts…I’m more secure than you can ever be with yourself
  20. Once you become more human than you already are, then I may consider your advice
  21. You wouldn’t do badly as a military drill instructor. I’m just wondering why your manliness didn’t let you see it for yourself
  22. Define manning up
  23. Depends on what that means. The doctors assured me that my testosterone level is perfect
  24. Can we get to the point you ‘woman up’ and let me consider mine?
  25. Sorry, but I’m not a transformer
  26. If by not crying as you do, then I’m man enough
  27. You’re mistaking my gentlemanliness for softness
  28. I’m wearing short denim bro, not a tutu like you did before
  29. If by ‘man up’, you mean getting my bag then best believe I’m on it
  30. Why didn’t you wise up before telling me that?

1. Lol…I’m Trans Now Big Guy

It’s going to be a funny scene when you respond to the person who tells you to man up by using this line of response.

You’re jokingly telling the person that their advice to you being “man up” is baseless since you’re now a trans.

This line of response holds no prejudice against the community of transgenders but is strictly poised to make lively your response to the person who tells you to man up.

Here, your current status of being a trans cancels out the person’s charge on you because you no longer identify as a male, hence, making it senseless even to whoever made the charge on you.

2. Thanks. Now, Stop Trying to Convince Yourself That You’re a Better Person

You shouldn’t always show grievances when the board is not in your favor. This is the foundation on which I curated this particular line of response.

The essence of this response is to draw an obvious line between what the person who told you to man up thinks, and what the reality holds for both of you.

With this response, you’re firstly thanking the person for pointing out that you need to man up. It goes further to try to reiterate your preconceived idea that the person’s statement doesn’t make you less of a human and then a better person than you.

3. Sorry, I Left That Brand of Juice at Home

Hahaha…that’s how hard it will crack the ribs of anyone who hears you reply to the person who tells you to man up by using this line of response.

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Here, you’re insinuating that ‘man up’ is a brand of drink and unfortunately, you don’t have it with you.

The expression that you left the juice brand at home means you won’t be acknowledging the person’s charge telling you to ‘man up’.

I’m sure the person you’re replying to or even close-by listeners will light up with chuckles when you say this line of response.

4. If You Were Referring to My Inability to Grow Beards, Well I Can’t, Due to Genetics

It is laughable to think that the issue of not growing beards remains a yardstick for measuring the masculinity of a lot of guys, especially between young guys in their late 20s and early 30s.

Though a ridiculous one, this may not be unrelated to the reason why someone tells you to man up. However, you can capitalize on it to serve the speaker a funny response.

To achieve that, you’ll need a line of response such as the one right here. You’re now telling the person that you can’t ‘man up’ because of your genetic composition that made it so.

Citing the issue of whether or not you have beards, this response could just be the funny spice you need to crack up the speaker who gave you the charge.

5. I’d Prefer Being a Human Being; Thanks

Funny Responses to Man Up

You’re a human being already, so it is understandable when you tell someone that you’d prefer remaining as such than doing their bidding which is for you to ‘man up’.

This is because there have been claims and shreds of evidence that shows that some men who claim masculinity end up being narcissistic and toxic towards others, especially women.

While this action from them doesn’t sound encouraging, you may have your reservations about it.

However, if you don’t want to be caught in the crossfire of gender stereotyping, you can choose to reply to the speaker using this line of response.

It suggests that you’re well-off as a human and you don’t need to do as they said to prove anything to them.

6. I’ll surely “Man Up” When You Stop Acting Like a Child

It is funny to think that there are people who are only good with dishing out charges and pieces of advice to others while they’re still stuck with questionable characters and behavioral patterns.

This could be the case with the person you tell you to ‘man up’ and if it is, you can employ this line of response to serve him or her just the right dose to make them or shut up.

7. Coming from Someone Who Can’t ‘Woman Up’

I get it…the actions of some women who try to broke-shame a guy or make him feel dejected by telling him to ‘man up’.

The brain behind this statement is that which insinuates that the guy in question is not doing enough as a man.

Perhaps, his finances are not totally in order and he’s looking to make friends with them.

If this is the case you find yourself, you can instantly shove the female speaker aside by using this line of response.

I discovered that a lot of women are only quick to list out their specifics in a man and they fail to upgrade themselves to attract this perfect-guy picture they try to paint every time.

Well, you won’t be having any of that from any girl who tries to make you feel less of a man by telling you to ‘man up’.

If she believes saying this to you in public will do more harm, don’t fret. You can serve her the same pound of flesh by using this line of response. I’m sure this will crack up the side listeners while she bows in shame.

8. I Guess You Meant to Say ‘Get Mature’. Stop Disgracing Your English Teachers

There’s a clear difference between being mature and being a man. Biologically, every male-born fellow is potentially a man, but not all are mature enough to withstand extreme life-threatening conditions.

The person who tells you to man up could have your maturity in mind when they say you should man up.

You can sense this through their tone, and if this is the case, you should make them understand the thin-line difference between their assertions about you.

9. Nice Try, but I’ll Pass

If you’re not in the mood to banter words, or even get into a mild verbal exchange with the person who tells you to man up, you can use this line of response to ‘pass by’.

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Telling the person “nice try” has a way of downplaying the person’s confidence because the phrase has a way of tweaking a person’s consciousness to make them feel that their statement was worth it.

If the speaker or people around are intelligent enough, they’ll be able to pick up the stems of fun in your response.

10. Please Pay For My Gym Sessions!

Pleading with the person who tells you to man up to pay for your gym session is laughable. It gets further interesting if the person in question fails to do that.

It means they’re just good with words and can’t contribute so that you can actually ‘man up’.

With this line, you’re telling the person that the joke is on them and not you.

11. I’m Knowledgeable Enough to Know That Being Toxic Isn’t Cool

While toxicity as a man can help preserve some of the moral values you hold dear; being a sight to its downside can be destructive.

Hence, when someone says you should ‘man up’ you can cite the adverse effects of being manly (which can be synonymous with toxicity to some extent) as your reason for not acknowledging their charge on you.

12. What Would Be Cool Will Be You Shutting Up

No matter how endearing it sounds, when someone tries to degenerate your mental state by charging you to man up you can also stand your ground and rebuke them.

Using this line of response on him or her will do the job of cutting you some slack with their nuisance.

13. I Wasn’t Looking Uncomfortable, Though. Thanks for Being Concerned Even if Nobody Needed Your Opinion

There are a lot of people, especially men who are not comfortable with being who they are. I guess you don’t share this sentiment which is why I added this line of statement to this list.

You can use it to dismiss the person who tells you to man up.

14. It’s Not My Fault That I Don’t Have a Baritone Voice

Were you in voice training class and someone tries to shame you for having a voice type akin to feminine? You don’t have to feel bad because humans are generally unbearable.

However, you can stay off being tongue-tied if you have this as your ready-made response.

15. Well, I Prefer Being This Cool

Not being relaxed in one’s skin is a big issue for a lot of individuals. Perhaps, the person who charged you to man up thinks you have this problem and thought telling you to man up will solve the problem.

You can make them trip on their thoughts when you use this line as your response.

16. No One Told Me I Had to Be Emotionless to Be a Man

Discard all the usual talks about how being void of emotion makes you a man. It could be on this basis that someone tells you to man up.

They probably saw your expression of how you feel as taboo. But no one made a such rule.

17. It’s Sad You Don’t Look Man Enough to Lecture Me

Isn’t it hilarious to have a person who can’t drive supervise you in your car lessons, ahead of collecting your license?

It is, indeed and that would be the exact thing the person who tells you to man up would be done by pressing those charges on you when they don’t even show enough masculinity to say that to you.

18. It’s Funny to Think I Owe You Proof to Show My Masculinity

You owe nobody no explanation or proof of your masculinity. Even if you do, it should be yourself.

So, when someone tries to put you in the position of being accountable to them you can shun them and reclaim control over your choice of thoughts and actions.

19. Let’s Face Facts…I’m More Secure Than You Can Ever Be With Yourself

Identity crisis and gender insecurity are high among a lot of individuals, especially the teeming female youngsters.

If you’re a young guy and a girl decides to chide you by telling you to man up, you shove into her brain the realities of life. This response right here does a perfect job when it comes to that.

Funny Responses to Man Up

20. Once You Become More Human Than You Already Are, Then I May Consider Your Advice

It is sad to think that the same people who want you to be a better version of yourself do little or nothing to evolve.

If you notice the person who told you to man up is guilty of this, then you can use this line to reply to them.

Although there’s no really a funny factor in this line, it culls up reality to the person’s face.

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21. You Wouldn’t Do Badly as a Military Drill Instructor. I’m Just Wondering Why Your Manliness Didn’t Let You See It for Yourself

You can laugh while you say this when someone tries to mock you by telling you to man up. Perhaps, you met an overwhelming experience and you couldn’t hold back the emotions.

Don’t feel bad if they bring it up, just respond with this line and see how every other person present will burst out with laughter.

22. Define Manning Up

The sad but funny truth is that the greater number of people who could tell you to man up don’t even know what it entails.

They’re just saying it because it suits their line of the statement, without them having a rooted idea of what you should do.

Perhaps, they think it lies in not crying or talking with a bass voice. It goes beyond that; so this question can serve as your response to such a person.

Get ready to laugh because they’re most likely to disgrace themselves.

23. Depends on What That Means. The Doctors Assured Me That My Testosterone Level Is Perfect

While the person who charged you to man up could have something else in mind, you can add some comic relief to your response using this line of response.

24. Can We Get to the Point You ‘Woman up’ and Let Me Consider Mine?

I understand how hurtful when a girl tells you to man up to your responsibilities; the same ones you’ve been struggling to handle.

However, you can turn the tables on them by using this line of response.

25. Sorry, but I’m Not a Transformer

Yeah, you’re not a transformer so it makes no absolute sense for you to listen to anyone who charges you to man up, literally.

26. If by Not Crying As You Do, Then I’m Man Enough

Funnily enough, guys who hardly cry as seen as men enough. If you fall in this category, and someone tells you to man up over something else, you can jokingly reply to them using this statement.

27. You’re Mistaking My Gentlemanliness for Softness

The truth is that being soft is not an anti-masculine trait like many people make it seem. It becomes a problem if it remains unchecked and persistent.

With that said, you shouldn’t shy from correctly addressing anyone who tells you to man up because you were just being a gentleman.

28. I’m Wearing Short Denim Bro, Not a Tutu as You Did Before

The wearing of short denim is not a ‘women’s thing’ as men also have theirs. Therefore, if someone tells you to man up because you wore short denim, you can refute their assertions by using this response.

I’m sure they’ll learn to stay out of your problem if you serve them this.

29. If by ‘Man up’, you Mean Getting My Bag Then Best Believe I’m on It

Do you get your bag, but is just an easygoing person? If so, chances are that people could mistake you for being less masculine. Well, screw that idea.

You should stand up to what you are and can do using this line of response.

30. Why Didn’t You Wise Up Before Telling Me That?

This response utilizes wordplay to drive home its essence of being hilarious. You’re asking the person who tells you to man up why he or she didn’t ‘wise up’ before charging you to man up.

This only means one thing…it means you’re indirectly calling them dumb for saying such a thing to you.

While this response could come off rough, it serves the person right if their tone when telling you to man up was condescending.

Parting Words

The world of men is not one with fine pebbles and flower beds. It’s so rough that not everyone (men) wants to keep being strong or being a man.

Yet, we keep hearing it in different forms…the voices of people telling us to stand up, man up, be a man, grow a pair, and so on.

When faced with this charge, the usual reaction would be to quietly continue being a man without a response.

Well, the revolution is here and I came through for all men with up to 30 funny responses to ‘man up’ which were properly detailed in this post.

You are free to use any of these replies verbatim, as they serve their purpose rightly. In light of questions and suggestions, the comment section below is available for you.

I’ll be patiently waiting for your reactions, as I’m keen to be helpful where I can. Stay strong!

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