20 Funny Responses to Feet Pics

Well, we’ve all been there, at one point in our lives when someone has sent us pictures of themselves.

This could be a selfie, full-body shot, or even other body parts.

This can lead to awkward situations sometimes, especially when you didn’t ask for them and you quickly want to get out of it.

If you are anything like most people, you suck at coming up with the right excuses or responses.

Then, it’s a good thing you are reading this because I’ve got you covered.

Though it can be awkward when someone sends you a foot pic for the first time, the right response can make it less awkward.

If you are caught in a situation and need funny responses as backup, relieve them. I have written 20 of the best for you.

These responses are funny, necessary, appropriate, and versatility structured to fit in a range of scenarios and contexts.

20 Funny Responses to Feet Pics

Some funny response to feet pics is saying, “seeing your feet, I shall never know defeat”, and, “your feet are to be heard and not seen.”

With such funny replies, you can use them to subtly make joking or sarcastic remarks about their feet pictures.

1. I can see why you have been hiding them. your feet don’t deserve to be on camera

Funny Responses to Feet Pics

A good response, that is guaranteed to be comedic, is saying your feet don’t deserve to be on camera.

Beautiful or interesting pictures are shared because the other person hopes you find them interesting.s.

Replying this way shows that you are not interested in the feet pictures, but making a light joke of it.

They will understand that you have no intention of liking the picture. And you have jokingly aired your opinion about the photograph.

You need not explain yourself more than necessary. This is because they did not ask for your permission before sending such pictures.

2. You could sell these online, I bet people will pay you top rate

A funny way to respond to a feet pic is by saying they could sell their feet pictures online and make some money out of it.

This is a classical way to turn such unsolicited acts around on the other person.

It puts them in an awkward situation because they know you have wittily chastised them for sending a picture you didn’t ask for.

This tells them they should send photos of their feet to someone who wants it. Better still they should do it for something valuable like money.

Since it is rude to encroach on someone’s boundaries and get called out for it. They will back off from such acts.

3. These pictures should be classified information. Unauthorized viewers should be terminated.

Funny Responses to Feet Pics

This funny response is an all-time classic. It has just the right amount of humor to be funny every time it’s used. It hardly gets old, staying fresh after many uses.

Saying their feet should be classified means only select eyes can see them.

It tells the speaker that you love their feet ‘pics, and they should not send them to just anyone.

Showing strangers means killing them, which means it should be for your eyes only.

4. Why have You sent Me Feet Pics? Are you putting them on auction?

A funny response to the feet pic is asking if they want the photo to be sold on auction…

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Suggesting they want to sell their feet is hilarious. It will make the idea of sending such a photo silly, making them rethink before sending it next time.

It’s a way to show them your feet pic are not your thing, and receiving pictures you didn’t ask for, is a downer for you.

If you ask them why they have sent you feet pics, they have to respond with an explanation.

Also, it’s another way you can subtly inform them you don’t condone such acts.

5. I could mention better pictures I would love to see because these feet pics are not doing it for me.

Feet pictures are liked by those who have an interest in them. Sending them to those who don’t like feet pictures is a waste of time.

When you have a fondness for other body parts, you can’t be attracted by pictures of feet.

A response such as this is a funny way to tell them their feet are not doing it for them. If they want your attention, they will have to send something you like.

They will know not to send you such pictures without knowing your likes.

6. Hmm, I don’t know what to do with this. Are your feet in trouble? 

If you want some funny response to pictures sent to you, say you don’t know what to do with this.

It clarifies things between the sender and you and that’s why this reply works. It has them wondering why they would send you something you have no idea what to do with.

By the time they realize you are joking, the jokes are on them already.

They will have no choice but to count their losses and lick their wounds. This reply tells them you are not down with receiving feet pics from them.

7. Hey, I think you have a better chance if you sent me something else

When you say they have a better chance if they sent something else, it’s a sign they won’t get anything from you with feet pictures.

The reply is funny because their chances of piquing your interest in them just dwindled. And them sending you feet pics, was a wrong move on their part.

This is a way of saying they have to try other things that can get your attention.

8. Seeing these feet, means I won’t be defeated

This is a funny response that rhymes. If you feel like adding some wordplay to your reply, then try this here.

It shows them that you appreciate their feet’ pictures.

Who wants to be defeated in life? No one is right. And if seeing some feet pics means I’ll remain undefeated, count me in. It’s funny, right?

Because you both know such things can’t happen, they will realize you are only making a mockery of their feet pic.

9. Sorry, you have reached the wrong number, check and send it again

We are familiar with similar chimes from the phone company when we dial the wrong number.

Repeating a similar response when you receive feet pics will generate the right amount of humor in such situations.

They will know such a response from you, means a lack of interest and you just politely turned them down.

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Their chances will be better if they try it with someone else.

10. You have to stop scaring people with such kinds of pictures

Have you been annoyed because you received something unnecessary when you aren’t in the mood?

I know I have been on multiple occasions. You might want to vent, but a witty and funny reply can convey the frustration you feel.

When you tell them they have to stop scaring people with such photos, they will leave you be.

You have forced them to leave your dm by responding this way.

They will know you are not in the mood to receive foot pictures from them or anyone.

11. Send your feet pics to the museum, that’s where it belongs

Telling them to send their feet pics to a museum is a funny way of responding to a message like that.

This will throw them off-guard because they wouldn’t expect you to rebuff them in that manner.

Normally, they expect you to say something nice, and not direct them elsewhere.

This will put you ahead of the situation because you have made your thoughts clear to them. It is up to them to do anything they want with such information.

12. Well, since you have sent these. Do I own you now?

Saying if you own them now because they sent a photo, is a funny response when you receive photos of their feet.

They will realize they must have bitten more than they can chew. No one enjoys being owned.

And since you can’t own them, they will stop sending feet pics or admit that you own them.

Responding to such a message will have to be done in a manner that still carries your playful tone. This response does just that.

13. This is a special gesture. I will have to ask you what you want in return for this.

Using this response will send a message that their message has been received and acknowledged.

It’s also funny because you suddenly have them spilling the reason they sent you the feet pics first.

They know why they have sent you their feet pics. Asking them what they want in return is the only fair thing to do.

When such circumstances arise, they know they now have your interest. It shows them, sending such a photo was a good thing.

14. Ah! I have been made blind by seeing their angelic radiance. Please give me a little warning next time.

When you want to mock them for sending pictures of their feet, you respond this way.

Here, you are telling them you have been blinded by the beautiful nature of their feet. They are so precious and a divine sight to behold.

It’s a funny response that will make them see how silly their action was. This will make them take back anything they sent to you.

15. To see these feet, means I have to taste them

Now, this is a hilarious and almost weirdly disgusting response.

It’s suitable for those people who you are close to and comfortable with sending such photos of themselves.

Saying the sight of their feet means you have to taste them, which will make them blush significantly.

It shows them how weird and okay their message was. This is a classical case of seeing what you like and going to get it.

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16. Let me save this, hopefully, you will need it when you lose your feets

This response is funny because you just told them you may well save their feet pics in case they lost them in the future.

Sending feet pics or other body parts to you will take some time. They will become wary of doing so.

It’s hilarious responding this way because that’s the point of the reply.

This shows them you don’t have interest in the feet pics from them. Moving on from you will be a wise choice for them.

17. I want to reply to your message, but my feet are not home right now

Who goes anywhere without their feet? Funny right?

This response tells them you are too busy to send or not just in the mood.

With such a reply, you show them you are not going to return the favor to them.

And because they have sent you this doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

Here they understand the limitations of what can be expected from you.

18. My feet are on vacation right now, I will send them to you when they are done.

If your feet are on vacation then, no one needs to disturb them. They have been working and earning the right to rest.

This response is so funny it gets me every time. It dashes any hope they may have of you sending pictures of your own.

Once they read your message, they know you are not exchanging any pictures and it’s a waste of time to ask you.

19. You should know, feet pics are meant for special people. Have I become one without knowing? 

If you are special or close to them, then you have no issue receiving such pictures from them.

You are not sure where you stand with them, and this response exposes this.

It’s funny because you have turned their message into a mock interrogation.

They will be confused about the right approach to follow when you reply this way.

Since they did not plan for this, they have to explain themselves to you.

The outcome will determine how your relationship will move forward from there.

20. Are you saving your collection of feet pictures on my phone?

This is a direct response that directs a question to the speaker.

You are asking them if they want to save their pictures on your phone.

It’s a way of sarcastically calling them out for sending such personal photos of themselves.

It shows them sending such a message is weird when the other person doesn’t vibe with them on that level.

Parting Words

Receiving a feet pic is not a strange thing if it’s coming from someone you have been doing it with.

When it’s from a stranger or a random person, then the rejection mail needs to be sent.

Responding and showing your displeasure to such messages can be complicated, because you can hardly figure out the best way, without causing conflict.

That’s where using funny responses comes in.

You don’t have to sound too grave when telling them their feet pics are unsolicited.

With a well-articulated response, you can pass your message with the same clarity and gravity.

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