16 Best Replies to “No Way!”

At face value, “no way” could mean that someone disagrees with you. It can also be used to show surprise when someone is amazed by the information you share with them, which could be favorable or not.

Narcissists and someone who is bossy will always have “no way” in their mouths because they want only their ideas and opinions to make headway.

However, there is always a suitable reply for the circumstances you are in, which could be friendly, audacious, serious, sincere, or challenging. In this article, you will get to know the 16 best replies to “no way.”

16 Appropriate Replies to “No Way”

Underneath are the 16 best replies to “no way.”

  1. What do you take me for in the first place?
  2. I am serious.
  3. You’ve got to believe me.
  4. Do you think I am kidding?
  5. Unfortunately, it is a reality.
  6. Then what do you want?
  7. What do you mean by that?
  8. Anything is possible, you know.
  9. Do you mean I wasted my time?
  10. No way? why?
  11. Okay. It’s fine by me.
  12. It’s best not to assume that
  13. How do you think I will feel? Don’t be selfish, please.
  14. I think you should have second thoughts about this. I will give you some time.
  15. You always have a way of getting what you want, whenever you wish.
  16. Okay. Thanks

What Do You Take Me For In The First Place?

Best Replies to No Way

This response is most appropriate when you tell someone something shocking about yourself that is difficult for them to believe.

For instance, you may tell them that you just got a scholarship, you just won a lottery ticket, or you just got a distinction in your exams, and because of their surprise at your achievement, they may say, “No way.”

In that case, your response can be, “What do you take me for in the first place?” and this response can mean different things; the closest two are “do you think I am so dumb or unfortunate?” and “yes, I deserve it.”

I Am Serious

While discussing with someone, you can come to a point where you say something that they do not believe, and as a result of how unbelievable the story you share seems, they may say, “No way,” and your response could be, “Smiles.” I am serious.

It is possible that they took your words for granted at first. But when giving them this response, you ought not to contradict your words by smiling.

However, if you are just kidding or do not want to sound all serious, you can simply say, “I am serious,” and add a smile to it.

You’ve Got To Believe Me

When someone says “no way” during or after your conversation or makes a plea of disagreement or disbelief with something or someone’s opinion, it is obvious that they do not trust the authenticity of the information you are passing to them.

At this point, if you feel that they need to believe you without a doubt because what you share is nothing but the truth, then you can further convince them that they’ve got to believe you.

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When you say this to them, your words shouldn’t contradict your gesture, so they know that you are serious.

Do You Think I Am kidding?

It is possible for your friend or someone else with whom you play a lot to feel that you are joking all the time.

This may be a result of the relationship between you and me and how you understand yourself.

However, where the work may come in is where you will have to convince them every now and then that you are serious, and they ought to believe you at that point.

This is something you may need to tackle until they understand you better as you continue to be friends.

So, in a situation where you share very important information with them and expect them to take action, but their reply is “no way,” then your response could be, “Do you think I am kidding?”

Unfortunately, It Is Reality

Best Replies to No Way

This response is most appropriate when it is difficult for someone to believe that something unfavorable has happened to them or something or someone around them.

In this case, “no way” can be a reply to the bad news that they encounter. On seeing the circumstances, your reply can be, “Unfortunately, it is reality.”

Then What Do You Want?

When someone says “no way” after you present an idea to them, it is possible that they do not buy your idea or do not want it to stand.

In that case, they may not agree with what you have brought to the table, which could be why they say no. Maybe they have something much better in mind.

So, you shouldn’t fail to ask them what they want since they expressed their dissatisfaction with your request.

What Do You Mean By That?

During a conversation or chat with someone, they may say “no way” suddenly. And you may be wondering why they say so.

After searching your heart and scanning through your conversation, you may find no connection between what you have discussed or are trying to talk about and their way of thinking.

When that happens, you should not fail to ask, “What do they mean by that to bring to light what they have in mind?

Anything Is Possible, You Know

One of the various reasons why someone may say “no” to you in the course of your conversation is if they feel that what you are saying is beyond them or not achievable at that moment or with the surrounding circumstances or people.

You can equally tell them that, although they think that way, everything and anything is possible.

Do You Mean I Wasted My Time?

Best Replies to No Way

It is annoying to get this ‘no way’ reaction after toiling day and night to make something available.

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It gets even worse to organize a birthday party or welcome surprise, and in the end, all you get is a ‘no way’ reaction, which is a negative one.

At that point, the first thing that may come to mind is that your labor has come to an end, and they do not appreciate you one bit.

Most times, hiding the way you feel may not do you any good in the sense that they may feel comfortable, justifying what they have done even when they may be wrong.

In that case, your response can be, “Do you mean I wasted my time?”

No Way? Why?

You need to get clear on what “no way” means when someone says it to you.

Who knows? It may be relational, and someone may attach personal meaning to it and assume that you understand it in the same manner. So, try to be clear; ask, “No way?” Why?”

It is possible that after getting a response from them, you may get a clear understanding of what they mean and why they say so.

In the end, you can get a better view as to why they make the decisions they do, and from there, you can make it clear why you want them to go with your perspective, or if you are taking their decision, you can state clearly why you are doing that.

Okay. It’s Fine By Me

After considering why someone says “no way,” you may want to agree with their opinions and concept.

Weighing their choices and opinions about things, you may see the need to refrain from your previous decisions and go with theirs since their ideas may be a better version.

So, while engaging in a conversation with someone, they could stop you from saying anything further by saying, “Okay.” “It’s fine by me.”

Although this doesn’t show superiority or make you look inferior, it simply shows that you acknowledge their ideas and feel they will work out well.

It Is Best Not To Assume That

Assumptions can be costly. In a situation where accurate knowledge is lacking, there is a likelihood that someone may brag about something that they are not sure of or don’t have evidence to prove.

So, when someone says to you, “No way,” trying to counter you when you make a statement or share a fact or valid information, you can say to them that it is best not to assume that.

How Do You Think I Will Feel? Don’t Be Selfish, Please

Anyone who is conscious of their attitude can say something about their behavior to save them from destruction. It is possible that they may be portraying some form of self-centeredness unintentionally.

So, when someone says no way because they want the subject matter or topic of discussion to be in their favor or else it doesn’t stand, you can help them see it from a different perspective.

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You can say, “How do you think I will feel?” Don’t be selfish, please, so that they will get a glimpse of the effect of their actions or words and why they reacted by saying that.

I Think You Should Have A Second Thought About This. I Will Give You Some Time

It is true that some people take rash actions, which may cause them to make the wrong choices.

You can get a quick “no way” reply from someone whom you ask a question, and when you look closely, you may see that they made that decision too quickly and maybe out of their current emotional state.

You may be so sure that if only they had more time to think about what you have discussed, they might not have settled for their “no way” response.

In that situation, your reply can be, “I think you should have second thoughts about this.” I will give you some time.

You Always Have A Way Of Getting What You Want, Whenever you Want

It is not so difficult for narcissists and for someone who is self-centered to say “no way” as many times as they want and whenever they want to.

These people and others related to them have a way of always making things work for their own good so that they can enjoy certain benefits alone.

However, the other part of the truth, which is that they may get others hurt, may be left hidden. At this point, you shouldn’t hide their wicked deeds from them.

Don’t try to cover up too much. Clearly tell them that “you always have a way of getting what you want whenever you wish.”

Okay. Thanks

Whether you are happy or not about the outcome of certain discussions, you will get to notice that the best thing to do at some point is to accept the point that they are trying to make in order not to bring out a big deal from your conversation and do what everyone leaves unhurt.

So, if it favors you or not, you can simply say “Okay.” Thanks. It might be considered your strength, not your weakness, sometimes.


Get to know why someone concludes there is no way before you take action on the next best possible step to take.

If you notice that someone tells you no way as a result of their narcissistic character, you shouldn’t fail to challenge them on what you think they should do.

Ask them why they always want the best for themselves and don’t care what others get.

They may seem adamant at first, but all these questions will make them ponder why they act the way they do towards you and even others. You can share what you learned from this article.

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