15 Best Responses to “No, Not Really”

Certain words or statements have hidden intents, depending on what they mean in context and how they are used.

“No, not really” can fall into this category. The response “no, not really” can be approached from many standpoints, depending on the surrounding circumstances.

However, even if you are fully aware that someone doesn’t want to voice their plight and tries to cover it up when you ask if they are not fine with “no, not really,” you should let them be.

And if possible, let them know that you are willing to give them a listening ear in case they need to talk with someone. In this article, you will get to know the 15 best responses to “no, not really.”

Underneath are the 15 best responses to “no, not really.”

  1. Do you want to talk to me about something different? It’s fine if you relate it to me.
  2. I think if there is any reason why you are not so interested in this conversation right now, you should tell me.
  3. Ohhhh! Can you please tell me the reason for this lack of enthusiasm?
  4. It’s fine. I won’t push against your perception about this, but would you like to have a conversation some other time?
  5. It’s so sad to hear that.
  6. No problem at all. But can you tell me what is making you feel this way?
  7. I understand your insecurity. But can you share your worries at least?
  8. Okay. It’s fine. Would you mind if we pulled together ideas concerning this matter?
  9. I respect your choice. Can you let me know what you are thinking about right now?
  10. Okay, I accept that you need your privacy.
  11. I clearly understand you. But I would love to know if there is something you would rather we talk about instead.
  12. I understand you. If you want us to discuss something else, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  13. I can tell how you feel. Can you describe a little why you feel that way?
  14. Hmmmmm. What made you change your mind? I would love to know.
  15. I can see clearly that you are not happy. Can we view the whole thing from a different perspective?

Do You Want To Talk To Me About Something Different? It’s Fine If You Relate It To Me

Best Responses to No Not Really

There are quite a number of situations where the response is, “Do you want to talk to me about something different?

It’s fine if you relate it to me” can be a suitable response to “no, not really,”.

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Especially in situations where someone who says “no, not really,” wears a tight face and doesn’t respond to you when you ask them if they are doing fine, and after the first three minutes, they break the silence and say “no, not really.”

I Think If There Is Any Reason Why You Are Not So Interested In This Conversation Right Now, You Should Tell Me

When someone shows disinterest in a conversation between you two, it is not so difficult to figure it out. It begins with their body language and signs, and sometimes it becomes obvious from their words.

In the same way, when someone with whom you are having a conversation says, “No, not really,” your response can be, “I think if there is any reason why you are not so interested in this conversation right now, you should tell me.”

Ohhhh! Can You Please Tell Me The Reason For This Lack Of Enthusiasm?

Best Responses to No Not Really

Saying “no not really” can mean different things, including a lack of interest.

If you hear such words from someone you are conversing with, it is possible that they are not interested in the conversation.

It’s Fine. I Won’t Push Against Your Perception About This, But Would You Like To Have A Conversation Some Other Time?

No, not really can also mean “I don’t want to talk further about this right now.” Someone who means that may not want to talk further about a conversation you kickstart.

our response in that regard is not to push them to speak out but to politely ask if they want to postpone the conversation for another time.

It’s So Sad To Hear That

Best Responses to No Not Really

This response can be applicable in a situation where someone wants to punish themselves for a wrong they commit.

As a result of the guilt they feel, they may find it hard to forgive themselves, and when they are close to you, they may make resolutions that at face value aren’t favorable to them.

After convincing them to change their decisions, you may ask them if they are okay, and when they reply, “No not really,” you can express your plight and say that you really wish there was something you could do to change their minds.

No Problem At All. But Can You Tell Me What Makes You Feel This Way?

When you see someone with a despondent look, it is a good time to ask if everything is alright with them.

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If their response is “not really,” then you should endeavor to ask them what makes them feel that way.

I Understand Your Insecurity. But Can You Share Your Worries At Least?

Best Responses to No Not Really

Looking closely, someone can say to you, “No, not really,” simply to hide their insecurities when you ask them a question or place an expectation on them.

In that case, you may see worry and much concern in their eyes. You shouldn’t let such people go without at least asking them to share their insecurities.

Okay. It’s Fine. Would You Mind If We Pulled Together Ideas concerning This Matter?

Someone can express their state of worry and neglect by saying “not really” when you ask them if their project is going as expected.

At first glance, their response shows that they may be having certain issues with that.

But with the knowledge and experience, you have that your minds can create something powerful together, you can make them feel more relaxed and loved by saying you could pull ideas together on that matter.

I Respect Your Choice. Can You Let Me Know What You Are Thinking About Right Now?

Not everyone asks someone who looks or feels depressed if they would like to share their plight. Meanwhile, you could act differently by asking and showing concern about why they are worried.

Ask them to give you a clue as to what they are thinking at that moment. Who knows, they may open up and be free from a negative barrier.

Okay, I Accept That You Need Your Privacy.

At the point where you delve into a deep conversation with someone, it is possible that they feel you are stepping outside of your boundaries.

And most times, you know it by their reaction, but when you ask them, they may say, “Not really.” In that case, you should make it clear to them that you know they are concerned about their privacy.

So, ask them if they want the subject matter of the conversation to change.

I Clearly Understand You. But I Would Love To Know If There Is Something You Would Rather We Talk About Instead

No, not really shows uncertainty. While conversing with someone, it is possible that they may feel uncertain as to how you will react to the truth.

In that case, you can wave it off instead of creating a scene by saying, “I clearly understand you.” But I would love to know if there is something you desire we talk about instead.”

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I Understand You. Just Reach Out To Me If You Want To Tell Me Anything

No, not really. It could simply mean, “I do not want to talk about this topic you raised.” If that is the case, you shouldn’t force someone against their wishes.

And if they feel guilty about their actions, simply say, “I understand you.” Just reach out to me if you want to tell me anything.

I Can Tell How You Feel. Can You Describe A Little Why You Feel That Way?

In a situation where it is obvious that someone feels hurt and needs immediate help, you shouldn’t accept their statement.

Try to be relational when dealing with them; you can say, “I can tell how you feel.” “Can you describe a little why you feel that way?”

Hmmmmm. What Made You Change Your Mind? I Would Love To Know

There must be a reason behind a sudden change from yes to no, not really. It is important to always seek clarification in this sort of circumstance.

So, when you get a positive reply after asking a question, and afterward the same person says, “No, not really,” then you ought to ask why the change of mind.

I Can See Clearly That You Are Not Happy. Can We View The Whole Thing From A Different Perspective?

It is beautiful to have a supportive team. However, when there is a disagreement between the members, the aim of the team may get defeated if they do not come to terms.

Same way, someone may disagree with your point of view, and when you ask them if your choice is fine with them and they say no, not really, even after convincing them, they may be unbending with their choice.

When this happens, you can then give the reply of looking at things from a different perspective.


It is important to look deeply and read hidden meanings without concluding on assumptions when someone tells you, “No, not really.”

However, your relationship with that person should reflect in your response to them. Do not make them feel inferior or coerce them to talk, even when it is obvious that they are hiding something.

You can tell them that you understand their view, but they can share when they feel like it. You can also insist that you need an answer, depending on how the situation or person relates to you. I trust you got value.

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