14 Best Responses to “C’est La Vie”

Do you have a French friend who keeps saying  “c’est la vie” to you. And you are wondering how to respond to it? In this post we are sharing the meaning of the phrase and the best ways to respond to it.

“C’est La Vie” Meaning

In French “C’est la vie” is used convey that the bad or negative situation is unavoidable and its just life. In English, it means “such is life” or “that’s life.”

When you hear “C’est la vie” from someone, it means that they are trying to make you feel better about a bad situation or event by conveying that not everything in life is in your control. And you should accept this as fate. They are trying to tell you that this is not something you can control and you should just accept it for as it is, so you can move on.

But in general this term is used in negative or sad situations of conversations.

Best Responses to “C’est La Vie” In English

Its not fair

Well, you don’t need to accept things. If you are not ready to accept that this is meant to be, you can simply respond by saying “this is not fair” or it’s just not fair.

This way you are sharing your vulnerability to the situation and seeking help.

I know, but it still hurts

When bad things that happens, you may have to accept the reality and move on. Still, there is no harm in honestly expressing how bad the situation made you feel.

This may come from a family member or a close friend, who is trying to tell you to move on. With this response, you are acknowledging the person’s thought of moving on, but you also want to express your feelings about the situation.

I understand, but it’s tough to accept

You must have heard somewhere else that your heart may need more time to accept what you already know in your heart.

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That being said, when someone tells you, “C’est la vie,” and it genuinely seems difficult to accept the situation, even though you are eventually going to take life as it is, then this is the ideal response to use.

I have to make the best of this

If you have already accepted the situation and ready to deal with the consequences, you can use this response to assure the other person that you know that this is life.  But you are also ready to make the most of the situation by dealing with it.

This is not fair, but I’ll try to move on

If you are ready to accept the situation and you just want to move on, this is the perfect response to someone saying “C’est la vie,” to you regarding the whole thing.

This response allows you to share your disappointment but also your shows that you are trying to move on from the ugly situation.

Its hard to be optimistic, but I’ll keep pushing

This phrase shares that you are not 100% convinced or feeling 100% positive. But you are willing to keep moving forward and need some help or motivation.

This not only brings you closer to them, but also opens avenue where you can be vulnerable.

Well, I do not have a choice than to make lemonade out of lemons

The quote, life giving you a lemon, so make lemonade, is an intriguing and well-known one that many people use as a mantra in difficult situations. It is also a way to boost your optimism that things can get better.

Interestingly, that’s what the “c’est la vie” word is all about. Life will always do its thing, and it’s your job as a fighter to make the best of the situation.

It’s all a part of the grand plan

If you are older to the person saying “C’est la vie”, and you are aware that sometimes things happen for a reason. Then this phrase is the perfect response to that.

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This way you share that you are wise enough to understand the complications of life. And you are willing to move forward.

I’ll am looking for a silver lining in the cloud

There are negative situations in life where you need to be a stronger person for someone else. This phrase is the perfect response to convey that sentiment.

When something negative happens and someone tells you “C’est la vie,” this response shows your willingness to support them or whoever its affecting.

I’ll turn this negative into positive.

The first step to turning negativity into positivity is muting the judgmental voice.

When something bad happens and someone says “C’est la vie,” it means you should not be hard on yourself and you should simply accept life.

I’ll take this as a learning experience

If someone older to you whom you respect and admire is saying “C’est la vie,” you generally want to respond respectfully. And if you have already acknowledged that it’s something we need to learn from, then this is the perfect response.

Perfect response if you are talking to a teacher, mentor, boss or parents.

At least, I’ll rely on my sense of humor to comfort me

There is no harm in throwing in a few lines of humor to take off the tension that you might be experiencing in the situation. It might be an argument or awkward moment for you.

When someone says, “C’est la vie,” this is one way you can bring in a softer side of yourself while expressing your courage.

Well, I guess it’s just another day in paradise

You may not have noticed, but humor can be very effective in reducing the pressure and tension caused by stress.

When you get into a messy situation that someone can’t help you out of, they may encourage you to take life as you see it, saying “C’est La Vie”

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One of the funny ways you can reply is to call the situation “paradise.” The oxymoron is always so relieving.

I’ll just add it to the list of reasons why I drink

Talking to a friend about your situation and they say “C’est la vie”.

You can add some sarcastic humor to your response by using this statement.  This not only shares that you are stressed about the situation. It also shows that you are sensing that they don’t care that you are suffering right now. And you need some help or motivation.

I guess it’s just another opportunity to for me to nag again

When someone says “C’est la vie” as a reaction to an irreversible, hard situation, your response can help you both find the humor in it and laugh it off.

At least, this will help lighten the load mentally and offer a sense of release and resistance to vulnerability.

The person must have said “C’est la vie” to encourage you to move on and stop complaining, so this response is a witty way to maintain a positive attitude.

Final thoughts

People will use the French expression “C’est la vie” to communicate a sense of resignation. It is also a last resort for you to accept a situation that cannot be changed.

Your response to this phrase depends on the following:

  • Your relationship with them.
  • How open you want to be.
  • Do you want help or you are just sharing news.
  • How do you want to move forward.

Remember your responses can affect your relationship with the person. So, make sure you understand the consequences before saying something.

All of the responses to “C’est la vie” that we have shared are more on a positive side fostering better relationship. So hope you use them in your conversations.

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