17 Best Responses When Someone Tells You to Keep Shining

There is only one meaning when a person tells you to keep shining and you know it. It just isn’t always used the same way.

You may want to close your eyes halfway and gather all your wits to brainstorm whether a person is being sarcastic or not.

Since the phrase is a compliment, you can respond to it in the same way you would respond to other compliments. Wear a smile, compose your words, and say thank you or any other friendly response.

Here are 17 things you can say when someone tells you to keep shining

  1. Thank you.
  2. It’s my pleasure.
  3. What else could I do?
  4. You are teasing me, aren’t you?
  5. I should be telling you that.
  6. I haven’t heard any compliments in a while.
  7. I didn’t even know I was shining
  8. Can’t stop shining even if I wanted to.
  9. It’s my number one responsibility.
  10. You call this shining?
  11. It’s a priority now.
  12. It’s nice to hear that from you.
  13. Why would I ever stop?
  14. Of course. Forever young!
  15. That’s what you say to take the attention away from you.
  16. Give me some of yours, please.
  17. That’s the first compliment anyone has said to me.

Thank you

How to Respond When Someone Tells You to Keep Shining

Responding with thank you may be the best phrase over. Asides from how highly it is regarded in terms of morality, it may be the only phrase that answers virtually every question.

It even answers stupid ones. Sometimes, it is perfectly correct. At other times, it is sarcastic. It just fits into virtually everything.

When a person tells you to keep shining, it is a compliment. You can simply say thank you when a person says a compliment about your face, your skin, or your work.

This is why [Thank you] is a good response unless you have something else to say.

If it is not exciting enough, there are more exciting responses on the list.

It’s my pleasure

You can say it’s your pleasure to keep shining. Often, this is said as a response to thank you.

It is used to imply that a person should not bother thanking you since you took pleasure in helping the person out.

This sounds a bit proud but you don’t think a proud person would say this, do you? Try to wear a look that shows you are flattered. You have to appreciate the compliment.

That is what proud people may not do because they think they already shine and they do not need your compliment to be reminded that they look good.

What else could I do?

This is another proud statement but you don’t think a proud person would say this, do you? It will be taken as a joke rather than a proud statement.

You can wear a wide smile and move your body in front of the person like you are showing off your body to the person. It will seem quite hilarious and the person may change his or her mind and say it’s a joke.

You are teasing me, aren’t you?

Even if you are the proudest person in the world, you don’t have to go about proving it to people. When a compliment is said to you, you can act like you are sure it’s not true.

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You can tell the person to stop teasing you. This suggests that it is a lie even if your skin is shining so brightly and blinding everyone around you.

You can appreciate the compliment with a since e look and say a compliment back. Make sure you sound genuine.

I should be telling you that

With this, you are saying a compliment back to the person. You don’t have to comment about how much you deserve the compliment or how much you don’t.

Saying a compliment back to the person is another way of saying thank you to the person. It may become a discussion and you can try to convince the person that you find him or her very attractive.

The person may simply say thanks to you and you can both forget about the compliment.

I haven’t heard any compliments in a while

This already sounds genuine even if you are lying. Just reading this already sounds like you are telling the truth even though no one is saying it to anyone. You will be keeping a light smile on your face when you say this.

It may feel much better than saying thank you to the person. In fact, thank you has become cliché so it is not exactly as appreciated as you would expect.

This response however can make the person feel flattered. The person would feel like he or she has made you extremely happy by saying the compliment.

The more you keep your smile on, the happier the person will feel about the compliment he or she said to you.

However, the compliment may not have been honest and your reaction would feel quite ridiculous. It would only be in the person’s mind so you won’t ever know the embarrassment.

I didn’t even know I was shining

Even though you may never know if a person is joking with his or her compliments, you may not want to risk the embarrassment of reacting so happily to something that was used to tease you.

To avoid that, you can wear the blank reaction. Play tough for the moment and make sure you are not reacting even if the compliment might be true.

Do not smile. Just tell the person that you didn’t know you were shining. The person will repeat it and try to flatter you. You can tell the person to stop trying to tease you and add that it won’t work on you.

The person will probably continue and say you really look good. You can say thank you without smiling, then say the compliment back to the person too. Make sure your compliment sounds honest.

Can’t stop shining even if I wanted to

This is another way to be indestructible to a false compliment. You can simply accept the compliment and amplify it beyond reasonable sense in a way that sounds quite preposterous.

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This statement seems proud but it won’t sound like that. When you are told to keep shining, you can say that you can’t stop shining even if you wanted to.

You can go ahead and say it’s a part of you. Tell a ridiculous story about how you kept shining in your mother’s womb and how it was too bright for the doctor to look at you.

The joke will be recognized and the person may talk about how he or she was being honest with the compliment.

You can wear a sincere smile and appreciate the compliment, then say a compliment back to the person. You can say that he or she is always looking good and you like the dress that the person is wearing.

It’s my number one responsibility

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of himself or herself. Your look is up to you so it is your responsibility.

The same applies to your attitude and your happiness. While this may be a fact, it may sound humorously ridiculous.

The first thing that makes it funny is the person is probably expecting you to say thank you or just anything that is not this. This will amuse him or her.

You can joke about it for a few seconds and appreciate the person for the compliment. Then you should say a compliment back to the person and make sure you look honest while saying it.

While your words can sound proud, it may be your expression and your refusal to say a compliment back that makes anyone think you are proud.

You call this shining?

How to Respond When Someone Tells You to Keep Shining

This is you refusing to accept the compliment. It is one way to respond if you don’t want to risk sounding proud to the person.

Like it or not, a compliment may just be a trap to make you show arrogance so even the slightest jokes will be held against you.

You are refusing to accept the compliment with this rhetorical question. You can also say a compliment back, telling the person that you would be jumping around and showing off your body if you had the skin that he or she has.

It’s a priority now

You are embracing the compliment with this statement. This implies that you are putting effort into keeping yourself attractive and it’s one of the things you are focusing on at the moment.

It sounds a bit proud but who cares what anyone thinks? If you truly shine and people can see it, why don’t you just dance freely and let them keep staring?

It does not have to sound proud though. When you say this, you can accompany it by saying the other person looks like a piece of shit.

Make sure the person can take jokes. If not, you would be sounding like you are actually proud. You can quickly add that you are just joking.

Say that you just wore a random dress and you didn’t think you would look good in it. Then you can add that he or she looks very good.

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It’s nice to hear that from you

This sounds like a compliment, doesn’t it? It is a compliment. While you seek to be reacting to a compliment that has been said to you, you are implying that you are more flattered because the compliment is coming from the person talking to you.

This could mean that you like or respect the person a lot. It may mean the person is usually very hard to please and you never expect to hear a compliment from him or her.

It may also mean that you find the person very attractive and the compliment means lot to you.

The person will be flattered to know that you regard him or her. The person may also add that the compliment was an honest one.

Why would I ever stop?

By asking this rhetorical question, you are embracing the compliment and saying that you would never stop shining. You can spice it up by doing a catwalk in front of the person.

If you suspect that the person was being sarcastic with you, and his response will also sound sarcastic and it will be very funny.

Imagine you are wearing pajamas and a person says you are looking gorgeous, you can simply embrace the comment like you are wearing a billion-dollar dress.

You can also say a compliment to the person in a sarcastic manner. Say he or she is not looking bad and point out faults that are not there.

Of course. Forever young!

You can embrace the compliment innocently. [Forever young] is a compliment to yourself. It is a title of an old Jay-Z song.

It means that you are looking good or younger than your age.

That’s what you say to take the attention away from you.

This is an accusation but a nice one. The person will definitely get flattered. You may get a pretty expressive reaction if the person does not think he or she is very attractive.

By saying this, you are implying that the person is only saying you are attractive so people can stop talking about him or her.

You are indirectly saying the person is being modest by calling you attractive. This is a modest response from you.

Give me some of yours, please

You can tell the person to give you some of his or her shine. Make sure you are not smiling.

This shows that you think you are being teased and you are refusing to get flattered by the comment.

That’s the first compliment anyone has said to me

This is even bigger than saying you haven’t received a compliment in a long time. When you say this, the person will be surprised.

If the compliment is honest, the person would probably be surprised since he or she thinks you are attractive unless the compliment was just to get your attention.

After saying this, you may hear the person say how honest he or she was being with the compliment.

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