20 Best Comebacks for Being Called a Simp

The term ‘simp’ is one of such various terms which is used to define men who are categorized in the divide because of their dating skills and scheme.

This said the scheme is that in which the guy acts overly good, and nice and pays little or no attention to the red flags of the opposite gender. 

However, if you act in the aforementioned order towards a person of the opposite sex, especially a girl then there’s a chance someone will call you a ‘simp’.

The manner of this remark sounds derogatory, so you might want to use the best of comebacks to respond to the person. I’ll be walking you through a couple of these comebacks in this article, so let’s get started.

20 Best Comebacks for Being Called a Simp

The modern dating pool has improved from being just a formal setup to various angles. And as this happens, there are a couple of new or rather exclusive terms that are unique to the system.

A simp is seen as a ‘less-man’, and that’s because of the feminine behavioral patterns portrayed by the person. These patterns include being excessively caring and whatnot. So when someone calls you a simp, it comes out quite as an insult.

And you’ll be needing well-articulated comebacks to use as replies, that will help put the person back in their place or make them feel twice as bad as you already feel.

Below are 20 best comebacks, followed by ample notes on them respectively.

  • And the normie finally said the trash they’ve been craving to utter
  • That’s why your sister calls me daddy
  • A simp always knows the other
  • Your mom still loves me like that
  • You can say that again; your wife still rocks with me
  • Brothers recognize each easily
  • I’m sure you love the SIMPsons like others
  • Lol, dude, I’m just more caring than you are
  • Why the hate though? I‘m just nicer than your fake ass
  • How often do you feed off the good life of others?
  • Says who quit his job because his side chick said he doesn’t have time for her
  • 400;”>I’m glad you can speak out of experience
  • Thanks, man. At least I know your wife will be coming over to mine tonight
  • A simp with a car and mansion is better than a normie with just an attitude and an outdated car
  • I bet you don’t know what it means
  • Don’t tell me you learned another word from your dumb friends
  • If you want to insult me, try to be at least creative
  • I’m a simp? Guess why your dad is my mentor
  • I learned a lot from watching you, and that is inclusive
  • Then wait for the next episode of the SIMPsons to get a response
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And the Normie Finally Said the Trash They’ve Been Craving to Utter

Whoever it is that called you a simp is expecting you to react in a wild and uncultured manner to contest what they said.

However, you can still troll them without giving them that line of reaction that they’re expecting. This way you disappoint them, and further, make your response come as a surprise hit on them.

To do this, you’ll need a line of response which is like this one right here. With this line, you’ll be doing a lot of damage to the person who called you simp because you’re insinuating that they’re dumb and also shameful about it.

What a way to tell someone to shut up?! Also, tagging the person as a “normie” slaps hard as the term is a slang word for a person who thinks they’re normal.

The line suggests that the person’s statement that you’re a simp is complete, and the fact that they had to mention it to you shows just how dumb they appear to be.

That’s Why Your Sister Calls Me Daddy

You can choose to throw indirect shots of shade at the person who called you a simp. Knowing that “simp” is a derogatory word, you can capitalize on that to troll the person by alleging that the person’s daughter calls you daddy.

Now, there are two ways about this…it could mean that you’re the biological father or it shows that you’re in a non-platonic affair with the person’s kid. 

Either way, the person perceives it, this response is a home wrecker. If the person is a man, he could end up questioning his wife and if it’s a she, the speaker will query her daughter for mingling with you.

The fun part is that none of this is true, but you needed to say something to hurt them back but in a non-violent manner.

A Simp Always Knows the Other

Just like a soldier can tell when he sees another soldier; a simp can also easily recognize another person who portrays the same behavioral pattern.

To this end, you’re saying that the person who called you a simp is also a simp, for their sharp skill of figuring out that you’re a simp.

If you say this as your response, it means you’re serving the person a meal from the same pot he or she served you. That is to say since they allege that you’re a simp, then they’re also what they say you are since y’all are the same.

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Your Mom Still Loves Me Like That

Best Comebacks for Being Called a Simp

This is another indirect troll on the person who says you’re a simp. Here, you’re positing that the person’s mom loves you although you’re overly caring about her.

So, you’re indirectly saying that you’re dating their mother, and even though they say you’re a simp, the person’s mom still wants to continue dating you despite whatever absurd behavioral pattern you possess or portray.

You Can Say That Again; Your Wife Still Rocks With Me

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I am a sucker for comebacks. On that note, I feel this line of response is one of the best trolls on the person who says you’re a simp. You’re now insinuating that the person’s wife is still in sync with you even though they say you’re a simp.

What this means is that you’re having an affair with the person’s wife. While this may be false, it is a viable response because all you want at the moment is to make the speaker feel the same pain that they put you through.

This is another comeback that can wreck a home and make the person who called you a simp feel they’re in a marriage of infidelity.

Brothers Recognize Each Easily

Do you also want to make the person who called you a simp feel hurt as they did to you? If that’s so, then you can use this line of response to answer them back when they call you a simp.

With this response, you’re positing that the person who says you’re a simp is one too. You’re invariably saying the person is your brother, and simp could be a genetically owned trait between the two of you.

On that note, you now assert that brothers recognize each other easily and the person is also a simp for recognizing you as one.

I’m Sure You Love the SIMPsons like Others

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Simpson comic show which is aired on TV. This show graced the childhood of a lot of people, and you may also be among the many groups of people who never missed an episode of the comic show. 

This line of response is sarcasm and you’re trying to use it to debase the assertion of the speaker that you’re a simp. Indirectly, it means the speaker who tries to demean you also loves you. 

LOL, Dude, I’m Just More Caring than You Are

People only envy what they can’t be. If the speaker thinks you’re getting better attention from women because you’re nicer, they could call you names which is exactly what played out when the person calls you a simp.

However, you can use this line to explain to the person why they’re pained about you, hence, calling you a simp.

Why the Hate Though? I‘m Just Nicer Than Your Fake Ass

This means there’s a chance that the guy who called you a simp did so because you’re just nicer than they are and the bitterness in them couldn’t hide again.

How often do you feed off the Good Life of Others?

I think this question is worth asking anyone who says you’re a simp. And this is because it is obvious the person believes they’ll be happy to see you hide your face.

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After all, they called you a simp. I’m sure they’ll be tongue-tied for some minutes and trust me when I say you need that silence from them.

Says Who Quitted His Job Because His Side Kick Said He Doesn’t Have Time for Her

I’m sure the person who called you a simp will have to rethink their statement on you if you use this line on them. Perhaps, you favored a lady over them and they ended up calling you names, forgetting you know how they did worse for less.

I’m Glad You Can Speak out of Experience

In my years in life, I’ve discovered that people tend to know and say more about something they’ve experienced. On that note, it’s safe to assume the speaker is also a simp as they could’ve only identified you as one if they’ve been on the path some time ago.

Thanks, Man. At Least I Know Your Wife Will Be Coming Over to Mine Tonight

You can make the day terrible for any guy who says you’re a simp by saying this line to them. I bet the person will have to question his wife about her alleged affair with you.

A Simp with a Car and Mansion Is Better Than a Normie with Just an Attitude and an Outdated Car

Trolling the person who says you’re a simp is quite easy, and you can achieve that with this line. With this line, you’re gratifying yourself as a simp just as they had already alleged while degrading the speaker as a broke normie.

I Bet You Don’t Know What It Means

Best Comebacks for Being Called a Simp

It’s funny to think that whoever called you a simp can’t even come up with an intellectual definition of what a simp means.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for a lot of people, especially females who just say the term for how derogatory they think it sounds. On that basis, you can use this line to troll them. 

Don’t Tell Me You Learnt another Word from Your Dumb Friends

If you want the person who says you’re a simp to doubt their circle of friends, you can use this line to do just that. By saying that the person’s group of friends are dumb means the person is also dumb and that includes their claim that you’re a simp.

If You Want to Insult Me, Try to Be at Least Creative

It is mundane for someone who wants to insult you to do that by calling you a simp. Like, who does that? Well, I know some people do, but capitalizing on your over-caring attitude for the opposite sex as a man, doesn’t sound like a creative move.

On that note, you can use this line to dismiss the person’s assertion because it lacks creativity. 

I’m a Simp? Guess Why Your Dad Is My Mentor

This has to be another resounding comeback that you can use to reply to anyone who calls you a simp. With this, you’re saying that the person’s father is your mentor, and is also likely a simp since they’re placing you as such.

I know that the person’s countenance will change immediately they hear this from you because this response is a proper roast for whoever tries to demean you by calling you a simp. 

I Learnt a Lot from Watching You, and That Is Inclusive

With this response, you’re asserting that the person who says you’re a simp is ignorant of the fact that whatever you are was learned from them. That is to say, you’re a simp, but that’ll be thanks to them. 

This is more like your basketball coach saying you’re excessively fast with the ball while he or she is the person from who you learned how to be fast.

Then Wait for the Next Episode of the SIMPsons to Get a Response

The Simpson’s show is a hell of a comic relief which a lot of people have seen. The show which is a series airs episode by episode. Based on that, you’re insinuating that the person won’t get a response from you as you don’t care what the person says.


My conviction about the comebacks in this article is that they’re good enough to serve good purposes to you in your quest to find a good response strategy for anyone who says you’re a simp.

While some of these lines utilize the same strategy to troll the speaker, all of them hit differently, so you should do the assignment of considering your circumstance before you employ any of them as replies.

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comment box below; same with questions if there are. 


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