20 Best Replies for “Sayonara”

You’ve probably heard the word “sayonara” before. This word is of Japanese origin and has become a popular casual word in English.

And if you’re wondering what it means and what to say in reply, this article is all about the best replies to “Sayonara” and what it means.

What Does Sayonara Mean?

As I’ve earlier stated, “sayonara” has its roots in Japanese. However, it has become an everyday informal expression in English.

Sayonara means “farewell” or “goodbye.” It’s a casual way to bid someone farewell. When you’re seeing someone off, you can say “sayonara” to them.

For instance, you can say “sayonara” to a friend you’re sending off at the airport, or to a job you’re quitting to express your relief

In addition, the literal meaning of this word combines “sayo” meaning, “that way” and “nara” meaning, “if,” which means, “if it’s to be that way.”

However, the Japanese are not fond of using this term because the true meaning of “sayonara” is, “farewell, I don’t know when I’ll see you again.”

Conversely, some people use it while ending a relationship or in situations where they won’t see the person again.

How to Reply to “Sayonara”

There are countless ways you can reply to “sayonara.” However, your response would depend on the occasion the word is said to you.

Your response should convey your emotions when someone says it to you as farewell while you move away or during a sad or awkward circumstance.

And if it’s a casual goodbye, you can bid them bye too. Something like, “sayonara mo,” “See you soon,” “I’ll miss you,” “I hope I never see you again,” and many more can work.

That being said, below are the 20 best replies to this expression.

  1. Sayonara mo (goodbye too)
  2. Ja mata ne (See you later)
  3. Take care
  4. I love you
  5. See you soon
  6. I’ll miss you
  7. All the best
  8. Thank you for having me
  9. Have a nice day
  10. Until we see again
  11. Be good
  12. It was nice meeting you
  13. I hope I never see you again
  14. Have a great life
  15. It was good while it lasted
  16. You will always be dear to me
  17. Keep in touch
  18. I’ll never forget you
  19. Good luck
  20. I can’t wait to see you again

Sayonara Mo (Goodbye too)

Although hardly used by the Japanese, “sayonara” has become popular amongst English-speaking people to bid each other farewell.

So, when someone says “sayonara” to you, you can say “sayonara mo” to return the farewell in Japanese too. This expression means “goodbye too.” Therefore, it’s a standard and casual way to reply to someone who says goodbye to you.

Ja mata ne (See You Later)

Another Japanese word you can use to reply to sayonara is, “ja mata ne,” which means, “see you later.”

It’s a good reply that bids the person farewell too when you plan to see the person again.

So, this response is appropriate to use in situations when the speaker bids you goodbye intending to see you again too. You can use it with anyone in an informal setting, as this is an informal expression.

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how to reply to sayonara

Take Care

“Take care” is another great way to reply to someone who tells you goodbye with “sayonara.” It’s a good reply you can use with anyone even someone you’re just meeting for the first time.

Telling someone to take care after they bid you goodbye is a nice way to part from them. Whether you intend to see the person again or not, this response will work in communicating your goodwill for the person.

In addition, you can personalize this response by using endearing terms with your friends or loved ones.

I Love You

“I love you” is a beautiful way to reply to someone who wishes you goodbye. Using this reply with someone who says sayonara to you is a cool way of strengthening the relationship you share.

Whether they’re your friends, partner, or family, this is a sweet reply you can give to them to let them know how much they mean to you.

In addition, these simple words also let them know that you’ll miss them and will always have them in mind.

So, whether you’ll meeting with the person or not, you can always use this reply to express your feelings.

how to reply to sayonara

See You Soon

This is a standard way of replying to someone who bids you farewell. “See you soon” is a kind of expression you use with friends or someone you’ve something together with.

This response shows that you intend to see them again. So, it’s an appropriate reply when someone says “sayonara” casually to wish you goodbye temporarily.

For instance, you can use this response after a date or after the close of work. Also, when you run into old friends and then you both make plans to meet, this reply is appropriate to use.

I’ll Miss You

“I’ll miss you” is another way to convey how you feel when someone bids you goodbye.

It could be the case that you’re leaving them for a long time with no plans to return soon, or it could be a temporary parting, this is a good way of replying.

This response shows that they mean a lot to you, and it lets them know that you’ll always have them in mind. Also, it’s a good way of strengthening the bond you share.

All the best

“All the best” wishes the person well. It’s a good reply you can use with anyone who bids you goodbye.

If it’s the case that you are not likely to see the person again or have no plans of meeting again, this reply is proper to use.

In addition, you can also use this statement with someone you plan to meet again to discuss business or some project.

For instance, you can use this response after meeting with an intending investor in your business. It’s also a good response to someone who’s leaving you to continue their life elsewhere.

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Thank You for Having Me

This is a wonderful reply that appreciates someone’s hospitality to you. Showing appreciation for whatever good that’s done to you is appropriate.

If it’s the case that the person received you in their house and bids you “sayonara” when you’re leaving, this response shows gratitude.

Have a Nice Day

Here is another wonderful way to wish someone well after they bid you goodbye.

It’s a good reply that’s appropriate to use after meeting with someone and you two are ready to part ways.

It puts in their mind your good wishes for them. In addition, it’s a good response to use in a formal or informal setting. It shows that they’re not bidding you farewell forever.

Until We See Again

Here’s another way to reply to someone who says “sayonara” to you. “Until we see again” shows that there’s no plan for you both to meet again.

You can use this reply with a friend going abroad or going away for a long time. It’s a kind of reply that lets them know that you’ll have them in mind until you meet again.

Also, it’s a kind of response to use when you’re parting with someone on not-very-friendly terms.

Be Good

Here’s another way to part with someone after they bid you farewell.

This response also wishes them well, letting them know you want them to stay well until you meet again. It’s an informal expression to use with anyone, whether you’ve plans to meet again or not.

It could be someone going away for a long time or someone you plan to meet the following week. Whatever the case, this response tells them you wish to see them in good condition again.

It Was Nice Meeting You

Here’s a reply that expresses your feelings. after meeting with someone. It shows that you enjoyed their company.

So, you can use this expression when someone tells you “sayonara” after meeting with them to let them know you loved meeting with them.

Additionally, it’s a natural reply you use as a courtesy after meeting with someone. It’s a formal way of replying to anyone after a meeting.

So, it can work with a business investor, a client, or whoever you meet formally.

I Hope I Never See You Again

Here, this reply shows that you both are parting on cold terms.

If it’s the case that they say sayonara after a bad breakup or bid you farewell disdainfully, you can use this response to return the same energy.

Also, this reply shows that you don’t have any plans of meeting with them ever again.

Have a Great Life

“Have a great life” is another way to reply to someone who’s going away for a long time.

It could be your friend or colleague relocating, this response is appropriate to wish them well in life. It’ll express your goodwill for them appropriately.

In addition, you can also use this response with someone you’re parting with on unfriendly terms. With your tone, you can show that you can’t wait to be away from them.

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how to reply to sayonara

It Was Good While it Lasted

This is another reply that’d work with someone who bids you farewell to leave your life for good.

If it’s the case that you’re ending a relationship or friendship, this response is appropriate to show you don’t want anything to do with them anymore.

You Will Always Be Dear to Me

Here, you’re expressing your feelings to someone dear to you. When someone you love bids you “sayonara” because they’re leaving your life for good, this response shows that you’ll keep them in mind.

It’s a good response that’d work for friends or a partner. For instance, if you and your partner agree to leave on the grounds of health problems, this reply shows that you still love them.

Keep in Touch

“Keep in touch” is another wonderful way to respond to someone leaving at a far distance. Or someone you don’t have any plans of meeting in a long time.

If it’s the case, your friend is leaving for another state to study, this response encourages them not to forget you. Also, it tells them that you won’t forget them either.

So, it’s an informal expression that’d work for friends or loved ones.

I’ll Never Forget You

Here’s another reply that you can use for loved ones who bid you farewell.

If it’s the case that your partner is leaving for good reasons or your friend is going far away, this reply reassures them that you’ll always have them at heart.

Additionally, it’s a good way to strengthen your relationship and make things easier for you both.

Good Luck

This is another way of sending your good wishes to someone who says “sayonara” to you.

It could be a friend or colleague or someone you’re just meeting, this is a proper reply that wishes them well in whatever they’re engaging in.

Also, it’s good for someone leaving to continue their life elsewhere.

I Can’t Wait to See You Again

This is another reply that expresses your feeling for someone who means so much to you.

When someone you love bids you goodbye to go on a journey, this response shows your love for them and also tells them how much you’ll miss them.

So, it’s a good reply for a friend or partner going away for some time.

End Note

“Sayonara” is a casual way of saying goodbye to anyone. However, people can use it on occasions when they won’t meet with the person again.

As a result, your response will depend on the occasion this expression is used. You can always wish someone well, express your love for them or let them know you’re better off without them.

So, feel free to choose from the above examples, good replies to give to someone who says “sayonara.”

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