20 Best Responses to Being Called a Cougar

Do you wonder why some people are so annoying, and all you want to do is serve them a well-deserved response? I take it that that’s what you could feel if someone calls you a cougar because the term is annoying.

A cougar is a term that defines an older woman who seeks a sexual affair with younger guys. 

Perhaps, you’re in a relationship with a younger man and you get easily picked on by people because of that. If that’s the case, you might be on the lookout for the finest of ways to reply to the speaker.

In this article, I will be discussing the 20 best responses to being called a cougar. To know more, keep reading on!

20 Best Responses to Being Called a Cougar

If you wish to reply to anyone who calls you a cougar, then you should know that the person wants you to react badly but we won’t be giving them any of that in this post.

In this post, the replies which I curated are in such a way that the comebacks involved are not overly salty but are fair enough to make the speaker cringe for using a demeaning term on you.

Without much ado, let’s get into these responses and the details that follow each of them.

  • You keep picking on others. Have you ever wondered why you look so old?
  • Age boundary is not to be feared
  • Do you always have a name for everything?
  • You’re just bitter. Move away!
  • If it’s true love, age is nothing but numbers
  • Your opinion about my love life is pointless
  • You can talk all you want
  • I prefer them young and vibrant. That reminds me, aren’t you tired of being single?
  • Thanks. At least, I’m not as frustrated as you are
  • It’s funny how your love-less life speaks for my love-filled life or even judges it
  • I’ll let you know if you start making sense
  • Says a man dating someone the same age as his last kid
  • If we do the math, then you’re not even a saint
  • And what about that?
  • Good thing your son doesn’t complain as you do
  • And you will be getting your first grandchild from me
  • Does it matter? I’m happy and that’s all I’m concerned about
  • I owe you no explanations. Love answers everything and makes all whole
  • Do I look like I care less?
  • Before you say something you’d regret, you need to do something about your son hitting on me. It’s clear you birthed someone who loves cougars

You Keep Picking on Others. Have You Ever Wondered Why You Look So Old?

I’d consider jealousy to be the driving force as to why someone would call you a cougar. Other times, it could be a result of their unwholesome moral standings which see the relationship between an older woman and a younger guy as taboo.

However, whichever motive could be behind the person’s choice of words needs to be addressed.

And to do this, you can use this line of response which seeks to inform the person of the reason for their physical deterioration.

This line indirectly explains to the person that their jealousy of others is the reason why they look old.

The question at the end of this response is a good one because it allows the said person to do a quick self-reflection on what could be their problem.

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Age Boundary Is Not to Be Feared

Agreed!!! it is painful when someone calls you a cougar, but you shouldn’t get overly worked out by it.

Instead, you can try to make the person see a reason to debunk their view that a relationship between a younger guy and an older woman is bad.

This group of people have the view that such a relationship is exploitative and tends to favor the older woman over the younger guy.

However, you will be able to make a case of no boundary due to age against the thoughts of the person that such an affair is ill. 

Do You Always Have a Name for Everything?

It’s sad how people tend to stereotype whatever act they don’t partake in as bad and immoral. This could be the case of the person who calls you a cougar; with the view that the circumstances of your relationship are wrong and as such call you names for it. 

You can use this question-like response to make them rethink their scheme of thoughts. If the person is truly thoughtful as they claim to be, then he or she will see that canceling you is pointless. 

You’re just bitter. Move Away!

When you say that the person who says you are a cougar is bitter; then you should have no doubts because the chance that you’re right is pretty high. I’ve discovered that people usually get bitter when they see you doing something and getting better at it. 

Let’s say the speaker saw you having a good time with your younger partner and their relationship isn’t going on fine; they could lash out at you calling you names such as a cougar in frustration.

I’ve seen this play out on many occasions and each time, the best resolve is to leave the scene of abuse. However, you should stand your ground and use this lien to tell the speaker to “move away”, because it’s clear they’re bitter.

If It’s true Love, Age Is Nothing but Numbers

Best Responses to Being Called a Cougar

I’m sure the person who called you a cougar doesn’t believe in the power of love. Because if they did, they’ll understand that it is blind to anything, including the age difference that exists between two persons who are in love.

That’s by the way, as you’ll be saving them from that ignorance by serving this line as your response to them when they tend to abuse you by calling you a cougar.

Telling the person that age is “nothing but numbers” is an eye-opening statement. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the speaker to cut the crap, but in case, they don’t then you should exit the scene. 

Your Opinion about My Love Life Is Pointless

What people say or think about your life only has an effect when you give it importance by paying heed to it. Therefore, the best way to dissipate their claims in your life is to ignore them.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a way to put this into verbal pronouncement then you have yourself this line of response. With this, you’re openly dismissing the person’s claims that you’re a cougar as “pointless”.

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You Can Talk All You Want

Do you know that the words of the person who calls you a cougar are specially fashioned to make you feel bad?

I guess you know already…and this awareness is needed as it will help you stay blind to them. So, to reply to the speaker you can encourage them to continue talking.

This will give them the idea that you don’t care about their talks, hence, why you’d ask them to keep talking.

I Prefer Them Young and Vibrant. That Reminds Me, Aren’t You Tired of Being Single?

I know that not everyone would like what makes me happy. Like, I’d prefer staying without a pet, and I know a host of individuals who would see me as impassionate about the life of animals.

The moment I realized that our choices shape our lives and those of others barely have any bearing on ours, I started being more receptive to myself and caring less about side-talks.

You need to see life from this angle, and you can show you do by using this response when someone calls you a cougar. Lastly, you can troll the person a bit by asking them why they’re still single while they prefer to taunt your good love life. 

Thanks. At Least, I’m Not as Frustrated as You Are

If you’re on the lookout for a picture-perfect troll line for the person who calls you a cougar, then you are at the right place. This is because this particular line of response can do the job so well that the person who mocked your love life will feel filthy.

You do not only appreciate them for recognizing that you’re in a relationship, but you’re asserting that your situation is better than being frustrated as them. What an emotional violation?!

It’s Funny How Your Love-Less Life Speaks for My Love-Filled Life, or Even Judge It

Surely, it is hilarious to think that an unmarried person could offer practical marriage advice to married couples. The same applies to this scenario if the person who calls you a cougar is either single or in an abusive relationship but feels they have the moral standing to judge yours. Such courage is unwavering and obscene!

I’ll Let You Know if You Start Making Sense

Ouuu! If you mean to say that the speaker is trash-talking, then you’re more than welcome to use this line of response.

Frankly, it makes no sense for the person to try to lash out at you for your love status just because there’s a huge age difference between you and your man. That’s how fate or should I say…destiny, wants it and their judgment is senseless.

Says a Man Dating Someone the Same Age as His Last Kid

Let’s say you know a little background story about the person who called you a cougar…and it’s a man.

You can use this line to bring their hidden skeletons into the open. It’s sad how women who date younger guys are called names such as cougar while their male counterparts like the man who called you names have none.  

If We Do the Math, Then You’re Not Even a Saint

In the real sense of life, I can barely see a saint in our clime. In that regard, the person who calls you a cougar with the intent of labeling you a sinner is likely biting back on themselves as they’re also guilty of something. Therefore, their stand to judge you is baseless.

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And What about That?

If you want to feign ignorance at what the person who calls you a cougar says, you can use this line of response to do that. Asking the person this rhetorical question is a nice move to achieve that.

Good Thing Your Son Doesn’t Complain As You Do

With this line of response, you’re insinuating that the person who called you a cougar is ignorant that their son is in an affair with you. If they did, they may not be too outspoken about it. 

And You Will Be Getting Your First Grandchild from Me

This is a complete troll on the person who says you’re a troll, especially if it’s a woman who feels bad that you’re dating a way too younger guy. Telling her that you’d be giving her her first grandchild will make her cringe, giving you the result you want.

Does It Matter? I’m Happy and That’s All I’m Concerned About

Whatever it is someone says about you being a cougar doesn’t matter if you’re happy with your younger partner. You can use this line to let them know you’re happy and would love them to leave you alone. 

I Owe You No Explanations. Love Answers Everything and Makes All Whole

For a fact, you don’t need to explain how or why you found yourself in the condition of being in an affair with a way too-younger guy. Love has its way of working out things, and you can’t say how. So, if someone demeans you by saying you’re a cougar, this response is a good pick to school them.

Do I Look Like I Care Less?

Best Responses to Being Called a Cougar

Should you care when someone calls you a cougar? Truthfully, yes you can feel it but shouldn’t do the speaker the honor of knowing you’re hurt. Therefore, you can reply to the person by asking them this rhetorical question.

Before You Say something you’d Regret, You Need to Do Something about Your Son Hitting on Me. It’s Clear You Birthed Someone Who Loves Cougars

How obscure would it be for another woman to call you a cougar, only for her to discover her son is madly in love with you? Yeah, that will be more than heartbreaking for her but that’s none of your business as she started it first.

Moreover, when she calls you a cougar, you should put her in her place using this line.


We’re finally at the end of this great piece that highlights the best replies that you can serve when someone calls you a cougar.

The term which is targeted to demean you for your relationship status can be hurtful, so if you feel hurt, you can use any of the comeback-like responses to reply to the speaker. 

Otherwise, you can pick the best lien for your use if you examine your circumstance. Kindly let us know what you think about these lines in the comment box below.

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