20 Best Responses to “I’m Full of Surprises”

Depending on how it is done; surprising someone can either be easy or hard. So, you could have mixed feelings when someone says to you “I’m full of surprises”.

You might take it as a form of bragging by the person or signs of a person who’s just being positive about their abilities to pull up stunning events or actions. 

However, you might want to react to this declaration which is the right line of action to take.

If you feel stuck with what to say, I can help you come up with and serve the speaker with the best responses. In this article, I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to I’m full of surprises. Stay tuned.

20 Best Responses to I’m Full of Surprises

Give me the honors to walk you through a couple of the finest ways to reply when someone says to you “I’m full of surprise”.

I had to curate my list of replies based on different plausible perceptions of the person’s statement. Therefore, you should fire consider your circumstance before you go ahead to use any of these replies. 

Below is a quick highlight of the best 20 responses to “I’m full of surprises”. The best part of this post lies thereafter, as I go into the meat of the content which contains details of each of these lines of responses.

  • Wow, I’ll be truly blown away if you say so
  • My goodness, you might outdo yourself
  • Oh! I will be expecting that then
  • Give it your best shot then
  • Oh my gosh, this was breathtaking
  • How awesome is this going to be?
  • I’ll be totally swept off my feet
  • Thanks so much, I hope you finally fulfill your promise
  • And you’ll remain legendary because of that
  • I wasn’t even going to believe you anyways
  • Don’t brag now and flop later
  • Be full of humility first
  • When are you going to be less of something?
  • I like your confidence
  • No need to say; I already know
  • You sure know your way with words
  • Your father will always say the same thing; look where it got him
  • Can you not do the awful self-appraisal right now?
  • Please stop being unreal
  • I don’t remember asking you to speak

Wow, I’ll be truly blown away if you Say So

In case you want to attest to the effectiveness of someone regarding their pronouncement that they’re full of surprises, you might want to do that with this line of response.

With this line, you’re trying to let the person know that you will be highly astonished if things go the way you say them. This response also doubles as a form of encouragement to the person to do better with their work, so that it will be up to par with whatever they say they can do. 

My Goodness, You Might Outdo Yourself

When someone says they’re full of surprises, they may be insinuating an upcoming event that they’re planning. Their pronouncement in this case is more like a positive affirmation that they’ll do a great job when it comes to delivering a great deal of work. 

Perhaps, this person is vying for a job opportunity as an event planner and in their effort to assure you of excellence they decide to use the line “I’m full of surprises” to make firm their confidence that they’ll do a great job. 

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If you notice how confident the person is, and it’s looking bright, you can use this line to respond to the person in line with their proclamation. You’re saying that from what the person is saying, they may do more than is expected. 

Oh! I Will Be Expecting That Then

If the person who also says that they’re full of surprises is truly up for the task, you can employ this line to let them know that you’ll be waiting for them on that note.

In this regard, the popular saying of giving people the chance to prove themselves becomes a real thing.

This is because your response is playing the same card of giving the person who says they’re full of surprises the opportunity to prove it. 

Let’s say the said person is your spouse and they didn’t give you a definite answer when you asked them what they’ll be giving you for valentine’s.

Instead, the person says to you “I’m full of surprises”, which means that they’re going to blow your mind with whatever it is that they’re planning.

At this level, all you have to do is to give the person a pass and you can do that by using this line of response which tells the person that you’ll be expecting their surprise package.

Give It Your Best Shot Then

Just like the last response, you can give someone a pass when they say “I’m full of surprises’. However, this particular line is not like the previous one which suits the best if you use it on your spouse or partner, because it doesn’t seem to fit into the context. 

Away from that, this line is more suitable if you make use of it in a formal setting. Let’s say you’re offering someone a deal that looks hard to be executed but the person insists he or she is the best for the job by saying ‘I’m full of surprises’.

If that’s the case, you can give the person a pass by using this line which encourages the person to put in their best effort into the execution of the said project.

Oh My Gosh, This Was Breathtaking

When we’re surprised by someone’s actions, we may be compelled to know how they pulled such a strong stunt on us.

This could be the case when someone tells you about an investment or deal they close, and you were surprised at how much they were able to make in such a short while.

If you ask the person ‘how come?’, he or she may not be definitive with their answer and could prefer to say ‘I’m full of surprises’ to show you that they’re 

How Awesome Is This Going to Be?

Best Responses to I’m Full of Surprises

Using a rhetorical question as a form of response when someone says ‘I’m full of surprises’ may come out as unusual, but that doesn’t make it less of a good way to reply if you find yourself in that circumstance.

What you’re trying to achieve is to ask the speaker how great whatever stunt they want to pull on you will be. 

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The reason for this type of response is for you to know and prepare your expectations to match up with what the person says it’s going to be.

As usual, and like most rhetorical questions…this response barely deserves a response but if you get one, it is a sign that the speaker wants to engage you in further discussion.

I’ll be totally swept off My Feet

You can raise the bar of what you expect from the person who says they’re full of surprises by using this line of response. With this response, you’re insinuating that the person will impress you with whatever it is they have going on for me. 

Thanks So Much, I Hope You Finally Fulfill Your Promise

When you ask someone how they’ll be able to resolve a matter or provide for family and they go like “I’m full of surprises”, you can use this line of response to let them know you appreciate their effort.

However, you should know that this effort remains a promise until they fulfill it, which brings us to say the preceding line which is where you hope for the person to uphold their words. 

This will help make the person to be more aware that you’re expecting them to come through with their words.

And you’ll Remain Legendary Because of That

If the person who says they’re full of surprises said so just after surprising you, you can use this line of response for them. It shows that you acknowledge the fact that they always come through when it’s time for pulling surprise packages.

Telling the person that he or she will remain legendary for that shows that you’re extolling them too, making this a two-way response that is good in all ways.

I Wasn’t Even Going to Believe You Anyways

Sometimes, people say things just to accord respect and reverence to other people and they do this even when they know they’re not authentic.

This may be true about the person who says they’re full of surprises. He or she may say it because they feel it’s what the people want to hear while forgetting to live on that. 

If this said person hasn’t made anything surprising for you, you can use this line of response to debunk their claims that they’re ‘full’ of it. 

Don’t Brag Now and Flop Later

Best Responses to I’m Full of Surprises

You might want to give a piece of advice to the person who says to you “I’m full of surprises”. And to do that, you’ll need a line of response such as this one.

You’re simply telling the person not to brag now and fail to live by what they said later. This is more like you’re admonishing the person to make sure they do as they claim to be.

Be Full of Humility First

In line with the previous line of response, you can encourage the speaker to be more humble than full of surprises like they claim to be.

This is also a way of advising the person in the way of basic morals such as humility and transparency.  Nevertheless, you should only use this line if you notice the person lacks in some thee areas. 

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In that regard, your words will go a long way in reigniting the fire of morality in the person, other than supporting their acclamation of being ‘full of surprises’.  

When Are You Going to Be Less of Something?

It’s sad how some of us brag about being top-notch in seemingly unnecessary stuff, and this could be the fate of the person who says they’re full of surprises.

Perhaps, the person shares this sentiment but goes wrong in the needed areas. If that’s the case, you can use this line to bemoan their acclamation that they’re full of surprises. It shows you want them to be more than just that.

I Like Your Confidence

Let’s say there’s a case of a guy passing advances on a girl and to buttress the point of what he can do for the girl, he says ‘I’m full of surprises’, you as the girl can respond with this line. Truly, the statement reflects that the guy is confident in what he can do.

No Need to Say; I Already Know

Do you already acknowledge the person who says they’re full of surprises as one? If that’s the case, then you don’t have to waste any time telling them so. And you can do that using this line of response. 

You Sure Know Your Ways with Words

If a guy or girl tries to impress you by saying “I’m full of surprises” you can play along with them by using this line of response. With this, you’re giving them credit for trying to impress you.

Your Father Will Always Say the Same Thing; Look Where It Got Him

In an act to troll the person who says he or she is full of surprises, you can reflect on the life of their father. While this could sound offensive, it is needed if you’re anxious to pass a good message to the speaker.

Can You Not Do the Awful Self-Appraisal Right Not?

If you’re tired of hearing the speaker say so highly of themselves, you can use this line of response to let them know. This line comes in the form of a question and I’m sure it is a good one for the purpose it’s meant for.

Please Stop Being Unreal

A lot of those who brag are unreal. So when someone tries to play the same card on you by saying they’re full of surprises, you can shush them by saying this response.

I Don’t Remember Asking You to Speak

If the tone of the person who says they’re full of surprises is annoying, you can make them save the bragging for themselves using this line of response.


Here we are, at the closure of this nice piece of article. This post discussed the best responses when someone says ‘I’m full of surprises’. I’m confident that you got value, so I indulge you to use any of these lines where and when necessary. You can also drop your reviews concerning them in the comment box below. 


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