24 Best Responses To “You’re The Best”

Are you out of words to say to your lover or friend who just said “You’re the best” to you?  You surely need to read this.

The way you respond to someone when they give you a compliment can affect the way they and other people view you. The good news is that learning how to respond in this situation is something you can get better at doing. 

If it’s a one-to-one conversation, you should pay attention to them and to how they express themselves. These are key elements of conversation. 

Some common responses to compliments are “you’re welcome”,  “my pleasure”, and “thank you”.  But there are a lot more options that you can pick from. 

Instead of being dumb about what to say to your partner or friend for saying “You’re the best”, giving a cute reply will do.

24 best responses to “You’re the best”

“I love you”

best responses to You're the best

One of the cutest responses to give to someone who just said “You’re the best” is “I love you”. Now this may sound awkward. So let’s help you understand what I love you means:

“I see you”

When someone tells you “I love you”, he’s referring to the intangible you, what cannot be seen. You do not just use your eyes to see love, but your soul also. Love sees your eternal loveliness. 

Love sees how loveable you really are. And hearing such words can give you the courage to something to be seen. You will agree with me that love determines your very existence. 

“I accept you”

When you love a person, it shows that you accept the totality of that person; their weaknesses and strengths as well. 

Seen in this light, “I love you” is a vow of acceptance between two friends who are declaring to each other, “I will not judge you” can also imply your acceptance of that person. 

“I thank you”

Love is a grateful heart. When you say “I love you” to someone, you are also saying that you’re grateful to the person. By gratitude, you are recognizing all this person gives to you by his or her presence in your life. 

When you show gratitude, it implies that you recognize the fact that you need other people in your life. 

“I am here for you”

Sometimes, when you say “I love you,” you are also saying “I am here for you.” Being there for someone in a relationship means being fully present—physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Saying “I love you” shows that you are committed to making that relationship work. You are denoting that you’re available for that person.

“Actually, you surely make the world a better place?”

This reply is so cute it can make one blush. It’ll make that person feel a sense of belonging. It’ll make the person feel very special as well. 

“You constantly make me smile.”

best responses to You're the best

An “Awww” Comment will most definitely follow this response. This means you’re the one person in the entire world that has the ability to make him or her smile. Now, isn’t that cute. This response will go well if you’re good friends with this person.

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“Thank you for loving me.” 

Another lovely response will be “Thank you for loving me” (You could add more lines from Bon Jovi’s song “Thank You for Loving Me.”). This shows gratitude or appreciation for the value of that person, partner or friend. .

“Hearing you say that makes me so happy.”

What this means is the word the person just told you has made you excited. Maybe you were not really in a good mood until he or she said “you’re the best”. Girls love being complimented. 

It is not a hidden fact that girls love flattery. Just tell her how good her dress looks on her and she’ll blush all the way. It is these little things that make a girl’s heart go soft. 

 “No words!”

best responses to You're the best

This means you’re speechless or out of words. This could happen if the statement is totally unexpected. You are probably overwhelmed or very very joyful. 

It also shows that you have no words to describe how you feel about the statement and you’re short of words of gratitude. 

“You’re so good that you made me forget my best reply.”

Awwww…. this is such a beautiful comment. It could literally make the recipient give you a big hug or give you a kiss, that’s if you’re a couple, of course.

Put another way, it could mean that the person is just so good to you to the point that you are at a loss for words to describe what you feel at that point. 

“Am I not so lucky to have you?”

This again makes the person you’re referring to feel special and loved and it goes a long way to gladden the heart of that person. When you say it, let your face show that you mean it. 

Words like these can make the person you’re in a relationship with bless the day he or she met you daily. 

“I cannot live without you.”

How romantic!!! You can use this response if you’re married or dating the person. This response means that there’s no you without him or her. 

As a family, you can practice this gesture by setting out time for that. This is a very potent method for improving relationship unity and individual self-concept.

“I feel the same way, and I can prove it to you.”

This response will be great if you have something like a gift for the person. How exciting that will be! If you want to give the person something special, this is a great time to do that.

Don’t just say the words, endeavor to put them into action. You just said you’ll provide proof, go ahead and do so. If it’s a kiss or a material gift, do that as you say the words. And you will have the person thinking of you, like forever. Try this!

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“Well, you deserve a kiss.”

This is so lovely if you’re a couple. This is such a romantic response to such a comment. It will go a long way in making the person feel special as well. 

You can go ahead to give the person a light kiss on the lip or a peck on the cheek. Be sure that the person is open to that before you do it. But, sometimes, you can always surprise someone with a light kiss. 

“I’m yours forever.”

This is another beautiful way of responding to a “You’re the best” comment. Please don’t make this comment unless you’re in a serious relationship with the person you’re saying this to. 

Think of the power in you  and the impact you could make if you become more intentional about encouraging everyone. Saying the right words can make a whole lot of difference. You should learn to use them the right way. 

“You are my beginning and my end.”

This is another beautiful way of responding to a “You’re the best” statement. It means the person means the world to you and is an essential part of your life.

This is naturally the kind of words that should be said to the infinite God. So, for you to say this to a person, it goes to prove how much the person means to you. Be sure to mean what you say before you say them. 

“You embody everything I need”

best responses to You're the best

Another response you can give is “you embody everything I’m looking for”. This means you’re okay with him or her personality and no matter what, you’ll stick with him or her. 

If you’re married to the person who gave this lovely remark, then this is a great way to respond to your sweet husband or wife by saying, “you embody everything that I am looking for”.

“Your words are sweet”

This is so beautiful to hear. If you want to be a little poetic, this response is just perfect, especially if the person is a fan of literature or loves anything artistic.

The person would want to hear some sweet words from you and you’re doing great by saying this to the person. Sweet compliments are to be reciprocated. 

“Your words are like candies” shows that you treasure the complement of the person and you do not take the person for granted. That’s really a sweet word to say in response to “you are the best”. 

“Who, me? Well, you have a classic taste.”

Well, this can be used when you and the person who gave the remark are in a formal relationship, like say you’re both just colleagues in the place of work or your General manager. 

You just helped a colleague of yours with his task for the day and he says “Thank you, You’re the best”. Then the above response will do and you’ll end up making the person feel better. 

It also shows how intentional you are at enhancing the relationship you have with that person. Words have a way of making people view you in a higher note. 

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“I just keep loving you each day”

Let’s say you just got your fiance or wife a new portrait of her and she says “You’re the best”, you could say “I love you more and more”. Isn’t that cute?

You may not just stop there, accompany those words with a warm hug and a sweet peck on the cheek. That’s all you need to do to keep your partner loving you. 

Of course, this statement might be the very reason you bought the gift in the first place. So, say it out loud to let her know your intention. 

“As long as I’m with you, I’ll definitely do everything”

This shows that you’re willing to do more to keep the relationship going . Commitment is so important in sustaining a relationship for a long time and what a way of communicating it. 

Words are ways of assuring your partner or friend that you’re always going to be there for them. This statement alone is enough to reassure them that their position in your life is fixed and sure. 

Personally, I’d love to hear these words from my partner because I know how love can move me. Trust saying this back to your girlfriend when she tells you that you are the best. 

“The best thing…”

This is another lovely way to communicate your appreciation for receiving a beautiful comment from him or her, especially if you’re in a serious relationship with that person.

Making this response to “you are the best” comment is like saying the same thing back to the person. But this time, the response is more flowery and that has a way of making the person feel really special. You should use this often. 

“Can you say that again? I want to relive the feeling!”

Here, you’re feeling so excited by the statement that you want to hear it again. And I think it’s the best response to that statement. Personally, this is my favorite reply. 

This shows that you take the statement of that person as important and you don’t want to ever forget how it feels like to hear those words. 

This will make the person cherish you more, especially if you’re a couple or if he’s attracted to you. Make good memories and live to relive them with your partner.


These are some other words you could use when someone tells you “you are the best”.  “Here, have this candy!”,“I love you more than anything else!, “I’ll never get enough of you.”Have you heard the song? 

“You Had Me at Hello?”, “You complete me. Oh, yes, you do!”, “we’ll build something long-lasting”, “let’s have dinner?” Yes or yes?” and “Have been waiting for this.” among others. These are the ones above are the best responses to give in this situation. 

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