20 of the Best Replies When a Girl Says “I Appreciate You”

Appreciation is a nice thing. It shows you have manners, and you are grateful for what someone has done. That all changed when a girl says.

No offense to the ladies, but there is more to what they say than what it literally means so when a girl tells you she appreciates you, you should be armed with an arsenal of replies for whatever meaning that harmless sentence might translate to be.

That said, I will be taking you through a list of replies you can say in response to “I appreciate you”.

Here are 20 of the best replies to “I appreciate you”

  • I appreciate you too
  • I am grateful you are in my life
  • I love you
  • I do too. Especially your thoughts and contributions
  • Me too. I don’t take you for granted
  • Thank you
  • It’s wonderful to have a friend like you
  • This means a lot to me
  • You say the nicest things/ it’s nice of you to say that
  • You mean everything to me
  • And what am I appreciated as
  • What for?
  • Shucks
  • This made my day
  • Oh no. You thank Peter. He is the one who did everything
  • That’s new
  • You would have done the same for me
  • I am flattered
  • De nada, mi amor (you are welcome, my love)
  • I’m always here for you

I appreciate you too

Anyone telling you that they appreciate you has something great about you that has helped them and they love that.

If you want to be nice, you can tell them you appreciate them too no matter how small what they do for you is.

If you two have been working together on something, like a project, they might want to thank you for your efforts that have made everything go smoothly.

This reply is very simple and casual and nothing can go wrong with it.

I am grateful you are in my life

This is very deep and you better watch who you tell this to. It has romantic meanings to say that you appreciate what they do for you and them in your life has made it better, easier, and much more fun.

You can say this to someone you are dating, or you intend to marry. If you share a great relationship with a colleague then you can use this.

Of course, this colleague will be more than just a coworker. You can use this with friends or anyone who has added significantly to your life.

I love you

Sometimes girls know what they want but they either find it hard to say or just expect you to know it.

If it is a girlfriend or finaceé, if she says “I appreciate you”, you might have just helped her open a jar, given her a notebook, or done something she really liked.

When she says this, she doesn’t just appreciate what you just did but everything about you, including the fact that you are in her life.

If you say thank you, or I appreciate you too, they would be upset that you missed the message and throw a tantrum.

If you reply with “I love you” which is what she actually wants to say and hear, she will love it way more.

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I do too. Especially your thoughts and contributions

When a Girl Says I Appreciate You

In a team or group, a girl telling you she appreciates you might just be what you bring to the group. Maybe she likes how you do your part well.

You can return compliments and praises with this reply. The second part of this reply prevents it from getting weird. It’s a great way to tell someone that they are smart and you also appreciate and admire them.

Me too. I don’t take you for granted

One worry people have is being used. When people get too familiar they stop valuing you. Telling them this is saying, “I value you. I don’t undermine what you do for me.”

You can go on ahead to mention the little things they do for you that mean the world to you. The fact that you remember will tell them that you mean it and you are sincere.

Thank you

This phrase to some others can just mean thank you. Maybe they are thanking you for bringing a file in, or saving them a seat. It will sound overboard but that’s how grateful they are.

Maybe they are just trying to sound posh so they said “I appreciate you” in place of “thank you for what you have done”. In this case, you say thank you because it is more of a compliment.

They will give you a smile of acknowledgment, trust me.

It’s wonderful to have a friend like you

When a Girl Says I Appreciate You

If you have enjoyed a wonderful friendship over the years filled with love, support, and fun, it is not out of place to thank them in return and make them feel special.

Some friends become so good that they are like family. These types of friends bear your burden, encourage you and try to be there for you.

If that is not your definition of wonderful then I don’t know what is.

This means a lot to me

Appreciation will always make people happy. Using this reply tells them that you are grateful and happy that they have appreciated you.

All of what you did, did not go unnoticed. Think of it as an award. You using this reply are accepting the award.

You say the nicest things/ it’s nice of you to say that

If you feel you don’t want to return the compliment, you can use this reply. It tells them how you view what they have said to you.

It’s very good for team partners who you are just friends with. Also if they are trying to show subtle hints of their emotions for you, this is a more subtle reply.

Depending on your tone, they won’t know how you feel until you make it clear. You can play this game until they outrightly speak to you and tell you how they really feel.

You mean everything to me

Similar to the “I love you” reply, they might be saying that they appreciate you when they want to say much more and they mean even more.

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If you know her well, and you understand what she is trying to say, this reply will make her very happy.

If the lady telling you she appreciates you is someone you have any form of emotion for then go right ahead.

And what am I appreciated as?

This is a good reply. If you intend to tease her that is. Asking her what or who she appreciates you as is like trying to know where you stand.

Since you can’t really know with women, best not to assume and ask for yourself, by yourself. If she is shy, this is where the teasing will come in.

Throw in a copy smile and she will know where you are headed plus she will be absolutely smitten.

What for?

When a Girl Says I Appreciate You

This reply can have many meanings depending on how you say it. If you are the modest type, you can tell her this to say that there is no need to tell you.

Maybe it’s a small thing to you, maybe you don’t want her to thank you but whatever your reason, you feel that what you have done is not worthy of thanks.

If you say this coyly, you will have the same impression as the reply above. It may be that her appreciation is not something she normally does so you can pick on that and decide to use it to start a conversation, tease her, or even flirt with her.


Are you known for your humor? How about something cheesy to make people laugh?

Whether or not she has her eye on you, it is good to make a nice impression and if you want to be seen as funny this reply should work.

Plus it will make everyone laugh or at least grin and then you can give a nice smile and go about your business. You can also say “anytime doll”.

It will be amusing to her, except of course she is a hard-core feminist. Then you might want to stick to the first one.

This made my day

When a Girl Says I Appreciate You

Compliments make everyone feel special, or better if you are having a rough day. If you really appreciate the fact that she appreciated you, then you should let her know just as she let you know.

A smile reply like this will leave both of you feeling happy. Can also use others like:

I really needed that

It’s nice to know I’m appreciated

I’m glad someone sees the effort I put in

That means a lot to me yunno. Thank you.

Oh no. You thank Peter. He is the one who did everything

Modesty is good but honesty is better. If you know what she is thanking you for is not your work then you might as well just tell her.

That doesn’t mean she won’t see you as smart anymore. You can just finish the reply with what you did. For example:

Why thank you but Peter handled this task. I just brought it to you.

Actually, it was Peter and me that handled this part of the project. This is our contribution.

The thanks should go to Pete, he did most of the work, and what a fine job he did.

What are you thanking me for? I didn’t do anything

That’s new

If you gotta that girl who is always proving tough. The kind of female friend that tried to shun things that are feminine.

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Or someone who doesn’t say thank you or show emotions then you can say this to them. If you are teasing them, it can also mean “that’s surprising. This is not the type of thing you would say.”

Maybe they want to get on your good side so you can do them a favor or they had a change of heart. You can show that you observed this with this reply.

You would have done the same for me

To your best friend, this is a perfect reply even though she is a girl.

There are nice things you do for people that you know took a lot of sacrifice from your end but you won’t regret it because not only do they appreciate it but if you switched places they would have done the same for you without hesitating.

It’s not just modest, it tells them how much you value them because they will do the same for you anytime, any day.

I am flattered

You will be flattered when someone compliments you and technically anyone appreciating your work is a compliment to your effort, how intelligent, and maybe efficient you are.

This reply is amusing because you would expect to say something if they really complimented you.

Like if they said something nice about your hair or your clothes. She might think of it as funny. She might also think of it as silly.

De nada, mi amor (you are welcome, my love)

They say French is the most romantic language but Spanish comes close and speaking a foreign language really impresses a lady even if she doesn’t understand it (weird right?) If you want to reply to a partner you can use this reply.

I’m always here for you

What if you are a girl talking to a girl? What if she is appreciating you for your support, nothing physical that you have done? In that case, this reply is what you will use.

People need friends, and shoulders that they can lean on when they are weak. If you are someone like that to her, then you can assure her that this is not going to be a one-time thing and that you would be there for her, thick or thin.

Parting Words

A girl’s mind works differently from the straightforward logic that guys are used to.

Understanding what she is saying at that particular time will make it easier to choose a fitting response.

Did you discover anything intriguing? Do you have any other suggestions for thoughtful responses? Drop them below, we will be happy to read them.

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