20 Best Responses to “Glad to Have You Back”

The best responses to give when people show care and concern are to show our gratitude and also express our happiness when appropriate.

For instance, when someone shows happiness at our return, it’s appropriate to respond with the same energy.

However, when someone says, “glad to have you back,” some people may find it difficult to respond accordingly.

Usually, people say this to express their happiness or as part of courtesy when you’ve been absent for a while and just returned.

So, what do you say when someone makes this remark? Let’s dive into it, as I discuss the 20 best responses you can give when someone says, “glad to have you back.”

20 Best Responses to “Glad to Have You Back”

  1. Thank You
  2. Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks. I appreciate the warm welcome
  4. I’m grateful for the reception
  5. Thanks for looking out for me
  6. Thank you for being there
  7. It feels amazing to be back here
  8. It’s good to be back
  9. I’m glad myself
  10. Aww! I feel loved
  11. This is so sweet
  12. You’re lovely
  13. I’m honored
  14. It’s good to see you too
  15. Yep! Feels good
  16. Yes! Stronger and better
  17. Thank you. What did I miss?
  18. Don’t feel the same
  19. I hope I feel it too
  20. Thanks. I hope for the best

Thank You

As I had earlier established, It’s always good to show our appreciation when people give a little courtesy or show concern.

The simplest way to respond to “glad to have you back” is by saying, “thank you.” So, when someone says, “glad to have you back,” either as a courtesy or genuine concern, “thank you” is very appropriate.

It’s one of the replies you give when you wish to return a kind gesture without attaching any feelings to it.

However, when replying to a loved one, it’d be nice to be more emotional by adding endearments or giving some hugs.

Thanks a Lot

When you feel deeply grateful, this response can help show how you feel. “Thanks a lot” is a great way to express your thanks when someone says “glad to have you back.”

Perhaps the person went the extra mile to welcome you, or you can sense their genuine gladness at your return; this is a proper response to give.

You can always say it to your friend or work colleagues. It’s a nice way to show them how grateful you are.

Thanks. I Appreciate the Warm Welcome

Best Responses to Glad to Have You Back

Apart from saying they’re glad at your return, how warmly did they receive you? Did they offer a hug or give a genuine smile? Did they offer flowers?

If they welcomed you warmly, then acknowledge it. A good response is “thanks. I appreciate the warm welcome”

Not only does it appreciate their gladness and remark at having you back, but it also acknowledges their efforts in receiving you warmly.

I’m Grateful for the Reception

This is another wonderful way of appreciating the efforts of someone who receives you warmly after your long stay away.

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When someone says, “glad to have you back,” and goes on to show how glad they are, you should thank them appropriately with this statement.

Perhaps they threw a small party or organized a surprise welcome; you shouldn’t only acknowledge their statement, but also the reception.

Thanks for Looking Out for Me

This response will become necessary if the person did more than say they’re glad you’re back.

What role did they play during your absence? Did they reach out?

Perhaps you were sick and they called all the time, perhaps they covered for your absence at work; this reply will show them how much you appreciate their kindness.

So, you should give such a response to people who did more for you during your absence.

Thank You for Being There

This is another wonderful way of acknowledging good people in your life.

If it’s the case that they were with you throughout your absence, either through calls, cards, texts, or visits, this response will show your gratitude well.

Whether they’re family or loved ones, or colleagues at work or an acquaintance, this reply is very much suitable.

It Feels Amazing To Be Back Here

A good response that expresses your joy at being back is, “it feels amazing to be back here.”

When someone expresses gladness at your return after a long stay, you should give this response if you feel the same.

Moreover, this statement shows that you’ve missed being around them and the environment. Also, it expresses the love you’ve always felt when you’re with them.

So, this is a good way to express your happiness at returning to meet them.

It’s Good to Be Back

Best Responses to Glad to Have You Back

This is another wonderful response that shows your gladness at being back.

You should say this when you feel happy at seeing the person, or if you’ve stayed away from work for a long time and couldn’t wait to return.

In addition, if it’s a work environment, “it’s good to be back” shows your enthusiasm and readiness to get back to work.

With this reply, your boss or colleagues should be more glad at your response.

I’m Glad Myself

This response will work to show that you feel the same way when someone tells you they’re glad to have you back.

It shows you appreciate their presence too as much as they love yours. It’s a good response when you share a good relationship with the person.

However, you can also give this as a courtesy response when someone tells you they’re glad to have you back.

With your tone, you can express your indifference if they’re someone you don’t care about, or you feel they’re only being polite.

Aww! I Feel Loved

You can be a little more dramatic with your response. If you want to tease the person, this response will work appropriately.

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You can say this and accompany it with a hug, a wide smile, or something dramatic; the person should probably catch the humor and you both should laugh over it.

This response is a very nice way to relieve tension or lighten the mood, especially if you are good friends.

In addition, it’d be a nice response if they did something extra to welcome you; probably threw a party or offered flowers.

This is So Sweet

This is another response that works like the above. You can say this in response when someone says they’re glad to have you back just for a dramatic effect.

It’d be good if they are your friend or someone you’re crushing on. Also, tell them how sweet they’re if they accompany their remark with a sweet welcome.

You’re Lovely

A good response to a loved one who has been with you through bad times is letting them know that they’re lovely.

When someone who did something special for you or supported you during your absence, says they’re glad to have you back, this is a good response for them.

In addition, you can also say this to a colleague who welcomes you warmly, either with a flower, card, or a surprise party. Complimenting them will make them feel loved too.

I’m Honored

If you feel they went overboard to welcome you, you should let them know you feel honored.

If it’s the case that your colleagues at work or your group of friends did something special you weren’t expecting to welcome you, “I’m honored” will express how happy you feel.

It’ll show them how grateful you are for them having you back warmly and also express surprise at how they receive you.

It’s Good to See You Too

Best Responses to Glad to Have You Back

If it’s someone you are happy to see, you should let them know.  It’s always good to make people feel valued the same way they make you feel

So, when someone says they’re glad to have you back, it means they’re happy to see you. If you feel the same way, by all means, tell them.

It could be a good friend or a colleague; instead of just saying, “thank you,” tell them that you’re glad to see them too.

Yep! Feels Good

This is an exclamation that expresses how happy you’re about returning.

Maybe you’ve been absent for a very long time or you’ve just missed being around, this response will definitely express your mood well.

Yes! Stronger and Better

This is another adequate response that will express your happy mood upon your return.

Also, if your absence was due to illness or a challenge, this reply will be very suitable.

Moreover, sometimes we go through certain challenges and a positive attitude may be all we need to scale through. So, this response is birthed out of positive energy, which should always fill us.

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In addition, if it’s in a work setting, this response also shows your readiness to get started, which is what everyone would be waiting to see.

Thank You. What Did I Miss?

When you’re so eager to get back to what you might have missed during your absence, you can say this in response.

“Thank you” will relate your gratitude properly and “what did I miss?” will express your eagerness to start something.

In addition, you can give this response when you’re not particularly interested in the person giving the remark.

Probably, you feel they aren’t genuine; this response will work well. You can say it and then get busy with something to show your indifference.

Don’t Feel the Same

You don’t have to feel glad because someone is. Maybe you’re not happy to be back due to certain reasons, you can express it with your reply.

Also, if you aren’t particularly happy being around the person, you shouldn’t pretend about it, you should let them know with your reply.

However, you shouldn’t show this animosity if there are other people around, So, you should be diplomatic when using this response.

Also, this is a good response when you feel like sharing your burden. If you don’t feel happy about returning, saying this will make the person ask questions.

I Hope I Feel It Too

This is another way to respond when you aren’t particularly glad about your return. But, what is different about this response is that you can use it to show your readiness to try.

If you’re still facing the challenges that have kept you away for some time, this response will express how you feel.

Also, you can say this when you’re willing to share whatever problems you might be facing.

Thanks. I Hope for the Best

This is another good response that will show your doubt about how you feel.

Maybe you think you’re not ready to return, but you have to, this response will tell the person how you feel.

In addition, it’s a good way to show your appreciation for their concern and also show some spirit amidst your challenges.

Final Words

When someone tells you they’re glad to have you back, it shows they’re happy to have you around. However, it could be a courtesy remark by a colleague or acquaintance.

So, your response will depend on if you feel they’re genuinely happy or just being polite. Generally, showing appreciation is appropriate; whether they’re being polite or happy.

But, you should acknowledge those who supported you or welcomed you specially.

In addition, if you don’t feel good about returning, you can say it and if you feel great at seeing them too, you can respond with how you feel.

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