14 of the Best Responses to “Happy Hump Day”

From witty one-liners to motivational phrases, I have put together, from the abundance of my witty repartee and the impressive responses I’ve heard from my colleagues, some of the best replies for the  “Happy Hump Day” message.

Before we dive into these retorts, let me stress that the “hump day” remark is best saved for your friends as a Wednesday greeting, and the best reply you can give will ultimately depend on your attraction to the well-wisher and mood.

You should use any of the response ideas if you’re tired of the same old “happy hump day” responses and want to stand out among your colleagues and friends.

I have further included a brief explanation about each of the response samples to help you add some context so that you can feature that personality in your text messages.

They are sure to do the trick.

Responses to Happy Hump Day

“Yeah, I can see the weekend from here, and you are not in it.”

This retort is so sleek that it has famously found its way to some of the glorified Hump Day memes, and you can always use it anytime someone says the “Hump Day” greeting to you.

The most interesting part of this response is that it never gets cliché because of the change in your tone and the context in which it is said to add new meaning to it every time.

“Let’s maintain our resilience to conquer the hump.”

Another appropriate way to respond to the Wednesday greeting is to offer words of encouragement.

When the “Hump Day” greeting is shared among colleagues in your office, this is one reply that can not only make you stand out but also exert leadership acumen in you without ruining the excitement of being halfway to the weekend.

The response is solid, it’s assertive, and it doesn’t need a shaky voice.

“We’re halfway there to making decisions we will regret on Monday”

Behind the commercialized Carmel vs. romantic connotation debate of what Hump Day really means, the underlying truth is that Wednesday is celebrated in this style because we are now looking forward to the weekend when we hope to do some unofficial things that we won’t want to remember on Monday.

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This response will assist you in summarizing this fact in a witty manner and responding to that person who keeps bothering you with the Hump Day relief.

“Hump Day? More like pump day; let’s get pumped for the rest of the week!”

Responses to Happy Hump Day

Let’s not ignore the fact that, indeed, it is worth pausing on a Wednesday to reflect and feel excited about how the week is going. When you wish for a “happy day,” use your words to inspire teamwork.

Let your colleagues or team members know that the weekend is drawing near, and they will then have the time to relax with a sense of accomplishment from a productive week.

“Yeah. halfway through half-assing our work for the week.

Many people say “half-assed” is a fancy way to say one is lazy. But this is not the gym. This is a relaxed way to reply to the “work is almost done” greeting.

Let the well-wisher know that you may not be doing enough as expected, but life is already difficult enough, and we don’t need to make it any more difficult for ourselves.

The response is an office joke that you can tell whether or not you are wishing for a happy hump day.

“Monday, Tuesday, and WTF!”

Still, in the vein of office jokes, the above response will likely throw everyone into laughter when you say it in response to “happy hump day.”

It’s quite a popular remark, so don’t expect too much reaction. Still, this is something you can say when someone wishes you a happy Wednesday. It is funny, witty, and campy.

“It’s just the week’s Middle finger”

The middle finger is used for offensive or humorous effects. The week is giving us the middle finger as we reach its climax.

It’s downhill from here, and there is no other day during the week to make this retort than a Wednesday, particularly when someone wishes you a happy hump day.

“Indeed, halfway to the weekend!”

When someone wishes you a happy hump day, this is a simple yet appropriate response.

You can call it boring, but it is a remark you can easily remember when words fail you but you feel the urge to provide a snappy reply to the Wednesday greeting.

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At least, Carmel won’t be the only thing you picture in your head.

“Time to rise above the midweek slump.”

If you are feeling fed up, burned out, or simply tired after a busy start to the week, the mid-week slump – or hump day, Wednesday hall, or whatever you want to call it – will serve as a point of motivation.

This a little reflection for you to lift your mid-week slump. This response can serve as a little motivation to break the week’s monotony and encourage others to try something new.

“Happy Wednesday; let’s crush the rest of the week.”

Responses to Happy Hump Day

This is another simple response that I believe you won’t forget easily. When someone wishes you a hump day, you can reply with this remark.

It doubles as a few words of encouragement without sacrificing the excitement or relief that comes with the mid-week fete-driven campaign.

“Midweek madness! Let’s do this!”

Allow me to borrow a phrase from the TV show Midweek Madness, but the phrase sounds just right for what one can say to match the excitement that Hump Day greetings can bring.

It is a cheer-up reply to fuel our excitement as we sail down towards the end of the week and have the most memorable weekend before climbing the hill again on Monday – what a rollercoaster!

“Bring on the hump; let’s get over it together!”

The primary inspiration behind the whole Humpty dumpty is that Wednesday, being the middle of the workweek, serves as a hump people get over to the coast into the weekend.

That being said, you can use the above reply to cheer up a colleague when he or she wishes you a happy hump day.

It means that once you get over this Wednesday, you’ve made it over the hump towards the weekend, and the excitement of that feat is what you are experiencing through the above response.

“Happy Hump Day! Only a couple more days until the weekend.”

Yes, hump day signifies that there are only two days until the weekend. So it is a relieving thing to reiterate when someone wishes you a happy Hump Day.

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Like every other pleasantry, you may be obliged to say something equally nice, and this is a good way to express your thoughts while maintaining nostalgia.

This response hits differently when the well-wisher has lined up weekend dates to attend and promises to fulfill.

This reply will come off as a statement that instills a sense of relief knowing that there are just a few more days until the weekend.

“Let’s make this Hump Day count!”

Responses to Happy Hump Day

It’s hump day, and it’s likely to be the most difficult day of the week for everyone, including well-wishers. So we could use even the slightest shred of encouragement and motivation.

When someone wishes you a happy hump day, you can respond with this response to let them know that day-to-day work can be a drag.

Alternatively, you can say  “Happy Wednesday! “Let’s power through and make it a great one.”

If you don’t see the need to be the Dave Ramsey of your office, then simply put the encouraging lines in this way: “Let’s make this Hump Day a good one!”

In whatever way you choose to put it, the reality is that we’re halfway there, so we will keep building.


It’s downhill from here…

We know Wednesday is Hump Day, and we are 50 percent in a day where we do things that we’d then regret on Monday.

When someone wishes you a “happy hump day” and your words fail you, you can consider the type of attraction you have to the well-wisher and then wield your response from there, or you can simply resort to the retort you can salvage from your witty repartee.

In the place where I work, almost nobody talks about Wednesday being Hump Day, but my colleagues at other firms never fail to keep the Hump Day messages buzzing on our Whatsapp group.

I have studied some of the replies that we give one another and narrowed the outstanding ones to the 15 I shared above.

I hope you find them interesting enough to use.

What’s next? Share them with your colleagues, friends and family and spread the word.

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