30 of the Best Ways to Respond to Happy Sunday

Once I hear “happy and blessed Sunday” my mind goes straight to the church. I start to picture what it would be like to dance and sing along with the choir.

This could be the same reaction on your end or it may be something different. But, whichever way it goes, it is common for someone to wish you good on a ‘Sunday’, which is a recognized day of worship in Christendom.

The thing with being wished well on a Sunday is that a lot of people say the same thing as a response.

And I understand you want to be different, which is why you found your way to this post which curates diverse ways to respond when someone says “Happy Sunday” to you.

Join me as I discuss the details of this article.

30 Great Ways to Respond to Happy Sunday

If you’re still wondering why ‘happy’ is specifically used when wishing someone well on a Sunday, then you should know that everything it’s because the Christian community acknowledges it as a day of worship.

Since the religion preaches love and oneness, it is understandable to believe that it also encourages a happy atmosphere.

Enough of the lecture already. All I’m trying to point out is that your tone when responding to someone who says “Happy Sunday” to you should also reflect the spirit of love and acceptance.

Contrastly, you can try to be tolerant if you’re not of Christian descent but also received a happy wish from someone.

Without much ado, let’s get into the responses to “Happy Sunday” properly. Below is my collection of the best 30 ways to respond to “Happy Sunday”.

  1. Thanks for the wishes
  2. Happy Sunday to you too
  3. Do have a great day ahead
  4. May you have a lovely Sunday, and also
  5. God bless you
  6. You too
  7. I appreciate
  8. Haven’t been to a church in a while
  9. May your day be fulfilling
  10. I wish you a Sunday of love
  11. I’m glad it’s finally here
  12. Sure! Hope your weekend was great
  13. Are you sure you don’t want me to join the service?
  14. God did!
  15. I’m so pumped for the worship today
  16. I love how you always let God bless people through you
  17. Same to you, my love
  18. Keep being a channel for God’s love
  19. I appreciate. You should come to visit our church today
  20. Another good day to thank God
  21. What are your plans for today?
  22. Yeah! The day looks beautiful
  23. Blessings to you
  24. I’m always looking forward to greatness
  25. Best day ahead my dear
  26. God bless us all
  27. But I don’t observe such
  28. I wish you an understanding of the word of God
  29. Appreciate it. It’d be a great week ahead for us all
  30. Keep glowing with the love of Christ

Thanks for the Wishes

This line of the response will pass as one of the commonest ways of responding to “Happy Sunday”.

It is not only simple, but it is also short and makes use of relatable words that don’t need a further breakdown.

The tone here reflects the spirit of acceptance. It shows you’re also extending the same hand of goodwill to the person who wished you a “Happy Sunday”.

The best part of this response is that you’re being appreciative to the person for being considerate enough to wish you well on a Sunday.

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Happy Sunday to You Too

How about we use the speaker’s words to also reply to them? That sounds like a good plan, especially for someone who doesn’t want to employ more syllables in his or her sentence.

Well, that’s what I did with this response, as it captures the exact words of the speaker but directs the wish back to them in a traditional English manner using the word “too”.

If you noticed, there’s nothing speculative about this response, as it is just a regular reply used for “Happy Sunday”.

Do Have a Great Day Ahead

“Happy Sunday” is a wish, and it is often said in the spirit of love. So, when someone says such to you and you’re looking for the best way to respond, you might want to also wish him or her well.

And to that, you’ll need a response like this line. With this, you’re wishing the person to have a blissful day ahead.

May You Have a Lovely Sunday, Also

Since most of the replies on this list are expected to be wishes which you can direct back to the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you, this line of response complies with the standards.

This line suggests you’re wishing the person to have a lovely Sunday. This shows that you fully acknowledge the person’s wishes to you and you’re extending the same to them. It’s more like paying the person with their currency.

God Bless You

Are you someone like me who sees it as a frivolous activity to talk much sometimes? If that’s the case, then you should know that I tailored this reply, especially for you.

Without running into many details, you’re simply replying to the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you with a prayer. This prayer is telling the person that God will bless them.

This response shows how much of a Christian you are and how much you believe in the works of God.

You Too

Just like the previous response which is ideal for my brethren that don’t enjoy leaving many words out of their mouths, this reply follows the same strategy.

In a broad sense, this reply appears preferable if you’re trying to shake off the person who tells you “Happy Sunday”.

I Appreciate

Looking for a simple way of saying “I’m grateful” without throwing in many words? I’ve got you covered, as you can say this as a response when someone wishes you a “Happy Sunday”.

Haven’t Been to a Church in a While

You can add a bit of sarcasm to your response to “Happy Sunday” using this line. This is made possible because this reply does that effortlessly while also making it sound hilarious altogether.

May Your Day Be Fulfilling

Let’s say you’re not cut out for religious wishes…you can respond to “Happy Sunday” without compromising yourself. And you’ll be needing a line of response like this one to do that.

I Wish You a Sunday of Love

Love is and remains a central idea in the Christian world, so you can extend it as a wish to the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you.

I’m Glad It’s Finally Here

If you’re always looking out for Sundays to come so you can enter into the house of God with praise, then this line of response is for you.

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Sure! Hope Your Weekend Was Great

Ways to Respond to Happy Sunday

The weekend ends in the fall of Saturday, while Sunday ushers in a new week. In the spirit of concern, you can use this line to ask the speaker how their weekend went.

This is only necessary if you have some time to spare for a quick catch-up with the person.

Are You Sure You Don’t Want Me to Join the Service?

There’s no harm in asking someone who wished you “Happy Sunday” if they don’t want you to come to church with them.

This response is valid, especially if the person’s to e suggests that they want so but is finding it hard to tell you.

Thanks. God Did!

After you’re done with showing how grateful you are to the person who wished you well on Sunday, you can also give all accolades to God for being the altar and finisher of your faith.

I’m So Pumped for the Worship Today

Do you always feel full of life every Sunday morning ahead of church worship? If so, you can use this line as a response to express how you feel knowing that the day is a Sunday.

I Love How You Always Let God Bless People Through You

Just as you’re being appreciative to the person who wished you “Happy Sunday”, you can try to commend the person for being a channel through which God blesses people like you.

Same to You, My Love

If it was your spouse or fiancé that wished you “Happy Sunday”, you can use this line of response for them. I carefully crafted this line to reflect the exchange of emotions between you too.

Keep Being a Channel for God’s Love

When you see or notice someone going in the wrong direction, you have the prerogative to shun them, just like it’s also wise for you to encourage anyone who’s being a representative of goodness.

You’ll be doing the latter when you use this line as a response to the person who wishes you “Happy Sunday”.

I Appreciate. You Should Come to Visit Our Church Today

After showing appreciation to someone for wishing you “Happy Sunday”, you can use the opportunity you got with talking with him or her to invite them or over to your church for Sunday service.

Another Good Day to Thank God

Every day is an opportunity to show gratitude and Sundays are not included. This response exclaims that it is yet another “good” day to be grateful to God.

Thanks. What Are Your Plans for Today?

Once the atmosphere of dialogue is that of love, appreciation becomes an inevitable occurrence.

Since the person who wished you a “Happy Sunday” sets the mood for love, you can join the campaign by using this reply which first appreciates the person but also tries to engage them in a further discussion by asking about their plans for the day.

Yeah! The Day Looks Beautiful

How about you try to recognize the beauty of the day, as a way of replying to the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you?

This line shows that you’re keen about you’re environment, while it also depicts your appreciation to the person for bringing the goodwill message to you.

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Blessings to You

Do you know you can bless someone, just like God does? Don’t forget in a jiffy that we were made in the likeness and image of God, and that makes us eligible to make declarations of blessing and love.

On that note, you can use this line to exercise your divine franchise of blessing the person who wished you “Happy Sunday”.

I’m Always Looking Forward to Greatness

Another Christian-rich value that I know and love is positivity. It’s in most Christians to be optimistic and this is because of the promise of Eternal life.

However, you can leverage that to create a relatable response like this one.

Best Day Ahead My Dear

You can sound all sweet and cherry with your response to the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you. And you can achieve that with this line of response.

God Bless Us All

Ways to Respond to Happy Sunday

One of the replies in this list have you only asking God to bless the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you.

However, you’ll be switching things up a bit with this one which seeks to ask for God’s blessings, not just for the person but also for you and everyone else you might have in mind.

Thanks. But I Don’t Observe Such

Are you not of Christian descent but understand the need for religious tolerance? If so, you can use this line of response to make that known and also appreciate the speaker for wishing you well.

I Wish You the Understanding of the Word of God

You can keep bringing in the wishes as a form of response. This right here is a good one as you’re converging the person you’re referring to with the spirit to understand the word of God in a better way.

This would be you starting your Sunday with a divine declaration on behalf of the person who wished you “Happy Sunday”.

Appreciate It. It’d Be a Great Week Ahead for Us All

You must show gratitude when you receive a goodwill message from someone.

This line of response incorporates that but goes on to bless the week ahead for yourself and include the person who says “Happy Sunday” to you.

It’s unfortunate that some people still find it difficult to understand that Sunday marks the start of a new week instead of Monday, but you’ll be changing that narrative if whom you’re referring to sees things that way.

Keep Glowing With the Love of Christ

The essence of the gospel as preached by the Christian community is to spread love. The person who tells you “Happy Sunday” just adhered to that simple goal and you’ll be abiding by the same tenet if you reply to the person with this line of response.


Necessity they say is the mother of invention. And I’m pleased that you needed to know better and other ways to respond to “Happy Sunday” instead of using the usual “thanks” which is now a cliche.

Hence, I curated a long list of different ways to reply when someone says “Happy Sunday” to you. I’m sure you can now confidently lodge your response using any of the replies I enlisted in this article.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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