20 Best Ways to Respond to ‘Huh’

There’s this feeling of irritation that I normally get when someone says “huh” in the middle of a conversation.

It sounds so toxic that I imagine if the person listens to themselves while they spew this uncultured wordy gesture.

I bet you’ve also experienced it in one way or the other, which is why you’re in search of ways to respond to anyone who uses the same ignorant term while in dialogue.

The effect of the use may be subtle if the conversation is not serious, but goes on to become a deal breaker if it is uttered while you’re trying hard to convey an important message to the other person.

In this post, I’ll be discussing possible ways to respond to “huh” and also tip you off on what it indicates.

20 Best Ways to Respond to Huh

“Huh” is a casual language used by people to depict inattentiveness during a conversation.

It is not entirely a rude gesture but it also shows that the person who utters it doesn’t revere the other person well enough to use regular courtesies such as ‘say again’ or ‘pardon’.

When a girl says huh, it shows he’s interested in whatever dialogue you’re about to propose to her, thereby turning you off.

Understanding the role of “huh” in context can help you develop frantic replies to it when someone utters it during a conversation with you.

Below are my best picks of ways how to respond to “huh”.

  1. I can’t repeat myself
  2. Why the nonchalance though?
  3. Don’t be rude to me!
  4. Do you have a hearing impairment?
  5. You’re so annoying
  6. You act absentminded like my cat
  7. Excuse me?
  8. Were you even paying attention?
  9. I’m done with this
  10. Go ask your mama
  11. Even a deaf person can hear what I said
  12. It’s either you pay attention or get lost
  13. I don’t have all the time to waste with you
  14. Let’s leave this discussion for when you’re with your senses
  15. Ewww, you sound awful when you do that
  16. Yes, huh! dummy
  17. Looks like this isn’t working
  18. An honest ‘NO’ won’t stop you from being beautiful, you know?
  19. I should’ve known you struggle to decode things, yet you pride in vain beauty
  20. Get lost!

I Can’t Repeat Myself

Saying “I can’t repeat myself” is a somewhat rude way of responding when someone says “huh,” especially when it is done to throw you off balance.

You shouldn’t always let the ills other people project toward you prosper so you might want to use a response that fires them back to their enclave.

With this line of response, you can achieve this feat and even more. Telling the person that you won’t repeat yourself shows just how much of a disciplined person you are, and how intolerant you can be when it comes to anyone who is showing you attitude.

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It can also help correct the person’s perspective that they can do away with anything they like.

Perhaps, you were about to pass to them a piece of life-changing information and they do not pay attention while you do so from the start. The best way to call back their senses is to employ this line of response.

Why the Nonchalance Though?

Asking questions like “why the nonchallance though” when someone says “huh” is one of the most real ways to react in such a situation.

However, the problem lies in knowing how to tailor the right question to meet its contextual need.

With this question-like response, you try to query the other person why they’re acting unserious and nonchalantly.

This is a question that requires an answer (s), so you should expect them. If the person is least sensible, he or she would do well to provide you with a viable reply as to why they are acting all nonchalant towards the discussion in which they uttered “huh”.

Another advantage you’ll have with this line of response is that it serves as your go-to way of expressing that you’re uncool with their mode of communication and would love to know why it is so.

Don’t Be Rude to Me!

Best Ways to Respond to Huh

Although I mentioned earlier that the use of “huh” doesn’t mean that the other person is rude, there’s an exception.

The catch here is that it could be a rude form of discussing with you if the person used a tone that screams ‘rudeness’ and equally ‘carelessness’.

If this is the case, then it is a rude gesture and you shouldn’t fail to address that as such.

Well, you can start addressing the situation by employing a response such as this one right here. This is a standard shun from you to the other person who uttered “huh”.

You’re boldly asking the person to desist from the thoughts of being rude to you. You’ll notice that there’s an exclamation sign at the end of the statement, and that means you should be clear and over while you say this line of response to the person.

And you should also employ body language such as pointing your fingers at the person, as a way of protesting that they shouldn’t be rude to you.

Do You Have a Hearing Impairment?

There’s a spice of humor in this question-like response to the person who said “huh” while in a discussion with you.

This spice is evident if the person is sound with his or her hearing system, but you chose to leverage that as a way of cajoling them.

To some extent, this line is a rhetorical question because the person will be too angry to even provide you with a yes or no answer.

The better part of this line is that I’d advocate you use it, especially when the other person is purposefully saying “huh” to derail you from continuing your statement.

This means you’re not allowing yourself to be the only person angry, as they’ll also join you in that same boat.

You’re So Annoying

I’d advise you to speak up and express any bad feeling you have when the other person says “huh’ in a conversation with you.

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Being outspoken shows that you’re conscious of things you consider limits and wouldn’t let anyone meddle in them.

You can easily let your frustrations known to the person by using this line of response which indicates that the person is annoying.

Nevertheless, you can only go this length if you discover the other person does this consciously and not because of any hearing disorder.

Once you’re done airing your view, you should leave the scene to avoid heated up arguments or hearing unnecessary excuses that would further ruin your mood.

You Act Absentminded Like My Cat

I guess it’s time for some comebacks. Yes, it is time for you to shove some pretty annoying lines into the mind of the person who consciously keeps saying “huh” while you try to start up or continue with a serious conversation.

Perhaps, you’re trying to talk to your colleague at work about a glitch in your computer settings, and instead of them paying attention to hear your problem they decide to give their ears to the music playing in their earphones.

In this type of situation, you should throw them some shades to bring them back to their senses.

The question of, how am I going to do this is out of the line as you just have to use this beautiful comeback to revive their absent mind.

They may be mad immediately but will cool down if they discover you’re in dire need of help and they’ve been ignorant about it all this while.

Excuse Me?

I’ve heard this phrase from ladies on countless occasions, and I guess it translates to mean ‘are you serious right now?’.

That’s by the way, but it is also a good way of replying when someone tries to cut you off a dialogue by continually saying “huh”.

Saying this phrase means you’re angry, and not only that; it also means you won’t tolerate the toxicity from the person for much longer.

Therefore, if any of the aforementioned messages is what you wish to convey as your response, you can count on this line to do just that for you.

Were You Even Paying Attention?

It is obvious that the person who replied to you by saying “huh” in a conversation is not paying attention, but you can still ask this question to fulfill all righteousness.

This question ensures you from being blamed if you eventually cut the person off from the conversation which could’ve been his or her meal ticket.

Because of this, you can take any drastic actions after you ask the person this question.

You could choose to leave the premises or cut them off for good when it comes to discussing serious issues that can be beneficial to the parties involved.

I’m Done With This

When someone says “huh” while in an important discussion with you, it breeds frustration.

It gets worse if you’re trying to discuss a life-threatening issue with them and they keep refuting your efforts by saying “huh”.

To show how aggrieved you are, you can use this line of response. Since it is clear the person is playing you for a fool, you’ll be using this line of response to tell them that you’re done with their silly games.

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With this, you show how decisive you can be when your intelligence is played upon by someone who’s not worth the wait.

Go Ask Your Mama

Let’s go back to comebacks with this line of response that seeks to redirect the person who said “huh” instead of politely asking you to repeat what you’ve just said because they didn’t grasp it.

And for this round, we’ll be using this line of response that asks the person to go to their mother for a recap of what you’ve just said.

This is a response that’s prone to piss off the person greatly, so you might want to reconsider the chances of not picking a fight with the person when you use it.

Even a Deaf Person Can Hear What I Said

Do you want to tell the speaker that they’re deaf without saying they’re deaf? If that’s the case, then you have a near-perfect response strategy that can do the job for you.

This posits that even deaf persons can hear what you said but not the person themselves.

It’s Either You Pay Attention or Get Lost

This line of response is a straight warning to the person who says “huh” in a conversation. It means you’re warning them from either paying attention or being tossed out.

I Don’t Have All the Time to Waste With You

If you like you’re wasting your time trying to start up a conversation with someone uninterested by saying “huh”, you can make the issue go away by using this line of response.

Let’s Leave This Discussion for When You’re with Your Senses

This line is another comeback that sounds subtle but conveys a strong message to the person who mentions “huh” during a conversation with you.

It means you don’t approve of the current dialogue and would rather have it when the person is sensible enough to hear you out.

Ewww, You Sound Awful When You Do That

Best Ways to Respond to Huh

Without being told…you should know that it sounds awful to hear someone say “huh” continuously during a discussion.

So, when you’re faced with a situation in real life, you should use this line to express your disgust to the person who made the gesture.

Yes, Huh! Dummy

You can choose the option of making a fool out of the person that says “huh” to you by using this line. You not only reply to them with what they’ve just said, but you also let them know they’re dummies.

Looks like This Isn’t Working

As a guy or lady; did you try confessing your feelings to another person and all they say is “huh”?

If that’s so, you can disassociate yourself from further proposals to the person by saying this as a response to them.

An Honest No Won’t Stop You From Being Beautiful, You Know?

Trying to talk a girl into an affair with you can be difficult, especially if you don’t tick most of her boxes. Because of this, you’re liable to get “huh” as a response during a conversation with her.

Judging from how annoying this can be, you can say this as a response to her, depicting how angry you are.

I Should’ve Known You Struggle to Decode Things, Yet You Pride in Vain Beauty

Let’s say you ignored the red flags that wooing a girl would be futile but went ahead to do so, and then got “huh” as her response to your questions.

You can employ this line to express regret and also serve her some piece of comebacks to avenge your time wasted.

Get Lost!

If it seems like your means to get a piece of information from someone proves abortive as they keep saying “huh”, you can disembark from the dialogue by abruptly telling them to disappear into thin air by using this response.

Wrapping Up

No one enjoys it when they’re made a fool of, so if you find yourself in such a situation you should strap up with replies to serve the other person.

I’ve made provision of the best 19 ways to respond to “huh” and I’m hopeful that they’ll go on to help serve deserving replies if you’re presented with the situation.

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