20 Funny Responses to “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite”

Have you ever wondered why someone uses the phrase don’t let the bedbugs bite, especially to children at bedtime?

This is true for most of us, and today we will discover what this popular phrase means.

The phrase is a playful way of wishing someone a good night’s rest, albeit reminding them to watch out for bedbugs. It’s like a reminder to keep your bed area clean so you can have a good night’s rest.

This doesn’t mean you have a bed bug infestation or your personal space is unkempt. It’s a reminder to remove anything that will distract you from sleeping properly. And we know bed bugs are nasty little bloodsuckers.

So, since we have defined what this means, we know how to craft eventful responses when this is directed our way.

This article has highlighted 20 funny responses that suit the phrase, don’t let the bedbugs bite.


20 Funny Responses You Can Say Back To Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

  1. Too late, they already got me
  2. I prefer my bedbugs well-fed, thank you
  3. I’ll try, but they keep inviting me to their midnight snack parties
  4. I plan on letting them bite me so I can have a cool bed bug scar
  5. I’ll do my best, but those bedbugs are pretty persuasive
  6. Don’t worry, I have a bedbug security system in place
  7. Bed bugs? More like bed buddies.
  8. If I let them bite me, will they pay the rent?
  9. I’m not afraid of bedbugs, bedbugs are afraid of me
  10. I have a secret weapon against them: garlic bread
  11. I’ll fight those bedbugs with my bare hands if I have too
  12. I have a bedbug protection plan.
  13. I prefer to think of them as bed-hitchhikers
  14. Don’t worry I’ve got my bed bug repellent- it’s called not being delicious
  15. I will put on my bedbug armor before I sleep tonight
  16. I’m not afraid of bed bugs, maybe a bed bear would scare me
  17. I’ll let the bedbugs bite, only if they are cute and fluffy
  18. Bedbugs, more like bed ninja assassins
  19. I have a bedbug detector-its called my skin
  20. I’ll fight those bedbugs with a can of hairspray and a lighter

1. Too Late, They Already Got Me 

A funny response to don’t let the bedbugs bite is saying too late they already got me. This joke plays on the fact that it’s too late to be cautious about any bugs because they have already bitten you. A joke like this can be shared with a friend or family member.

If you have been gotten by the bedbugs, it’s a playful way to inform them you will be up for a while before retiring to bed.

2. I Prefer My Bedbugs to be Well-fed, Thank You 

Funny Responses to Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Saying I prefer my bed bug well-fed is a funny response to not letting the bedbugs bite. This silly reply tells them you are going to let the bugs bite because you are their friend.

The idea of you feeding your bed bugs is so funny. Share this joke at a summer camp or retreat to get laughs.

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Making a joke about feeding bedbugs is a playful way to imply you are familiar with your distractions.

3. I’ll Try, But They Keep Inviting Me To Their Midnight Snack Parties

One funny response is this mentioned here. It’s a silly idea to get invited to a snack party by bedbugs. I could only imagine what’s for dessert if you are the main course.

This joke shows you will enjoy a good sleep but will most likely be up later in the middle of the night.

Not everyone sleeps throughout and this is a funny way to explain this to them.

4. I Plan On Letting Them Bite Me So I Can Have A Cool Bedbug Scar

If you are ever in need of responding to them sarcastically or funnily use this reply mentioned here. It means you are aware of your bed bugs and will rock any scar they give you. Well, I don’t think anyone would willingly let a bug bite you.

Use this when you want to be sarcastic with them. It tells them the night is young and they will sleep when they can.

5. I’ll Do My Best, But Those Bedbugs Are Pretty Persuasive

One of the best funny responses to Don’t Let the bed bugs bite is this here. This means you acknowledge their good night and will try your best to have a good night. It means you are going to do your best to sleep well, but the distractions are strong.

It’s a way to show them you are witty and smart with words. Use this response with a partner as a joke between you two.

6. Don’t Worry, I Have A Bedbug Security System In Place

It’s silly to think about this point here. If you have a bed bug security system, you would not fear any bed bug bites.

This is a funny way to tell them you are going to have a good night’s rest. We recommend using this when you want to let the whole family have a good laugh before bedtime.

7. Bed Bugs? More Like Bed Buddies.

This funny response is good. It’s a joke that says you and the bedbugs are buddies. Your buddies cannot be seen biting you which means you will get a good night’s rest. Such a response acknowledges their remark while cracking a joke about bed bugs.

This response shows them you have a sense of humor.

8. If I Let Them Bite Me, Will They Pay Rent?

A funny response to Don’t let the bedbugs bite is saying if I let them bite me, will they pay rent? This is a hilarious idea that you wouldn’t mind getting bitten by the bed bugs if they will pay rent.

We know how invasive these little bugs can be and the nuisance of having them around. When you think this way, you wouldn’t mind letting them have a bite.

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We recommend using this joke with people who matter to you.

9. I’m Not Afraid Of Bedbugs, Bedbugs Are Afraid Of Me

I’m not afraid of bed bugs, bedbugs are afraid of me. It is a hilarious way to respond to not letting the bedbugs bite.

This shows you have no worries about distractions at night because you will sleep, regardless. This one is for the heavy sleepers who will let nothing separate them from a good night’s rest.

10. I Have A Secret Weapon Against Them: Garlic Bread

We know how these bed bugs bite and suckle on blood to survive, kind of like a vampire. And guess what vampires don’t like garlic.

That’s what makes this response witty and funny. It plays on the fabled weakness of vampires by likening bed bugs to them. With this response, you are saying you will defend against any distractions from sleep.

11. I’ll Fight Those Bedbugs With My Bare Hands If I Have Too

You can sound funny by using this response here when someone says don’t let the bedbugs bite. Fighting bugs with your bare hand may sound extreme but not when you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Use this reply when you want to ensure no one should interrupt your sleep cycle.

12. I Have A Bedbug Protection Plan.

Having a bedbug protection plan is a great way to stay free from their invasive nature. And this funny response plays on this idea. Having this plan means your sleep will not be interpreted by anything.

We recommend this reply because it is guaranteed to generate a good laugh from the speaker.

13. I Prefer To Think Of Them As Bed-Hitchhikers

Well, bed bugs are hitchhikers if you think of them that way. A funny reply is using this mentioned here.

It’s silly and hilariously shows them you don’t mind a little distraction before bedtime. It’s a useful reply when you don’t fall asleep easily.

14. Don’t Worry I’ve Got My Bed Bug Repellent- It Called Not Being Delicious

This funny reply plays on a different idea to be one of the most hilarious on our list. It jokes about having blood that’s not tasty to these bugs.

This means you do not worry about distractions when you sleep. If the bugs don’t have access to you, then nothing worries you in slumber.

15. I will Put On My Bedbug Armor Before I Sleep Tonight

When you have bed bug armor, you are protected from the forces that make sleeping difficult. This is a silly response you can use whenever someone says don’t let the bed bug bite. It tells them you understand the remark and will put up things to mitigate this from happening.

We recommend using this to prove to the speaker you will sleep smoothly because you have protection.

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16. I’m Not Afraid Of Bed Bugs, Maybe A Bedbear Would Scare Me

Saying you are not afraid of bed bugs but a bed bear is an amusing response that makes you sound like a comedian. This reply will get you the most laughs from any crowd.

It makes a fictional creature more scary than a bedbug. What this reply shows, is your total control over how you sleep at night. We recommend using this with young children who will find this hilarious.

17. I’ll Let The Bedbugs Bite, Only If They Are Cute And Fluffy

This funny response jokingly admits you will allow the bed bugs to bite if they are cute and fluffy. I know this sounds silly, and that’s why it’s an interesting choice on our list.

The bedbugs are imaginary, and it means you wouldn’t mind getting distracted as long as it’s for a good cause.

We recommend using this with your partners or loved ones. This response will make them fall into a deep state of laughter.

18. Bedbugs, More Like Bed Ninja Assassins

This funny response describes the lethal nature of real-life bed bugs. They are nasty little things that can ruin a good night’s sleep.

This response is a sarcastic and silly one. It refers to the bugs as assassins because they deny you sleep. Whenever you use this reply, it’s bound to generate the right response from them.

19. I Have A Bedbug Detector-Its Called My Skin

The best way to make a funny response is to relate the joke to something similar to you. Your skin is the best detector of a bite, and this jokingly plays on the idea.

It’s a way to remind them you are a light sleeper and will repel any kind of distraction or noise. This will ensure they take more quiet steps when you are asleep.

We recommend using this response to show them you can’t be pranked in your sleep.

20. I’ll Fight Those Bedbugs With A Can Of Hairspray And A Lighter

Well, we have a response that may need the firefighter services on stand-buy. The combination of hairspray and lighter is a pyrotechnic used to create projected flames.

Anyone who knows this will understand you intend to roast any bugs that dare interrupt your sleep.

This response is more silly if you are more animated with your delivery. It’s a sign to them you won’t tolerate any noise when you sleep.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let the bedbugs bite, is a common phrase used by many people. It can sound strange at first because you might wonder why the mention of the bug. Well, as we have explained in the article, it’s just a more enthusiastic way of saying good night.

With this definition in mind, we have written 20 funny replies you can use when someone uses this phrase. It shows them you understand and has silly comebacks too.

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