20 Ways to Respond When She Says She’s On Her Period

Oops! This breaks the heart of many guys if you know what I mean. If you know what this statement means, you definitely know what I mean.

When a girl says she’s on her period, it means she’s menstruating. This is a situation that lasts for a few days so whatever discomfort it brings will have to be endured for however long it lasts.

What do you say in response when she says she’s on her period? That depends on why she’s telling you and how you feel about it. In some cases, it’s sensual. In other cases, it’s not actually your business.

You can respond by saying ‘Sorry’. You may also say ‘That’s disappointing’.

20 ways to respond when she says she’s on her period

  1. It doesn’t matter, does it?
  2. Omg! Wrong time for that.
  3. Can I confirm that? I’ll just check briefly.
  4. Whoa! Still?
  5. You want me to wash you up?
  6. That explains it.
  7. I guessed so.
  8. I know… doesn’t affect anything.
  9. Should I come to give you a massage?
  10. Well, thank God.
  11. Obviously, you are.
  12. That’s some good news, isn’t it?
  13. Do you want me to save you?
  14. Sorry. What do you need?
  15. That’s not exactly my fault, I believe.
  16. How do you feel?
  17. That’s quite disappointing.
  18. So we won’t be smashing today?
  19. It’s quite easy to tell you are.
  20. Call me if you need my help.

It doesn’t matter, does it?

This may sound like a weird response but it may be an honest one. To many of us, the situation of our woman matters, especially in this particular case.

Most people think it is dirty to make love when a woman is on her period and you may share this sentiment too for whatever reason. However, not everyone thinks so.

Your girlfriend may be informing you that she’s on her period because you want to make love to her.

This may mean she’s uncomfortable with having sensual intercourse in that condition or she thinks you may be uncomfortable with it.

This response shows that you don’t think it’s a big deal. In other words, you can actually make love to her if she doesn’t mind.

You may also just say this as a joke. If you think she’s not comfortable with it, this joke will hit harder, then you can just laugh about it. Just so you know, you won’t be the first if you eventually choose to do it.

Omg! Wrong time for that

This expresses surprise or shock. There can be several reasons for you to express shock and surprise in this situation. The main idea behind this is ‘it’s the wrong time for her to be on her period’.

It may be the wrong time simply because you are aroused and you really want to make love to her. You are showing that you don’t want to make love to her in that condition for your sake or for hers.

It may also be the wrong time due to the discomfort that comes with menstruation. Your woman or friend may be the type who feels a lot of pain when she’s on her period.

You may be implying that it is the wrong time for her to be feeling the pains of menstruation.

Can I confirm that? I’ll just check briefly

Here is another way to make a joke. Saying this and meaning it will sound quite absurd. You can say this if you think there is no reason for the girl to let you know about her menstruation.

Girls often say private things to their friends. You may also say this if you suspect that she’s just giving an excuse not to do something.

For example, she may be someone who feels extreme discomfort when on her period. One she knows that you know this, she can use it as an excuse to become lazy.

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Since no one will try to confirm that she’s actually on her period, she can easily get away with this lie. You can give this response as a joke.

You may also say this as her boyfriend or her spouse who has just demanded for sensual intercourse. You must not appear like you mean it and you must not actually try to confirm. That will seem way too creepy.

Whoa! Still?

‘Whoa’ is another word like ‘OMG’. It is mostly used to show shock or surprise. As we have discussed earlier, there are several reasons a person may feel shocked or surprised to hear that girlie on her period. This particular response gives a clear suggestion of when it can be used.

‘Still’, in this question, is asking if the person is still menstruating, even though the person has just confirmed it.

While the statement is posed as a question, it is simply a way of showing surprise.

This response implies that the girl has been on her period for a while and you expect it to have stopped already.

You want me to wash you up?

Of course, she doesn’t want you to wash her up. This response shows that you didn’t ask whether the girl was on her period or not and you also didn’t mention anything related in any way.

This response should only be used as a joke and this must be clear so you don’t end up passing a harsh message.

Saying this quickly with a serious look on your face will seem very dismissive and rude. You may sound like you don’t care about what she has just told you.

Oh. That explains it

This may seem like a bit of an insult but it won’t necessarily be taken personally. When a woman is on her period, a lot of things can come with it.

Asides from the pain that she feels, she may become a bit aggressive toward people.

When you say this, you are implying that you have seen signs. There are signs that may be much worse or more insulting than aggression.

When you are saying this, you have to make sure you are not referring to something that can get her angry with you.

I guessed so

This suggestion is similar to the one mentioned earlier. This also suggests that you have seen signs that you expect to see in a person that is menstruating.

These signs could be anything. It may be a sign that doesn’t apply to everyone. It may be a sign that is special to the girl you are talking about.

She may be a person who acts in a particular way when she’s on her period. Therefore, when she’s putting on a strange attitude, you can tell that she is probably on her period again.

She may also obviously be in pain, recoiling again and again.

I know… doesn’t affect anything

Ways to Respond When She Says She's On Her Period

As stated earlier, to some people, ‘menstruation’ doesn’t affect ‘anything’.  We may think making love while menstruating is an unhealthy act but it really may not affect anything.

Many people choose to abstain from sensual intercourse during this period because they feel repulsed by the blood. Some people do not mind the blood.

You, as a guy, may only say this if you are sure your girl doesn’t mind either. It is her body so she has to be respected. You may also say this as a joke but make sure it’s a clear joke.

Should I come to give you a massage?

You don’t have to ask for intercourse before a girl tells you she’s on her period. For this reason, many responses on this list sound weird to some people at first glance.

This is because the statement is often used in a sensual context.

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As mentioned earlier, girls can say a lot of personal things to their friends, irrespective of gender. If your girl says randomly that she’s on her period, you can offer to give her a massage.

You don’t have to mean it. You both may be talking over the phone, then you can give this nice but insincere gesture.

You may also actually give her a massage. That may help in easing her discomfort.

Well, thank God

Girls are not often excited to announce that they are on their period. Therefore, this response will sound a bit absurd.

This is similar to rejoicing when your friend has just told you that he or she is in pain. Of course, this will be taken as a joke.

You should give your reason for this response. Girls are usually not the same when they are on their period. Some of them get a bit more aggressive.

Some of them get very calm due to the pain they are feeling. If the girl is one that sits calmly on her period, you may give this response to show that you like it when she’s not disturbing.

You should smile and show some sympathy so you don’t seem so heartless. Also, you shouldn’t sound so much like you hate her presence.

Obviously, you are

I have female friends who can’t hide the fact that they are on their period. This is not about how much they speak about it.

They don’t even have to say it because it is usually very clear from the way they behave. You may have a female friend or girlfriend like this.

She may be someone who has a special attitude that only shows itself when she’s on her period. In this case, you don’t need her to say she’s on her period anymore. When she tells you so, you can already see the signs.

Some girls feel so much pain that they can’t hide. There are certain activities they can’t perform during this period due to the pain they are feeling so, even if they don’t want to go around telling people about it, they may have to save themselves the unnecessary stress.

That’s some good news, isn’t it?

Many girls will give virtually anything to never menstruate again. Therefore, this may just be the most obvious joke of the century.

To be fair, no girl actually just wants to stop menstruating unless she has reached the stage that is considered medically alright.

While girls don’t enjoy menstruating, it is considered a necessary evil. They don’t want it but they know they need it so they don’t want it to just disappear without an explanation that proves it to be normal.

Do you want me to save you?

Ways to Respond When She Says She's On Her Period

This may sound like it’s innocent but it’s got a pretty different meaning from what it sounds like. You may also wonder how this should be a correct response to your girl’s statement.

As stated before, many girls will give virtually anything to get rid of the discomfort that comes with menstruation.

This is almost impossible for many and the only way to avoid the pain is to ‘not be menstruating’. You, as a girl, can only get through months without menstruating when you are pregnant. This is what the statement means.

When you ask this question, you are asking whether she will let you get her pregnant. You can say this if you are talking to your mere friend or just someone you are not in a sensual relationship with.

Oh. Sorry. What do you need?

‘Sorry’ is one of the responses suggested in the introduction. Menstruation can cause pain for some women so it’s not often something they are happy to say or talk about.

Saying sorry will show that you have sympathy for the girl talking to you but that isn’t enough. Of course, you can simply show your sympathy but it is an even better gesture if you offer to help out with anything.

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When women are on their menses and in discomfort, they may be unable to get certain things done.

While they worry about the pain, they may also be worrying about the tasks they have left undone. You can lift a part of the burden for your girl.

That’s not exactly my fault, I believe.

Here is another harsh one so you have to be careful of how you use this one. Everyone knows it’s not your fault that your girlfriend or mere friend is on her period and no one is accusing you anyway.

A girl may make this privacy statement to you when you have not asked. Giving this response will be a dismissive way of saying you did not ask and you do not care about it. That would definitely hurt her.

Don’t say this if it’s your partner talking. You can say this to your girlfriend but you have to make sure you are not sounding too carefree about her situation.

Since it’s a joke, make sure you are not looking too serious. Show a little bit of sympathy and offer to help her out with whatever she needs.

How do you feel?

Here is another way to show that you care about the girl. It doesn’t have to be your spouse or your girlfriend. She may be your mere friend. It could also be someone you only get to spend the moment with.

First, she has told you that she is on her period, even though you did not ask. This shows that she is in so much discomfort that she cannot hold back.

It also shows that she may want to talk about it with someone and express how she feels.

When you ask this question, you are telling her to proceed with what she wants to say. You are also showing that you are listening to her.

You can compare this to a complaining girlfriend. While her problem and solution may have nothing to do with you, she will only tell you to have you listen to her.

That’s quite disappointing

The statement may feel like actual bad news too. The girl is probably already used to the discomfort that comes with menstruation. However, her boyfriend may be getting aroused at the wrong time.

Not everyone is comfortable with making love to a menstruating woman so it is often disappointing to hear that one’s girlfriend is on her period when the guy is already aroused.

So we won’t be smashing today?

Ever heard of ‘smashing’? It is slang that refers to sensual intercourse. Here is another statement you can make if you don’t feel comfortable sleeping with your girlfriend when she’s on her period.

You may also say this as a joke to your mere friend. Of course, you wouldn’t be smashing even if she weren’t on her period. She would definitely get the joke.

It’s quite easy to tell you are

You are implying that the girl is obviously on her period. You can also give your reasons for saying so. If they are traits that may get her embarrassed, it’s better to not say this statement at all.

It is okay to point out slight changes that are inoffensive.

Alright. Call me if you need my help

You can say this if you are not with her at the moment or if you are about to leave her side. You are offering your help to her and also indirectly stating that you will not always be present.

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