20 of the Best Responses to “Can’t Get Enough of You”

Sounds like it’s time for the adults to have their thing. However, words are just words, right? I can choose to say this to anyone, just as you can, and it may mean nothing.

The same applies to every statement out there. Nevertheless, it is very less likely to continue to utter statements without meaning.

In other words, there is a high chance that what your friend is saying to you has an in-depth meaning.

This is a statement you should only hear from someone who is romantically interested in you. Choosing a response is dependent on how you feel about the situation.

You can hear this from your spouse, your fiancé, or someone trying to win your love.

In response, you can say ‘I love you’. This is an equally endearing statement suggesting that you share the sentiment. You may also respond by saying ‘I’m not falling for it’.

This implies that you suspect the statement to be a method of manipulation.

20 Best Replies to “Can’t Get Enough of You”

  1. I don’t want you to.
  2. Of course, you can’t.
  3. Ha-ha. That’s what they all say.
  4. Have you ever heard of ‘Breakfast’?
  5. I’m not falling for it.
  6. I can’t get enough of you either.
  7. Are you sure you’re okay?
  8. That’s sweet.
  9. Stop it.
  10. I love you.
  11. This again.
  12. I’m that full of surprises.
  13. I’m glad you can’t.
  14. How I wish that were true.
  15. You’re the one full of surprises.
  16. Sounds like an excuse to seek more.
  17. The joke is not putting me in the mood. Please.
  18. Why are you doing this?
  19. I’m pretty sure you can.
  20. You never will.

I don’t want you to

Nobody wants their partner to get enough of them. That would mean the relationship is getting boring. While this may seem inevitable, we really don’t wish for it.

This shows that you love your partner also and you desire his or her affection towards you.

When you say this, you are showing that you don’t want your partner to stop loving you.

Responses to Can't Get Enough of You

Of course, you can’t

You can consider the statement as a compliment. One of the most infamous ways of responding to compliments is by embracing the comment that has been used to qualify you. It often sounds like boasting.

This response sounds much sweeter if you are talking to your partner or a lover. Most people like a tiny bit of possessiveness in their partner.

While this may be considered an unpopular opinion, a minor presence of this trait in your partner may be proof that your partner cares about the relationship you share.

This statement implies that you are sure your partner can’t get enough of you.

Ha-ha. That’s what they all say

Laughing at a compliment can be a clear sign of doubt. Laughing at the confession of a person’s desire for you can be quite heartbreaking.

The interpretation of the gesture may be decided by what you say after the short laughter. Laughing in this situation may seem like you are belittling the person trying to woo you.

It may also imply that you doubt what the person has said and you find it ridiculous.

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This statement implies that you don’t believe the person’s confession. You are also directly showing why you don’t believe it, which is how often you hear it from different people who have ulterior motives.

Have you ever heard of ‘Breakfast’?

Not many will understand this one. Your partner or the speaker may not understand this either so you may want to pose it as a question. ‘Breakfast’, in this context, is not the same breakfast meal we all know.

‘Breakfast’ is an African slang which refers to ‘Heartbreak’. By saying this, you are suggesting that you don’t share the same feelings with the person talking and you may break his or her heart.

You have just learned a new word. You may not find this in the dictionary (at least, not now).

Nah. I’m not falling for it

Here is another way to show your doubt. This may be a necessary response to give even if you are desperately wanting to believe it.

As mentioned in the introduction, words can be mere words, even though they often have true meanings borne from the heart.

Saying ‘I am sorry’ does not mean the speaker is interested in apologizing. The same applies when a person says ‘I love you’. It doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is in love with you.

This response suggests that the person may not be in love with you and he or she is just teasing you. You may also say this if you think the person is just trying to flatter you to make you help him or her with something.

Your partner may say this to you for the reason mentioned earlier. While he or she actually loves you, the statement is only made so you can offer an assistance with something.

I can’t get enough of you either

What do you say in response when your partner says he or she loves you? Of course, you share the sentiment so you say ‘I love you too’ or you give a response that suggests the same.

This response suggests that you feel the same concerning the person talking to you. You are saying you also can’t get enough of the person.

Are you sure you’re okay?

How does this question fit in? Well, you can use this in showing your surprise towards the statement that has been said to you.

You feel surprised to hear certain things from certain people. As simple as it is for many of us to say ‘Sorry’, it is almost impossible for some people.

There are also other statements you may think are impossible to hear from certain people around you. When you hear them say these statements, then you may feel slightly surprised.

If your partner is the type who is hardly romantic, you can give this response to him or her. Wear a smile to show your surprise.

This is a normal reaction so you won’t be having to force the smile anyway. You can also give this response if the statement is coming from a friend whom you don’t expect to be interested in you.

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This statement doesn’t suggest whether you share the sentiment or not. You can express your feelings later.

Aww. That’s sweet

People react in different ways when they hear that they are loved or desired by a person. Hearing your partner confess his or her desires for you can be quite satisfying.

You don’t have to think of a big response or some correct way to react. You can simply react naturally and let your true feelings be clear.

If you love the person equally, you will find yourself smiling and passing the message with your facial expression. ‘Aww’ is a word you can impulsively utter when you are flattered by what a person has said.

Responses to Can't Get Enough of You

Lol. Stop it.

‘Stop’ may mean stop and it really may not. Girls usually just say ‘stop’ when they are feeling flattered or amused by their partner.

Most times, they don’t want it to stop but the word comes out before they even think of it. You may find yourself saying this when you feel like your partner is teasing you.

You may also give this response to your friend if you think or are sure that he or she is joking with you.

This statement may be accompanied by a smile but it may also just be a way of concealing your desire for the absurd moment to pass.

I love you

When your partner says he or she can’t get enough of you, you should know that he or she is expressing desires and feelings for you. It is basically the same as saying he or she loves you.

You can respond, as suggested in the introduction, by simply saying you love him or her.

This again

This is a common statement which may show a person’s frustration, though not necessarily. You can give this response if you are hearing the statement from a mere friend or someone you really don’t want a serious romantic relationship with.

This response shows that you are not hearing the statement for the first time from the same person.

It also shows that you don’t want to keep hearing it. You are tired of hearing the person say it and it’s getting you frustrated.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t necessarily imply frustration. It may also show your refusal to accept what the person is implying.

The person is claiming that he or she loves and desires you and you may not believe what he or she is saying. This response shows that the person has been making this claim and you still don’t believe it.

Yes. I’m that full of surprises

Just like the second response suggested on this list, this is another way of embracing the ‘compliment’ that has been said to you.

While the statement may not sound like a compliment, it can be taken as one. In other words, it implies that there is so much to be desired in you.

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This response embraces the compliment. You are directly claiming that you are full of surprises and the speaker definitely can’t get enough of you. Say this to your partner. It never sounds like boasting.

I’m glad you can’t

You should be glad your partner can’t get enough of you. When your partner always desires your presence and quality time with you, it should always be a proof of his or her love for you.

This may seem like an unpopular opinion, considering how normal psychological reactions of lovers are now tagged as toxicity.

You can give this response to show that you appreciate how your partner desires you.

How I wish that were true

Once again, words can be merely words that are not truly meant. While there may not be a way to prove that the speaker doesn’t actually feel any desire for you, you can express your doubts if you think so.

This response shows that you would appreciate it if the person really loves you. This may make him or her want to prove it to you

Oh. You’re the one full of surprises

One popular way of responding to compliments is to throw the compliments back. For example, when you are complimented on your dancing skills, you can simply say you are not even as good as the person complimenting you.

This response shows that you can’t get enough of your partner or whoever is speaking to you. You are throwing the statement back.

Sounds like an excuse to seek more.

This is another response that shows your doubts clearly. It may also show your jealousy. You are implying that your partner may want to look for other people because he or she can’t get enough of you.

This should only amuse your partner.

The joke is not putting me in the mood. Please

Say this if the statement is coming from someone you don’t want a relationship with. You may also say this if you think the person is actually trying to hike with you.

Why are you doing this?

You can pour out your emotions, starting with this question. The statement may be coming from your insincere partner.

You don’t believe the words of your partner but you want to and you are almost getting convinced. However, his or her actions seem to prove otherwise.

You can ask this question, then say why you think you are being intentionally hurt.

I’m pretty sure you can

Say this to clearly show that you are not interested in having a relationship with the speaker.

You may feel a bit reluctant if the person actually means it. However, you don’t want to throw yourself into a relationship you won’t be happy with.

You never will

Here, you are boasting that your partner will continue to desire you. As mentioned earlier, a little bit of possessiveness will show that you love your partner.

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