30 of the Best Responses to “Stay With Me”

Have you been thinking of a cool way to respond when someone tells you to stay with him or her? We have thirty suggestions for you to choose from.

First, the response to this question depends on whether or not you are willing to grant the desire. It also depends on the situation you are being asked to stay in.

One way to respond is ‘That’s fine’. If it’s not fine to stay, then you’ll find the answer you need in the 30 suggestions below.

30 Best Responses to “Stay With Me”

  1. That’s fine.
  2. Why?
  3. Let me see if I can.
  4. Do you need me?
  5. You know that’s not possible.
  6. Give me reasons to. I just may.
  7. No way.
  8. I have somewhere to go.
  9. I don’t feel like.
  10. Will you pay for my presence?
  11. I wish I could say no.
  12. Thank you so much.
  13. I have nothing to do here.
  14. I’ve been waiting to hear that.
  15. I will be back soon.
  16. I will be bored.
  17. Come on. You’ll be fine.
  18. Or you can come with me.
  19. Please, don’t make me stay here
  20. Trust me. I really want to.
  21. Make me
  22. Nothing is making me stay here.
  23. I really think you should be alone.
  24. Why do you need me now?
  25. I didn’t think you would ever ask
  26. I should be alone
  27. I really can’t, as much as I want to.
  28. If you tie me down, I will tear the ropes.
  29. Then you’ll owe me one.
  30. Gladly

That’s fine

You saying it’s fine means it’s fine. You are directly agreeing to do the bidding of your friend. You are saying it is fine to ‘stay with me’ as your friend has asked.

People don’t just say it is okay to do something when the request for it is made. When they agree that they are fine with it, then there is an unspoken promise to do what has been requested of them.


How to respond to Stay With Me

You may not know why you have been asked to stay. There are several reasons to ask why. Sometimes, requests are made from us but we are unwilling to do what we are asked.

However, there is no problem with being compassionate and doing as requested if there is a plausible reason for it.

You can ask why your friend is asking you to stay with him or her. It could be for a silly reason. It could also be for a reason that is unnecessary.

Possibly, you may be able to find an alternative to staying that automatically satisfies the desire of your friend while saving you from dissatisfying yourself.

Let me see if I can

You can say this if you think you may have the chance to stay. By saying this, you are implying that you have no problem with staying but there are reasons you may not be able to stay.

This response implies that you are going to check if you can evade those reasons that may hinder you from staying.

While this may not be true, it is what your response implies. You can give this excuse and take the time to think of a reason not to stay while pretending to check your schedule.

Do you need me?

Ask if you are needed by your friend. There is definitely a reason your friend is asking you to stay and It is probably because you are needed.

This question does not only ask ‘If’ but also ‘Why’. If your friend doesn’t say ‘Why’ when you ask this question, then you can directly ask what you are needed for.

Then you will know if it is something you can actually stay for.

You know that’s not possible.

If it’s not possible, say so. You may have reasons not to stay and they may be clear to your friend. Sometimes, your reasons may not be clear or known at all but this response will show that you have reasons.

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You can mention why you can’t stay again.

Give me reasons to. I just may

This response is giving a condition. Before you can choose to stay, your friend has to convince you to. The only way to convince you is to give you reasons to stay.

However, you won’t stay for just any reason. This explains the inclusion of ‘I just may’. If the reasons are not important enough to you, you may shun them.

No way

This is a straightforward rejection. It just may break the heart of your friend. However, you may have your reasons for saying this.

If your friend’s request is a casual one, you can easily reject it without getting him or her upset. You can also state your reasons just to make sure the statement doesn’t upset your friend.

You can also say this as an angry reaction. It entirely depends on you and the circumstances.

I have somewhere to go

Here, you are directly giving your reasons not to stay. You are not simply saying no to your friend’s request but also showing that you are not doing so out of indifference or wickedness.

You can emphasize how important it is for you to go. That way, you can get your friend to understand your rejection.

You also may not need any elucidation, especially if the request is just casual.

I don’t feel like

How to respond to Stay With Me

Express your feelings but make sure it is not so carefree. How you express your feelings should depend on how important the situation is.

If your friend doesn’t need your presence, you can choose whatever you feel like doing.

However, if it is something important, saying No because of how you feel would mean indifference toward your friend’s plight.

Will you pay for my presence?

Say this as a joke to your friend if the situation is not serious enough. Your friend may simply want to have you around while you feel like going somewhere else. You can ask this question first to tease him or her.

Then you can choose whether to stay back and enjoy the moment or leave and do whatever you want.

I wish I could say no

There are certain reasons a person may feel unable to say No. Sometimes, it isn’t the inability but the strong urge against the idea.

For example, your friend may need someone to stay with him or her because of some predicament that you had warned against.

It is normal to be angry with your friend who refused to take your advice. However, it feels impossible to leave your friend when you are needed.

Thank you so much

You can respond by saying thank you if the statement was your request or just what you asked for. You may have asked to stay with him or her earlier but the person’s permission is needed.

You can respond by thanking him or her for allowing you to stay.

I have nothing to do here

Here is your reason to go. You can mention how bored you would be if you choose to stay with him or her since you don’t have anything to do there.

Again, this will sound absurd if your friend really needs your presence. This response would sound like you are being carefree towards your friend’s situation.

I’ve been waiting to hear that

This implies that you needed or wanted the person to tell you to stay. You may have a reason to leave but you really want to stay.

This response implies that your reason to leave can still be ignored while you stay back and have fun.

This also implies that you are using the person’s request for you to stay as your excuse for not leaving.

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I will be back soon

Say this if you really need to go somewhere quickly. You can use this in both casual and serious situations.

When your friend really needs your presence, you can say this and mention how far you are going just to assure him or her that you are nearby.

Though unnecessary, you may give your reason for leaving for a short moment. If your reason, however, may make him or her feel scared about the possibility of you not returning, you can choose to not say it.

Just say how far you will be going or how long you will stay there.

I will be bored

This is another reason you may have to not want to stay. This is also about your feelings so you should only use this in a casual situation so you don’t appear carefree in a serious situation.

Your friend may also be able to give you a reason to stay by starting a fun game.

Come on. You’ll be fine

Say this if your friend’s request for you is unnecessary and unserious. There are cases when we exaggerate the situation of things.

Your friend may think he or she needs you. It may also be mere fear of something that should not be feared.

You can say this and explain why he or she would be okay without you.

Or you can come with me

 You can make this suggestion if it is a possible idea. You can also choose to say this as a sarcastic way of implying that both options are impossible.

Your friend may want you to stay for a casual reason but you are unwilling to stay for one reason or the other. After debating on whether to stay or not, you can suggest that your friend comes with you and you both can have fun elsewhere.

It could also be a pretty serious situation for both of you. Your friend may need to stay while you may need to go.

Your friend doesn’t need you to stay with him or her, neither do you need your friend to come with you. You are saying this to simply point that out.

Please, don’t make me stay here

This response implies that you feel obliged to do your friend’s will. It may not necessarily be your friend. It could be your spouse or your lover.

When you say this, you are telling him or her that you are unwilling to stay but you are finding it hard to resist.

It doesn’t mean you are being forced to. You just feel the urge to do your lover’s will and you really don’t want to do this one.

Trust me. I really want to

This is another way to point out why you can’t stay. This particular statement says nothing about why but you can state your reasons after saying this.

You can use this in both casual and serious situations. In serious situations, your excuse better be plausible so you don’t seem carefree.

Make me

This is a way of challenging a person to make you do something. You are telling your friend to do whatever it takes to stop you from leaving. This could also be a romantic response when talking to your spouse.

When talking to a friend, you may simply get a reason why you are needed or something to entice you into staying.

When talking to a lover, he or she may just cuddle you till you get too comfortable to leave… or you’ll get into silly pillow fights.

Note that this response implies you are can consider staying but you need your interest kindled.

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Nothing is making me stay here.

Say this to show your repulsion to the place. Your friend may be forced to stay there or may just be choosing to.

If it is a casual situation, you should not feel forced to stay so you can give a blunt response. You don’t have to insult your friend but you can insult the place.

I really think you should be alone

If you think your presence is not what your friend needs, you can simply say so and suggest what you think he or she should do.

You can explain to him or her why you should not stay or why you think your friend should be alone.

Why do you need me now?

You can ask this question if you are not used to staying with the person you are referring to or if he or she doesn’t often use your help.

This response is often used in a way that denotes rebellious anger. If you are not upset with the person you are talking to or you just need to know the reason to stay. You can simply ask ‘Why’ or ‘What for’.

I didn’t think you would ever ask

As mentioned in the intro, the response you give is entirely dependent on how you feel about the question and the answer you want to give.

This response implies that you are willing to stay with the person. It doesn’t only show that you want to stay but also it shows your eagerness toward the idea.

There are several reasons you may want to stay. You may simply want to hang out with your friend at that time.

I should be alone

We have talked about you suggesting that your friend should be alone. You can also talk about your need to be alone. Staying with your friend has to do with you as much as it has to do with your friend

You are the one making the sacrifice when you choose to stay against your own will. You can also just give the major reason for you to be alone.

I really can’t, as much as I want to

When you say this, you are showing your interest in staying with your friend or the person you are referring to. However, you are also giving a reason why you can’t stay with your friend.

You can let your reasons be clear to your friend so he or she can understand you rather than get upset with you.

If you tie me down, I will tear the ropes

You can refuse to stay by saying it jokingly. This response implies that you will break everything that you are tied up with just so you don’t stay in that place.

When you are saying this, the reason for your aversion towards that place has to be clear.

If the situation is a serious one, it is better to refuse in a way that helps you get understood.

Then you’ll owe me one

You can say this when you are agreeing to stay with your friend or the person asking. It doesn’t seem okay in a serious situation since it sounds a bit casual. However, you can always say this.

It shows that you may not be willing to stay in that place but you are doing so because you have been asked to by a friend and, now, he or she owes you a favor.


You can use this in both serious and casual relationships to show that you are glad to stay. You may be naturally enjoying a nice time or you just seem to have nowhere else to go.

In a serious situation, you may simply to be there for a friend and that is what you are doing.

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