20 Phrases Like “Hump and Dump”

“Hump and dump” simply means one-time intercourse or an intimate moment. It is sometimes used when someone has intercourse with another person and thereafter ignores him or her.

The phrase means that a person breaks off with another after having intimate activities. Hump is simply the act or carrying out the act while the dump is breaking off with the person or terminating that relationship.

It is mostly seen as a vulgar word. It shows that you just had intercourse with a person and suddenly stop talking to them.

This shows that you have no interest in the person you had intercourse with. In this article, we are going to examine about 20 phrases that look like the “Hump and dump.”

Best phrases like “hump and dump”

  1. Hit it and quit it
  2. Pounce and bounce
  3. Nail and bail
  4. Smash and dash
  5. Pop and drop
  6. Slip and slide
  7. Splash and dash
  8. Shoot and scoot
  9. Pump and dump
  10. Slip and slide
  11. Hit and run
  12. Toot it and boot it
  13. Screw and shoo
  14. Squirtle and hurtle
  15. Hump day
  16. Gets the hump
  17. Take a dump
  18. Brain dump
  19. Dump on
  20. Down in the dumps

Hit it and quit it

This phrase is similar to “hump and dump”. This is because it conveys almost the same meaning. This phrase means that a person loses contact with some they just had intercourse with.

You part with the other partner because the encounter is just for physical gratification. To “hit it” simply means to have intercourse while “quit it” is to lose contact or part ways with the person, this meaning is quite similar to “hump and dump”.

This expression implies the loss of communication with a person with whom one has recently had an intimate session. Because the interaction is just for physical fulfillment, you separate from the other partner.

Pounce and bounce

This is another similar phrase as it goes with the same meaning as “hump and dump”. This phrase could be said to mean that an individual stumbles on someone and decides to have intercourse with them, thereafter leaving.

An alternative phrase for this is “hit it and quit it. It’s an alternative way of letting a person know that you left after having intercourse with another individual.

This expression might be used to describe a person who meets someone by chance, decides to have intimacy with them, and then walks away. “Hit it and quit it” is a different way to put it.

Nail and bail

This expression explains that you just had intercourse with someone and then dumps him/her after. To bail means to leave or back out of something.

It’s also a way of saying you had intercourse with a person and did not talk to the person again, or that after you both had intercourse, you lost contact with the person.

This phrase indicates that you recently had a good time in bed with someone before ditching them. To bail out or back out of something is to leave.

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Smash and dash

This phrase is like “hump and dump” as they tend to have the same meaning. This phrase describes a situation where one leaves immediately after having intercourse.

It is mostly used for people that are not interested in having a long-term relationship. To dash means to leave in a hurry or leave immediately.

To smash means to have intercourse with someone. It shows that the person would have to leave right after having intercourse. This can as well be seen as a one-night stand thing.

The phrase has to do with someone trying to sneak away after intercourse without the other person knowing.

Pop and drop

It is a phrase like “hump and dump”. It can be used in a situation where two individuals are in a relationship, along the line they have intercourse and later break up.

Slip and slide

This phrase means to hook up with a person for intercourse with no strings attached. This means that asides the intercourse, there is no special condition attached to your relationship with the person.

You both don’t have any physical or emotional attachment to each other. This expression implies a no-strings-attached hookup for intimate activity.

This indicates that your relationship with the individual is not subject to any additional requirements outside of intercourse. You two are neither emotionally nor physically attached.

Splash and dash

This phrase is like hump and dump. To dash means to leave in a hurry or leave immediately. This phrase is a term for a quick intercourse session. It often involves the person leaving afterward.

Shoot and scoot

This is another phrase that looks like hump and dump. This phrase has a similar meaning to hump and dump though it is not a direct meaning.

Pump and dump

A similar phrase to hump and dump is this one. This is because it not only has the same word “dump” but it also conveys the same meaning.

This phrase is similar to that which means one nightstand. It is a situation whereby a person has intercourse with another with the intention of not seeing them again in the future.

This is a term that is comparable to hump and dump. This is due to the word’s similarity to “dump” as well as the same sense it communicates.

It refers to a scenario in which one person engages in intimate activity with another intending to never see them again.

Slip and slide

It’s another expression that can be used for a person that hooks up with another for one-night intercourse, mostly with no strings attached.

It’s intercourse with no emotions and most times you both don’t see each other again after that day.

It’s another term that may be used to describe someone who meets up with someone else for a one-night fling, usually without any conditions.

You don’t feel anything throughout the interaction, and after that day, you usually don’t see one other again.

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Hit and run

This phrase is mostly used for a situation of a motor accident whereby the vehicle that’s involved doesn’t stop after the accident.

This expression is typically used in cases of car accidents where the involved vehicle doesn’t stop after the collision.

It is a situation where the driver does not attempt to stop after an accident. This phrase can as well be used in relation to intercourse where a person gets laid and thereafter leaves.

Both partners get intimate but not having any emotions attached to the intercourse they had.

This term often involves someone leaving the other partner behind after an intimate session. This expression can also be applied to intimate encounters in which one participant gets laid before leaving.

Toot it and boot it

This means having fun just for a night. It means that the intercourse will last only for one night. Another word for this is a one-night stand.

Another word for this is “Hit it and quit it” as it is similar to “Hump and dump”. They all mean that the intimate session is only for a night after which both persons go their separate ways.

Screw and shoo

To screw is another way to refer to having intercourse.  To shoo simply means to “go away” or to leave.

Putting the words together, we can say that “Screw and shoo” is a similar word for “Hump and dump” as it means to have an intimate time with a person and then leave.

It could be that the person left of his own free will or being chased out by the other person.

Squirtle and hurtle

This is an alternative phrase for saying “Smash and dash or “Hit it and quit it”. Though this phrase is not commonly used, it still means the same as the other phrases similar to it.

Hump day

This phrase means Wednesday. The hump day is seen as the middle point of the week. It can also be seen as the halfway point of the work week.

People see it as a day to get through a tough week. Since Wednesday is the middle of the work week, we can say that we have gone over the hump towards the weekend.

It is similar to the phrase “Hump and dump” as it has the word “Hump” in it.

Gets the hump

This phrase means to get upset or annoyed at something or someone. It can be used when you get upset or annoyed at a person because they have done something to hurt you.

If you’ll give someone a hump, it means you’ll make the person angry or upset. It’s a casual way of saying someone is angry at something.

It could also mean that you feel irritated at a person’s behavior. To become furious or irritated about something or someone is meant by this expression.

It may be used when you become irritated with someone for hurting you. Giving someone the hump indicates that you’ll enrage them. It’s an alternative method of expressing anger about something.

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Take a dump

This is another phrase like “Hump and dump”. This phrase is an impolite way of telling a person to pass waste out of the body.

This is a rude phrase saying “Go to the bathroom”. You’re simply telling the person to use the restroom in an impolite way.

It is a way of urging someone to get rid of the body’s solid waste. Another expression resembling “Hump and dump” is this.

This expression is an unpleasant method of asking someone to expel their bodily waste.

Simply put, you’re instructing the person to use the toilet in an unkind or harsh manner. It serves as a gentle reminder to dispose of bodily waste.

Brain dump

A brain dump is simply an act of expressing your ideas and thoughts on a particular topic. It is a situation whereby a person talks about his idea on a certain topic of interest.

It is also seen as an act of writing down everything that comes to one’s mind concerning a certain topic. This is also an act of writing or putting down everything you know and can remember about a certain subject.

It is also a process of passing down knowledge from one person to the other. This is like writing down all you remember and know about a certain subject. Additionally, it is the practice of teaching someone else something.

Dump on

To “Dump on” simply means to transfer all someone’s responsibilities to another. It can also mean treating a person badly or unfairly.

It could mean showing unfair treatment by criticizing or blaming another person. This phrase can also mean to give someone an unwanted job or duty.

It could as well mean criticizing a person harshly. Simply said, to “dump on” someone implies giving them all of your obligations.

It may also refer to treating someone unfairly or poorly. It might imply treating someone unfairly by criticizing or accusing them.

Down in the dumps

This phrase can be used when a person is feeling unhappy or depressed. It is used to show that someone is feeling very sad. It shows that a person is not in a good mood.

It’s a phrase for someone that is sad or a bit hopeless. An alternative word for “down in the dumps” is unhappy or discouraged. It shows that someone is sad due to one thing or the other that has happened.

It’s employed to convey how depressed someone is. It indicates that someone is not feeling well or is feeling sad. It’s a way of expressing a hint of hopelessness.

Wrapping Up

This article has given 20 phrases that look like “Hump and dump. Some of these phrases convey similar meanings while others may simply have the word “Hump” or “dump” in them.

Most of these phrases could refer to a situation whereby a person has intercourse with the other and later leaves.

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