20 Other Phrases for ‘Stay Tuned’

The statement Stay Tuned is a popular expression used by most television and radio stations to tell their viewers and listeners that they should not leave the channel yet because more information is coming.

It could be a present plea to their audience or a continuous one. This means that at the time of saying, “Stay Tuned”, they could be presently giving news, or they could simply tell their audience to continue watching and listening to their channels even after that day has passed

Nowadays other platforms such as podcasts, influencers, etc. have adopted the expression to tell their followers not to leave unfollow them or unsubscribe from their channel.

If you own any of the above platforms or stations, you may want to know other creative ways to Stay Tuned. To help our readers out, we have listed twenty (20) other phrases that can be said in place of Stay Tuned.

20 Other Phrases for ‘Stay Tuned’

Keep posted

Other Phrases for Stay Tuned

Keep posted is another phrase that can be used in place of Stay tuned. When you tell a person to Keep posted, it means that you want them to stay informed of the latest developments.

It is mostly used by people who say Keep me posted meaning that they themselves want to be updated about recent happenings. But Keep posted is said when the speaker wants the other person to take the necessary steps to keep themselves informed.

Stand by

The expression Standby can either mean a good thing or can mean something cowardly. When used in place of Stay tuned it can mean that you want the person to stand close and wait for more information.

Standby can also be said to a person who is expected to wait for further instructions from superior authority. They are to stay handy in case they are needed for something important.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch is another phrase that can be used in place of Stay Tuned. If a person asks you to stay in touch, they want to keep in contact so that you can know about recent happenings around them.

You can stay in touch by writing, visiting, phoning them, and connecting with them constantly on social media. The main aim of asking someone to stay in touch is for them to keep the communication between you two active. 

Stick around

If a person asks you to stick around they want you to remain at a place or to stay close and reachable in case they need you. When a broadcasting or radio station asks you to stick around they want you to expect or anticipate.

It is because they have more important information to pass to you, so they want you to remain on their channel else you’ll miss out. Someone can also ask you to stick around because they want to give you something important.

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We’ll be right back

Other Phrases for Stay Tuned

If you’ve ever joined a live session in a radio or television broadcast, you will be familiar with the statement We’ll be right back. It is normally said before a commercial break, after which they will continue the news.

The statement We’ll be right back is a suitable phrase to use in place of Stay Tuned. It helps to let your viewers and listeners know that you are going to soon resume the information you were passing to them after a short break.

Stay in the loop

If you belong to a group, you would know that it is important to always stay in the loop. Just like the expression implies, it means to keep up to date with things that are essential to you.

If you decide not to stay in the loop, this means you will not know nor understand what the people in the group are saying or what’s happening concerning a specific subject.

It’s important to stay in the loop if you want to be constantly informed of what’s happening. 

More to come

Another phrase that can be used in exchange for Stay Tuned is More to Come. It is mostly used in addition to another phrase or in a more complete sentence.

For instance, a broadcaster on a television or radio station can say, “Don’t go anywhere, there’s more to come”. The phrase promises more occurrences, facts or details and aims to keep the viewers or listeners glued to the channel.

Keep Monitoring

When a person monitors something, they make sure to watch over that thing for a period of time to see how it will develop. They also check it continuously to effect any continuous change.

Thus, Keep monitoring can be a suitable phrase to be used in exchange with Stay tuned, because it gives the person the idea of continuously observing a channel for any progress or new information.

Remain alert

If you are alert about something, it means that you are paying attention to that thing. This makes the expression Remain alert a suitable replacement for the phrase Stay tuned.

When a person remains alert, they are ready for any type of possibility. Most times because of a perceived danger or attack. However, if it is used by a broadcasting station, they just want the viewers to be vigilant so as not to miss important information.

Stay with us

Other Phrases for Stay Tuned

Stay with us is a suitable phrase that can be used interchangeably with Stay Tuned. It is said by someone to another person whom they want to stay in their same position.

They say it because they don’t want the other person to leave or move away until they return. If it is a broadcasting station using this statement, then they wouldn’t want you to leave the channel till after a short break.

It can be said in this way, “We will soon bring you news about the weather, so stay with us”.

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Keep up-to-date

The meaning of the statement Keep up-to-date makes it a suitable phrase to be used in exchange for Stay Tuned. A person keeps up-to-date when they want to keep up with the most recent happenings.

The recent happenings could cover the latest facts, ideas, styles, information, taste, the weather etc. When a person then tells you that they want you to keep up-to-date, they want you to be abreast of the latest information.

Remain apprised

Remain apprised can be in exchange with Stay Tuned because they have similar meanings and uses. When a person is asked to remain apprised, they are to keep communication with a particular person open so as to receive important information.

A person can use Remain apprised instead of Stay Tuned when they want the person they are speaking to, to be constantly notified of something important or that demands attention.

Don’t go away

Another way to tell a person to Stay Tuned is to say Don’t go away. When you tell a person Don’t go away, you want them to stay at a particular place and witness something very important.

For you to tell a person Don’t go away, it means that the person was already actively present and participating in whatever activity was going on and you want them to remain that way till the activity is done.

Keep tracking this

Another suitable phrase that a person can use in place of Stay Tuned is Keep tracking this. There are different things you may want a person to keep track of.

It may be information about something that is trending like fashion, sports, entertainment, academics, etc. A person keeps track of something or someone to be aware of recent developments concerning those things or persons and to know when a change occurs.

This phrase can also be used where it concerns lost goods or persons. If a tracking device or software was attached or downloaded to the person or product, then it can be tracked with another instrument.

Stay up-to-speed

Another creative way to tell a person to Stay Tuned is to say Stay up-to-speed. The phrase Stay up-to-speed is used to tell a person to stay informed about certain activities or subjects.

Most times, people have to stay informed about a subject that is dynamic and because they do not want to be left behind. Hence, they keep themselves abreast of the latest and correct information.

It can be said in this format, “To stay up-to-speed concerning this information, keep watching our channel”.

Don’t touch that dial

There’s not a person who has listened to a radio broadcast before that hasn’t had the statement Don’t touch that dial. It can be used interchangeably with Stay Tuned.

Broadcasters use it to tell their listeners or viewers not to change the channel or switch off the radio till the news is finished. It is also used to encourage followership on TV channels and radio stations.

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If you are conversant with broadcasting terms, you may have heard one time or the other a person saying, “We will be right back, don’t touch that dial”.

Watch this space

Other Phrases for Stay Tuned

The statement Watch this space is another way to tell a person to Stay Tuned. It holds a promise to those hearing it. It means that for the hearer to stay abreast of current information they have to be constantly listening to or watching a channel.

It is mostly used in informal settings, and it is used by journalists and broadcasters. They use it to promise their listeners that they will be giving more information in the nearest or farthest future.

When an advert is made concerning a programme that is forthcoming has been made, the phrase Watch this space can be written on the channel where the programme will be shown.

Keep an eye out

Another way you can tell a person to Stay Tuned is to say Keep an eye out. When a person is asked to keep an eye out, they have to be on the lookout for something.

To know what they are searching for, the object or person that they are looking out for will have distinct characteristics that will let you know that you’ve found them.

We’ll get right back to you

The phrase We’ll get right back to you is self-explanatory but also figurative. Its literal meaning is that you are telling a person that you will return a message or call either sooner or later.

Its figurative meaning is that you don’t intend to reply to the person’s message or return the person’s call, but you just tell them that to get them off your back.

Bear with us

Another way to tell a person to Stay Tuned is to say Bear with us. What differentiates the two is that the former is said when there is a little break while the latter is said when there is a malfunction.

If there is a break in transmission, and your viewers or listeners are finding it difficult to see or hear the news, then you can say to them “Bear with us while we rectify the issue”.


If you are a radio broadcaster, a podcaster, a television host or an influencer, you will need to add the above phrases to your vocabulary while presenting.

It will make your viewers find you more appealing and exciting because you appear different. The phrases are not limited to the lists above, but they have been selected from the very best.

Stay tuned can also be used by family members to indicate that they wish to keep watching a particular channel to see more of what is going on or to know how something will end.

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