15 Best Responses to WAGMI on Instagram

A good response to WAGMI would be to reinforce the acronym which is almost like a war cry or motivational axiom.

However, before we dive right into the various nice responses to WAGMI on Instagram, it is pertinent to address the story or history behind the acronym – WAGMI.

WAGMI stands for ‘We are going to make it’. Its meaning is literal, so you need no extra thoughts to decipher what it means.

It implies a condition of collective success and was popularized in 2021 by a subreddit community that used it as a battle cry to solicit the release of their hedge funds out of their short positions by Wall Street.

After that, it became a call for solidarity, especially among the various crypto communities around the globe.

In this article, I will be discussing in detail 15 responses to WAGMI on Instagram. To find out more, keep reading on!

Best 15 Responses to WAGMI on Instagram 

The history behind WAGMI makes for any responses to it to be a deliberate effort to spread the message of hope and positivity.

On that note, some of the best responses to WAGMI when someone comments or writes you a private message on your inbox may include ‘I’m sure of that, there’s enough to go round’, ‘There’s no room for NAGMI’, ‘We boom to the moon’, and ‘I’ve never doubted the process for once’.

As I already mentioned, the abovementioned replies reinforce the positive message in WAGMI so you can use them. However, that’s only a tiny cut from the larger part which starts with a highlight below.

1. Thanks for Cheering Me Up, Was Already Down

‘Thanks for cheering me up, was already down’ is an appreciative line of response you can use for Wagmi on Instagram. With this line of response, you’re showing gratitude to the person who posted or commented ‘Wagmi’, to whom you want to reply.

You’re telling the person that you’re glad and thankful that they cheered you up because you were already down. Perhaps, you lost hope in a particular crypto token and you went lamenting in the Instagram community. If that’s the case, you are free to use this line of response.

2. There’s No Room for NGMI

‘There’s no room for NGMI’ is a fantastic response to Wagmi on Instagram. It is not only concise, but it also dispels NGMI literally, thereby promoting Wagmi.

Here, you’re saying that there’s no room for NAGMI which is an acronym that acts as the opposite of Wagmi. Since there’s no room for NAGMI, it means that it is only Wagmi who gets to thrive.

3. We Will Meet Success Because It Is Fated

‘We will succeed because it is fated’ is an intentional line of response to Wagmi. I say it is intentional because you’re asserting that your theory of collective success is made by fate and it favors you.

Since you know that you’re going to make it just like everybody else, you no longer panic when anything unfavorable happens. This is because you now make informed decisions with confidence.

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4. Wagmi Now and Forever

‘Wagmi now and forever’ is a sporty response you can give to Wagmi on Instagram. It is so because it is a response that carries strength and activeness.

It conveys a strict belief in the collective dream that everyone is going to make it. But here, you now make it known that your alignment with the dream is unending – now and forever.

5. I’m Definitely Not Dulling on That

‘I’m definitely not dulling on that’ is a street-savvy kind of response you can put forward to Wagmi on Instagram. Using this response, you’re making it clear to the person you’re replying to that you’re not ignorant about the collective belief that everyone will make it in the end.

The only difference between this and others is that it does not have an official or formal tone to it. Instead, if you want to sound as casual as possible while responding to Wagmi, this line of response is for you.

6. The Signs Are There, a Single Pump Will Wipe Our Tears

‘The signs are there, a single pump will wipe our tears’ is a brilliant response you can use to reply to Wagmi on Instagram.

With this response, you’re talking from an analytic point of view, where you’re saying that the signs that a single crypto pump will wipe the tears of those awaiting massive wins in the community.

The theory behind a pump in the value of a particular cryptocurrency has been made into different things. However, it is pertinent to note that records about people turning into instant millionaires because of a crypto pump are all on the internet.

The iconic ‘pump and dump’ scheme has been identified as a fraudulent activity in most cases where an individual or group of persons pull resources together to inflate a particular crypto token.Icoholder explains it better.

7. I’m Particularly Glued to Winning Just Like You

‘I’m particularly glued to winning just like you’ is a fine response you can pose to someone who posted or commented on Wagmi on Instagram.

Here, you’re positing that you’re particularly glued to winning just like the person you replying to. This is a response that supports Wagmi which is an acronym that promotes the idea that everyone will make it or win or succeed.

Saying this response is you directing the same energy as the person you’re responding to the dream of collective success, especially in an Instagram crypto community.

8. I’ve Never Doubted the Process for Once

‘I’ve never doubted the process for once’ is a response from the wealth of determination. With this response, you’re not only reinforcing the main message of hope and assurance passed down by Wagmi, but you’re also saying that you’ve never doubted the process of making it as provided by the crypto ecosystem.

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400;”>Saying this puts you on the stage as someone who is overly optimistic that things will turn out well in the end. Likewise, you’re making it clear that you don’t also have plans of derailing anytime soon which is as good as saying you have never doubted the process.

9. It Normally Goes Well for Those Who HODL

‘It normally goes well for those who HODL’ is an analytic response to give to Wagmi on Instagram. This is because it is only by using analysis that can anyone determine that those who hold or preserve cryptocurrency will make it in the end.

This analysis abhors early sales or profit-taking, to maximize profit to a greater height in the long run. Over the years, these tactics have proven to be successful for some people, however, their potency in the future is still unknown as any coin can crash.

10.  I’m sure of That, There’s Enough to Go Around

‘I’m sure of that, there’s enough to go around’ is a good response to Wagmi which you can employ on Instagram. With this line of response, you’re telling the person who posted or commented on Wagmi that you’re sure that everyone will make it just as they do.

Also, you’re introducing another stream of thought to say that the reason why everyone will make it is because there’s enough profit or success as the case may be to go round to everyone.

If the circumstance for responding to Wagmi is in the case of a crypto community on Instagram then this line is much more potent to for you to use. This is because you’re implying a crypto season or run that will be profitable to traders and stakeholders alike.

11.  We Boom to the Moon

Best Responses to Wagmi on Instagram

‘We boom to the moon’ is one of the best responses to Wagmi on Instagram. This is because, just like Wagmi, ‘to the moon’ is another axiom synonymous with the crypto community.

And this is not left out as an important thing to say in the various Instagram crypto communities.

This response is a reconstruction of ‘to the moon’ which just means that the success of the group or community is as limitless as hitting the moon. With this said, you’re reinforcing the usual message of Wagmi but you’re doing so in a different way.

12.  I Know That Right From Day One

‘I know that right from day one’ is an even more interesting line of response to Wagmi on Instagram. Here, you’re making it known to the person or the community where you’re responding to Wagmi that you know that ‘we’re all make it’ is a valid affirmation to say.

Likewise, you’re inferring that you knew that right from day one which is a soft way of letting the person (s) know that you haven’t been a doubter to the success of the collective dream which is the connecting link between everyone in the community, especially a crypto community.

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13.  Words and Facts. Spill Them

‘Words and facts. Spill them’ is another interesting response you can offer to Wagmi on Instagram. With this response, you take on the role of a cheering person. In which you’re cheering on the person who either posted or commented on Wagmi.

You are cheering on the person to continue motivating other guys in the community.

This response also has you cosigning what the person said and validating it to be a good word to push out there with the aim of either rekindling or just sustaining the fire of hope in the hearts of those in the community.

14.  This Season Will Favor Us Greatly

‘This season will favor us greatly’ is a positive response to Wagmi which you can use on Instagram.

Perhaps, the person who said “Wagmi” to you did so under the comment section of a relative post. If that’s the case, you’re free to employ this line of response to them.

Similarly, you can use this response if the circumstance surrounding the Wagmi you want to respond to is associated with a crypto community which is a common spot to sight people using Wagmi and throwing the supposed motivational acronym around.

15.  Wagmi from Here Too, Follow for Follow

Best Responses to Wagmi on Instagram

‘Wagmi from here too, follow for follow’ is the last response to Wagmi on Instagram.  Although it may be the last response in this article, there are more responses.

However, with this response, you’re reiterating the goodwill and positive message embedded in WAGMI which as an acronym stands for ‘we’re all gonna make it’

You’re telling the person that you’re sending out the message of Wagmi from your end too. In addition, you’ll be soliciting to be followed by the person you’re answering to and creating a clause that allows you to follow the person back provided they follow you in the first place.

Final Words

This is where I draw the curtains on this rather interesting post which dived into the various best responses to Wagmi on Instagram.

It comes up with 15 of these amazing lines of responses, which promotes the idea of Wagmi and also introduces a new or different angle of thought to the idea of collective success within a group, usually a crypto community on Instagram.

All you have to do is pick one or two of these lines that resonate best with you and employ them where and when necessary. Noticeably, some of these replies are lengthy and others are not wordy.

This makes the former suitable for private messaging when someone texts you Wagmi in your inbox, while the latter fits well under comment sections of crypto or other communities where you saw Wagmi. 


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