10 “Hit It and Quit It” Similar Phrases

Topics like this are sleeping dogs, but they don’t have to lie. Hysterics! A healthy s€x life can improve such things as better heart health, self-esteem, better sleep, lower blood pressure, and so on – according to research, warranting ‘hit it and quit it’ one informal but predominant phrase of all time.

I can’t access your mind to be sure of the reason you have chosen to read more about this phrase, but I suppose it is what it is.

Whatever the case is, you can rest assured that alongside other similar phrases for ‘hit it and quit it’, you will leave here with a better understanding of the concept of the phrase in consideration. Here we go:

Hit it and quit it meaning

It is a fact that our cravings are bound to differ. Some people will give it all it takes to have a serious/committed relationship, and some others will just hit it and quit it.

To hit it and quit it is to get romantically involved with a person and part ways with them immediately thereafter.

It means to instantaneously quit a romantic relationship that only began before a s£xual encounter.

This is like a type of work with a job-based payment. You don’t expect a long-term contract; your work ends when the given job is completed.

You can always move on to another employer without resigning from the previous one.

How long you are to ‘hit it’ is determined by you and your partner. When the date is reached, you quit without filing a lawsuit or giving alimony. Oftentimes, hit it and quit it is expected to start and end on a spot.

People usually play the hit it and quit it game to satisfy or gratify their urge for s£x. Some other people also claim it has a way of improving their state of mind.

Obviously, there are a thousand and one other reasons people might decide to hit it and quit it.

10 similar phrases “hit it and quit it”

Following are ten other phrases to use if not the usual ‘hit it and quit it’.

  1. Smash and dash
  2. Pump and dump
  3. Hump and dump
  4. f*ck and Chuck
  5. Casual s£x
  6. One-night stand
  7. Wham bam thank you ma’am
  8. Hit and split
  9. Jump and dump
  10. One night engagement

Smash and dash

Hit It and Quit It Similar Phrases

To smash and dash is to exclusively have a sexual intercourse relationship with someone and leave shortly afterward. All that connects the people involved in this act are s£x and it alone.

This is, however, not to say that smashes and dashes cannot happen between a couple if the need be.

It could simply be another way to say that two people met for some s£xual activities and didn’t spend time together on some other intimate relationship topics.

For better understanding, let’s consider the main words of this phrase individually. To smash (as slang) is to have s£x with. To dash, on the other hand, is to leave a place quickly.

It is not so common to hear doers of this act mention ‘dash’ before laying around. It is smash and dash because after asking the other participant’s hand in ‘smashing’, and getting it done, they dash.

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When reporting a regular case, you say for instance, ‘He smashes and dashes’. If it is on one occasion, go ahead and add ‘ed’ on both sides.

Pump and dump

If you know pump and dump as a crime – some kind of securities or financial fraudulent acts, drop pardon me, I’m not going there. We are still on the subject of ‘hit it and quit it’.

When pump and dump is used as slang, it is referred to as any kind of s£xual activity between people who at the time of laying, did not have the intention to keep each other.

More casually, a layperson will take this for smash and dash – it is fine too, remember they are synonyms.

Some research conducted has shown that people who play the pump-and-dump game don’t always drop their partners. They may end up as a couple.

Just so you can know, don’t be scared to substitute this phrase with ‘hit it and quit it’, and vice versa.

You may want to go back to the opening part of the phrase, the way to tell whether a person is referring to it as a crime or s£xual behavior is context consideration. What were they telling you about?

Hump and dump

The practice is choosing not to continue with a person that was one’s s£x partner is tagged ‘hump and dump’. This could happen for a number of reasons – something we may not be able to see in this piece.

This phrase is most peculiar to the British. In Great Britain for instance, a person is said to hump (as slang) if he continually drives his ‘cock’ into a lady’s vagina. Dump, on the other hand, is not a new word to us.

Therefore, one who humped and dumped had a s£xual encounter with a woman and broke off with her immediately afterward.

F*ck and Chuck

Hit It and Quit It Similar Phrases

There is probably no American that is unfamiliar with the word f*ck. It is English profanity! While it is often used as an intensifier by Americans, the word may mean ‘to have s£x with’.

On the other hand, Chuck is a polysemous word, hinging on contexts. In this case, we want to see it as showing affection casually.

If you know about ‘Chuck Norris as slang already, you’d be familiar with chuck as an informal word, too.

A combo of the two words will consequently refer to a brief s£xual engagement intended to feed one’s physical gratification.

As both terms should now literally imply, participants usually have fun and part ways.

If I am asked, I won’t hesitate to admit that f*ck and chuck is the most vulgar phrase on the list. It is not a phrase you want to use when you are to sound formal. Use it mindfully.

To have Casual Intimacy

Casual s£x might sound familiar to you even if you can’t remember hearing it anywhere before now. You know; this has to do with s£xual intercourse outside committed relationships.

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It is like a broad term to cover other intimate and s£xual behaviors that are determined to end before long. Here, participants usually have s£x with each other (or one another – as the case may be), just for the fun of it.

This is not necessarily what one does after taking two bottles of Whiskey at the club on Friday night. It is sometimes exhibited in relationships; where two people date casually.

Generally, people are involved in this because according to research, they find positive emotional outcomes from the practice. It is a way to keep their s£x life satisfied while they build a committed relationship somewhere else.

Casual s£x is most common among people who have access to more lovers than they can possibly marry; say celebrities, for instance.

To have a one-night stand

A one-night stand, also sometimes referred to as one-night s£x, denotes a one-time s£xual encounter. It is one of the most self-defined s£xual behaviors.

If you use some other phrases, a participant might expect that you may get along sometime in the future.

But with a ‘one-night stand’, your intention is clearly defined such that after intercourse, both parties have no intention to get together on the basis of a similar practice.

People don’t intend any future involvement with each other, nor do they get emotionally committed to s£xual activities in one-night stands.

Researchers have proposed that a one-night stand is not just a form of infidelity, it can be as damaging as long-term forms of infidelity if discovered.

Wham bam thank you, ma’am

Hit It and Quit It Similar Phrases

We will go into history for this. For me, onomatopoeia has a lot to play in the interpretation of this phrase. The first part ‘wham bam’ is like hyperbolizing that recurring sound during s£xual intercourse.

Wham itself means ‘to smash or strike something with force’. Bam is a loud noise made. You get it!

The ‘thank you ma’am’ part of the phrase connotes rapacity – in the sense that s£x is ideally a responsibility of both parties in any committed romantic relationship. So, why thank you ma’am?!

Turning to history, wham bam thank you is a phrase that has been most commonly used in describing s£xual relationships that are casual.

For the purpose of this piece, we would make reference to American singer Bille Holiday’s autobiography Lady Sings the Blues, co-authored by American singer and writer William France Dufty in the late 50s.

Bille used ‘Wham bam thank you ma’am’ as a phrase to describe the white men’s usual s£xual behavior she encountered as a prostitute.

According to her, the men wouldn’t spend much time with you; after s£x, they’d go to their families.

There’s this other popular saying, ‘All men want from you is wham bam thank you ma’am.’ Literary interprets: they’re after s£x alone.

Hit and split

Needless to say, hit and split has a self-contained meaning anyone can perceive in this context.

The phrase can mean more than four things, on a normal day. But having earlier discussed ‘hit’, it should now appear to you as (vulgar) having s£x with… then ‘split’, meaning to break off.

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And yes, it is only as crude as it sounds, you are not filing for divorce to part ways with your s£x partner in this deal, you hit each other, and go your separate ways.

There’s more to this, however, one of the participants is usually not aware of the split. So, you’ll hear a guy say, for instance, ‘I just had to hit and split, she’s not my taste.’

Jump and dump

Jump and dump too is no different than other phrases that have been considered on our list.

Simply defined, to jump and dump is to have s£x, then leave. It means sleeping with someone without intending to continue with them.

Remember that s£x is always fun. Women often fall victim to jump and dump because they may not be told beforehand.

Most men, as earlier stated, just want to wham bam thank you ma’am, they are not usually interested in long-term relationships when s£x is their priority.

What makes this somewhat difficult to talk about is that the guys may not even prepare to jump and dump. It may occur to them to call it quits after going down with their partners.

Going further, we should not forget to consider the fact that some women also have s£x with several men and dump them. Thus, anyone can be a victim of jump and dump.

To have a one night engagement

Like one-night stands (as well as others on the list), this entails s£xual activities that are determined to be done briefly, often for the fun of it.

It is the closest phrase to both one-night stands, and hit it and quit it. It is also formal enough to serve you on any occasion.

Basically, people who practice this are either strangers to each other or long-term friends who can’t help but get into bed with each other someday.

The former is more common. Participants use social media platforms in scheduling and organizing this activity.

A one-night engagement may be planned or spontaneous. One is open to this if he parties often, for instance.

Parties, like social media, are a good platform for people interested in short or long-term relationships to meet.

Parting Words

To hit it and quit it, is to have casual s£x. This expression can be said in several other ways, ten of which have just been examined herein.

While people usually gain a sense of confidence and self-esteem, among other merits, after casual s£x, it is safe to admit that the practice constitutes a number of downsides, too. Vulnerability to STI or STDs is one common demerit.

Finally, such phrases as anonymous s£x (s£xual activities because people who barely know each other — often on the first day of crossing paths) can also get to play in place of ‘hit it and quit it’.

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