20 Ways to Ask Money From Baby Daddy (That He Won’t Say No To)

In today’s society, I think we all know what a baby daddy is, even if we understand what a baby daddy is I would explain it to you.

A baby daddy is a man who fathers a child by birth but is not bound by marriage or marriage laws, he caters to his child by coming to an agreement and arrangement to play a part in the child’s welfare and mum sometimes but depending on the agreement. 

Are you a baby mama or a caretaker of a child and you find it hard to ask for money from baby daddy, not to worry because this article has you covered.

We would discuss twenty ways to ask for money from baby daddy, let’s go.

20 Ways to Ask Money From Baby Daddy

1. You should let him your baby needs napkins

One way to get money from a baby daddy is to tell him you need money for the child’s napkins. 

Everyone knows how napkins are important for children in the toddler stages of life.

Toddlers wear napkins to prevent them from soiling themselves and stop the leakage of waste passed by the body onto other surfaces in the house.

It also helps to manage their neatness in public places. Without napkins, keeping toddlers clean would be a bit of an impossible task.

2. The baby needs food, hence, you should make the request for money

Food is another way to ask money from a baby daddy, simply tell the baby daddy that the child has run out of food and you need food for the baby.

Food is important for the body and a toddler, they consume some amount of high-energy foods because they burn out a lot of energy.

They also eat from time to time and not necessarily three square meals a day but frequently or as often as needed.

This is because some babies have a more appetite than others and you have to care for them in their growing stages.

3. Toddler’s visits to the nutritionists for health and food plans

Another way to ask baby daddy for money is to tell him that the child needs to see a nutritionist especially when the child refuses food.

This is a thing to be worried about as you do not know what may be the cause.

You should arrange with the baby daddy to make an appointment with the nutritionist. This is one legit way to get money from a baby daddy.

4. Requesting shelter for his baby

When your rent is due for payment, this is another way to get money from a baby daddy.

If you and he have agreed about sheltering you and the baby, it is okay to ask for rent when it’s due so that you don’t risk being thrown out onto the streets.

The shelter is very important for the welfare of a mother and child. The shelter would make a child and mother have a bearing and focus on nurturing and growing.

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Without shelter you and the baby would be displaced, you can then go forward to explain and arrange for rent towards sheltering.

5. The need for the baby to go to school

This reason is self-explanatory and reasonable. The child needs to be enrolled in a proper school system.

Their education would include school fees, and other necessary things like books, stencils, etc.

6. The need for special lesson tutorship 

You can get money from a baby daddy when you enroll the child in some special lessons or tutoring.

These special lessons or tutorship are of many types but depend on what the child needs or where their interest lies.

These lessons or tutoring can be piano lessons, swimming lessons, and special needs subjects they lack, like math, science, etc e.t.c. Harness your baby in the right way for their good and growth.

7. Child Needs New Threads

Requesting new threads for a child is one way to collect money from a baby daddy. In case you didn’t know, threads mean clothes. 

As long as life and growth take place, wear and tear are bound to happen to everything including threads.

Clothes would wear out and fade out over time, a child would need a change of clothes quarterly in a year because they grow and outgrow their clothes too.

A new thread is one way to ask baby daddy for money.

8. Money to celebrate the child’s birthday 

Birthdays are quite a memorable event to mark or celebrate annually, especially for a child.

This act alone makes them feel loved and intentionally included in a family. This is an event you can use to get money from a baby daddy.

You can set a date to always remind you earlier of the birth date, and do well to inform your baby daddy of the date so that he would have it in mind.

9. We Need Money For Gas

Money for gas is a good way to ask money from your baby daddy. Gas is always needed in the home, gas is used to cook, heat water to bathe, and powers the heaters in the house against cold.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of gas in a household. A lack of supply of gas to the house can cause chores and activities to slow down or come to a halt because of a lack of gas.

10. You Need to Pay School Fees 

Asking for money to pay the child’s school fees is another way to ask for money from your baby daddy.

School fees are a legit reason to ask for money from your baby daddy especially when your child is in school and school fees are due.

School fees are very important for the academic growth of a child. Failure to pay a child’s fees puts them at risk of being left behind in school sessions for the year because of a lack of school fees.

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11. Money For Soccer Practice

Soccer practice is a good sport for a child, I would love to support my child who is on the soccer team with the needful requirements stated by the school. For soccer practice, some form of money is paid.

You can get money by telling your baby daddy you need some money to pay for his practice form fees, soccer boot, sheen guard, jersey, and tracksuit.

These are important things to get for a child who plays soccer or intends to.

12. What About Lunch Money?

Lunch money is vital for a growing young child who is a teenager. This is because they are already past the age of taking a lunch box to school, in this stage lunch money would be needed in the school cafeteria.

Teenagers in school may use the cafeteria to get little snacks to munch on during lunch breaks.

The cafeteria is a preferred option for a teenager in school. Explain this to the baby daddy so he grants it to his teenager.

13. He Needs Health Check-Ups

Yes, yes, yes, let’s talk about health check-ups. Please, it’s this down for your good and that of the child.

Health checkups are one way to get money from baby daddy, you should have a health regimen and stipulated check-ups.

Meet your doctor and schedule a health check-up. It’s your baby. The doctor would tell you when and how to go about the needed checks to be carried out.

Do well to keep to the scheduled dates for checks, arrangement of money for checkups should also be made.

14. Requesting money for toiletries

You can get money from your baby daddy for your child’s toiletries. Toiletries are vital for a living person especially your teenager, without giving them toiletries you leave them at the risk of smelling murky because they are alive.

Toiletries are a good reason or way to get money from your baby daddy.

These toiletries include body lotion, deodorant, body mist, mild perfume, petroleum jelly, hair removal or shaving kit, hair cream, shampoo, conditioner, and hand cream.

15. Requesting money to replace worn-out shoes

Money for a change of threads is a good enough reason to get money from baby daddy, in case you didn’t know threads mean shoes or footwear.

As a child grows their threads wear out or get undersized.

Requesting to get the child a new thread involves some money, to achieve this, monitor threads, lifespan, and the growth of a child. The growth rate of a child is constant throughout their young lives.

16. Money for movie outings too

Movies are fun for children or teenagers who love to screenplay, they are also one way to have fun, unwind or bond with a child in a family way to provide engagement and a sense of belonging to the family.

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You can get money from a baby daddy by requesting money for the movies, movie tickets are not expensive and are rather a little stipend. Tell him that going to the movies makes a child happy.

17. What about groceries for the kids?

Money for groceries is a recurring cost in the care of a child. Collecting money for groceries is one way to get money from a baby daddy.

Groceries are important in the house especially when you have a growing child who cannot fend for themselves because of age.

You must make sure you get groceries for the house keeps, groceries are one reason to collect money from a stipulated time to time based on your and the baby daddy’s agreement.

18. Welfare money for Baby Mama and children

Okay y’all, let’s talk about welfare money. Welfare money is some amount of money stipulated to be given to the mother of the baby for upkeep.

The mother of the baby also needs care, this form of care comes as a welfare package.

Welfare money is money stipulated for your care, things like toiletries which include body lotion, hair shampoo and conditioner, body spray, perfume, hair maintenance, pedicure, and any other thing you do for welfare.

19. What About Summer Camp?

Summer camp fee is a good activity to use and get money from a baby daddy. Summer camps are activities carried out during summer, these activities are paid for being eligible to attend one.

This is an interesting activity for a teenager and they look forward to it as well.

Give him good reasons why summer camp is good for your child and let me give you some points to make for your baby daddy.

Summer camp helps your teenager learn how to make good friendships, learn new and interesting things under his supervision, and gives them basic life hacks and skills.

20. Money to take them for family visits

Inform your baby daddy that you would like his child to visit the family by the weekend and you will need funds to make that happen.

Creating family bonds is important for a child’s growth, this allows the child to grow on a good platform made of love and intentional connection in the family line.

You can create this routine by informing him about the family weekend visits so that you can arrange for that.

Depending on how frequently you make the visits depends on the agreement between you two.

We recommend you go through the list thoroughly and apply those that are relatable to you.

Don’t just take the exact reasons but use them as a template for things you may have forgotten.

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