20 Funny Answers to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

You should come up with witty answers that are relatable when someone asks you such a question. So maybe it is funny to use simple common facts that they will understand and also amaze them.

Amazing and weird facts have the potential to be the best funny answers. They are full of surprises and get you the right reactions.

This article has listed 20 such answers for you. They will help you understand the question better and give you answers that ensure you always leave an impression.

20 Funny Answers to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

1. Did You Know The Shortest War in History Happened For The Total Of 38 Minutes? I Guess The Loser didn’t Have Their Game Face On. 

Funny Answers to Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

One funny answer to such a question is pointing out the fact that England and Zanzibar had the shortest conflict in history. This response makes a joke at the unpreparedness of the country Zanzibar.

We recommend using this when you are with friends who know the history of world conflict. As a general rule, you can use this response to break the ice when struggling in a conversation.

2. The Largest Ever Recorded Snowflake Was 15 Inches Wide And 8 Inches Thick. That’s One Serious Flake For A Snowplow.

Funny Answers to Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

A Funny answer to a question like this is making a snow joke. It describes the size of the largest snowflake ever on record and the absurdity of it being a serious competition for a snow plough.

Use this answer when you want to get a room of people laughing. It works best when the crowd are seasoned professionals familiar with the workings of a snow plougher. This is guaranteed to elicit the best laugh from them.

3. Did You Know The Longest Wedding Veil Ever Was Longer Than 63 Football Fields? The Bride Sure Knows How To enter.

A funny answer is telling the speaker the length of the longest veil ever worn by a bride. This will blow their minds and the follow-up statement is silly. It tells of the bride’s intention of being very noticed.

This answer is a very good wedding joke, especially if you have to give a speech at one. The response also makes you appear like someone who has an astute knowledge of random facts.

4. They Once Found The Oldest Chewing Gum, Dating 9000 Years Ago. Talk About A Stale Gum.

This answer is funny, and a weird fact too. It tells the speaker a weird thing they never knew about chewing gum. It is an answer that always piques the interest of the speaker. Who would ever think chewing gums date that old?

If you are searching for a weird fact, this answer will get you right through the door. It is great for a gathering of children and young people.

5. The Largest Rubber Duck In The World Is 50 Feet Tall And Weighs Over 11 Tons. Well, Thank God It’s Not A Real One, Because It Will Sink Like One

Who doesn’t like a rubber duck? This answer is a hilarious reply to this question. It certainly gives them information that’s new to them. It mentions the impossibility of a giant duck going for a swim or even floating.

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We recommend this answer when you want to wow the speaker. This is an exciting and funny answer. It should get any person smiling at you and it even works with multiple people.

6. The Worlds Smallest Mammal Is A Bumblebee Bat, Which Weighs Less Than A Penny. I Wonder If Batman Knows About This.

We recommend this answer to be used with someone who knows their comic characters. It will resonate properly with them. It makes fun of the fact that if the world’s smallest mammal is a bat, would Batman be associated with it?

The answer is also acceptable with school kids and young adults. This age group has more affinity for stuff like this. It portrays you as someone who knows a bit of everything. You can use it to show your interest in that area.

7. The Shortest Distance Between Two Points On A Globe Is A Curved Line Called A Great Circle. Not Short For Those Walking It.

One funny answer to Tell me something I don’t know is saying this here. It makes fun of the fact that though two points on a globe may seem short. The actual distance on the surface of the earth would ask for those who will attempt it.

Use this answer for large conferences or parties. It is an answer that gets a large gathering of people’s bellies laughing.

8. Do You Know The Burj Khalifa Is So Tall You Can See The Sunset Twice From The Top Floors? Talk About A Room With A View.

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. This is amazing that will surprise them. It’s hilarious because it puts meaning to the term a room with a view for this outstanding experience.

We recommend you use this answer when you want to stun a friend and show off yourself. It is funny and will get them laughing once they understand it.

9. There is Species Of Jelly Fish That Is Immortal, I Guess Its Favorite Song Is Forever Young

Forever Young is a lovely song for an immortal jellyfish don’t you think? This answer is silly and will elicit a proper reaction from them.

It informs them of this special ability of the jellyfish while making silly assumptions about their choice of music.

We know jellyfish don’t listen to music, so this answer is recommended for young adults. They have more likelihood of knowing the song and relating to the answer. Use this with your scientist friends or schoolmates.

10. The Shortest Commercial Flight Last For Only 1.7 Miles. It is A Good Thing They Don’t Charge Per Mile.

It helps to keep your answers close to relatable things if you want them to be funny. We recommend using this with your friends. The answer describes the flight between the two Scottish islands of Westray and Papa Westray.

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This answer makes fun of the short-distance flight. It’s so short that it is silly to think of how much it will cost to pay for the trip based on miles. This answer will have your audience laughing and grinning ear to ear.

11. Did You Know There Is A Species Of Salamander That Can Regrow Lost Body Parts, Including Brains And Limbs? It Makes Me Want To Be A Salamander.

If you have ever considered being a reptile, a salamander is a good choice for you. It’s funny because you make a joke about wishing to be a salamander because of its regenerative abilities. This answer is perfect for kids and small school children.

Sometimes the simplest answer will get you the reaction from them. Here, they will find it funny enough to burst out laughing.

12. The World Largest Snow Maze Is In Canada And Covers An Area Of Over 2 Acres. That One Way To Get Lost In Snow.

I love a good maze and a snow maze that size is an amazing idea. An answer like this describes an amazing fact to them while stating how easy it is to get lost in all the ice. We recommend you use this answer during winter because it’s applicable.

It makes fun of the absurdity of losing to something such as snow. It’s a wordplay with many meanings, making it appear funny every time you use it.

13. The world’s Largest Rubber Band Ball Weighs Over 9 Tons And Contains Over 700,000 Rubber Bands. That’s A Lot Of Stretching Power.

Sometimes you want your funny answer to be an amazing or out-of-the-box fact. This will ensure you create a lasting impression on them. The largest rubber band fact fits this category. Use this when you want to leave an impression.

You are guaranteed to have them grinning with the final part of the answer because it is a silly but ideal statement. It’s funny to imagine how much elasticity such a rubber ball has.

14. Did You Know Some Species Of Octopus Use Coconut Shells As Tools? I Guess Having Eight Hands Isn’t Always Enough.

When you want an answer that is funny and also unbelievable, say something that is not common knowledge and end it with a weird comment.

This answer is funny because it throws funny shades at the octopus for still being helpless despite its many limbs.

We recommend using this answer with colleagues, and strangers. It’s a kind of fact that surprises them because it’s unexpected and funny when you think about it.

This answer will always remain fresh among a diverse range of audiences.

15. The Longest Word In The English Language Contains 189,819 Letters, Taking Over 3.5 Hours To Pronounce. Talk About Making Your Word Count.

Sometimes the most hilarious answers are those that out-stand them, and this one here is among the best on our list. It describes a fact that isn’t common knowledge and it’s guaranteed to have them smiling.

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We recommend you use this in a class full of students or a school arena. It will resonate well and elicit the right reaction from them.

16. The Largest Collection Of Rubber Ducks In The World Amounts To 28000. That is A Lot Of Quacking.

It’s a rubber duck joke again, and this one here is as funny as it gets. It points out a world record while adding a sly comment of your own. Many people collect rubber ducks, and this answer describes a funny assumption.

We recommend you use this answer during interviews or questionnaires. It ensures you get the speaker relaxed and in a good mood. The best answers to such questions are those that are true and leave a grin on their faces.

17. Did You Know A 63-Year-Old Teacher Was The First To Go Over The Niagra Falls In A Barrel And Survive? I Guess That An Old Dog With New Tricks.

A funny answer to tell me something I don’t know is saying this here. Such an answer will amaze the listener and get them laughing at the end. This answer describes the brave action of the stunt by the schoolteacher.

Use this answer with retirees and older adults. It’s a funny way to remind them of their virility and experience even in old age.

18. The World Largest Chocolate Bar Weighed 12000 Pounds. That’s A Heavy Satisfaction For Any Sweet Tooth.

Imagine a chocolate bar that big. It’s a ton of sweetness for anyone who has a sweet tooth. This answer is funny enough to generate a smile or laugh from them. It is a fact that will wow any other person listening to you.

An answer like this is perfect for kids and young people. It helps to ensure your answers are easy for them to understand. This way they will get the joke within your answer and react by laughing.

19. Did You Know The Longest Wedding Dress Train On Record Was Over 1.85 Miles Long? That’s Longer Than Some Relationships.

An answer that’s cheeky and funny. Use simple facts that relate to common things anyone can understand. This answer makes fun of the fact while using human relationships as a base.

20. The World Largest Whoopee Cushing Is Over 4 Feet Wide And 4 Feet Tall. Talk About Some Big Gas.

If you need an answer that is silly and sarcastic, use this here. It will put a wide grin on their face. They will not expect such information from you and a surprise is a good way to show them your spontaneity.

All the above answers cover many scenarios and circumstances where they apply. We have also mentioned the age range to guide your choices of our funny answers, this ensures they are properly used by you.

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