15 Other Words for Dog Poop

Saying dog poop may come out unpleasant to some people and sound cringy to others.

Because of this, there’s a growing need for people to use more appealing and less graphic terms or phrases to refer to the waste product of a dog’s digestive system. 

Some of the best alternatives for dog poop, however, still draw a clear picture just like the original text.

But saying them incurs a less displeasing reaction than abruptly saying ‘dog poop’, especially in circumstances that call for a little discretion. In this article, I’ll be discussing in detail about 15 other words for dog poop. Keep reading on to know more!

Best 15 Other Words for Dog Poop

Since dog poop is a bit unpleasant to utter, you can try other words for it which come up a tad formal or less graphic. Some of these alternative words include Dog excreta, doggy mess, dog feces, dog waste, and dog business.

The words and phrases above are all talking about the same thing. But what distinguishes one from the other is the circumstances of using them.

While some are meant to be spoken if formalities are observed, others are carefree words you can throw around. That’s what I intend to achieve in this article – to give you different spices but one objective.

Below is a highlight of 15 other words for dog poop.

1. Dog waste

Other Words for Dog Poop

‘Dog waste’ goes well as another word to use instead of saying ‘Dog poop’. This is because of how fair and common to throw in “waste” to mean the aftermath of a process that is mostly not advantageous per se.

The word “waste” has been used in many cases to mean unwanted particles or substances. Oftentimes, the circumstances are formal and require the use of a fairly moderate term to refer to unwanted substances or particles, one which fecal waste also is encompassed. 

On that note, if on a professional duty or function, you’re required to report an incident of a dog responding to nature, you can use ‘dog waste’ instead of dog poop to capture what you’re trying to say.

This comes with the former acting less graphic or vulgar than the latter which is abrasive to hear.

2. Dog dirt

‘Dog dirt’ is another usable alternative instead of saying ‘dog poop’. Dirt, like waste, is something that’s considered unhealthy, fit for consumption, or unwanted particles.

The word is usually used in formal terms and circumstances but is oftentimes mentioned in some informal situations.

Just so you know, uttering ‘dirt’ is not such a common way to refer to unwanted things – growing up it was popular amongst teachers and formators.

However, none of these cases of exclusiveness in usage stops you from using this phrase to refer to a dog’s digestive discharge instead of saying ‘dog poop’ which immediately forces an image to your eyes and mind.

3. Dog dispose

‘Dog dispose’ also goes well as a suitable alternative to use instead of saying ‘dog poop’. And this owes to the fact that “dispose” sounds not only fair and common, it doesn’t spell out all the unpleasant details in a poop. 

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In this case, a ‘dispose’ refers to substances or particles that you no longer use. It may even be an aftermath or by-product of something you made use of.

But here, I’m using it to mean the by-product of the digestive processes in the body of a dog. So to say, you can use this phrase instead of saying ‘dog poop’ if you plan to pass the message clearly but with a term or word that is less graphic. 

4. Dog muck

‘Dog muck’ is a not-so-usual term you can use in place of saying ‘dog poop’. This is why it is unique and you can equally use it instead of using a graphic-enhancing term, especially when it sounds weird and cringy to use it in some circumstances.

This could be in a formal setting, religious setting, or other circumstances where it doesn’t just sound right or appropriate to say “dog poop’.

Muck is a wet, sticky, and often an eyesore that forms when clay meets water or humidity.

However, using the word instead of poop is intelligent because you’re still trying to say the same thing with different words. At least, you won’t be upsetting any faces while you say this unlike in saying ‘dog poop’.

5. Dog business

‘Dog business’ comes up as a viable phrase and term to use instead of saying ‘dog poop’. Get this, I’ve heard someone say this about babies; as in baby business and I had to ask what it means.

After I was enlightened that it was referring to a baby poop, it just stuck with me.

On that note, you can employ this as an alternative word in place of ‘dog poop’. Likewise other previously discussed alternatives, this one also fits well on formal occasions.

Aside from that, you can also use it on someone who feels hearing ‘dog poop’ is irritable. This way, they will ask what you mean like I did, and you’ll break it to them.

6. Dog feces

‘Dog feces’ is another way to say ‘dog poop’ without upsetting any sensitive triggers in someone, especially one that reacts differently upon hearing ‘dog poop’.

Feces, here, is the biological ( and oftentimes, scientific) term that implies the waste product of an organism’s digestive system. It is the aftermath of processed food and other mineral nutrients. 

Hence, its use in this case comes in if you’re referring to an audience or person that’s conversant with biological terms and words. They’ll pretty much get a hold of what you’re saying or where you’re driving with your statement.

7. Dog droppings

‘Dog droppings’ is a more funny and cocky way of saying ‘dog poop’. This is because of how uncommon it is to say ‘droppings’ as it sounds scripted and cinematic. 

However, dog droppings sound way better, comprehensible, and explicit like saying ‘dog poop’. This is also something you can use as a teaching tool word for kids instead of mentioning ‘dop poop’.

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This way, they exhibit attributes of being cultured and conscious of saying certain words that may alter the bright facial expression on something upon hearing it.

8. Pet waste

‘Pet waste’ can stand in for ‘dog poop’. You can just switch up everything while curating another word for ‘dog poop’ since a dog is a pet and poop is a waste – digestive waste.

Using ‘pet waste’ is not only fair to hear, but it is also a good clinical term to use, especially if your line of work concerns taking care of pets or you take yours to the vet for a check-up.

Using it shows you understand how the waste comes about more than just the usual person. That means it makes you sound smart and intelligible.

9. Dog stool

‘Dog stool’ like the others, fits perfectly fine as another word to use for ‘dog poop’. Although it is graphic to some extent, it is not as striking as saying ‘dog poop’. 

The stool is a somewhat common term for poop, but it doesn’t spell out the image and its disgust. Because of this, it is more convenient to say ‘dog stool’ than to say ‘dog poop’. Also, dog stool is easier to say as a phrase – at least, that’s what and how I feel like.

10.  Dog excreta

‘Dog excreta’ makes this list a viable synonym for ‘dog poop’. It is just brilliant and savvy to say ‘dog excreta’ than going all in to say “poop”. Plus, it is not as picturesque and messy as saying ‘dog poop’.

An excreta refers to digestive waste from living organisms. Since a dog is a living organism and has digestive wastes, it is only wise to use this phrase which is more profound than ‘dog poop’.

This is the most used word when it comes to clinical occasions. Doctors and nurses alike make use of this phrase more often than just saying ‘dog poop’. This phrase gives them a more professional appeal, especially to their patients and even to others.

11.  Puppy pooh

‘Puppy pooh’ is a funny and mostly cordial way to refer to ‘dog poop’. While a puppy is a young dog, the word ‘pooh’ refers to an informal way of saying “poop”, which is mostly said by kids. I’ve seen kids say things like ‘pooh’ and their parents laugh at it because it is a product of their early speaking trials. 

On that note, if you intend to come off as funny and relatable without saying ‘dog poop’ then you can make use of this word or phrase.

12.  Dog fouling

‘Dog fouling’ is another word for ‘dog poop’ which you can use. It is not only fair to hear, but it is also formal to an extent because the word “fouling” is not usually uttered. Hence, making use of it means you’re probably flexible with words and their effect on people.

By saying this instead of ‘dog poop’, you give people the impression that you’re not a regular person around the neighborhood, and you’re brilliant weird words. This will help boost your self-value and how people see you too. 

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13.  Doggy doo

‘Doggy doo’ is a juvenile word that is mostly common among kids, especially between the range of 1 to 3 graders. The kids between this school and age grade are more prone to use this term than those above them.

Well, the good news with this is that it is a good alternative for ‘dog poop’ and the best news is that you may not necessarily need to be a kid to make use of it.

You are free to use this word but you shouldn’t use it in formal or official functions or events because of how childish it sounds. Instead, you can use it when you want to humor someone, talk to a kid, or even crack a joke for people.

With the right delivery and composure, you’ll be passing the same message as ‘dog poop’ but in a unique way. Plus, it can bring out the child in you if need be.

14.  Doggy mess

‘Dog mess’ is a less graphic word for ‘dog poop’. This is because of how it comes out and how anybody would react to it. A mess is usually any disgusting sight, action, or word.

So, people already know better than to react disgusted when they hear it. However, the mess referred to here is not done by humans but by dogs which lessens the intensity of how striking it sounds.

Therefore, you can use ‘doggy mess’ in place of saying ‘dog poop’. It is easier to the ear and fun to utter.

15.  Dog scat

‘Dog scat’ is the last word for ‘dog poop’ in this article. It may not be the usuals you and I are used to hearing, but it’s a good one too.

Scat refers to feces, mostly used to refer to feces from animals with four limbs just like dogs and cats.

Because of how uncommon it is used, you can employ it instead of saying ‘dog poop’. That way, the graphic and highly disgusting effect it is supposed to have on people doesn’t come into play.

Final Words

Saying ‘dog poop’ is a bad utterance but depending on the circumstance, it can be an irritating thing to hear. Because of this effect on people and the unpleasant reaction from them, there’s a need for other words for ‘dog poop’. Which, your search and curiosity brought you to this page.

This article has achieved a feat in giving detailed explanations of 15 other words for ‘dog poop’. While some are fun to say, others are more fitted for formal and official functions or occasions.

All you have to do is to pick any of the above-mentioned and discussed alternatives to ‘dog poop’ and use them judiciously to get the desired reaction from people. A reaction that is different and more appealing. 




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